The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 76: Soldiers' Deception

The night shrouded the Changling Mausoleum, the stars were shining, and the hoarfrost in the mountains began to form. It seemed that the hoarfrost was the starlight of the falling stars.

Ding Ning was lying on a simple hammock twisted with some rattan, but did not feel cold at all.

On normal days, the wind and snow he suffered in the Wutong Luojiu was colder than this cold autumn.

He knows a lot about the practice methods of Han, Zhao, and Wei, but he does not know much about some of the non-mainstream, practising Xiaozongmen's practice methods and elixir.

However, today's Huang Ting Jin Dan from a small ancestor, picked by Shun Nan Gong, gave him a great surprise.

He closed his eyes tightly, contemplating Vipassana, constantly refining the medicine that filled him.

Among the flesh and blood in his body, it seems to have quietly drilled countless small silkworms, slowly engulfing those medicines that are extremely unfavorable to practitioners.

Because he swallowed very slowly and extremely softly, he was quiet all around.

Even the tangled ingredients in the flesh and blood have been slowly swallowed away.

With the passage of time, the remaining power in Ding Ning's body became more and more pure, even to a purity level that even the strongest Nanyang Danzong's top-ranking pill in the past could not be achieved.

The pure medicinal qi and the pure qi really slowly merged, and the qi in his qi sea became more and more viscous and heavier and heavier.

The pure qi flowing from his qi sea penetrated many of the fascias in his body that hadn't penetrated before, and kept seeping into his bones.

This is the middle-class bone cutting in the second realm of refining gas.

Nangong Cai Shu is right, this Huang Ting Jin Dan is indeed enough to allow a practitioner of Qi refinement to break through the cultivation practice of Qi refinement, but at this moment, Ding Ning's cultivation practice has not stopped.

After the swallowing of countless "small silkworms" in his body, some of the beneficial medicinal powers that were tightly combined with the unfavorable medicinal powers of the complexes were also washed out.

At this moment, there are still a lot of pure medicinal gases in his body.

So he continued to refine.

It has become more condensed and heavy, and it has penetrated deeper, infiltrating and nourishing the places that could not be reached even before.

The night gradually passed.

When the first morning light fell on the end of the mountain, the last medicine in his body also disappeared, and the consciousness stopped in front of the marrow river in the bones mentioned by the practitioners.

It's only a short distance from the second level to change the essence.

Ding Ning opened his eyes and took a breath of fresh air to the rising sun.

He is very satisfied with the speed of entry of his practice, or that he is very satisfied with the entry of practice controlled by himself.


According to the rules, you can set off in the middle of the night, but this is not the third day to decide the outcome. It is meaningless to drive out a period early, and there is no way of knowing how many killers are hidden in such a circle in the night.

So all the students who still have the qualification to continue the trial have chosen to act after sunrise.

A disciple of Qingteng Jianyuan is roasting a lark, and beside him there are some shriveled wild oranges, which are obviously the breakfast he prepared for himself.

However, at this moment, his body suddenly stiffened, and he quickly stood up, his right hand fell on the long sword on the waist.

"I advise you not to draw your sword."

With this cold voice, Su Qin's figure slowly emerged from the mist on one side.

"Especially when I don't necessarily want to use a sword on you."

He looked at this disciple of Qingteng Jianyuan, and slowly added: "If I remember well, you should be called Shixia, who is also the most recent disciple. The person from Changshan County used the Qingshuang sword, but only practiced it. Cultivation of invigorating quality. You can get here and spend this long night, the performance is already pretty good, but you can't be my opponent."

The child's face was immature, and his appearance was only slightly higher than that of Ding Ning's disciples of Qingteng Jianyuan.

He is just the most ordinary disciple in Qingteng Jianyuan. It is an accident that people in Baiyangdong can notice his existence and remember his name. However, Su Qin is not only his name, even His origins and spiritual realm are clearly remembered. Su Qin's Bo Wen Qiang Ji is really the same as the legend.

"I am Xia Xia." He swallowed hard and tried to calm himself down: "But I don't understand what Brother Su Qin appeared in front of me, and I didn't want to move my sword. It was Brother Su Qin who thought my practice was , Is it worth your sword?"

