The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 19

The world's vitality stopped spouting, the wind stopped, and the tables and chairs stopped moving.

Chen Moli did not feel any terrible breath as he did when he first entered this wine shop.

However, his calm words continued to blow through the students' bodies like a strong wind.

Ding Ning frowned slightly, and then began to speak.

"Go out, so as not to disrupt things later, but also have to work hard to clean up." But he did not have time to say anything, but Chen Moli said this lightly, turned directly calmly, and walked out of the wine shop.

Xu Heshan's face also became more and more ugly, but while Chen Moli turned around, he didn't keep up with it for the first time, but turned his head to look at Xie Changsheng and Nang Gong Cai Shu, lowering his voice and saying, "Press down The realm has nothing to do with cultivation."

The students present were very intelligent, and they all understood the meaning of Xu Heshan's sentence.

With aside the practice, the key to winning or losing is often the experience and fighting skills of the enemy.

"I know."

Looking at Chen Moli's back, Xie Changsheng said coldly: "It's all about face, and naturally we must let the most fighting people in us play."

He said this sentence, all the eyes of these students, all stopped at Nangong Cai Shu.

Among them, apart from the factors of cultivation, the one who will fight the most is the girl who looks the most delicate.

Nangong Caishu seems to know this very well.

Her face faded, she didn't say anything, but she was the first move, and she was at the forefront.

Chen Moli stood in the street. He looked down at the ground and saw several weeds growing in the cracks near the boot.

He thought of the Liling King he was following, like a stubborn wild grass in the Qin Capital.

Just after today, will this situation get a turnaround?

His expression gradually faded.

He turned to look at Nangong Caishang who had walked across from him, nodding his head in salute, and said, "Please!"

Nangong squinted her eyes slightly and nodded her head as a gift: "Please!"

The sound still echoed in this alley, but the sparrows on the surrounding sycamore trees suddenly flew up, and countless yellow leaves flew from the circumference of Nangong Caishu's body.

When the gusty wind started, Nangong picked up a straight line to bring out the afterimages and cut it towards the center line of Chen Moli.

A fish pattern iron sword was cut out from her right hand, and also cut in an unusually straight posture towards Chen Moli's head.

As soon as the sword came out, the old force disappeared, and the new force came back.

A burst of true energy constantly broke out on the sword, disappeared, and broke out.

In the cold air, waves of continually fluttered.

It's just an extremely straight sword, but it feels like countless swords.

This is her father's Liancheng swordsman who guarded the general of Nangong in Lishijun.

In many recorded stories of fighting against the Zhao Dynasty, Nangong Pocheng has had many experiences of flying several heavy armored chariots with one sword.

This is an extremely strong sword that is continuously and continuously exerted by the control of true energy.

There is also a strange light in Chen Moli's eyes, and he didn't even think that such a delicate young girl, even with a shot, was so violent and even mighty!

Only in the face of such a fierce sword, his reaction was only a flash of light in his eyes.

He didn't step back, and there seemed to be a crane in the air.

His sword was unsheathed.

His sword handle is pure white jade, and the sword body inside is also crystal white, thin and slightly transparent, with shallow feathers, and looks very delicate and fragile.

However, this sword was incredibly simple and violently traversed, lifted upwards, and smashed towards the fish pattern iron sword split from top to bottom.

A loud bang.

A wave of air exploded around the bodies of the two, and even the soft weeds in the stone crack under Chen Moli's feet were broken by a strong and sharp sword air.

The eyes of Xie Changsheng and others narrowed unconsciously.

No one thought that the seemingly fragile white sword in Chen Moli's hands could burst out such a force, and such a strong force could erupt in such a short space.

The most important thing is that the white sword in his hand does not even have any scars at this moment, but is trembling constantly.

However, the thick fish pattern iron sword in the hands of Nangong Cai Shu has been slightly bent.

Several strands of blood were flowing from her tiger's mouth to the hilt of the fish pattern iron sword.

Many scattered visitors have come out of the alleys around Wutongluo, they may not be able to see the ingenuity of this battle, and they were shocked that such a small body like Nangong Caishu can burst out like this the power of.

An angry scream that made the eardrums blow out spewed out from the lips of Nangong Caishu at this time.

The soles of her feet all made a near-explosion sound, but she never stepped back.

She gritted her teeth and endured the pain, her left hand pierced Chen Moli's abdomen.

At this instant, a small blue sword was already in her left hand.

The surface of this small cyan sword has a lot of vine patterns that are naturally formed by casting, and when she stabs up, the true qi flowing out of this sword makes the air seem to have many blue vines. Growing up, one cannot easily see where the sword tip is pointing.

