The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 12 Sweet and sour fruit, blood between lips

Ding Ning looked at Song Shenshu's unyielding eyes, and said softly: "Debt repayment, this is a natural thing, there is nothing to be dissatisfied."

Knowing that he still has enough time, he did not rush out of the black tent boat and began to search through every pocket in Song Shenshu's clothes.

In the pocket inside his sleeve, he found several things.

A note full of dense handwriting, a money pouch, a pill bottle and two copper symbols.

Ding Ning opened his notes and looked at all of Song Shenshu's thoughts about Chiyang Shenjue cultivation and some speculations on his subsequent practice. He couldn't help shaking his head and tucked it into his sleeve.

The money pouch is very light, but after opening, Ding Ning saw several large Qin mica sword coins with beautiful luster.This kind of coin is made of a rare mica shell in the deep overseas sea. It is a unique coin of the Great Qin Dynasty, and one coin is worth five hundred gold.

Ding Ning did not think too much, and put away indifferently.

However, at the moment when he opened the copper-colored rough porcelain red bottle, he was obviously a little surprised.

At the bottom of the Dan bottle, a small white pill is lying alone, like a dead fish eye.

"Is it used when you are ready to break through? I never thought you had prepared this Ning Yuan Dan. Thank you for your true Yuan, thank you for this Ning Yuan Dan."

Ding Ningqing said this truthfully to Song Shenshu, who was unimpressed. He thought about it again and made sure that he didn't need those two pass symbols of the historical library. He again pointed to it as a sword, at the bottom of the cabin. Stabbed.

A hole appeared in the plank, and muddy muddy water quickly poured into the hole and entered the cabin.

Ding Ning bowed his body and exited Wupeng, his feet gently, falling halfway on the side of the submerged and halfway on the waterway.

This was the route he chose after several years of observation, so no one noticed at this moment that the body of a Daqin practitioner was in the shadow behind him, along with a black tent boat. Sink to the bottom.

After passing through several riverside piers in succession, there were people around and it gradually became lively.

Ding Ning walked like usual, walking into the dark alleys where people walked along the river, but his breath became a little quicker, and a rouge-like red gradually appeared in his tight lips.

Feeling the strong blood between his lips and teeth, Ding Ning's complexion remained calm to the extreme. He took out a copper coin and bought a bunch of sugar gourds from the hawker who walked to him.

He hung his head slightly, chewing the sweet and sour fruit, the debris of red rock candy mixed with the blood between his lips and teeth, and he could no longer see it.

When I thought of Song Shenshu, who was in the lonely sinking muddy water with that black tent boat, and thought of the rough porcelain pill bottle lying quietly in his sleeve bag, the effort spent in recent years was not in vain, and I got some super In return for the value, he was a little happy.

However, thinking of more things, and thinking of someone who was more bleak than Song Shenshu, his nose could not help sour.

He wanted to go back to the old lady's hanging foot building and eat a hot pancake immediately, but he knew he had something to do.


The black tent boat in the shadow has completely disappeared on the water surface, only a series of bubbles, with some agitated mud continuously floating on the water surface.

A tub floated above these bubbles.

Inside the tub sits a man in his forties with a haircut dressed as a fisherman. After seeing these unusual bubbles, the man's face was cold. He squinted and looked around to make sure there were no After the rest of the people existed, he paddled the water with one hand and let the tub float next to an abandoned wooden pile. Then he easily pulled the wooden pile nailed into the mud at the bottom of the river.

The wooden pile is very heavy, even if most of it is still dragged by him in the water, the wooden tub under him still can't carry the extra weight, and the upper edge is almost flush with the water surface.

He didn't care, propped the stake back above the bubbles, and thumped the stake down.

Hearing the strange sound from the bottom, he determined that there was a problem, released his hand holding the stake, and at the next moment, the tub flew out at an alarming speed, dragging an amazing on the intricate dark water Water waves.


