The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 23

Anyone who heard Ding Ning would be shocked, would feel incredible, and would even be unable to hold Ding Ning's face with the bottle in his hand.

Because of Jinzong Jianzong...Where is this thing that the city boy can think of?

Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu Jianmen only accept dozens of apprentices each year, but how many young people are suitable for the whole Changling?

Moreover, Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu Jianmen not only faced the Changling apostles, but also faced the entire Great Qin dynasty and even more distant dependent states and friendly neighbors.

How big is that territory?How many towering cities are there?

Even if it is a unique genius unique in a big city, when I reach Minshan Jianzong, I am afraid I will find myself very ordinary.

People who can directly enter Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu Jianzong can be described by monsters.

For example, someone is born to feel the existence of heaven and earth, which means that there are no obstacles to his practice in the first three realms, and the breakthrough from the fourth realm to the fifth realm will be faster than the average person.

Some people are born with a wider meridian than the average person, and the consciousness in the body can naturally store more true yuan and heaven and earth vigor, which means that the higher his future state, the more he has more than the practitioners of the same level. Can squander power.

Even some people have naturally become spiritual practitioners shortly after they were born, and the five internal organs of their bodies have naturally condensed into true elements.

In the face of such monsters, most geniuses can be described as waste.

Therefore, even for some powerful clan gates in the dynasty, the elite children of their clan will not always waste time in front of the two sword ancestors’ gates, but will take the second path-first enter some other suitable After gaining some fortunes, he managed to stand out in the examinations related to the two sword sects and obtain the qualification to observe and study in some of the two sword sects in the secret land and the Tibetan scriptures.

In addition, there are very few places for recommendation from various divisions. Only those who hold positions in the divisions and perform exceptionally well, and have accumulated merits to a certain degree, are they eligible to enter the two major sword schools for a period of time.

But these two paths are equally extremely difficult.

So after recovering, Wang Taixu couldn't help but cough and added a sentence: "Are you really kidding?"

"What are I kidding?"

Ding Ning glanced at him and said, "I also know that among the students who just arrived, there are sword schools that are eligible to participate in the examination.

Seeing Ding Ning's so sure look, Wang Taixu finally determined that Ding Ning was not kidding, his brow furrowed deeply, and a Chuan word appeared in his heart.

"It seems that you really thought about it seriously."

He took a deep breath, frowned, and pondered: "Standing out of some special interviews, you can really avoid being covered by those monsters, but have you ever thought of going directly to Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu sword? Zong, relying on congenital, and to win from the special test, not only congenital, but also acquired."

"That's even more unfair."

Wang Taixu coughed again, but he still said very seriously and meticulously: "A lot of dignitaries and clan, this is the idea, even if it is inferior to those monsters innately, but a lot of resources are piled up, innate and then acquired The large amount of resources, their children, will be superior in the examination. So in those examinations, the final winners are often those that are inherently slightly worse than monsters, but in the next practice, there are countless resource stacks behind The presence."

Seeing him look so empty and so serious, Ding Ning's mocking expression disappeared completely, and he said calmly: "Since you said that I am a ghost who can easily understand the clues, I naturally said what you said. It’s all clear. The question now is, do you have the ability to let me first enter those who are eligible to participate in the interview?"

Wang Taixu's brows were deeper, and the wrinkles seemed to be carved.

He coughed violently, as if to cough up his lungs.

"As long as our two floors don't fall down so quickly, it shouldn't be too problematic for you to enter one of the sect gates." After the cough had eased slightly, he gasped and said: "The key is to be particular about doing any business Pay and return, my thought is, why do you want to enter the Minshan Jianzong? Some high mountains, after you walk in, you will often find that it is not as beautiful as you think, instead of spending a lot of money to let you participate in the chance In my opinion, it might be better to spend those costs directly on you, so that you may still be able to achieve higher achievements."

"I admit that you are also a monster."

After a slight meal, Wang Taixu went on to say, "The monster's thoughts and gaze are indeed different from those of our normal people. It's just that the monsters that Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu Jianmen want are not just thinking and In terms of vision, they also require the body to practice the talent itself."

