The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 72

For the Daqin dynasty today, there are absolutely few practitioners who can be described as "Great Rebellion".

These people are not only amazing in their own cultivation, they have too much destructive power for a stable dynasty, but also because their background is extremely prominent. Most of them are the banner characters of the dynasty that have been destroyed.

A few decades ago, Shendujian had discovered through some clues that this may be a "great rebellion" practitioner, but he has only been secretly observing because he wants to get more from this practitioner. Take a clue to find out the leader behind this man, the one who deeply embarrassed the emperor!

In the absence of decisive progress, the inexplicable appearance of these Changlingweis is certainly not a good thing for the two superintendent officials.

Qin Xuan and Meng Tianfang glanced at each other. Qin Xuan gritted his teeth and immediately made a decision. He said to Meng Tianfang Shen Sheng: "Come and inform Master Qi to prevent changes."

Meng Tian glanced at the bottom of his eyes without saying anything, but pretended to be fearful of the Changling Guardian, with his head shrunk, he quickly walked into a side street and left.

It was at this time that the group of Changlingweis in chain mails had swarmed into the wolves, intercepting the convoy that had just drove away from the Jiujiang County Hall, and the first one was wearing black paint. The general of the Xuan Tie Mask roared fiercely and said: "Stop! All roll down! The household registration documents are ready!"

A Qingzheng middle-aged man with a green shirt master stepped forward and said courteously: "I don't know what the general is, whether there is any misunderstanding, we are the firm of Tianshengchang in Jiujiang County..."

However, he hadn't finished his sentence yet. With a bang, his men had been kicked out of the general's foot and slammed into the rear car.

Suddenly, the Qingzhen middle-aged man who looked like a green shirt master looked pale and couldn't breathe out. He almost passed out.

"Did you hear what I said! Household registration documents and guides!"

He kicked back and said the master of the blue shirt master holding the sword handle, the black iron mask on the face reflected the sunlight, and said extremely coldly: "Now I suspect that someone in your train team is related to the robbery, now all All the people got out of the car, presented their household registration documents, and then they rebelled and killed on the spot!"

The face of the team that was angry just now was pale, and even the people who were kicked out of the Jiujiang County Guild Hall were stagnant and stagnated.

Theft of the Royal Mausoleum is a felony crime of the first-class Nine Clan. If there is such a person, then anyone who dares to speak out for the caravans will be killed and sentenced to prison.

At this time, Qin Xuantong who was still sitting on the bench facing the street was again cold, because he found that not far behind these dozens of fierce Changlingwei, in the shadow of a shop roof, he still stood With a quiet Changling guard general.

The Changling Guardian general was extremely low-key, and it seemed completely incomparable to the general wearing a black iron mask, but Qin Xuan could clearly see that his hair was inserted with a white jade hairpin. The scabbard on the waist is inlaid with several red agate beads.

This means that the Changling Guardian standing in the shadow indifferently is a captain.

This kind of banned official position that needs to be cut by thousands of armored soldiers... is at least a practitioner above the five realms or even the six realms!

Thinking of this, at this time Qin Xuan looked at the general wearing the mask of Xuan Tie, and it became more and more scary. He felt that it was not like a centurion with a hundred sergeants.

He was getting colder all over, and even the enthusiasm of just drinking a bowl of hot noodle soup was squeezed hard, and he couldn't help Huo Ran standing up.

At this time, all the caravans intercepted by dozens of armoured Changlingweis had already got off the carriage, and everyone had a household registration document in their hands.

In the previous dynasties, and even in the Great Qin Dynasty before the Emperor Yuanwu ascended the throne, the inspections were all based on the guidance documents, written simple identity information, where they were born, where they went, and what they did, and along the way, the counties and counties added The seal was sealed and the seal was inspected all the way to prove that the person had indeed passed these places.

However, when the Emperor Yuanwu ascended the throne, the Daqin dynasty carried out drastically the New Deal and changed many laws. During those few years, countless people died in a bloody storm.But in the end some new policies were firmly implemented.

Among them, the most effective is the nationality system.

Since the birth of each of the people of the Great Qin Dynasty, each county has registered its citizenship. If there are changes, they must also be changed at any time.If it is death, it will be cancelled.

The greatest effect of this item is not to make it easier to determine the true identity of this person, so that some refugees and thieves cannot circulate randomly within the territory of the Great Qin Dynasty, but to implement the taxation and closure system.The emptiness of some empty people, and the recovery of some of the land that should be withdrawn, filled the treasury of the Daqin dynasty within a few years, forcing the enemy dynasties who were eyeing the Daqin dynasty to have to fight. Daqin entered into a covenant.

"Your name is Zhou Chen? Where are you from?"

"What do you do on weekdays?"


The people in Changlingwei have already begun to check the household registration documents of the caravans one by one, and ask some questions to check from time to time.

