The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 16 An Eventful Autumn

Seeing Ding Ning throwing the coarse porcelain bowl into the water basin, he was frowning and frowning at the Sun Tanxue, who was filling the newly brewed wine into small altars. He said unpleasantly, , Does it bother you too?"

Ding Ning naturally knew that with the perception of Chang Sun Qianxue, the conversation between him and the person in front of him must be heard clearly. He also frowned and said, "This is not a matter of ordinary cities and rivers and lakes. It takes up a small place in the south of our city for renting business, but I heard that most of the dark kilns and gambling houses in Changling, they have accounted for a few percent, and have been doing it for more than ten years, the foundation is already very stable. Jinlin Tang, I haven’t paid much attention to it before. It seems that on the surface it is just doing some caravans and moving business. Suddenly, I jumped out to grab a two-story site. I didn’t know what was going on.

"so what?"

Grandson Qianxue gave him a cold look and said indifferently, "Whether it is two floors or Jinlin Tang, it is not the dogs raised by the big men in the temple, but the left and right are some of the gates. Only."

"It may be the case elsewhere, but the capitals of the dynasties are not that simple."

Ding Ning understood what she was thinking. He shook his head gently and explained patiently: "The size of each dynasty capital city is much different from the rest of the big cities. Take Changling as an example. It has reached millions, especially in the eradication of Han, Zhao, and Wei, and it has taken a large number of women and children to Changling as slaves. Since then, it has been moved into unlimitedly. Until today, the population of long-term residents may have more than doubled, let alone There are travellers and caravans from different countries. This is just a matter of more than ten years... The forces of the previous gates did not fall apart in just ten years, and now even those Houfu, married wives and concubines are still the same It is to choose those marriages between the gates and the valve, with some help. Changling is too complicated and intertwined. No one can insert his hands too deeply, even if it is Yan Xiang and Li Xiang. Otherwise, according to those two People's abilities and ideas, where there are so many Jianghu Sects in Changling, at most there are only a few left to sell their lives for them."

"The time is too short, there are too many things to manage in the Chaoye, and you must cherish your own partisans. There are some unknown dragons hidden in the city rivers and lakes of Changling. It is possible to fight these dragons if you want to fight against the other, but I really want to use a lot of power. I let these dragons obey, but maybe I folded my arms, and I couldn’t even keep my position in the middle."

After a pause, Ding Ning continued: "The capitals of the other dynasties are not much different. Although the dynasty has been standing for a long time, the sons of the emperor were born too much, and the noble fields of the emperor were not recovered. The power of the gatekeepers and princes can even shake the palace. The decision inside. Which prince can succeed and which woman can be the queen depends on whether the maiden family of the woman prevailed at that time."

The elder Sun Qingxue understood Ding Ning's meaning, and these words reminded her of her past, and she slowly got a layer of frost on her face.

But at this time, Ding Ning did not notice her expression. He thought of the old ricky man with a black bamboo stick in the fish market. Many years ago, he wanted to make concessions for those noblemen and the nobles of the Daqin Dynasty and other dynasties. The price he paid to become different made him feel a little heavy, and he lowered his head unconsciously.

"As you said, if the city’s Jianghu school is just a dog raised by someone, the casualties will be smaller, but most of the city’s Jianghu school in Changling is only for the benefit of some big people. The relationship between them is the most feared. The big guys have ambitions and secretly manage to push forward, wanting to reorganize the pattern in some places. This will be more bloody and I don’t know how many people are going to die."

"I'm not afraid of killing people, but I'm afraid of the extra trouble. It's too messy to sort out some clues, it takes a lot of effort, and we can't even reveal the identity of the practitioners. When you go in, you don’t know what the consequences will be.” When Ding Ning said this with his head down, he was worried about it, but it was the rickety old man in the fish market and the people behind him who would also get involved here. The storm.

Long Sun Qianxue’s eyes were very cold, and she was finally not interested in what Ding Ning said, because for her, Ding Ning’s plan was disrupted, and his cultivation performance was too low, even if his plot could not be achieved. His thing.

The only thing she did in Changling was to overtake all the practitioners who walked in front of her.

All she had to consider was her sword, her cultivation practice, she could not even leave this wine shop every day, she was the simplest.

She used to be as simple as before.


Xu Nian, the master of the yellow shirt, is right. Although he is not very fond of making wine, the wine shop of Chang Sun Qianxue and Ding Ning is indeed the best shop in Wutongluo area.

Near noon, the table in the wine shop was almost full, and most of them were diners who brought their own food and meals with wine.

Ding Ning slouched weakly on the counter and dozed off, but her ears were cleverly catching words in the air.

A chaise drove into Wutong and stopped under the cyan wine flag. The passengers on the carriage jumped quickly and walked into the gate of the wine shop.

This is a young man dressed in eggplant-colored python satin clothes, and his fresh and shiny black hair is coiled on the head with two cyan laces.

