The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 75

It wasn't until Nangong smiled happily that the shock on the viewing platform was completely released.

Indeed, no one had imagined that He Zhaoxi, the first strongman in the Ivy League Academy to participate in this trial, would be defeated on this day, and it was Ding Ning who defeated him.

However, for the people in the Changling City, today's shock is destined to be even stronger.

The incomparably tall turrets and exceptionally straight streets of Changling have played a role today. The instructions and huge crossbow arrows issued on the tall turrets always accurately indicate the course of the horse-drawn carriage.

Many sergeants and chariots ran along the straight streets at the maximum speed, blocking the front road of the carriage in advance.

However, the carriage was only blindly fast, straight ahead, and rushed towards the section of the Weihe River at the fastest speed.

A burst of irresponsible singing sounded softly. Under the circumstances that the rune chariot and heavy armor sergeant were not of a certain size, nothing could stop the carriage, or the white surrounding the crystal water. Figure.

The heavy rune chariot was swept away by the huge waves and smashed into the house shops on both sides. A sergeant heavy armoured sergeant who rushed up on his face was harvested like an autumn rice straw.

The people of Changling who didn’t know what was happening in the distance, saw that the smoke from both sides of the carriage’s traveling route was evenly formed, just like a dragon in the Weihe River entered the Changling City. Speed ​​back.

On a turret close to that huge dust wave, a tiger-wolf general was so dull that he would drip water.

"Submit the order, the tiger and wolf army along the way don't fill it up!"

He almost yelled out this sentence.

Hearing his military order, a lieutenant next to him could not help shaking his body. He knew that when the great practitioners in the Changling City were too late to get there, they were too late to fill up. More deaths and injuries, but he is also very clear that such a big reverse was killed in Changling, it was a slap on the expensive face of the Daqin dynasty, even if it was filled in, it could not stop this person from rushing to the Weihe River. , But at this time ordered the soldiers to move forward, it is very likely to bear some of the anger of the powerful afterwards.

"What are you waiting for!"

Seeing that the lieutenant next to him had not yet been ordered, the extremely gloomy tiger-wolf general roared loudly again: "Today's things, we must bear the anger, and we are not in front of us, and for me, these people Life and death are more important than some faces!"

"If you can’t stop it, you should understand the consequences of Baishanshui directly rushing out of Changling. What kind of consequences will that Fan Zhuo, one of the true disciple of the coachman Yunshui Palace, have followed him? The time of the moon is to get more clues from him, especially to find out the exact whereabouts of Baishan water, let alone we have not found Baishan water here, even if we find that we must rely on Ye Si to close the net The power of the first and several Houye." Mo Qing Palace has arrived in the streets in front of the Jiujiang County Hall. He squatted in front of the Changling Guard General who fell down and said extremely somberly: "Now, even if you are dead, you have to explain the words first. Why did you Changlingwei come here and why did you find this train team in trouble!"

The general Changlingwei, who fell to the ground, smiled miserably and said softly, "We will come here because we found someone secretly selling the Chu-made golden toad, which was the burial object in the suspected tomb of the former emperor stolen earlier, The clue found is that there may be suspicious characters in this train. Who would have thought that it would involve such a big inversion of Baishanshui."

Mo Qinggong's face turned green for a moment, and he was completely speechless.

No matter how the people in Yunshui Palace are related to the grave robbers more than a decade ago, but there are clues here, he almost subconsciously affirmed that there must be some powerful people behind the net.


Without the desperation of the tigers and wolves along the way to resist, the horse-drawn carriage is getting faster and faster, and the water vapor gathering from all directions towards this carriage is getting more and more.

When passing through the streets of Changling, the entire carriage was already wrapped in white clouds and water vapor, coupled with the wind that brought it, from a distance, it was really not a carriage, but a Tengyun drove the carriage in the fog.

On the banks of the Weihe River, the closest to the Jiujiang County Guild Hall, the two running horses drove to see the rolling river, and they subconsciously stopped. However, the middle-aged man who drove the car gave a double slap, and the two running horses mourned. But he could not hold his foot, but rushed forward at a faster speed.

A loud noise.

The carriage leaped high and crashed into the river surface, splashing amazing water waves, and the solid carriage could not bear such a collision, and instantly split into large and small fragments.