Su Qin smiled slightly and shook his head, saying: "I mean you might have a better choice."

Shi Xia looked at the lark that had been roasted a little black because it had not turned over and asked, "What choice?"

"According to the rules of the sword sacrifice trial, there must be more than one battle every day. You should not have experienced any battle today." Su Qin said lightly: "The choice I give you is to fight me, or Fight Ding Ning, not far from here. You should understand that he is just getting gas, you are very likely to defeat him. I can even guarantee that you can approach him smoothly."

Shi Xia was stunned, and looked up at Su Qin in disbelief, with a startled expression: "Why..."

"There are many reasons for wanting a person to quit, but I don't think I need to explain too much to you." Su Qin glanced at him and said, "You just need to make your choice and choose to lose immediately under my sword, Or beat him to get more time for trial. Because the significance of participating in this trial for disciples like you, it was originally just to gain more experience."

"What exactly does Su Qin want to do?"

There are still some sleepy Xie Changsheng looking at the situation in the Jianjian Canyon, blinking hard, and asked coldly.

"This is the way to catch the beast."

Xie Rou glanced at him, frowning and explaining softly: "Some hunters in Basin often hunted prey that was several times their power, but surrounded some hills or river valleys, drove out some wild animals, and some were fierce. The beasts were forced to meet in a narrow road, and they would kill each other. Su Qin was restrained by Zhang Yi, he could not shoot, he next chose to restrain Zhang Yi, and then forced others to fight Ding Ning."

Xie Changsheng's face suddenly changed, and he couldn't help scolding: "This person is really shameless."

"The soldiers are tricky, and the fittest survive." Xu Heshan beside him said solemnly: "In addition to strength, this trial is still a strategic competition. Although Su Qin is a little shameless, he is indeed the same as the legend. It’s the same, thinking agile and changing very fast."

As Xia Rou became closer and closer to Ding Ning, Xie Rou's brows grew tighter, but I don't know why. Today's Ding Ning gave her a very different taste than yesterday.


Ding Ning is also chewing a few orange petals.

There are many wild orange trees in this mountain forest, and it is not too far from the time when these wild oranges mature. Many oranges are dried on the skin, but they are all hanging on the branches. It is very simple to pick some.

It's just that the wild oranges in the mountains don't have a good taste, especially in this early morning, when they chew to drink, they are sour and astringent.

When Ding Ning's teeth were a bit soft, he saw the summer when he walked down slightly.

He felt that Shi Xia's expression was a little strange, so he touched his cheek and looked at Shi Xia, who was walking slowly, without the first voice.

"My name is Shixia. I was a student who entered the Ivy Sword Academy last year." Shixia stopped a few feet away from him and said, "I'll fight you... But this time, I was killed by you Brother Su Qin from Baiyang Cave forced him."

Ding Ning suddenly stunned.

Shi Xia continued: "I know this is not very good, but I want to have more opportunities for Lilian, so I want to be able to meet more people in this trial and stay I don’t have select."

Ding Ning smiled slightly and said sincerely: "Yes, if you change me, I will make such a choice."

Shi Xia gave Ding Ning a grateful look, and then said: "I heard that Ding Ning's understanding of the sword classics is good, but it was just before the sacrifice of the sword to practice, so I will try to control my strength as much as possible. Gas refinement."

Ding Ning found the disciple of the Ivy Sword Academy more and more interesting. He laughed again. "It wasn't necessary, but if you think so, I think you might get more chances to experience."

Shi Xia felt that he did not understand what Ding Ning said.

But what he wanted to say was finished, so he didn't say anything anymore, saluted Ding Ning, and then began to shoot the sword.

His sword is cyan, and it is a hard jade, with some seemingly messy and fine runes.

As his true energy continued to rise, the sword of this sword began to exhale a chill, and began to condense a layer of blue frost flowers.

Ding Ning smiled slightly, and he slowly came out of the sword too. Many white flowers like jasmine gradually spread on the sword, which looked no different from yesterday.