The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 59

As Qihai was flooded with condensed true qi, and as true qi began to infiltrate his body, a fresh breath radiated from his body.

This is like a orchid, and finally slowly opened at this moment.

Li Daoji was standing in front of the leek field outside the grass at the moment. Although he could not know the changes in Ding Ning's body, he was the one who knew Ding Ning's practice before. He knew that Ding Ning's practice was extremely stable before this.

This stability made him look forward to.

At this moment he looked at the clouds in the sky, and suddenly felt the fresh breath in the grass. He instantly understood what Ding Ning did, and there was a very rare excited smile on his face.

His feet lightly touched the ground and jumped straight ahead.

His figure passed through Baiyun and landed on the mountain road of Baiyang Cave.

On weekdays, he often flew like this, but this time he jumped a little hard, and the height of the fall was a bit amazing.

So with a bang, his landing sound echoed continuously in the valley.

Many people noticed the strange appearance of Li Daoji.

Zhang Yi was going down the mountain, preparing to practice at the bottom of Baiyang Cave, but just looking up at the strange look on Li Daoji's face, he thought of a possibility that the whole body stiffened inexplicably.

"Uncle Li Dao..." He gave his hand as a gift.

Before he could say more, Li Daoji, who was on the mountain road not far above him, nodded at him and said, "He has broken through."

"It's okay..." Zhang Yi's stiff body shook violently. Although he was a little prepared in his heart, he was almost surprised to hear this sentence, and he almost fell off the mountain directly.

"This is really amazing." It wasn't until after a few breaths that his voice was still trembling, that he fully recovered, and he could say such a complete sentence.

"Ding Ning really broke through?"

"Ding Ning really broke from the first realm to the second realm?"

"Ding Ning actually made gas in January?"

Almost all Baiyangdong students have now walked to the mountain road outside.

Everyone opened their mouths, as if watching a sudden rainstorm, and looked up at the sky above.


At this moment, even Xue Xuexu meditating in the highest Taoist temple felt this strange sound.

He opened his eyes and instantly understood what was happening.

"Oh..." a soft cry.

He accidentally cut off his beards.


The sun is westing and the sunset is getting thicker.

The Qingteng Jianyuan is already preparing for a dinner for all the observing rituals.

The students who came to observe the ceremony in more than twenty places of practice have all gathered here, gathered in the open space in front of a stone hall of the Jade Sword Academy, and the students of the main school of the Jade Sword Academy have also joined, making the scene even more lively.

Nangong Cai Shu was also sitting next to Xu Heshan and Xie Changsheng, and Xie Rong, the fearful sister of Xie Changsheng, sat next to Xie Changsheng.

Xie Changsheng grimaced, and from time to time received a few words of training.

"By now, there is no movement at Baiyangdong, and January is over. Now that people are betting with you, do you still bet?"

"I don't know what you think. Even if you haven't seen anyone work hard to earn some money, you should think about it more at home. What do you jump out and do with Gu Xichun? Do not say that Gu Xichun may enter Min Shan Jianzong learns that even if he loses at the Min Shan Jian meeting and enters the country with his current cultivation, he will certainly have good achievements in the future. The business of family is about harmony and wealth, and you will be the most troublesome. If you don't converge, you will definitely make enemies everywhere in the future."

"Does your family give you money for practice or making friends? Is it for you to bet on this wine shop boy?"

Xie Changsheng has long been accustomed to Xie Rou's temper and such discipline, plus the lifeblood of daily expenses is in her hands, so I can only meditate in my heart. I can't hear I can't hear, but Nangong Cai Shu on the side heard Xie Rou took a bite from a wine shop boy, but his eyebrows were gradually raised.

"I heard that you said at the door of my vine sword garden that if Ding Ning broke through in January, you would let him be Xie Changsheng's brother-in-law." She couldn't help looking at Xie Rou, who had a severe look on Qiao's face, and interjected: "Xie Changsheng Are there any other sisters?"

"He has only one sister for me."

Xie Rou heard the voice of Nangong Caishu's words, she smiled boldly and said: "Sister Caishu, don't say he is only my sister, even if there is such a big event, can I still be the master of others? ?"

Nangong Cai Shu thought of Ding Ning's physical condition, and also thought of the elixir that her father hadn't given back. The dryness in her heart was more intense, so she sternly said coldly, "Then are you serious? If you really wait for Ding Ning Really refining Qi in January, you really have to marry him?"