This is the true spirit of Ivy League and the tactics of Ivy League sword.

Ding Ning's face also dignified.

No wonder that even pride such as Xie Changsheng will give up the position to let Nangong Caishu fight. The difficulty of the vines of the Ivy Sword Academy and the vine sword sword is to cooperate. When Nangong Caishu is in the second state, it is It is indeed a rare wizard who has already let the two exert such power.

The sword was coming to the belly. Under the sword that had just been tough, there was such a feminine sword hidden, even Chen Moli's face changed drastically.

He has an urge to unlock his true unit.

However, he still controlled his impulse forcibly, and at the moment of this electric flint, his left hand also moved.

There is no sword in his left hand, but there is a scabbard and a luxurious green sharkskin scabbard.

This scabbard suddenly turned into a plump spring water, encircling countless vines growing up.

All the people only heard a soft sound from Zheng.

That was the sound of a sword returning to its sheath.

All the vine-like sword spirit disappeared, and Nangong Cai Shu's complexion turned white.

All the students behind her took a breath.

Her sword belongs to Chen Moli's sheath.

Among the countless vines, in such a hurry, Chen Moli actually accurately grasped her true sword shadow, and covered her sword with a scabbard extremely accurately.

In the next moment, Chen Moli's movements have not stopped.

Chen Moli held the end of the sword sheath and continued to wield the sword.

Spring water continued to sway.

Nangong Caishu finally couldn't hold it. Her body was first pryed up like a rock, and her heels were off the ground. At the next moment, her left hand holding the sword was shaken with five fingers, and the small blue handle she was holding The sword was free from her palm, like a bird caught in a cage, still trapped in the green scabbard in Chen Moli's hand.

Xie Changsheng lowered his head. He was cold and angry, but he knew that what he said at this time was nonsense.

Many students such as Xu Heshan also looked pale.

Since Chen Moli began to reveal the realm, they knew that the swordsman of the great Chu dynasty was very strong, but they did not expect it to be so strong, even many teachers of the Ivy League Academy regarded it as the most among the students of the Ivy League Academy in decades. Nangong Caishu, who knows how to fight, was so defeated that even the Ivy Sleeve Sword was taken away by a sword sheath.


With two soft sounds, Nangong Cai Shu landed on both feet, and two plumes of smoke escaped from her feet.

After all, she is a very young girl. Thinking of the teachings of the teachers in the sword academy on weekdays, and seeing that her sacred Ivy Sword was taken by the other party, she was extremely ashamed and even wanted to cry.

Chen Moli gave her a glance.

He closed his sword.

The Ivy Sleeve Sword flew out of his scabbard and landed straight in front of Nangong Caishu. At the same time, his long white jade-like sword in his right hand firmly returned to the sheath.

Such a gesture, unspeakable chic and elegant.

"Being able to practice in this way, you can cultivate the Ivy League and the Ivy League rule to such a degree. You can really be proud, and maybe you can win me in the future."

He looked at Nangong Caishu seriously, and sincerely admired without any artificiality.

Nangong Caishu didn't look at him.

She looked at the Ivy Sleeve Sword that was slightly trembling in the stone slit in front of her. She felt the helplessness and powerlessness of the Ivy Sleeve Sword. Her nose was slightly sour and felt sorry for it.

She took a deep breath and rubbed her nose.

Then she pulled up the blue sword, and her face became extremely solemn again.

A faint blue light swept through, like a vine leaf growing out of the air.

There was a shallow blood stain on her right palm, and a few drops of blood appeared.

"Please, Mr. Chen must be alive, I will beat you."

She raised her bleeding right hand and placed the blue sword flat on her chest, and said seriously.

This is the sword oath of the Qin people.

In her view, losing is losing and winning is winning. It doesn't matter if there is something to be proud and glorious in the process of winning or losing.

The key is that as long as there is life, the loser will win back.

Chen Moli was silent for several hours.

Not because of fear, but because of respect and worry.

The Qin people have the heart of tigers and wolves, and even a young girl like Changling, everything shown today is enough to alert any Chu people.

It’s just what needs to be done today, and the girl and the students behind her must not be held back.

So his expression became calm and cold again.

"Today's competition is actually unfair, because I have more fighting experience than you after all."

His eyes swept the palms of Nangong Cai Shusheng Sheng, and all the faces of Xie Changsheng and Xu Moshan, and then slowly said, "I am only twenty-seven this year."

At this time, it is difficult for ordinary people to understand their age by referring to their age.

But these students are practitioners.

Often before they begin to practice, they have read countless books on practice and heard many teachings.

So they all know the true meaning of Chen Moli's sentence.