Qin Xuan had already picked up the yellow bamboo pole placed on the chair next to him, but just took a step, his breath stopped completely.

The general who was wearing Dyson's cold black iron mask had already moved towards one of the caravans.

It was a man dressed as a coachman. He looked more than thirty years old and had a slightly yellow hair.

Although the face is very different from the man who stared at the gods before, but the figure is very similar. The most important thing is that with the experience of Qin Xuan for many years, the performance of the man dressed as a driver at this moment is very problematic. .

Although he was also being questioned by a Changling Guardian and answering questions, his eyes flashed inexplicably, and the expression on his face was mostly thoughtful, but not astonished by the others. fear.

This gave Qin Xuan the feeling that he had been thinking about how to deal with his identity after he was revealed. The general wearing the mask of Deng Sen Leng Xuan Tie obviously noticed the difference of this person, so he walked to this person and let Qin What Xuan couldn't breathe was that the corner of the man's mouth rose slightly, and a strange sneer appeared to appear.

However, Qin Xuan didn't have time to stop anything at all, because even if he rushed to his famous status at this time, he would definitely be scared, so he just grabbed the yellow bamboo pole in his hand, and hoped that the reinforcements of his gods would come faster. .

"I think you have a big problem, what is your name?"

The general wearing the Sen Leng Xuan Tie mask had already walked across from the man who looked like a coachman, Sen Han asked.

The driver-like person stretched out his left hand and wiped his face, especially when he stayed for a while with his chin full of stubble. It seemed that he finally considered it clearly and made up his mind. He smiled inexplicably and looked at the name with a completely provocative look. The general said, "Do you really want to know?"

A dangerous breath filled the long alley suddenly.

Even the other Changlingwei who were seriously investigating felt that something was wrong and turned around to look at the place where the driver was.

The general in the shadow under the eaves of one side suddenly looked up, his eyes shining like stars.

The general wearing the Sen Leng Xuan Tie mask gave a slight sneer and said with a sneer: "It looks like you... I want to see, in Changling, what kind of name can scare me."

The driver-like man laughed, revealing Bai Sensen's teeth, "Look at my sword to know."

At the moment he exited this sentence, the air around him suddenly shuddered, and countless smoke rushed out of the cracks in the ground beneath his feet, and the clear streets seemed to suddenly burst into fog.

At the same time, several carriages beside him seemed to suddenly turn into weightless pieces of paper and flew outward.

The general wearing the Sen Lengxuan iron mask horrifiedly drew his sword.

The scene at this moment is as static as a picture scroll.

His sword was only halfway out of the sheath, the carriages just flew silently, and the wheels were all just off the ground, but the driver-like person had already finished waving his hand forward.

There seemed to be a stream of water sweeping through the air, sweeping the general's body from top to bottom.

A flash of light suddenly appeared in the middle of the cold mask on the general's face, and then split.

Below the mask is a terrifying face, and then a red line appears in the middle of this face.

"Cloud Water..."

When the driver of the driver touched the shot, the general had already drawn his sword, and he had yelled in horror. However, until countless blood beads flew out of the red line, he only shouted two words.


At the next moment, those carriages that seemed to be still in the air crashed into the shops on both sides. At the same time, the general’s body split directly from the middle into two halves, and countless blood poured into the cold air. in.

It wasn't until this time that the surrounding Changling Guardians could clearly see that the driver looked like a sparkling sword in his hand holding a sparkling hand.

"Wei Yunshui Gong's big inverse!"

An unbelievable roar sounded.

The sound of Li Xiao was aroused by the true element, and the sound was like a golden cracked stone.

There was a crackle.

The screaming screamer, who was originally hidden in the shadows, swooped out, and a small pink sword flew in front of him. During the sharp flight, the swords layered on top of each other. The peach blossom seems to fill all the space around the man who looks like a coachman.

However, in the face of such a sword, the man who looked like a coachman instead received the sword with one hand, and smiled proudly behind his negative hand.

He was standing above the Jiujiang County Guild Hall, a window disappeared silently, and was directly destroyed into powder by a majestic world.

A crystal drop of water fell down.

Just one drop shattered all the peach blossoms.

The pink sword is broken.

Chang Lingwei, the governor, sat down on the ground, his body seemed to be a few inches short in an instant, and a mouthful of blood spewed out of his mouth.

Qin Xuan looked up incredulously and looked upstairs at the Jiujiang County Guild Hall.

"My generation loves to learn swords and lives in Hantan for ten years..."

With a whisper, a white figure floated downstairs from the Jiujiang County Guild Hall.

All the colors of the sky seemed to be obscured by this person, and all the people in this street looked up.

"Once the long jiao was cut, Bishui Chi March..."

The man still chanted slowly, with a loud bang, but more than ten armored Changling guards all splattered with blood, flew around, and fell into the eaves on both sides.