The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 26 Moving Mountains

"Although Murongcheng is a little stupid, he is young after all, and he has good practice potential and speed of breaking through the border. I think that stupidity can always be tuned slowly, but before you can tune it, you will be cut off with a sword. Now."

Hengshan Xuhou, a bunch of meaty mountains existed, exuding a breath of intrepidity, looking at Ye Celin with the eyes of a lion looking at a sheep, and said coldly: "After all, he is already a man in half of my house , You are cut like this, you don’t give me an explanation, who needs to give me face in the future."

"Take a sword, don't you just give you a face?" Ye Ce coldly smiled disapprovingly, and she even showed two shallow faces in front of the figure and the imposing force that was enough to wrap her inside. Dimples.

"Refreshing! I like your sex. It's my only headwoman in Daqin!"

Hengshan Xu Housen smiled coldly and stretched out his hand to Ye Ce Leng, "Then come, what are you waiting for!"

Ye Ce smiled coldly, not saying anything at all, but stretched out a small hand Bai Shengsheng forward.

In the clear twilight, a drop of raindrops suddenly fell into the shadow behind Xu Hou's huge body, and with a click, he pulled out countless tiny and crystal-clear water lines.

At the same time, Ye Celen's palm showed a crystal droplet out of thin air.

Hengshan Xu Hou's eyes, which seemed to be almost non-existent, narrowed even more. He snorted heavily: "Tian Yi Sheng Shui!"

Time is like freezing at this moment.

The masonry of the entire street was creaked by the pressure of the heaven and earth yuan suddenly coming from all directions. street.

The smile on Ye Ce-Leng's face also disappeared completely.

Every movement of her became slow and extremely dignified, which was obviously more difficult than when she played against Zhao Zhan.

Her outstretched hand only held a suspended crystal droplet, but every subtle movement was as heavy as moving mountains.


The crystal droplets in her palm turned into an inch-long crystal water sword in her hand. At the same time, the sky above the entire street seemed to suddenly collapse, and countless heaven and earth were towards the crystal in her hand. Small swords converge.

Because the speed is too fast and the quantity of heaven and earth vitality is too horrible, these moments of heaven and earth vitality are like an invisible giant mountain, they were moved by her, and then squeezed into the crystal water in her palm. In the sword.

This is the seventh realm of spiritual practice that countless practitioners in the world look up to and move to the mountain.

The third realm is true, and the fourth realm.

In the third realm, practitioners can absorb some of the world's vitality into the body, and refine their own real qi into the true yuan. In the fourth realm, the true yuan and more heaven and earth are melted together while opening up some in the body. The key to storing heaven and earth vitality, the body has not only absorbed and refined some heaven and earth vitality during cultivation, but also can become a container for storing heaven and earth vitality.

However, only in the seventh realm can we directly transport the horrible amount of heaven and earth vitality from the surrounding heavens and earth, forcibly compress it in our own true yuan, and every drop of small true yuan instantly floods into the terrifying heaven and earth vitality, Thus, when confronting the enemy, an unimaginable force erupted.

In the wine shop of Wutongluo, Chen Moli was a practitioner who arrived in the fourth realm.

However, he shocked the world energy that flowed out of the body of those college students, and the world energy that Ye Celen moved in a moment, it was a gap between Xiliu and Jianghai!

At this moment, the spirit of heaven and earth moved to the body of the sword by Ye Celen was heavy like a mountain, but the crystal water sword in her palm was still light as if it had no weight.


The little sword disappeared directly from her palm and shot at Xu Hou's brow.

The sword is too fast.

If a river flows through the air, it is invisible.

Xu Hou Rushan's body did not withdraw even one step, and his obese right hand also disappeared at this time.

Because it's too fast.

In fact, he just traversed this arm upward.

Only this horizontal, there is a blue sword shadow, like a giant mountain in front of his eyebrows.

A sword is like a mountain, and a thousand troops cannot enter. This is the real Hengshan sword!

An even more tyrannical atmosphere appeared between heaven and earth.

A loud sound that was too dull to describe in words sounded before his eyebrows.

Xu Hou's hands were already carried behind him, and his clothes like iron hunted and hunted, as if he had never moved.

Ye Celeng in front of him is also silent like water, not moving at all.

Her hand is still stretched out, and the little sword has turned into crystal drops again, suspended in the palm of her hand.

Above them, there was a terrifying blue vitality rising upward, forming a blue mountain in the sky.

Above the mountain, there are countless rain dews flying, not down, but flying into the higher sky.

Xu Hou looked up at the strange phase in the sky, hey smiled, his fat fluttered slightly, and he said nothing more, turned and walked into the huge carriage.

Ye Ce coldly looked at his palm with a blank expression.

The droplets in her palm slowly poured into her body.

The night finally came.

The black carriage is separated from the iron carriage.

Not far away is a stone bridge, under a maple tree, but there is a carriage of supernatural powers.

The carriage was a dumb man without a tongue, and it seemed to be a deaf person. He didn't even hear the dull loud noise of Fang Cai, and there was no response at all.

In the wagon of the Shendujian, a young, thin man with a dark messy robe and short messy hair was sitting.

