The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 29 The distance between life and death

A horse-drawn carriage on two floors drove Ding Ning into Wutong and stopped under the blue wine brand without words.

The person in charge of driving was a grey shirt swordsman. Although he didn’t understand Ding Ning’s contribution to this battle tonight, I thought that since this young boy in the restaurant could always follow Wang Taixu’s side, this grey shirt sword The teacher naturally respected Ding Ning to the extreme.

Ding Ning thanked the grey shirt swordsman named Wednesday Province, and then pushed open the door of the wine shop and walked in.

There was no fire inside, and after taking the door, the sound of Changsun Qianxue's footsteps sounded.

She seemed to have just rinsed it, her hair moistened on the top of her head, and she smelled faintly.

In the dark, even if she couldn't see it, she was still extremely beautiful.

It's just that her voice is still too cold.

"You are too anxious."

She looked at Ding Ning in the dark and said: "You clearly told me that before breaking through to the third realm, you won't attract too many people's attention. Even your disciple, even in your real Yuan realm, It’s too easy to be killed before it arrives."

Although she has a suffocating beauty, Ding Ning usually speaks with her most naturally and relaxedly, but at this moment, Ding Ning falls into silence, as if swallowed by darkness.

He only asked after the amount of interest, "Are you worried about my safety or your own practice?"

"You really have questions. In the past, you would never ask such meaningless questions." Chang Sun Qianxue's voice was a little colder. "You should understand that there is no difference between the two."

Ding Ning was silent for a moment, and said, "I am a little anxious, but in our plan, there was no such thing as Lilingjun directly asking you to marry you... With Lilingjun’s ability, if there is no accident in the Dachu Dynasty He could not be so anxious. Baiyang Cave was the place where the Qin Dynasty lived for a long time. The prime minister will never allow the power of the queen to directly merge such a place of spiritual practice into the Ivy League Sword Academy, because such a merger is actually no different from the direct disappearance of a spiritual practice school, and the military powers are so urgent. Intervening in the battle between the cities and towns... Gushan Jianzang is about to be born, and there are major changes in many places. It seems that after a heavy rain, everyone in Changling suddenly became very anxious."

After a pause, Ding Ning said coldly: "I must get the identity of a practitioner as soon as possible. You have heard what Wang Taixu and I said today. You should understand that you can easily enter Aries Cave. Entering Ivy League College again is an opportunity we have not waited for many years, so I can’t miss it."

"I don't care what your reason is, you feel uneasy after the fish market kills Song Shenshu and comes back."

Chang Sun Qianxue said unkindly: "I only know that with such a low cultivation practice as you, contacting so many practitioners and dignitaries so early, it is too easy to die."

Thinking of the things she needs to bear, looking at this woman who is more arrogant and cold than most people in Changling, and at the same time more affectionate than most people, thinking that her life and death are closely connected with herself, Ding Ning All the coldness in the eyes disappeared.

His eyes sparkled in the darkness.

"I will definitely be a little more careful than before." He looked at Chang Sun Qianxue's eyes and promised very seriously. "Before you break into the eighth realm, I will definitely cherish my life more carefully."

Feeling the strange meaning in Ding Ning's sincere words, Chang Sun Qianxue frowned slightly.

But she didn't say anything for a while, and turned back to the backyard. When she walked to the door of the bedroom, she thought of something similar and asked, "You and Wang Taixu said, you must enter Minshan Jianzong to get the god Is the real thing true?"

"It's almost true. If I can't practice the continuation of the celestial tactics, I will die old when I'm very young." Ding Ning replied softly: "But it's not absolute, at least in addition to the continuation of the celestial tactics. Yuan's exercises can keep me alive."

Long Sun Qianxue's cold voice sounded again: "But the god of continuation is definitely the most promising one in it."

Ding Ning was silent for a moment, and then nodded in the dark: "At least in the past, I didn't have a chance to get the secret skill of Minshan Jianzong... This skill of Minshan Jianzong not only allowed me to live a good life. Go on, and it will make me stronger."

