The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 22 Two floors, Wang Taixu

The luxurious carriage drove out of Wutongluo.

A sparse applause and applause sounded.

No matter how unusual Lilingjun is on weekdays, today I saw the excitement and surprise that this legendary big man could not even bear, but the other party is after all Chu.

Chu people can be unhappy, they will be happy.

And to make such Chu people unhappy, the teenager in this wine shop is really as special as the rumors.

Applaud and applaud, admire and admire. This kind of fine weather in the morning, except for a few idlers, are usually busy on hand, plus watching the play here has been delayed for a lot of time, so most visitors are just very When you leave happily and prepare to stay busy, you can brag about what happened here with the people around you.

A spectator who came when Nangong Caishu and others met Chen Moli at the beginning, but at this time, quickly walked into the wine shop.

This is a 30-year-old man who looks sick.

He was wearing a gray cotton robe that appeared a little thick in this weather, and his face was more handsome than most people in Changling, but he seemed to be a little cold in the cotton robe that was already too thick. The shape shrank slightly.

He has wrinkles in the corners of his eyes, and there are also wrinkles in the middle of his brows, which makes him seem to be thinking about something annoying even if he is not thinking about it.

Such people need to think on weekdays, and there must be a lot of things to worry about.

After entering the empty wine shop, he seemed to have walked into his house, and he didn't manage Ding Ning, who was squeezing a pile of tables and chairs, but was on the counter himself. Take some wine money, and then sit down not far from Ding Ning, drinking slowly.

"Who are you? You big people, don't you have other places to go on weekdays, what does it mean to turn around this small place?" Ding Ning forcefully hammered a chair opposite the man, feeling bad mood Said.

Even if it's watching a movie, there are too many big characters in the show, which makes people find it difficult to remember.

The man in his thirties didn’t think Ding Ning’s attitude was bad. Instead, he smiled very interestingly and said, “My name is Wang Taixu. I haven’t spoken to you since I came in. I can also I’m sure you haven’t seen me before. How can you be sure that I am a big man?"

"Wang Taixu? Looking at your body, it's true and false."

Ding Ning sat down opposite the handsome man in his thirties, looking at the other person's weak breath, and looking at the other person's missing teeth when he spoke, he said sarcastically. A sentence.

Then he backhanded out of the shop.

"Ask me how to know that you are a big man... do you think I am a blind man? The few strong men stopped all the people who wanted to go to this shop. You overwhelmed you by yourself, and the people who were stopped seemed to be still I don’t dare to complain, why do you say I know?"

"This is meticulous." Wang Taixu didn't mind Ding Ning's mocking tone, but instead laughed appreciatively.He did look vacant, not only was he missing a tooth, but even the rest of his teeth seemed to be loose.

He looked at Ding Ning and said with a smile: "Small places can be meticulous, small places can provide an overview of the whole, and people can't see. The fog that covers your eyes doesn't even exist for you. This is a natural ghost."

Ding Ning glanced at him, "Why don't people do ghosts?"

Wang Taixu smiled again, but said: "Not long ago, a rent-collecting master in the yellow alley came to ask you for rent, but you didn't give it."

Ding Ning frowned slightly: "After a few days, I didn't come again... Are you a two-story building, or are you from Jinlin Tang?"

Wang Taixu smiled and said: "I am a two-story person. In fact, to be more precise, the two-story thing is now under my control."

Ding Ning looked at him suspiciously: "The two-storey master, so imaginary?"

Wang Taixu narrowed his smile and said positively: "It may be that too many things have been dealt with recently, so it hurts the body."

"If you are really the owner of the two-story building, you shouldn't happen to be here." Ding Ning also looked at him seriously and said: "But that has nothing to do with me, it's just about you and Jin Lin Tang. How is the talk going, who should our renter be given to?"

"I am still alive, which means that the renter here should still be handed over to us." Wang Taixu coughed several times and said with some pride: "As for me here today, it was just because Liling Jun came. "

I was afraid that I didn’t make it clear enough. Wang Taixu looked at Ding Ning and said, "You also understand that our two-story building has face-to-face business, and there is a face-to-face business. The face-to-face business is very oily, but it's about face. If the business on the face is robbed by someone, it means that the business on Lizi can't be kept. This is our territory after all. The business on our face. I had some hard work with Jinlin Tang before. Long has suddenly appeared here, of course we don’t know what it means to appear here. Naturally we have to come over and see clearly. If he reveals some words and deeds related to Jin Lin Tang, then I will consider my tomorrow. Is it possible to lie in which river?"

"So afraid of him?" Ding Ning said slightly.

"I am different from you." Wang Taixu couldn't help smiling when thinking of Ding Ning's words to Li Lingjun just now, "If you let him lose face, he wouldn't treat him because of his identity. How are you? After all, if you are dealing with a young man like you, you are not a gentleman. You probably know this very well, so you will treat him like this. But we are different. If there is a conflict with him, that is More bloody things. And you just saw the strength of the practitioners under his door. There are more than one practitioners like Chen Moli. But I’m not afraid of him. You should understand the results of being prepared and not prepared. Will be completely different."

Ding Ning said with a blank expression: "I think you are wrong, I dare to treat him like that. Another thing is that I paid the rent and paid the protection fee."

"Good talk." Wang Taixu couldn't help but clap his hands and laughed. "If you encounter bad things because you said a few words honestly, then our business is really not kind."

Ding Ning glanced at him, "But you are so fictitious now, can your two floors really be as capable as you said?"

Wang Taixu became serious and looked at his eyes seriously: "The key to our ability is whether we can solve Jin Lin Tang. If Jin Lin Tang has been entangled, there is no way to do business well, we naturally Will get weaker and weaker."

"Then I wish you good luck." Ding Ning said.

"This kind of luck will only come to people who are fully prepared." Wang Taixu coughed twice, wiped his mouth with a silk scarf, and said: "I just watched the excitement, and now I sit specially Here, just to get your help."

Ding Ning frowned slightly: "What can I do for you?"

"Help me clear the fog." Wang Taixu said slowly: "We have many people who can fight and fight on the two floors, but not many people think about things clearly and thoroughly. Although you are young, but I have stayed in Changling for so long, but I have not seen a few people like you who can see things so clearly and reasonably.”

"You should understand that in many chaotic clues, you can quickly sort out the whole situation, how important this ability is. I lack a military division like this, maybe I lack a disciple or partner like this." Wang Taixu Seriously and sincerely continued.

"Even if you think I may be able to help you, but this is not an opportunity for me to fly on the branches to become a phoenix. In fact, your current situation is similar to that of Lilingjun. If you can stand still next Heel, and eat the Jinlin Tang all at once, then your status in Changling will be one step further. But the key is that this is also full of countless risks. The two-story building is still a big ship with many holes in the wind and rain. ."

Ding Ning also looked at him seriously, "You want me to help you, what good can I do?"

Wang Taixu asked: "What benefits do you want?"

"Is there any benefit you want?"

Ding Ning suddenly stretched out her hand in annoyance, and clicked the direction that the students of the sword academies left before, "including those sword academies that let me enter them?"

Wang Taixu laughed, and he looked at Ding Ning gently, "You want to become a practitioner? In fact, to become a practitioner, you don't necessarily need to enter those sword courts."

Ding Ning sneered: "But only some sword schools are eligible to participate in the Minshan Jianzong entrance exam."

Wang Taixu was completely stunned.

He was stunned for five or six breaths before finally recovering, looking at Ding Ning in disbelief: "You actually want to enter Minshan Jianzong?"