The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 66

A student in the ranking was defeated by Ding Ning. For Duan Mulian, it is not a pleasant thing. However, Duan Mulian's face was softened at this time.

Although Ding Ning's performance has been too excellent, but after all, cultivation is limited, and even the body is obviously worse than all the disciples of Baiyangdong and Qingteng Jianyuan.

Although he seized the opportunity to beat Yu Si, the opponent of Yu Si level should be his limit.

Among the remaining disciples in Qingteng Jianyuan at the moment, there are at least more than ten stronger than Yu Si.

So no matter what the final result is, at least this wine shop boy is definitely unable to win the final.

Looking at Ding Ning, who hung the captured wooden semaphore around his waist, he pulled out a green flag on the edge of the viewing platform and waved a few times towards the canyon.

With the waving of the green flag in his hand, four wolves of smoke slowly began to float in the Sword Canyon, and then became thicker and thicker, eventually forming four pillars of condensed smoke, rushing into the sky.


Ding Ning first felt the fireworks in the wind, and then he immediately saw the four wolf smokes.

His brow furrowed slowly.

The area marked by the four wolf smokes is about one-third of the total length of the canyon. According to the three-day schedule of the canyon, this calibration is understandable.

However, according to the rules of this sword sacrifice trial, it is necessary to enter the area marked by the four wolf smokes at noon every day, otherwise, it will be treated as failure.

But the next day and the third day can start to go in the middle of the night, and today the bottom of the canyon is close to noon, so the first day must be in a hurry.

He was in a hurry, and he consumed more energy, which was even more unfavorable to him.

He calculated the time and estimated that it would take a trot to reach it.

At this moment, in his perception, he felt a strange movement.

Originally ready to start accelerating, he suddenly stopped and turned quickly.

At the moment when he turned around, even most of the people on the viewing platform did not react. A black shadow the size of a wolf suddenly rushed out of the bottom of the vine wall behind him and bounced.

Feeling the strength between the other side's jump, Ding Ning squeezed his feet firmly, his body leaned back slightly, and the true energy in his body rolled out, pouring into the residual sword in his hand.

Countless white flowers bloomed on the residual sword, swaying upward, instantly hitting the shadow of the belly of the shadow, and took the shadow from the top of his head.

There is no blood flying.

Only a bright Mars followed the edge of the blade, and kept on.


The vast majority of students on the viewing platform also saw this kind of shadow from elsewhere, and could not help but look at each other.

This kind of black shadow appeared just after the four wolf smokes poured out. It gave them the feeling that as the wolf smoke lit up, many cages with this kind of thing opened at the same time, and these things were released.


The black shadow fell heavily, splashing a cloud of flying dust and countless fallen leaves.

The vast majority of people at the viewing platform still did not see exactly what this was. However, Ding Ning could not help but frowned and whispered to himself, "It turns out to be you... I thought of eating your meat, but it fell a little bit appetite."

The dust and fallen leaves spread out.

Many students on the viewing platform finally saw clearly, Qi Qi exclaimed.

Lying in the smashed pit, staring at the blood-red eyes, staring at Ding Ninghu, is a black monitor lizard.

Giant lizards are found in many mountains, but none of the scales on a lizard are so hard.

The scale armor on the monitor lizard in front of Ding Ning looked exactly like black iron. Each piece had the thickness of two or three copper coins. It looked completely like a black armor covered with a special layer.

So this is the unique armored lizard in Bashan.

In Bashan, this kind of armored lizard is also called a rotten lizard.

Because this lizard can be eaten by any rotten food, its saliva and gastric juice are itself rich in all kinds of violent toxins.

Ding Ning is confident to kill such a giant lizard.

Just thinking of using this kind of food as food, wasting a lot of time, and being very tired, he could not be happy at all.


"He Zhaoxi!"

Several exclamations sounded from the stands.

Coincidentally, in the place hundreds of feet away from Ding Ning, such a giant lizard has appeared in front of He Zhaoxi, who is always followed by the eyes of many Ivy Swordsmen.

"This is the armored lizard." On the viewing platform, Xu Heshan turned to look at Xie Changsheng beside him and said solemnly.

"It seems that unless it is a particularly sharp sword, the practitioners in Qi Refining Realm can't cut the scale armor on it." Xie Changsheng frowned, saying: "It has scale armor on its eyelids... it seems that it is open. Open mouth is a weakness?"

"If you really want to do this, you're done." Xu Heshan shook his head and said, "Its teeth are much harder than its scale armor, and its bite speed is faster than all other parts of the body. It’s faster, and its bite force is more amazing than the strength of its limbs. Even if you can stab its throat, it can bite your sword. Many sword masters who don’t understand it think it is open. The mouth is a weakness, and it is killed by it."

Xie Changsheng felt a sudden chill.

He could imagine how desolate it would be if a practitioner like him lost his sword in his hand and then faced with this armored armored lizard.

"I hope my brother-in-law doesn't want to be like me, and wants to pierce his throat with a sword." He said sincerely.