His hair was grayish, and his fingernails were slightly yellow.

He looks a little decadent, but everyone in Changling knows that this is just an illusion.

Everyone in Changling thought that he was extraordinarily vicious, extremely cunning, and extremely cruel.

Because he is the head of the superintendent of the gods, the head of Chen.

He lowered his head slightly, but looked at the wide street through the gap in the car curtain.

The iron-drawn carriage went through the night.

Xu Hou's body became crowded with wide cars. His fingers tapped slowly on his stomach, thinking of the sword just before him. He could not help but sneered and said to himself: "It's really strong... After receiving my sword, I have to eat a lot, but at least I can keep you safe temporarily."


In the night of Changling, several horse-drawn carriages were slowly driving towards Hongyun Tower.

Hongyun Building is a medium-sized flower building in the south of the city. When the night is getting darker on weekdays, the surrounding courtyard and the small river in front of the door are all lit up with lanterns and horses and horses. Those who sell some flowers and sing some small songs...these people who do some piecemeal business to get some rewards are a lot of people and are very lively.

But today, the Hongyun Building was packed, and it was quite quiet for a few miles, so quiet that it made people feel depressed.

Even the high-spirited high-spirited high-ranking guest who was not short of money and money and heard the murderous voice of the bamboo and bamboo in the empty building, and saw the faint shadows in the streets, only felt cold hair. I dare not stay longer.

Ding Ning and Wang Taixu got out of the carriage, and the two walked towards the Hongyun Tower not far ahead like a idler on a walk.

There were more than ten people in the wagons and six carriages behind them, followed by behind them.

Lanterns around Hongyun Tower are still provoked.

Vaguely, at least hundreds of people were standing silently in the shadows around the Hongyun Tower, and there were more or less reflections on their bodies.

Wang Taixu walked slightly frowning, and he changed to a crimson brocade, which made his face look more ruddy.

A squinting old man wearing a linen cotton robe, with white hair and a very ruddy complexion, and not seeing many wrinkles, walked alone from the second carriage and walked to the side of Wang Taixu.

Wang Taixu's side was old and young, and the three of them crossed the threshold of Hongyun Tower.

The east of the second floor is a huge elegant room.

At this moment, all unnecessary furnishings in this elegant room have been emptied, but many short cases have been placed, and more than ten people have sat on the floor.

When Wang Taixu pushed the door and half of his face was revealed behind Weiqi's door, there was silence in this quiet room.

Wang Taixu smiled slightly, his lips moved slightly, and the voice was finely introduced into Ding Ning's ears behind his body. "The fattest person is naturally Lei Yutang's Zhang Fatty. He has short hair beside him. Look The thin man with extremely ugly face is the only remaining Tang Que in Jin Lin Tang Shuo. The white-faced scholar next to Zhang Fatzi is his righteous son Zhong Xiu. It should be the most powerful practitioner in Lei Yu Tang. As for the one next to Tang Que The one-eyed dragon is Tang Mengchen, one of the few people in Jinlin Tang who can handle it now."

After finishing these few words, Ding Ning and the old man with the white hair next to him were already following Wang Taixu into the elegant room and arrived at the table.

Ding Ning sat down in front of the case beside Wang Taixu. He looked at the people Wang Taixu said.

Fatty Zhang in Lei Yutang has a skyward nose, which makes people see two huge nostrils at a glance. In this way, even if the rest of the facial features look good again, it will make people appetite.What's more, in order to show his boldness, the gangster of Changling Mausoleum opened his chest in such weather.

It's a pity that he seems to be wearing a little too warm, and he also seems to sweat too easily, so his forehead and chest are sweaty and oily from time to time.

If you compare him to the Hengshan Xuhou who is also very fat, everyone will think that Hengshan Xuhou is a majestic giant mountain, but he can only be reminiscent of the pork belly on the chopping board.

Tang Que sitting next to him is completely different from him. His body sits upright, and there is no piece of fat on his body, but his cheekbones are a little tall, and these days it is obvious that he is thinking too much and the reason for the bad rest So the eyes were darkened, and his face was so gloomy at the moment. It seemed that there was always a black shadow around his eyes.

Zhong Xiu, the righteous son beside Zhang Fatzi, is personable, dressed in a purple light shirt, without white face, and looks only at the age of twenty-seven or eighty.

As for Tang Quexu's side, Wang Taixu said the one-eyed dragon Tang Menchen, but Ding Ning couldn't even see his face, because when he walked into this elegant room, Tang Menchen always hung his head down, not even once. Lifted up.

The sedentary high-ranking gangsters have their own extraordinary demeanor. The two-story building stood in Changling for many years, and Wang Taixu told Ding Ning in the wine shop that he was only doing low-level business that could not stand the wind and waves. Qian's statement and the question of choice.

In addition, in the bloody strangulation before, Wang Taixu has made everyone in this field thoroughly see what kind of person he is, so when he sat down, the wine glasses in everyone's case seemed a little light. Light tremor.

An invisible pressure makes breathing more and more difficult.

Sitting beside him, Wang Taixu, after sitting down, still didn't speak first, but just looked at Zhang Fatzi and Tang Que opposite and smiled slightly.