This is in Changling, only foreign talents will do so.

The Qin people in Changling generally simply wore their hair, or tied their hair behind their heads. Even those nobles were only used to using jade rings to circulate hair, or to use jade hairpins for hair.

The stranger picked a table with vacancies and sat down, shook his hand at Ding Ning, who was knocking on the counter with his chin, and shouted, "Second, come here."

All the drinkers in the shop glanced at him, and smiled unwillingly.

Ding Ning raised his head and drank lazily: "If you want to pick up your own wine, our shop rules."

The shelf is so big?

The shelf is so big, the business is so good, the wine in this small wine shop is really so good?

The young man in a satin suit of eggplant color was stunned for a while, and finally reflected why the surrounding drinkers looked at their sticks with a look in their eyes.

He stood up angrily and walked to Ding Ning.

"Twenty copper coins and a pot. Five salt coins and five copper coins and a plate." Before he started, Ding Ning clicked the jugs and a plate of peanuts on the counter and signaled him to take it himself.

The young man frowned slightly, and it was not easy to say anything. He threw twenty copper coins, but took a pot of wine.

Returning to his table, the young man was drinking with some arrogance. Unlike the ordinary drinker who took a slow drink from the small cup, he directly opened the lid and poured a sip into his mouth.

However, in the next moment, the young man's face became extremely unsightly, and his throat seemed to be suddenly grasped by someone. A "poo" sound had reached a sip of wine between his throats, and he spewed directly out of his mouth.

"It's so sour, but it looks like rice water mixed with rancidity. Is this still wine?"

He glanced into the cups of the surrounding wine drinkers, and then into his own pot. His fingers were shaking with anger, and he could not help but yell out loudly, "The lees are not filtered out like this. Something deserves to be called wine! Even such a great reputation?"

Looking at his grief and indignation, all the drinkers around looked at each other, knowing that this person must really love wine, but at the same time they all had a sneering smile on their faces.

Did you come to this wine shop, really for wine tasting?

Are you stupid?


In the angry cry of this stranger, Ding Ning's expression remained calm. He nodded seriously and replied: "The wine in this shop is so delicious."

There was a crackling sound.

The angry young man shattered the hip flask to the ground. He was obviously very angry and shouted again: "Can this be considered wine!"

"What's alcohol?"

"Our Qin people's wines are like this. What you can drink is what you can drink. What you can't drink is your own problem."

"You are Chu people, don't you want to be able to spread the wild in Changling?"

The people in Changling did not like foreigners, and this stranger was obviously Chu Yin, and should not even be a person of the Great Qin Dynasty.With the sound of clapping the table, most of the people in the wine shop stood up.

"What about Chu people?"

Looking at the figure around him, this young man's angry face instead showed a ridiculous and proud expression: "Your Yangshan County hasn't given me the same way?"

As soon as this remark came out, there was no sound in the wine shop, but all the wine drinkers' eyes were reddened.

This is no longer a matter of contention.

In the three years of Yuanwu, the great Qin dynasty that annihilated the Zhao, Han, and Wei dynasties once had a war with the Chu dynasty. As for having to cut the ground to sum.

So far, Yangshan County, which has been mutilated, cannot be recovered.

The Great Chu Dynasty only sent an unloved prince to stay in Changling as a proton in accordance with the covenant at that time.

One son changed six hundred li, and his son, who was not loved by King Chu, changed six hundred li fertile soil and hundreds of thousands of Qin people. This matter is a shame for all Qin people.

Seeing that the alcohol was burned to death, there would be blood spilled on the cool ground. At this moment, a cold sound suddenly appeared inside the wine shop, "Marching to fight, it is the business of soldiers and practitioners You don’t drink well and want to talk to people about these things, then go out and don’t make trouble with me."

With this icy voice, the curtains leading to the backyard were opened, and the cold and frosty Chang Sun Xuexue's face looked like a guest.

The fire and murderousness in the eyes of all the drinkers once again dissolve into dryness and enthusiasm.

The first few people stood up and sat down with a smile.

The sneering youth suddenly petrified.

He never imagined that such a magnificent beauty would be seen in such a restaurant.

Looking at Chang Sun Qianxue's beautiful and thrilling eyebrows, he was breathing a little irregularly at the same time, and finally understood why so many drinkers would come to this wine shop to drink from time to time.

Wine should warm people's hearts.

Wine that warms people's hearts is good wine.

Although the wine in this wine shop is sour and awkward, it is difficult to import, but as soon as I see her, I am afraid that it is not only the heart that is warm. These ordinary marketers do not know how long it will be hot.

"This is the beauty of a man like a county..."

All of a sudden, this young man from a foreign land also looked a little dumbfounded, and was very hot in his heart, and wanted to ask the woman's name.

"Hey, the broken hip flask is going to pay."

However, at this time, Ding Ning, who raised his head on the counter, screamed lazily at him: "While still walking, clean the debris on the ground to avoid stabbing."