At the same time as his voice sounded, He Zhaoxi, who was recognized as the No. 1 student of Qingteng Jianyuan, continued to move forward without expression. It seemed that there was air in front of him, and there was no such fierce beast.

The armored lizard in front of him seemed to feel his slowness, and a weird growl came from his throat, and he jumped up like the armored lizard that attacked Ding Ning.

The pupils of many people on the viewing platform contracted suddenly.

Because at this time He Zhaoxi's skin suddenly flashed a layer of cyan fluorescence.

Every muscle under his skin seemed to be moving, coagulating a terrible force.

The ground beneath his feet sank silently, and his men jumped, and the figure appeared instantly above the armored lizard's head.

He pulled out the long sword that he was carrying, and fell off with a sword.

His long sword is a strange yellowish yellow, completely like a yellow wooden sword.

However, a sword fell on the head of this armored lizard, but it was like a giant mountain town.

Everyone can see a ring of air exploding over the armored lizard's head.

Then the armored lizard instantly fell to the ground, a few feet into the ground, and burst a ring of air waves again.

Xie Changsheng's eyebrows could not help but jumped, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

This was completely without any ingenious brute force. He could imagine the weight of this sword. I am afraid it was only this sword. Even if this armored lizard is not dead, his head has been shaken into a paste.

He Zhaoxi is too strong!


At the same time, the armored lizard confronting Ding Ning has also moved.

A gust of wind suddenly rolled on the ground.

Fallen leaves spread like waves on both sides.

This armored lizard touches the abdomen, but the limbs are stroking with amazing frequency. The whole body is like a black blade against the ground sliding rapidly.

Three inches above the ground has always been a dangerous place for practitioners.

Because it is always more difficult to lean down and deal with attacks from the ground than to stand up straight against the enemy.

What's more, the sword in Ding Ning's hand is much shorter than that of the rest.

Xie Rou breathed suddenly.

Because at this time, Ding Ning has already made a sword.

He bent down, and the sword in his hand was obviously swept into the armored lizard's mouth.

She even dare not look at the next picture.

However, in the next moment, her eyes suddenly widened, and a surprise whisper came out involuntarily.

Ding Ning's sword did not pierce the armored lizard's throat.

His sword just skimmed against the two kisses of the armored lizard.

A long scarlet tongue fell.

It seemed that the storm was not surprising, but it seemed that the armored lizard was marching hard on the nose with a sledgehammer, his body suddenly stiffened, and he could not help but shrink back.

Blood oozes out of its mouth with smelly saliva.

The eyes of Xu Heshan and Xie Changsheng have just turned here, and their minds have just flashed the idea of ​​how Ding Ning should deal with it. Such a picture makes them stunned again.

This is something they never thought of.

Ding Ning turned out to be a sword that cut off the long tongue of the armored lizard.

Even Li Daoji was stunned.

He did not expect Ding Ning to produce such a sword at all.


In many people's surprised eyes, the remnant sword swept up in Ding Ning's hand suddenly stopped in the air, a violent shock.

This action is like slapping a fly on a window paper with a flat ruler.

This violent shock suddenly spewed out many tiny blood beads and many white flowers on the sword.

The tiny blood beads come from the long tongue of the armored lizard, and the white flowers come from his true energy and the reaction of the sword's runes.

These tiny blood beads and white flowers splashed into the eyes of the armored lizard.

The lizard closed its eyes subconsciously.

However, Ding Ning's sword body was too close to its eyes at this moment. Before it closed its eyes, many small blood beads and white flowers had been spattered on its fragile pupils.

Its pupils suddenly oozed many more fine blood beads.

It wailed loudly, and its forelegs grabbed forward at an alarming speed.

Ding Ning took a deep breath.

Numerous small and white flowers bloomed again on the dark green residual sword in his hand.

He used his current fastest speed to swing his sword down and beheaded.

One sword on the left and one sword on the right. His sword is chopped at the same position on the left and right necks of this armored lizard with extremely fast frequency and rhythm.

The armored lizard could not see clearly for the time being, and his claws kept scratching, but he always took a slow shot. When the left neck was cut to the left, Jianguang had already fallen on its right neck. Turning to the right, Jianguang had fallen on its left neck.

Under the continuous beheading of Ding Ning, the scale armor on both sides of its neck finally broke, and began to splash blood.

Sudden inhalation sounds rang on the viewing platform.

The person who was originally attracted by He Zhaoxi also turned to Ding Ning because of this strange breathing sound.

Seeing Ding Ning's picture at this time, their bodies were shocked.

"The beheading at this time is really without beauty and little skill. It's like cutting wood..." Xu Heshan said pale and took a deep breath slowly: "But who would think of such a armored lizard Will it be cut like a piece of wood?"

On the other side, He Zhaoxi just shot another sword and directly beheaded the armored lizard. Now he has begun to take meat from the killed armored lizard. Compared with He Chaoxi, Ding Ning is very weak.

However, the more weak and weak, this time the picture is more shocking.