Ding Ning calmly looked at Wang Taixu and said softly: "You are very honest, so I can also tell you that my body is in serious trouble."

"Great question?" Wang Taixu's brow jumped. "What's the problem?"

"A natural problem, a few years ago, some practitioners gave me a judgment. In the past few years, many people have seen me." Ding Ning said slowly: "My five organs have been active Prosperity, premature aging, if I become a practitioner, and practice most of the sect’s exercises, it will cause my five internal organs to be more active, and then I will die when I am very young, so I have to The reason to enter Minshan Jianzong."

Shocked emotions appeared again in Wang Taixu's eyes.

He didn't know more secrets of Ding Ning, so he consciously understood why Ding Ning had such calm eyes most of the time.

A person who always feels that his life will end soon, and who is not so afraid of life and death, will often be calmer than the average person.

Or is this the so-called genius must be jealous, and there will always be some huge disasters with his life?

"So, is there anything that Minshan Jianzong can do for you to live longer?" Wang Taixu took a deep breath, looked at Ding Ning, and asked slowly.

"Although Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu Jianmen are mysterious and supreme, fortunately, there are many records about them in our books. Minshan Jianzong has a continuation of God's tactics, which should be able to solve some of my problems." Ding Ning nodded. Said.

"I guess this is the truth."

Wang Taixu pondered: "This is indeed the unspoken secret of Minshan Jianzong. Only disciples who can really enter Minshan Jianzong's secret practice will be able to learn this truth."

Ding Ning nodded and did not speak immediately.

Wang Taixu's expression is more serious and dignified, "If your physique is not different from what you said, then if I really helped you enter the sword academy qualified to participate in the examination, then you will definitely start Practice..."

"Yes, that is, there is no turning arrow when opening the bow. If it is unsuccessful, maybe a broken candle will burn out soon." Ding Ning laughed, he interrupted Wang Taixu's words, and said with a smile: "But This is always more fun than waiting to die, or to become a piece of Lilingjun, waiting for him to reap his gratitude after he lays down the world."

"It is destined to be held in one's own hands, to give it a try, there are always opportunities, no fight, no chance at all. I agree with you."

Wang Taixu thought for a while and smiled, "I think you can help me, and I can help you."

Ding Ning also smiled: "Tell me what you think."

"We have something to do with Ivy Sword Academy, and there have been some changes to Ivy Sword Academy recently. We have a way to let you enter Sword Ivy Academy. There should not be too many problems." Wang Taixu seems to have thought about this just now Question, he said calmly without thinking at the moment.

Ding Ning frowned: "Mr. Taixu, don't bully me when I'm young. I remember that Ivy League Sword Academy is not eligible to participate in the Minshan Sword Club."

Wang Taixu shook his head, "It should be said that there was not before, but this year it has started."

Ding Ning froze for a moment.

Wang Taixu likes to see his miscalculation. He smiles slightly: "The Ivy Sword Academy has been expanded, and the Baiyang Cave has been returned to the Ivy Sword Academy. According to the number and size, no special declaration by His Majesty is required. Has naturally obtained the qualification to participate in the Minshan Sword Society."

"Baiyang Cave belongs to Qingteng Jianyuan?"

Ding Ning was lost in thought.

Baiyang Cave is located in Baiyangxia, not far from Qingteng Jianyuan. However, the history of Baiyangdong is even longer than that of Qingteng Jianyuan. In recent years, some good practitioners have appeared, and the most critical It is because there is a spiritual spring in Baiyang Cave, which is rich in spiritual auras, and it has a very good improvement in the speed of spiritual practice. Under normal circumstances, such a sect can not be attributed to a similar sect.

"This is what I call change."

Seeing Ding Ning's thoughts, Wang Taixu said softly, "Someone in the Baiyang Cave has angered the queen, so this has changed. As for the Qingteng Jianyuan, there are also differences on the attachment and use of Baiyang Cave, so this For us, it is opportunity."


Ding Ning was startled again.

This title seems very distant in his memory.