The man driving was standing on a fragment of the carriage, and the white figure easily stood on the water.

Only then did he reveal his true appearance, but he was dressed in a white robe with sword-eyebrows and staring eyes, and he was extremely handsome. He was completely like a handsome young man from a wealthy family. His skin was fair and creamy, and his years were on his face. There are no traces left on it, it looks like it is only in its twenties, making it impossible for him and his sword to live in the heart of the unmanned for a long time, the Great Wei Dynasty is destroyed, in order to avoid the pursuit of the practitioners of the Great Qin Dynasty. Swordsman Bai Shanshui, who is in the mountains and rivers, is connected to the rest.

What is even more shocking is that a vortex with a few square feet rises not far from his feet, and a white shadow swims from the deep water, faintly, like a white carp about a few feet long, steady Bai Shanshui and Fan Table took their backs.

It was at this time that the sound of stormy waves came from the distant port.

A giant armored ship came from the port at an alarming speed.

This giant armored ship is full of scars, dyed with various colors, and it even feels like a giant coral pierced from the deep sea. However, this seemingly old armored ship radiates difficulty. The blood of the imaginary blood seems to stain the vast blue waves of the river.

The front end of the giant armored ship struck the head, and it was a real dragon beast!

The red light emitted from the first two blood-red giant eyes of Aolong is awe-inspiring, and on top of it is a woman in white standing with her belt fluttering like a god!

Bai Shanshui did not panic. The white carp under his feet made a half circle and rolled up a white curved wave.

He looked at the woman in white like a god and smiled and said, "Yu Shishou is really good-looking, and I'm already looking forward to the Yunshui Palace's Yunshui Realm and Ye Sishou's Tian Yishengshui once met, will What kind of style is it, but it's a pity that you come late."

Standing above the head of Aolong Dragon is the nature of the night.

She looked calm and said lightly: "You still need to come when you leave, and there will be a time of goodbye to sir in the future."

Bai Shanshui smiled conscientiously and said earnestly: "I don't think that Chief Si Ye may have had a good time in Changling. I might as well leave Changling here and go with me. Wandering between rivers and lakes, wouldn't it be pleasant?"

"Although the picture is beautiful, but you don't dare me to stay close, how can you swim with it?" Ye Celen slightly mocked: "If you can really put it down and send your affection between the mountains and rivers, you won't come to Changling again. You will not sing Mingzhi in Changling, the sword will be soaring."

"You're right, the old soul of the old country, of course I can't let go. It's just that my words haven't been finished yet." Bai Shanshui laughed: "It's natural to sing along, but for our practitioners, fighting with the sky Isn’t it a happier thing to fight against those who have millions of soldiers? And you once learned the sword from that person, even if you just want to be stable, how can you be stable in Changling?"

Ye Celian raised her head and looked up to the sky. The clear sky above her head instantly became clouded.

"I naturally have my reason in Changling, but you can't understand it." She said quietly and calmly, regardless of whether Bai Shanshui could not hear clearly.

"Different ambitions, different ways. Since that is the case, then stop here." Bai Shanshui smiled slightly, nodding his head as a gift.

The long tail of the white carp under his feet knocked out a big wave, which instantly cut through the river surface and dissipated at an alarming speed. It was only a few tens of hours. The figures of Bai Shanshui and Fan Zhuo had turned into the distant river surface. Two small points, no matter how fast the boat, can not catch up.

Only Qingman's big inverse singing came from the river.


Outside the fish market, on the banks of the Wei River.

The girl in the red shirt who rarely walked out of the fish market was covered with a thin layer of black yarn, and she watched the two black spots leave from afar.

Next to her, stood the old man with a black bamboo stick.

Listening to the faint voice of singing, her unusually peaceful voice sounded thinly: "Uncle Sun, seeing it, Changling's biggest problem is still alienation. When things happen, it will always be because of family problems. Missed, then there are always a lot of people who need to bear a scapegoat, and die for the face of Changling and the Great Qin Dynasty and continue to move forward. Finally, there is a person who can hold back and was killed by himself."

The old man did not look up, nor did he speak, but he just said "hehe", and it didn't sound like he was laughing or crying.