"Your spiritual practice in this vein will be stronger if you have the continuation of God's tactics?"

The elder Sun Qianxue was also silent for a moment, and then in an extremely indifferent voice, he continued: "I remember that the man and the master of the Jianshan Sect of Minshan were dead enemies. He couldn't even enter the gate of the Jianzong of Minshan, so he I really can’t get the skill of Minshan Jianzong."

Ding Ning never concealed her, but she didn't want to ask more.

So he simply answered: "Yes."

The elder Sun Qingxue calmed down and asked, "If it goes well, you entered Minshan Jianzong, what should I do?"

Ding Ning also calmed down, at least his voice began to appear very calm: "I have considered this, so in my plan, the choice of entering the Minshan Jianyuan was originally the second method. The outer court entered the Minshan Jian through a big test The courtyard is not really a disciple of Minshan Jianyuan. Only a limited time can enter the learning time of Minshan Jianyuan Jianshan. It will not be like the real Minshan disciples. You must go to the real Yuan realm before you can go out of the mountain. So no Will affect your spiritual practice."

The old grandson Qianxue stopped asking more questions and continued to walk towards the house while saying, "I am waiting for you in bed."

Long Sun Qianxue no longer asked, just said this.

This is a vague and ambiguous sentence.

However, in this shop filled with alcohol, this sentence will appear almost every day. There is no ambiguity between these two words.

Only dangerous and killing.

As usual, Ding Ning arranged the mattress and lay down on the inside of the bed.

Long Sun Qianxue lay peacefully on his side, and all the water droplets in her hair were fluttered out by a trace of heaven and earth from her.

Another wind and snow began to fly around him and Changsun Qianxue.

After breaking through the last pass, Chang Sun Qianxue's recent practice no longer has any crisis.

He no longer needs to forcibly touch the key on her body, forcibly infuse true energy to help her practice, and no longer need to warm her body with his body temperature.

However, during the day and night today, there were too many things happening, and everything was much faster than planned, and those people and things that seemed far away appeared so clearly in front of him.

Looking at the silhouette of Sun Qianxue in the dark and the snow, he suddenly wanted to hug her.

However, he knew that if she embraced her at this time, she would really kill him without hesitation.

So he only stared at her in the snow.

In his eyes.

He and her body are only a short distance away, but they seem to be separated by countless mountains and rivers, and separated by life and death.


At the same time, Ye Celian walked in Jiantiansi.

She passed a long passage to the deepest room in Jiantiansi.

Oil lamps were lit on both sides of the passage, and when she walked by, they all went out.

She was walking in the night.

However, the white blouse on her body was the same as what Zhao Zhan said.

In the deepest room, there are many heavy drapery.

The overlapping veil is not only like a labyrinth, it can make the enemy unable to easily find her figure when there is an enemy.At the same time, the overlapping veils can also hide a lot of breath, and even make the minds of powerful practitioners unable to penetrate.

In the center of the drapery, there is a round soft couch.

In front of the soft couch, there is a medicine tripod that keeps slightly boiling.

"Poof" sounded softly.

A mouthful of blood spewed out of Ye Ce's cold mouth without warning, staining her white skirt and the ground in front of her.

However, the look on her face remained calm and powerful.

Because she knew Changling did not know how many people wanted her to die, she had to be strong in front of everyone.

Only by being strong can she live well.

She walked forward blankly.

A gleam of water vapor followed her.

The scarlet scars on her body and the blood on the ground became thinner and lighter, and eventually all disappeared.

She sat calmly and confidently on the soft couch and uncovered the medicine tripod in front of her.

In the boiling crimson medicine, there is a golden yellow dragon pill.

She sent a few spoons of liquid medicine into her mouth and slowly swallowed it.

Her brow furrowed slightly, it seemed a bit painful, but in the next moment, the look on her face became calm and powerful again.