The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 11 Elite

In the dark room, there was a red shirt woman sitting vaguely.

A piano was placed in front of her, and there was an incense burner beside it.

There are also some black jade bamboo plants on both sides beside her.

"It's just a weak woman who died in the family. Knowing some life-saving methods, Mr. Zhao Si laughed."

The black smoke curled in the censer, and the figure of the red shirt wobbled in the air, like a ghost, but her voice was surprisingly clear, gentle, and inexplicably polite, which made people listen. I felt comfortable, and the whole dark room seemed to be warming up.

The slightly frowning brows of the showless young man were released, and the anger on the face slowly dissipated.

"At the same time, why should Miss Shangda be self-effacing."

He saluted the woman in the room, and then walked into the dark room without a surprise, and sat down opposite the woman in the red shirt.

In front of the red shirt woman's piano, there is also a thin black gauze curtain, he and the red shirt woman across the curtain.

The young man with thick eyebrows who had been following him also paid a tribute to the red shirt woman outside the door, but did not enter the door, but turned and stood at the door.

"Mr. Zhao Si sent a letter from a man who said he had something to discuss with me. I don't know what the hell happened?"

The woman in the red shirt paid a salute behind the curtain, which asked slowly.

Her voice was slender, but her speed and tone were all comfortable.

Qingxiu young people looked at the red shirt woman behind the curtain, this man who actually controlled most of the illegal business in the fish market, he nodded slightly, "My brother Zhao Zhe was killed by Ye Celen, this one The Miss Business Intelligence must have known it."

The woman in red shirt said softly and carefully: "Mr. Zhao Qi is one of the most outstanding people in the world. It was really sighing when he died."

The young brows of the handsome young man gradually raised their eyebrows.

Just as when Zhao Zhe saw Ye Ce coldly entering the hospital, he also began to exude an unspeakable spirit and charm, an unspeakable edge.

"My brother's death will be known to the world in a few days." He still said calmly: "It's just why my brother is lurking in Changling and why he is dying in Changling. There are few reasons for this. know."

The woman in the red shirt said: "The weak woman is blunt and unclear what Mr. Zhao Si means."

Qingxiu young people looked at the woman in the red shirt behind the curtain, and then said: "Your Qin dynasty practitioners have been chasing our sword furnace the most closely. The people of our sword furnace, not to mention Changling, as long as Any large city of your Qin Dynasty will live for a long time, and you will be aware of it. My brother knows this and is not afraid of life and death. He lived in Changling for three years, not to assassinate a person alone, but to find what he left behind. thing."

The woman in the red shirt was silent, but her body began to tremble slightly, and the black bamboos beside her seemed to tremble in pain.

Even if she is already one of the most powerful people underground in Changling, all people who enter the fish market must respect and fear, but she still feels painful when thinking of the name of that person.

Many times, the reluctance to mention that person's name is only because of helplessness and pain, because he does not want to remember so many painful things.

Like the most powerful presence of Zhao Jianlu in front of her.

Zhao Jianlu’s people will not be afraid, but because of the person’s destruction, the sword furnace still wants to rely on the things left by that person to fight against the practitioners of the Qin Dynasty. This is a huge pain in itself.

The Qingxiu young man calmly and coldly continued, "My brother is naturally not afraid of death, but if there is no trace of death, I will naturally not allow him to throw a life in Changling at will, and his life is more than most people in the world. Life is valuable."

The gauze shook slightly, and after a few moments of silence, the woman in a red shirt whispered: "Really as rumored, that person's disciple appeared?"

The handsome young man looked at the figure of the red shirt behind the curtain and said slowly: "You know that there are many enemies, but there are also many old departments. After his death, most of his old departments ended miserably, leaving the old There are not many weak women and children. Perhaps it was also a coincidence that the person in my sword furnace found a thief who was killed. The thief should not have died at that time, and he escaped to the wild before bleeding and died, and the thief The body was covered with shallow wounds, and the circle of sword wounds was continuously connected."

The red shirt woman was shocked again: "Whetstone sword tactic?"

