The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 67 The Real Great Rebellion

Under Ding Ning's unsuccessful chopping of wood, the neck of both sides of the armored lizard was completely cut, and its body and forelimb movements became slower and slower, and finally the whole head was completely immobile when it fell close.

Ding Ning gasped violently. After all, he was confined to cultivation. His arms were already sour, and the exhaustion of true energy also made him feel tired.

It was just that he knew he had no time to stay. Looking at the vaguely armored lizard, he squatted down, using the remaining sword in his hand as a crowbar, prying off the scales on the back of the armor, and then carefully Start cutting meat.

For him, it has been a long time since the killing of this animal to take its flesh and blood, so it still feels a bit sick at this time. The most important thing is that the internal organs of the armored lizard, especially the stomach pouch, are full of practitioners. Diseased toxins and dirty things, so he should control his sword edge not too deep, not to cut the internal organs when cutting meat.

Looking at his careful cutting of meat, a student from Xie Changsheng, who also came from Baiyunguan, recovered from the shock and couldn't help but sigh softly, "He knows a lot."

Xu Heshan took a deep breath and said slowly: "There are many books in the alley."

Gu Xichun's eyebrows were raised again, his eyes narrowed slightly.

He knew that Xu Heshan's sentence was a counterattack against him.

Because this is an old saying of the Great Qin Dynasty, it contains two meanings.

One level means that people from ordinary towns and villages rarely have the opportunity to become practitioners, so most of them can only study and seek a way out to become a wise man.

Another layer of meaning is that it is precisely because those who are born in the city’s poor alleys will be more difficult to become spiritual practitioners than noble children, so those who want to become spiritual practitioners will be more eager for spiritual knowledge, and they will look at any hunger to see any A book about spiritual practice that can be found.

Therefore, many practitioners who are born in poor alleys often understand more, especially after they become practitioners, they will cherish all opportunities for cultivation, work harder, and often have high achievements.

"His start is still too late." Gu Xichun thought for a while, and felt that he was still a little self-deprecating for Ding Ning, who was still far away from him, so he finally calmed down, just said this softly.

This sentence is very fair, and all the students around the ceremony agreed in their hearts and were silent.

Because even if he was born in the portal of ordinary nobility, with Ding Ning's talent at the moment, I am afraid that he will be able to enter the path of spiritual practice as early as six or seven years, and the family will definitely give all kinds of things that help spiritual practice as much as possible. .

However, at this age, he only practiced for a month, so even if he has an amazing talent for practice, he is now a long distance behind He Zhaoxi, Gu Xichun, and even Nang Cai Cai. .

Perhaps it is this gap that naturally lags behind by six or seven years. In the future, it will always lag behind in various competitions and will never be able to catch up.

Xu Heshan knew this was true. He couldn't refute and fell silent. But he felt more unfair, so the more he felt bored in his heart, the more ugly his face was.

"He did start too late, but we ordinary people used to go, but he ran as hard as he could." But at this moment, a clear and unspeakable power of the female voice sounded again and passed into all Human pinna.

Xie Rou said at this time.

Her gaze has never been removed from Ding Ning.

At the moment, Ding Ning has finished cutting the meat from the back of the armored lizard. The meat on the back of the armored lizard is the thickest, thickest, and the most unpalatable, but relatively clean and safe.

After a little treatment of the two cut meats, some blood was dripped, and after carrying the two meats on the back with cloth and rattan, because the time was obviously very tense for Ding Ning, he began to go up in smoke. The area ran in large strides.

These two pieces of meat add up to more than ten pounds, but because his body is weaker than the rest of the practitioners, plus he has only experienced two fierce battles in succession, especially in killing this armored lizard After chopping the flesh, his breathing was not even, so he seemed extremely difficult to run at the moment.

Even those on the viewing platform can clearly see that Ding Ning's hands and legs are trembling strangely, and he can see his chest as if it is about to break.

The scorching breath from his mouth, and the steaming heat from his body, a layer of white mist kept rising in front of and around him.

At this moment almost all the disciples of Baiyangdong and Qingteng Jianyuan who have not been eliminated in this area at the entrance have already led Ding Ning.

