The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 33 The First Step

Several Baiyangdong students hurried into the canyon.

Seeing the students running happily, Nangong Caishu became more and more annoyed.

She finally couldn't help but walked beside Ding Ning, who was calm, and said with a deep voice, "Do you know what the entry test of Baiyang Cave is?"

Ding Ning shook his head and said softly, "I don't know."

Nangong Cai Shu was speechless for a moment, and her hands and feet were a little cold.

"I know that you are very angry now, and helped me to say that, and the result was completely destroyed by a few words, but you can rest assured that I should be able to pass." However, Ding Ning smiled slightly and said to her softly.

"I really don't understand what you think, this kind of test has nothing to do with confidence, and you should also understand the truth that one more thing is better than one less." Nangong Cai Shu took a deep breath and tried his best to control his emotions Said.

"I just want one more thing than one less..." Ding Ning glanced at Su Qin who was standing next to the stone tablet, and said softly: "A thing that allows me to get started or not to get me started, but it can make people happy."

Nangong Min was suddenly startled.

Following Ding Ning's eyes, she saw different expressions of Su Qin and Zhang Yi.

One is absolutely cold and fair.

The other is a deep concern.

Almost all the students gathered in Baiyang Cave on the mountain road, even the standing position, are obviously biased towards the Su Qin side.

"So even if you came forward for me, it would still be very troublesome for me to enter the mountain gate." Ding Ning turned to look at her and whispered with a smile: "But I don't think Su Qin will stand higher than Zhang Yi in the future, because at the beginning He was wrong. The real high-weights are always on the side of the higher high-weights, even if Li Lingjun has already run such a reputation, enveloping enough people's hearts, to return to the country, it is still The decision is in the hands of several real dignitaries of the Da Chu Dynasty."

Nangong Cai Shu raised her brows, she couldn't help turning to look at Ding Ning, "I admit that these words sound reasonable to me, and I also admit that your vision is indeed very clear and very long-term, but all sect gates The entry test is to test whether this person has the potential to become a practitioner. As for insight and vision, that is the potential to pass the test and only be valued after entry."

"Thank you for your concern, but now the more you care about me, I will probably have more trouble after getting started." Ding Ning said softly and sincerely: "Although Baiyang Cave has returned to Qingteng Jianyuan, I want to come to the disciples here Most of the time I still practice here. The more they feel that I am close to you, the more they will hate me."

Nangong Cai Shu's brows were tighter, she heard Ding Ning's gratitude, and understood that what Ding Ning said was indeed the truth, but Ding Ning still said that it was after the entry. Is he really so sure? Pass the entry test that is simply impossible?

At this moment, in the mist behind Baiyangdong Mountain Gate, more rapid footsteps sounded.

The two students who ran at the forefront carefully held two pine wood boxes, and behind them were at least four or fifty students in Aries Cave.

These students have also heard about the fact that there is an ordinary city boy exempted from entrance examinations today, and they are also somewhat dissatisfied. It is just because the temperament is not as radical as Shen Bai and others. Bai and others came to block the road as aggressively, but now I heard that the dispute on the mountain road has alarmed the master and the second brother, and this city-free young boy who actually did not enter the school actually offered to try the mountain, so these students He couldn't hold back anymore, and all went out to see what happened.

In fact, for these students who have already started, the annual entrance test is a lively drama that is not to be ignored.

It’s not because it’s possible that there are beautiful little girls and sisters, and it’s not the first time to see if there are any surprises in the door to be a gorgeous person. More is actually that their own sense of superiority is greatly satisfied.

Thinking of the scene where I passed the test under great psychological pressure that day, and looking at the picture of a large number of people losing the election, the kind of joy in my heart can't be described by words.

Only at this moment, looking at Ding Ning who was standing outside the mountain gate, all these students in Baiyang Cave felt a big difference at a glance.

Ding Ning is very calm, it is that kind of absolute calm, not that kind of pretentious calm, there is no trace of tension in his eyes.

Looking at his calmness, Su Qin's sharp eyes filled with more chilling meanings.

"Don't think that the entry test is a game for children."

With a wave of his hand, the brother holding the two wooden boxes stopped beside him. He looked at Ding Ning deeply and said slowly: "Every year, Changling and other big cities rushed here to take part in the test. And these people are excellent everywhere, otherwise they will not deliberately rush here to shame. However, among all these people, only dozens of people have passed the test. So I hope you can be serious and be careful."

Nangong Cai Shu took a deep breath and his face became a little ugly again.

