The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 71

He Zhaoxi no longer said much.

Regardless of the strength and state of the opponent, some opponents deserve respect.

He crossed his sword again, solemnly facing Ding Ning, said: "Please!"

Ding Ning also raised the end sword of Malhua and smiled, "Please!"

He Zhaoxi looked at Ding Ning who didn't want to advance his sword first, and at Ding Ning's short residual sword. His brows couldn't help but wrinkle.

But in the next moment, he just nodded and said, "Okay."

The word rang from his lips, and he moved.

He flew upright towards Ding Ning, his body was like a heavy stone thrown by a catapult, slammed through the space in front, and at the same time brought out a terrifying gust of wind.

Withered yellow leaves flew into the city again in front of him.

He followed the wall moving fast towards Ding Ning, and he slashed it out.

His true element was indeed exhausted, his sword was cut out, and there was no longer a line of fire burning on his sword. However, with his power, because of his terrible swing speed, his sword still burst out terrible. the power of.

The straight blade in his hand was quickly turned into an arc by this force. At the moment when he straightened again, there was a snapping sound. The power transmitted from the sword was all slapped on the dead leaves in front.

Countless turbulent and dead leaves suddenly became heavy, and in the next moment, they made countless murmurs, like countless feather arrows, shooting at Ding Ning.

He Zhaoxi took a deep breath, and his movements suddenly became gentle. His long sword changed from a slap to a stab, hiding the tip of the sword between many flying dead leaves.

Looking at the dead leaves forming a wall, and being shot by a sword into countless arrows flying forward, and seeing He Zhaoxi's long sword hidden in it, the emotions of many students on the viewing platform were extremely complicated.

They thought that they might not be able to catch He Zhaoxi's sword.

Ding Ning flew back and forth, with the sword in his hand and his eyebrows together, protecting his eyes, but he didn't care about the countless fallen leaves coming from the flying strike, and let these fallen leaves pummel hit him, even scratching his face , Bringing blood on his face.

Only when the tip of the sword approached his left shoulder, the sword in his hand was severely cut off.

A loud bang.

The soft yellowish long sword was sealed by his sword, and there were countless Mars where the two swords intersect.

Many people in the stands suddenly had bright eyes. They didn't expect Ding Ning to be able to seal the sword so accurately in so many flying leaves that obscured his sight.

He Zhaoxi breathed slightly.

Feeling the impact of the back of his sword body, he frowned slightly, without any hesitation, as if his body was going to pounce forward, exerting force again, pressing all the weight of the body up.

At this time, there was only a half-inch distance between his long yellow sword and the blade of Ding Ning's residual sword.

So there is no stopping at all, and it is impossible to dodge.

The two swords intersect again, making a popping sound again.

Ding Ning groaned.

He obviously couldn't bear this power. The whole right arm shook back sharply, and the whole person was like a hitting horse, continually retreating, and immediately backed up five or six steps.

He Zhaoxi stepped up.

In just one step, he dashed out of Ding Ning's five or six steps.

His hand was still exceptionally stable, and the long yellow sword in his hand waved forward again.

When cutting out, the blade cut the air straight, allowing the long sword to travel in the air very fast, but when approaching Ding Ning's body, the sword turned sideways, and the blade again followed his strength. In the air, it is curved into an arc.

With a snapping sound, He Zhaoxi slapped the sword horizontally, just like waving a sledgehammer, and slapped Ding Ning's body arrogantly.

Ding Ning's dark green residual sword instantly blossomed with countless white flowers.

He frowned, constantly keeping the output of Qi, blocking him in front of him.

The harsh metal rattle sounded again.

His sword still accurately blocked He Zhaoxi's sword path, but the powerful force still pressed the residual sword in his hand back up and hit his chest.

Ding Ning's body was already flying back, as if he was suddenly hit by a large rock. His entire feet were lifted off the ground and swooped out in a desolate posture in everyone's eyes.

The moment his feet landed again, a ray of blood poured out of his lips and dripped down his pale skin.

"Where is it cheap to pick up in this world!"

Seeing such a scene, Xie Changsheng on the viewing platform couldn't help but yelled angrily again.

He Zhaoxi is not an ordinary student. He obviously has better skills and richer combat experience. Under such pure power crushing tactics, even if Ding Ning has a good understanding of the Wildfire Sword Classic, he can’t play it. effect.

He Zhaoxi can take advantage of Ding Ning's body to easily hand out the next sword when he hasn't recovered from the shock. Ding Ning has no time to respond and use the delicate sword style.

Xie Changsheng can imagine that Ding Ning's wrist must be as painful as his sword every time He Zhaoxi is blocked. It is estimated that his entire arm will be paralyzed and sore, and it will be difficult to recover for a while.