Ding Ning finished eating all the candied fruit and swallowed the last trace of bloody smell.

He has been walking non-stop, without going through repeated places, but if someone has a complete map of the ghost market in his hand, he will find that after going straight through an area, in the next half-central time, In fact, it has been circled around a place.

There is a pier.

A "bang" sounded softly.

There was a slight rubbing of the tub and the decaying wood piles on the edge of the pier.

Ding Ning heard the sound from this water surface beside a street, and he speeded up some steps quietly. He walked through a tinkering shop and saw that he came up from the hidden pier. Man with hooded hair.

He silently followed the man in hair.

This is his plan for two birds with one stone.

Everyone knows that this underground kingdom in the dark must have a powerful controller, but for so many years, who is this controller and what kind of big people are standing behind, but few people know.

Song Shenshu comes here almost every month. Even if you can hide the eyes and ears of outsiders, those inside will definitely know his true identity.

A dynasty official and a practitioner who assassinated here will definitely cause a big shock.

Traders who find that Song Shenshu has not taken the blaze on time will quickly find that Song Shenshu has an accident, and will also understand that such an accident may cause a lot of inventory and cause a disaster.

So he must use the fastest speed to tell the controllers here.


The hair-dressing man dressed as a fisherman was in a very dignified mood. He hurried down with his head down, not expecting someone behind him to follow him at all, and Ding Ning seemed to have a peculiar ability. His figure would never appear in the hair-dressing man. A vigilant perspective.

The man with the hair hurried into a pawnshop.

Ding Ning didn't even approach the pawnshop.

In the past few years, except for some secret passages in the house that he could not know, he was already familiar with every corner of the fish market.

He knew there were several courtyards behind this pawnshop, and there were three exits that could be accessed.

So he just walked uphill to a junction where he could see two exits in the area.

Suddenly, his brow frowned undetectably.

Three figures appeared in the afterglow of his eyes.

The road that the three figures walked out was extremely muddy, and you could even hear the unique rattling sound of the soles walking in the mud.

The muddy road is exactly one of the exits that extends to the pawnshop area.

There were not many people around Ding Ning's place at the moment, so he just turned around and swept in casually.

With just one glance, his pupils shrank slightly imperceptibly.

It was a rickety old man holding a black bamboo stick, a short and handsome young man, and a thick-browed young man dressed as a foreigner.

The old rickshaw holding the black bamboo stick walked at the forefront, then turned around at the crossing and walked back.

But the young and handsome young man continued to move forward, and walked through a lane under Ding Ning, their figures looming in the gap of the rain shed.

Ding Ning did not go to see the old man or the two young men again. He took a deep breath and a bitter smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Whether it is the old man who can't even straighten his waist, the old man who seems to fall down at any time, or the two young men, there is no breath of practitioners.

Even if the practitioners above the five realms pass by, I am afraid they can't even detect that they are practitioners.

However, Ding Ning can be sure that these three are all powerful practitioners.

Because he knew this old ricket man holding a black bamboo stick.

As for the other two people, he had never seen them before, and he was not sure which sect practitioner he was. However, he felt that the old Ricki had respect for them.

That rickety old man would only have this respect for powerful practitioners.

Being able to control the five qi in the body so that he could not clearly feel the breath of the practitioner, the cultivation of these two young men was a state of extreme horror.

At this moment, what made Ding Ning stunned slightly was that he felt a domineering and dry breath again.

Following this breath, he saw a butter paper umbrella.

It seems that even sporadic drops of water do not want to drip onto the body. The thin, tall man holding the butter paper umbrella is holding the umbrella inside.

The umbrella face covered his face, only to see that each of his knuckles was thick and extremely powerful.

This is obviously a practitioner.

Ding Ning is more intelligent than the vast majority of practitioners, so through that domineering and boring atmosphere, he can easily judge the origin of this man's teacher.

Looking at this man's course of travel, Ding Ning knew that there would be an extra body of practitioners in the wild of Changling today.