The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 25

Wang Taixu's eyes narrowed instantly.

He couldn't believe it. He had considered questions that he hadn't thought about for a long time, but just a few dialogues with one question and one answer. Ding Ning had already figured out the crux of it?

"what is the problem?"

He looked at Ding Ning seriously and asked for modesty.

"Since it cannot be an outside problem, it is naturally your own problem." Ding Ning said calmly.

Wang Taixu took a breath, and his squinting eyes suddenly shone cold light.

"Even if it's begging for mercy, I beg you to give you a way to live. You always have to give some weight. You also have to worry that you don't want to give it a way." Ding Ning smiled slightly and said, "Now they can't bring more. The place is chosen by you. The key is to ask the mediator, and it is not enough weight. This is the biggest doubt. Jin Lin Tang's Tang Que, aren't you afraid that you will not give the face of Lei Yutang to Zhang Fatzi?"

Hearing Ding Ning's words, Wang Taixu's face became more and more gloomy.

However, Ding Ning did not seem to notice his face at all, and then went on to say: "And you said earlier that the backers behind Tang Que are probably the characters in the temple. For those in the temple, Although they can’t make a lot of movements and dare not use the private property of His Majesty the Emperor, the lives of Jianghu practitioners like Tang Que are not much different from Amaoji in their eyes. So they don’t It will allow Tang Que to fail so easily, and he will definitely let him fight harder again."

Wang Taixu's face was colder. He lowered his voice and said slowly: "So your judgment is that there are problems with those around us?"

Ding Ning nodded and looked at him: "I don't know where you hold a banquet negotiation, but this may not only make you empty, but will kill you for the final banquet."

Wang Taixu took a deep breath and whispered: "But my brothers are all from the same country and all have friendships that have blocked the sword.

"People will change, and because of the temporary situation, they may do something that they are not willing to do. People in rivers and lakes can't help themselves. The true meaning of this sentence should be clearer to me." Ding Ning Slightly mocked: "And everyone has weaknesses, you also have weaknesses."

Wang Taixu's face was ugly: "You see what my weakness is?"

"You are probably very faithful, so it was the same when I talked about the conditions with me. You take it for granted that I am the same person as you. Maybe the atmosphere of your two floors is the same on weekdays, so you naturally feel that everyone around you All brothers are just as faithful as you are." Ding Ning looked at him calmly. "You can be the master of the two floors now. Of course you are also a very intelligent and far-sighted character, but you are such a simple thing. You can’t understand, you can’t see clearly, just because you have such a weakness, because you don’t think about that aspect at all, and don’t think about that possibility at all. Before looking at something, you cover your own eyes first Some of the people who watched have also skimmed out. How can you see the big picture?"

Wang Taixu was silent.

He is not a pedantic person, otherwise he would never seriously ask Ding Ning as a child in the eyes of most people.

He also began to admit in his heart that there is indeed such a possibility.

Then this feast is really not just a feast that determines the pattern of the rivers and lakes in the Changling City. It is not a question of how the two floors will survive and go further. It is directly a matter of his life and death.

A few drops of cold sweat flowed unconsciously from his temples.

"Just tonight."

He didn't hide anything, he wiped his cold sweat with his hands casually, coughed lightly, and looked at Ding Ning, said: "Tang Que had an appointment with Zhang Fatzi, and I was negotiating with Hongyun Building tonight."

Ding Ning raised his eyebrows slightly and said nothing.

Wang Taixu covered his mouth with a silk scarf, and then continued: "If it wasn't for Lilingjun who happened to be here today, if it wasn't for me to take a look in person and hear your words, then after tonight, I may be dead."

"Between life and death...Think about it at this time. Human life is sometimes too fragile."

A solemn look appeared on Wang Taixu's face. He looked at Ding Ning deeply: "Today's feast, I want you to go with me. I will do something for you... Then, if I can live safely Tonight, I and two floors will not forget you in the future."

"I can go with you." Ding Ning said without hesitation, "But Gou Fugui, please forget."

Wang Taixu was startled.