Qingxiu young man said indifferently: "I have personally checked it later, and it is the correct stone sword. The skill of the stone sword is the man’s own swordsmanship, which is specially used against the practitioners who are too strong in protecting the body. See, the Swordsman was only the first realm of cultivation at the time, and the thief was already in the second realm, so there should be such a gap in the cultivation of the behavior, so we used the grindstone tactics to deal with it. Then we carefully traced this thief According to previous traces, this thief might have wanted to rob a nearby village, and there are several women and children in that village who are the family members of the old man."

The woman in the red shirt was silent for a few moments of silence. "I believe in Mr. Zhao Si's judgment, but for me, it is irrelevant to me whether the person leaves a true disciple or not.

"But we can live better."

Qingxiu young man sneered: "Even though many people fear us, we all know that we are just lonely ghosts invisible."

"No one will refuse power, and no one will refuse to live a better life." Qingxiu young man paused, then looked at the Sequoia woman behind the curtain and added coldly.

"It seems that Mr. Zhao Si wanted me to help, to see if he could find some clues from the old family members of the man." The woman in the red shirt was silent for a while, and sincerely said: "I respect Mr., but I am after all Qin people."

Qingxiu young people shook their heads and laughed at themselves: "What is the relationship between Qin people and Zhao people now? My dynasty has been extinguished for so many years. Was the set that Zhao Liu Wang shouted still useful when I was destroyed?" It’s a personal grievance. This is already the case in the world. Am I still stupid enough to think that the few remaining swords in the sword furnace can still rebuild me?"

The red shirt woman thought about it.

She knew that the fourth entry in the legendary sword furnace, the one known as Mr. Zhao Si, was recognized as the highest state among all the true disciples of the sword furnace.

Now she knows that this state is not just a state of cultivation.

So she wanted to talk seriously and see this person clearly.

Several black bamboo plants on her side swayed slightly, as if there was a wind blowing, and the black gauze curtain in front of her also swayed and gathered to the side.

Qingxiu young people felt the faint world spirit on the black gauze curtain, and could not help but look at each other, sincerely said: "The original Miss Shangda is also proficient in the layout of the magic circle."

"Mr. laughed again."

The voice of the woman in the red shirt sounded more comfortable. She could see the face of the young and beautiful young. She was surprised to see that the legendary Mr. Zhao Si was much younger than she expected.

Qingxiu young people also saw her face clearly.

He was also surprised.

Her facial features are not particularly good-looking, and her skin color is somewhat morbid white, but her expression is particularly quiet and peaceful. Her pupils are very characteristic, especially black and bright, and the red dress on her body is very long and completely dragged on the ground. , Covering her feet.

And there seemed to be no hatred in her eyes at all. Her expression, like some Buddha statues in the temple, looked at sentient beings with pity.

The two looked at each other, and the dark room fell silent for a moment.

"I would like to hear Mr. elaborate." The woman in the red shirt did not make any gestures, and first broke the silence.

"There are two things."

The young and handsome young man's expression gradually faded. He took a deep breath and took a deep breath. He said slowly, "The first thing, I have told the real secret of my brother's fall in Changling to Miss Shangda. If Missy really found the disciple's disciple, she must try to inform me of the sword furnace person. Because of the previous conversation with Missy, she knew that Missy was naturally open-minded, even showing some respect to that person, and not to that person's disciple. What hate."

The woman in red shirt nodded: "I can answer Mr. Yun at this point."

Qingxiu young men bowed their heads to thank Xie, and then said: "The second thing is to ask Miss Shang Da to help pay attention to the whereabouts of the people of Da Wei. Under the news, they may get clues from Gushan Jianzang."

"The practitioners of Yunshui Palace also appeared in Changling? Gushan Jianzang?" The red shirt woman could not believe it.

Qingxiu young people bowed deeply and said: "If you can get something from that man or the sword hidden in the Gushan Mountain, Jianlu would like to share it with Miss Shang Da. In the future, the sword sword will have a few remaining swords, and it will definitely protect the business. Missy is comprehensive."

The woman in the red shirt naturally knows the weight of this statement by the young and handsome man.

She didn't say anything anymore, she just paid it deep.