"Where in the world is nothing cheap to pick up."

Just as Xie Changsheng said this sentence, in the streets of Changling, a middle-aged man sitting on a street-facing bench was drinking noodle soup while sarcastically facing him. Said a young man.

The middle-aged man with a straight face and a reddish complexion was placed next to a thick yellow bamboo used by a footman. His clothes were also the clothes of a common footman, and even a pair of straw shoes were full of dirt and very worn. However, His true identity is Qin Xuan, the arresting agent of Shendujian.Although his identity in Shendujian is slightly lower than that of several evil dogs represented by Mo Qinggong, his qualifications are similar to those of Mo Qinggong and so on. Look at his face, not the face of most people.

At this time, the young man beside him was "Fresh Meat" who had just been transferred to the Shendu prison. He went out to a fairly good sect in Changling, but after entering the Shendu prison, he still had to be obedient. Respectfully call him a master and obey his dispatch and teaching.

In addition to some special backers, the young people who can enter the god capital are really hard-working, young talents with careful thinking and excellent observation. At this time, I heard Qin Xuan’s In short, Meng Tianfang thought deeply.

At the moment, the street in front of them is called Lion Alley, and it can be regarded as an extremely lively and prosperous place for the entire Changling.

At one end of the alley is the Jiujiang County Guild Hall, and at the other end is the Shangdang County Guild Hall, and all the shops in the middle are shops selling antiques and paintings.

The Great Qin Dynasty has established 43 counties, with an unprecedented vast territory, and Changling is also unprecedentedly large and magnificent, unprecedented magnificent and magnificent. Some people in remote counties who come to Changling to work often do not know the way, and their life is unfamiliar and often He was deceived by people from the ground, so some business leaders took the lead and set up many fellow clubs.

These halls are not only a place to stay, but also the most important place for people from other counties to find people in Changling and find opportunities to make friends and friends. Therefore, on weekdays, there is endless traffic and excitement.

Since the emperor Yuanwu ascended the throne, the Daqin dynasty has been in battle for more than ten years, and everyone has been able to get enough food and clothing. Some noble families are unavoidable about daily diet and utensils. Calligraphy and painting antiques, some furnishings and handles, but the price has risen all the way.

Qin Xuan said this at the moment because a businessman from a foreign county spent a hundred or two silver in the hands of a street vendor under his eyelid to buy a piece of jade ruyi known as the Great You Dynasty.

If it is really the Jade Ruyi left by the Dayou Dynasty, it is at least a starting price of two thousand silver. The merchants in this street in Changling have been doing business for so many years, and it is impossible to sell at any price, but look at the businessman from the outer county The appearance of joy is obviously not for buying fakes and going back to hand. It is clear that I only have my own vision and found a big leak at a very low price.

However, even if Qin Xuan didn't have any research on antiques at all, he could be sure that this kind of thing couldn't happen. It was all lustful and blinded.

Qin Xuan drank the noodle soup in one breath, and looked at the out-of-country businessman still scornfully. Suddenly, his face became a little wrong.

The young superintendent beside him noticed that he was wrong, and suddenly got nervous, and asked softly, "Master, what's wrong?"


Qin Xuan looked at the opposite of this street with strange expressions, as if answering his questions, and whispering to himself like this: "How come Changlingwei is here?"

The young Shendu prison officer was blindfolded and looked down at Qin Xuan's eyes, only to see dozens of Changlingweis wearing mail armours were coming out from another street, moving towards a train go with.

The train team just left from the gate of Jiujiang County Hall.

The expression on Meng Tian's face suddenly became strange.

The feeling that those Changling Guards gave them seemed to check the train team.However, the investigation of the suspects in Changling relied on Jiantiansi and Shendujian, and it was necessary to assist in the blockade and set the card to check, and also rely on the garrison tiger and wolf army of Changling.

Although Changlingwei is the same as the Tiger and Wolf Army, the scope of duties is usually limited to the guards and inspections of some fixed places, such as the office of some offices, the security around the residences of Hou and Daguan mansions. Guards, the periphery of the palace, the tombs of the emperors of all dynasties, etc.

Of course, they can also spot check some suspicious characters at any time. Of course they will also shoot some criminals, but on this chessboard in Changling, Changlingwei is a relatively dead piece, just like a dog can naturally go to the house. There are mice, but some cats will catch the mice, but the guard dog will go somewhere to catch the mice. This will naturally seem strange.

The most important thing is that the reason why Meng Tianfang and Qin Xuan will stare here is because they know very well that in this Jiujiang County Guild Hall, there is probably a practitioner who can be described as "Great Rebellion" lurking.