The Sword Dynasty

77 Pure Sword Skill Competition

Shi Xia thought Ding Ning's remnant sword was very beautiful when blooming the white flowers, and it was kind of unusually poignant.

Ding Ning's peaceful expression temporarily made him forget the things forced by Su Qin, and gradually felt that this was a fair showdown.


He solemnly produced a sword.

There was a sound of Qingyue breaking in the air, and the blue sword light struck between Ding Ning's chest and abdomen.

Ding Ning Hengjian, but did not really swing down the sword to block.

Because the blue sword light is not as straight as the sword of most sword scriptures of the Great Qin Dynasty. With the subtle movements of Xia Xia's body and wrists, this blue sword light appears to be distorted in the air, like a curved Ivy was shaking, and the sword tip had pierced the neck above Ding Ning's chest when he really approached Ding Ning.

"This is the famous vine-sword technique of Qingteng Jianyuan."

Just seeing Shi Xia’s shot, Xie Rou said softly to Xie Changsheng beside him: "The sword style of this kind of swordsmanship is very unique, it is a circling trend, and some come around like the sugar stick you played when you were a kid. Going around, the sword is mastered well. When the flying sword can be used in the fifth realm, the flying sword is also very skilled in this kind of sword. It is more difficult for opponents to grasp the true direction of the blade tip or blade front. "

Xie Changsheng nodded solemnly.

At this moment, the sword seemed to pierce the chest and abdomen, but when the sword was around, it pierced upwards. If the other party's sword had already taken precautions downward, and then found that it was not up, it was already a bit slow.

If it is time for the Feijian showdown, even if it is a small time between flashing thoughts, it is possible to decide life and death.

He understood that Xie Rou specifically said this to him at the moment, so that his eyes should not only fall on the outcome of victory and defeat, but on the sword.

Xu Heshan next to the two raised his eyebrows slightly, and his eyes shone brightly.

Because between the two talking, Ding Ning had blocked the sword.

Ding Ning's end-of-life sword lifted up and traversed in front of the throat, actually using a spine to block the tip of Qingshuang's sword.

Then he launched a counterattack.

He jumped out in one step, and passed by Shi Xia. The remnant sword flicked toward Shi Xia's throat with the swing of his arm.

Shi Xia did not panic, the sword body was too late to withdraw, but the entire arm was shaken in place, Qingshuang sword shook out an arc-shaped sword circle, against Ding Ning's arm.

Ding Ning's arms slightly closed, and Jian Feng then intersected with the sword front of the Qingshuang sword in Shi Xia's hands.

A spark sparked.

Shi Xia stepped back half a step, the movement suddenly opened and closed, the whole sword or slap, or flicked, swaying beside him, for a while, it seemed that there were several swaying swaying beside him Twisted vines.

Ding Ning was instantly filled with dense dark green sword shadows. This sword shadow stayed a foot or two in front of him, because the sound of the two swords that were not loud was not heard on the viewing platform. So it feels as if the two swords were not in real contact for the next ten hours.

However, just from the layers of Mars that are constantly blooming in the air like golden dandelions, you can know that the swords in the hands of the two are constantly striking in this short period of ten breaths.

"Shi Xia seems to suppress Xiu Wei, and does not want to take advantage of strength. Now the two are pure sword skills." Xie Changsheng frowned slightly and said softly.

Xu Heshan said with admiration: "Ding Ning is indeed very good. The key to the vine-sword technique of the Qingteng Sword Academy is still a word. If the sword body and the sword body are attached, it is easy to be twisted and twisted. Fly out. Especially the frost on the blue frost sword in Xia’s hands has a icy effect and stronger adhesion, but each of Ding Ning’s swords uses the blade to the blade, or the blade to the blade, even It is to deal with the slap of the summer and never give the other person a chance to stick to the sword and the sword."

"His sword is actually very good." Xie Rou nodded and said softly: "Although there is a defect, but the strength after the instillation of true energy is not weak. Although the sword is short, it is very suitable for the wildfire sword. It’s a complex, dense, fast-moving sword in a short distance."

"I withdraw the claim that this is a broken sword." Xie Changsheng looked at Ding Ning's Shi Jian solemnly and said, "But Ding Ning is now fully defensive, how can he win?"

Xu Heshan said in a deep voice: "As long as you have enough patience, as long as you don't make mistakes, your opponent may make mistakes."

The respect in Shi Xia's eyes grew stronger and stronger.

Looking at Ding Ning's extremely peaceful eyes and the more and more precise and skillful sword momentum, he even felt that he became an object of sword refining.

He knew that he must use a stronger sword to overcome Ding Ning.

He took a deep breath, and while handing out the sword in his hand again, his left hand, which had been secretly gaining momentum, knocked on the hilt of the Qingshuang sword with amazing speed.

A blast of energy followed the hilt and exploded against the blade.

A soft click from Ka.

The frost formed on the Green Frost Sword had become thicker and thicker, and turned into a hard frost shell.