Some of the smoothest people are already approaching the edge of the area surrounded by smoke and smoke, and are about to reach the area that must be entered.

Ding Ning was alone in the end.

Even everyone on the viewing platform can easily judge that at his current running speed, without much accident, he can only barely enter the area surrounded by wolf smoke before noon.

It's just that his tough and tenacious and calm running gesture at the moment is enough to move people and feel some kind of strength and ideas that many people don't have.

Xie Rou's face was filled with porcelain-like brilliance, but her eyes were moved by the sunlight close to noon.

Ding Ning moved her, and the flame in her eyes also moved more people on the viewing platform.

Ding Ning is running hard.

He is racing against time, and he is also chasing the young talents of Aoyang Cave and Qingteng Jianyuan who are already close to the area that must be reached.

His body was close to the limit, and there was a fire burning in his chest and abdomen between his breaths.

But his eyes are always calm and cold, looking at the score in the long run.

Because what Xie Rongren in the stands didn’t know, the chasing at this moment has more meaning... because he is chasing, and his own life, and the powerful practitioners of Changling, who are powerful , Those princes, queens and two phases, and that high above, the great Qin River and the earth are at their feet, the emperor who has practiced to the eighth realm.



While Ding Ning was running arduously, a man wearing a yellow python-patterned gown was carrying his hands, standing on the performance martial field in a military camp, and looked indifferently at the streets of Changling in the distance.

Because Changling is too big to see the end, it looks dazed.

The man's complexion is radiant, exuding a topaz-like luster, his forehead is broad, and his eyes contain great momentum. It seems that he can hold the entire barracks in his hand at any time.

He was naturally the general of the Tiger and Wolf North Army Liang Lian.

At this moment, a black-shirt master who looked more than 40 years old stood beside him.

Just like the practitioner who sighed for the success of the age-old, this master in black shirt had gray hair, and his face was all traces of wind and frost.

"Do you really think I have to do this?"

Liang Lian looked at the bewildered distance and asked the Shen Jingli standing beside him seriously.

"General, you must do this." Master Blackshirt nodded and said softly.

Liang Lian turned his head to look at him and said, "Private weapons are used for private purposes, and some means are used to grab some self-sufficient capital from the characters in Changling's market. Even if they fail, it will only cause the unhappiness of the queen and the holy king, but let go of Baishan With water like this, you can’t get the Lone Mountain Sword Hidden, and even try to collude with the Bai Shanshui. This is the real rebellion. The Holy Spirit is furious, and I don’t know how many heads will fall.

There is no change in the face of Master Black Shirt, and he still respectfully whispered: "General, you know better than me what is the root of your foothold in Changling... You are the same as Ye Sishou, the reason why you can live well and prominently, only because The sword in your hand has enough weight, just because you have the value to use, just because you are strong."

Liang Lian shook his head, "I'm not the same as Ye Celen."

Master Black Shirt also shook his head: "You have a relationship with that person, and since you have betrayed that person, the Holy Spirit will also think that you may betray him. So he has never trusted the two phases and the thirteen princes. I trust you the same. So don’t think that you can sit back and relax as long as you do things for the queen. Is your way."

Liang Lian's face did not change, but he was silent for a moment.

"The fewer people like Ye Sishou and Bai Shanshui, the more stable the Changling Mausoleum, and the more unsafe you are, so you can’t let such people disappear easily. Your foundation will always come from your own strength, as long as You are strong enough, even if you can’t block, you can at least guard the party outside the customs."

Master Black Shirt slowly raised his head, and said slowly and firmly: "We climbed out of the dead pile outside the gate... When a city died with only two of us, we were not afraid. We finally climbed to the present So many people have died in this position. Are you afraid of the general? All the things we have done in the past are to be able to control your own path under your own feet, which is what you have been teaching me. thing."

Liang Lian was silent for a long time.

The autumn wind rolled up the yellow sand in the martial arts field, caged on him and Master Black Shirt.

Instead, his face became milder. He nodded and said to Master Black Shirt: "Nuo!"