If the matter of Jinlin Tang can be completely resolved today, then at least for a long time, two floors will have a higher status among the rivers and lakes of Changling.

Such a gang's gratitude and support will be a precious asset for anyone.

But now Ding Ning seems afraid of having more ties with them in the future.

He couldn't understand it, so he couldn't help but ask: "Why?"

"Sometimes, the things you do are different, it's better not to owe each other too much. I only need mine, you only need yours, so clean." Ding Ning looked at him and said calmly, "There is hope, there will be in the future May be disappointed with each other."

Wang Taixu frowned deeply.

"It seems that the world you think is different from what we think. Since that is the case, I hope you will get what you want and enter Minshan Jianzong."

He covered his mouth again with a silk scarf and said this very sincerely.

"Go. I need to prepare for the big feast tonight."

Then he stood up and motioned for Ding Ning to follow him away.

In the backyard, Sun Qingxue, who listened to these conversations, always frowned slightly. She seemed to want to say something to Ding Ning, but in the end she still bowed her head a little angrily, no matter Ding Ning who followed Wang Taixu left.


The setting sun will fall, and the night will slowly strike. If there is a god in the distance, slowly pull a black flag and walk through the sky.

A black carriage slowly walked out of the mortuary of the god prison. The black carriage faced the dark sky in the distance, and seemed to be welcoming the night.

A lot of officials along the way stood up and bowed with awe and hatred in their eyes.

Driving the black carriage was an old servant with a blank face, like a zombie. In the carriage, Jian Tiansi, who was still wearing a white dress, closed his eyes and looked like he was asleep.

The extraordinary characters have their own extraordinary atmosphere. Although this black carriage does not have any marks, it is unobstructed along the way. All the carriages along the way are consciously or unconsciously given way.

However, when the carriage was traveling on a very wide road, a very majestic carriage was slow, approaching the black carriage face to face, and finally stopped opposite the black carriage.

The reason why this carriage is described by its majesty is that it is very large. It is a carriage that requires four horses to drag it.

Secondly, its decoration is not like gold and silver or beautiful jade like the other carriages, but it is completely black black armor.

Even the horses of the four trailers are covered with scales.

The four horses are tall and have strong legs and almost the same pace. Obviously, they are long-time training horses.

Seeing this majestic carriage as a whole cast iron slowly coming, the old servant who drove the black carriage was still expressionless, but he slowly stopped the carriage.

The two carriages were separated by a distance of one foot.

"Nine dead silkworms?"

A sound like the rubbing of gold and iron sounded from the iron-cast wagon carriage, strangely non-proliferating, and passed into the black wagon carriage like a line.

Ye Ce, who was in a white dress, didn't open her eyes until then, and said blankly: "Yes."


The passengers in the iron-cast carriage seemed to sneer, and then continued: "After the official business is over, then we must ask Ye Si to get off and talk about private matters."

Before the sound fell, the carriage buzzed loudly, and even on the four horses standing still, countless scale armor kept ringing.

The heavy car curtain lifted.

A tall man standing out from the compartment in one step.

The heavy carriage was a little less burdened and jumped up a bit.

This is a tall, very fat man.

His size is about equivalent to three tall men crowded together.

Every part of his body, on his arms, legs, face, neck, and stomach, was full of fat.

It is true that only such a large car can hold a fat man like him.

It's just that an ordinary fat man must be able to walk fast, but he is different. Every piece of fat on his body feels terrifying.

So even if he was covered in fat, his eyes would be squeezed by the fat so fast that he wouldn't see it, but he felt very majestic and terrible, just like a majestic giant mountain.

Almost everyone in Changling knew him.

He was Xu Bing, one of the most common soldiers of the Daqin dynasty, the strongest heir to the Hengshan Jianyuan in history, and finally he was a lord.

One of the thirteen waiting for the Great Qin Dynasty

Hengshan Xuhou!

The night breeze is gentle.

A white dress appeared in the streets of Changling covered with gray and black.

A calm night policy froze out of the carriage and stood opposite the mountain-like prince.

Her figure was petite, and compared with Xuhou, it was like a slender white flower.