Now these frost shells have cracked open, like four or five sharp swords, blasting forward.

These frost shells are thin and sharp, no more than those fallen leaves rolled up by He Zhaoxi, if they are stabbed by any frost shell, they are no different from being stabbed by a real thin sword.

Many of the pupils on the viewing platform contracted violently.

This sword is clearly the key to victory.

Ding Ning's complexion remained calm.

...Several sharp soft sounds.

The remaining sword at the end of his hand swept the frost shells sharply.

He didn't use much force, the sword momentum just pursued fast.

Because these frost shells are sharp, they are brittle and break easily.

All frost shells blasting at him shattered in an instant.

In the next moment, his mouth made a deep stern drink, his sword traversed, and slapped hard on the sword of the thorny blue frost sword.

Shi Xia was slightly stagnate. Before that, he forced Ding Ning to intersect with his sword. At this time, he did not expect Ding Ning to use such a sword.

He didn't know what he was thinking, and there was a sudden scream, the true energy in his body suddenly poured into the sword body, and a layer of frost rose again on the sword of the Qingshuang sword.

With a puff, the true energy attached to the double swords struck, bursting out a wave of air mixed with countless fine frosts.Shi Xia twisted his head extremely skillfully and turned his wrist, so he would fly out the sword in Ding Ning's hand.

However, at this moment, Ding Ning took another step, he tightened his body tightly, holding the hilt, and pressed the weight of his body up.

Shi Xia only felt like a huge stone was pressed on his sword, and he could not move at all.

With a snort, just like shaved ice, Ding Ning's sword body had been cut quickly along his sword, and the thick layer of frost that had just formed on his sword was scattered.

Fluffy blue flying cream sprayed on Shi Xia's clothes, face, for a time, Shi Xia's eyebrows and hair became blue.

Shi Xia felt a chill in his heart, desperately drawing a sword to leap back.

Ding Ning's sword was separated from his sword body, but in an instant it was a shock.

It was just a shock, the thin white flowers and blue frost formed by countless true qi suddenly accelerated, and a stream of water hit the face of Shi Xia.

Shi Xia eyes could not help closing.

Only at this moment, he felt a cold sword swiftly attacked his lower abdomen.

He drank sharply and brandished a sword towards the back of the cold sword.

However, the icy sword was retracted quickly, reaching his left rib in an instant.

Shi Xia forcibly opened his eyes, and the sword swayed again.

However, he only saw a thin white flower moving towards his left rib.

The dark green residual sword in Ding Ning's hand converged all the true energy, like a shadow moving silently in the air, reaching his right shoulder.

His pupils contracted sharply and his body suddenly stiffened.

A crackling sound.

The dark green sword in Ding Ning's hand just patted him on the shoulder and then retracted it.

Then Ding Ning stepped back, no longer attacking with the sword.

With a cry, many people on the viewing platform exhaled.

A cheer rang out at the place where the disciples in Baiyangdong gathered.

"I didn't expect this to win."

Xie Changsheng took a deep breath, he can be sure that, after changing himself, he may not be able to escape the outdated summer strike, let alone launch such a hearty counterattack to directly win.

Xu Heshan and Xie Rou were silent.

Although they all hope that Ding Ning can win, Ding Ning won such a perfect performance in this pure sword skill competition, which still brought a great impact to their hearts.

Shi Xia's brain was also blank. He couldn't believe that Ding Ning had defeated him in this way, but after counting interest, he recovered.

He glanced at his right shoulder.

He knew very well that if Ding Ning's sword was chopped down, it would be enough to remove his right arm even without any real energy.

"I lost."

He pleased and bowed to Ding Ning sincerely, "Brother Ding Ning, your sword skills are exquisite, and ordinary people cannot match it."

"President Di, can Ding Ning's performance satisfy you?"

On the viewing platform, Xue Wangxu, dressed in a thin blanket, stroked his beard and smiled, then said to Di Qingmei on one side.

Di Qingmei wanted to keep calm, but his brows couldn't help but tremble, and finally his face was black.

"Don't look so ugly."

However, Xue Wangxu looked at him calmly and said softly, "No matter what you think of me, after all, Aries and Ivy will be one. In the future, maybe you and I will have such a disciple, There is a lot of luster on his face."

Di Qing's brow shuddered suddenly, and he turned Huo Ran to look at Xue Wangxu.

Xue Wangxu smiled faintly, but looked up at the white clouds in the sky, with a sentimental soft voice: "Baiyang Cave is destined to cease to exist. The more you care about this portal dispute, the more you remind others that Baiyang Cave is substantial Exists. You should think about it in another position. Ding Ning is my student, but it can also be yours."

"If the mind is not wide, even this piece of sky can't be tolerated, how can they accommodate these mountains, and how can they move to distant mountains?" After a pause, Xue Wang said faintly.

Di Qingmei's heart suddenly jumped sharply, and his hands began to tremble.