Su Qin's words sounded like a reminder, but in this case it was almost threatening, and it was easy to make the test takers nervous.

According to her usual personality, she certainly couldn't help saying a few words at this time, but thinking of Ding Ning's words just now, she could hardly hold back.

The anxiety on Zhang Yi's face was even stronger. He couldn't even turn around and look at the temples in Baiyang Cave behind him, thinking that the trouble was getting bigger and bigger. At this time, why did the master and the uncle have no one? People come out to stop?

However, at this time, Ding Ning looked at Su Qin with a slight smile, "Can I start?"

Su Qin's face did not change, but his dislike of Ding Ning grew stronger and stronger.

His eyebrows were slightly raised, and he said, "Since it's so anxious, let's start now."

There were two crunches, and the wooden box of some years had opened.

The main show has already begun, and everyone is a little nervous.

Inside one of the wooden boxes is a flat ashlar plate.

In the square stone plate, there is a circle of labyrinth spiral grooves. In these spiral grooves, there are at least hundreds of gray fine stone beads, just because of slight vibration, these abnormally smooth fine gray stone beads are in the stone plate The water was rolling like a stream, forming many gray streams that endlessly flowed.

In the other wooden box, there was a piece of flesh-colored jade carved into a small terracotta warrior. The terracotta warrior held a sword in his hand and stretched straight to his side, although the face of the terracotta warrior was not carved. Come out, but this posture of standing upright and wielding a sword is unusually full of the charm of the great Qin Dynasty swordsman, straight and sharp, and moving forward.

"This is a flow stone plate, because the texture of the circle of the stone plate is somewhat like an annual ring, and the flow of the stone beads is like flowing water, so it is also called the annual ring water plate. Because the material of the stone plate and the stone beads is somewhat special, it is slightly Vibration can make these stones flow endlessly, but the speed of flow is not constant."

When these two wooden boxes were opened, as in the past when they presided over some entrance exams, Su Qinxian reached out and clicked the stone plate, and said slowly and coldly: "The first pass to become a practitioner is meditation, Only by meditating first, without distracting thoughts, can one enter into the Vipassana, and then one can feel the five qi in one's own body. This stone disc, first of all, is meditation. Among all these stones, there are five stones The rest of the stone beads are smaller, but this small... is only a small difference, so only the meditator can pick them out. This test, according to the rules of our Aries Cave, pick out five beads with you, as long as Three of them are indeed right, and they can be considered qualified."

Hearing Su Qin's slow remarks, many students in the field couldn't help but remember that when they faced this stone plate, they couldn't control their breaths, which made them hurry.

The difference between the five stone beads and the rest of the stone beads is indeed very small. Even if they are placed on the flat white paper at the same time, they may not be quickly distinguishable. In this flowing situation, if they are asked to come again, they may not be. One hundred percent certainty will pass.

In the big test they have seen in the past, more than half of the candidates were eliminated directly in front of this stone plate.


When the wooden box is unfolded, it is a natural support.

This stone plate was placed on the stand and placed in front of Ding Ning.

Ding Ning ignored the strange eyes of everyone around him, he stared at the stone plate, hesitating in his eyes.

In fact, he is already a practitioner in the second realm, and in the second realm he can kill a practitioner like Song Shenshu. He is not an ordinary practitioner.So at this moment, the hesitating nature is not the flowing stone beads themselves, but the way and result to pass the entry test of Baiyang Cave.

Because today is the first step in his official appearance in the sight of many people in Changling.

This first step determined his posture in the future, and how he would practice in Baiyang Cave in the future.

He has been low-key and silent in the streets of Changling for many years.

His real practice is still very low, and Chang Sun Qianxue even expressed strong dissatisfaction with this matter, because in his and Chang Sun Qianxue's plan, he had to go to the present step, which would have been a long time ago.

It’s just that there are more and more flowers on his wall, and there are many people like Song Shenshu who are enjoying life very comfortably. However, some people are living with no one and no ghost, some people Soaked in the dark sewage.

"I have to be more careful not to let anyone discover the nine-dead Chang Sun careful not to die..."

He took a deep breath and repeated this again in his heart, then all the hesitant expressions in his eyes disappeared.

In an unbelievable inhalation and exclamation, he stretched out his hand.

At this time, from the end of the stone plate to the front of him, he stabilized until he reached out his hand, but it was only a few dozen breaths.

His hand cut off a small gray stream of water and took five gray talc beads from it.