Xu Heshan was stunned on the side, thinking that it was really autumn and dry, and even people were easily irritable. How can Nangong Caishu speak too coldly today, with a gun and a stick?

Looking at Nangong's cold face, Xie Rou was slightly stunned, but he immediately smiled and said: "Who doesn't know that our Xie family's business is a promise, although I'm not a boy, but I don't want to go against it."

Just a few words from Nangong Caishu's voice was not low, so Xu Heshan felt that Nangong Caishu is a bit strange today, and Xie Rou's answer at this moment is also powerful, and everyone around him heard it.

Gu Xichun, who was not far away, had been drinking at his own discretion. When he saw such a scene, he could not help but laughed and shook his head. He thought that it had been so long since he entered the mountain gate, and he was still talking about the man’s problems. Boring enough.

However, at this moment, several heavy footsteps sounded.

Someone rushed forward, and could not control the true energy under his feet, and rolled up a large dust.

Nangong frowned and looked down the footsteps, but found that it was Brother Xiang Miao.

This Xiang Miao started a year earlier than her, with a loyal temperament. She usually behaves more calmly than she does, but now it is a gesture of shock and panic.

She could not help but say, "Senior Brother, what happened, so panic?"

"" His face was flushed, and his breathing was so intense that the mood swings were too intense. He said three "ones" at a time, but couldn't say more.

Nangong Cai Shu’s eyes suddenly brightened, and her breath took a breath, and the subconscious screamed out: "Ding Ning has really broken through the second realm, has gas been refined in January?"

When the students heard the words of Nangong Caishu in the field, the natural reaction at the first time still felt that it was impossible. However, the response to Miao was to let the field suddenly fall into absolute silence, everyone seemed to be cold The north wind freezes instantly.

Breathing violently towards Miao, nodding.

Gu Xichun's mocking expression froze on his face, and his fingers froze.

A tremendous shock and absurd clarity in his heart made his mind roar.

"This is real?"

A loud exclamation came from Xie Changsheng's mouth, breaking the silence.The emotion on his face was very complicated, as if a picture was painted with various colors.

Nodded to Miao again.

At this moment he was finally able to speak completely, and he said with difficulty: "The news just came from Baiyang Cave... Ding Ning has successfully broken through the situation and has reached the Qi Refining Realm."

Gu Xichun's complexion began to pale, and her stiff fingers shook slightly.

He didn't need to verify anything, because the news was so shocking, before coming in to announce, Xiang Miao must have verified it carefully.

Only at this moment no one noticed his complexion.

Everyone's eyes involuntarily gathered on Xie Rou's body beside Xie Changsheng.

Everyone wanted to know what she said at the moment.

Xie Rou's face was white and her eyelashes were shaking.

The sister who used to be overbearing and stern, now seems to have become a delicate and pitiful girl to rely on.

Nangong Caishu felt even more happy.

She couldn't help but want to laugh out loud.

However, what she and everyone did not expect was that at this time, Xie Rou's weakness became rigid again, her lips were still trembling, and the lines on her face became cold.

"The words I said in Guan Zhong Xie's family are very promising and will never change."

"Since Ding Ning really broke through today and cultivated qi one day, I should naturally keep my promise, not he would not marry."

Everyone in the field wanted to see her jokes, even the younger brother Xie Changsheng beside her. However, as these two sentences were exported, everyone in the field was shocked by her instead.

Xie Changsheng was completely stunned.

Is this really fun?

What shocked and silenced everyone at the scene was that Zheng Yue's loud sound rang.

She pulled out her long sword from her waist.

Her sword is also generous, heavy and straight, not at all like the sword worn by women.

Both the blade and the blade are gray and black, like the color of half-burnt charcoal, but the straight spine is bright white.

This black and white long sword, no matter the handle, the style and size of the sword body, or even the scabbard, is the most suitable etiquette and specifications for making swords in the Guanzhong Zone.

"Boo" sounded softly.

The long sword gently crossed the cold air in her hands, and crossed her strands of hair.

A strand of black hair fell down and fell into her hands.

"Guan Zhong thanked her parents and daughter Xie Rou, and swears here."

Her cold voice sounded again, terrifying.

Everyone was shocked and speechless again.

No one thought that the temperament of this Guanzhong woman was so strong that she would make a vow in public.