The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 78: The Scared Brother

Di Qingmei is not a mortal thing. The sentence of Xue Wangxu gave him many impressions that had been wandering at the door of the seventh realm for many years.

His hands were trembling constantly, and he asked softly in an unbelievable tone: "Why do you say this to me?"

"Don't forget, whether it is Baiyang Cave or Qingteng Jianyuan, it belongs to the Great Qin Dynasty first, no matter what your status is, we are the Qin people first." Xue Wangxu glanced at Di Qingmei and said peacefully: " Her Majesty and Queen were able to tolerate me and my brother because I knew that my brother and I would first place ourselves in the place of the Qin people. When necessary, our swords would always face the enemies of the Great Qin Dynasty. As for the practice, it was me. At this age, I will not be afraid of being overtaken or surpassed. My enemy can only be myself and my age."

Di Qingmei's hands trembled more violently.

He felt that he was very small under his robe, and he felt that Xue Wangxu, who was looking at the distant mountains, seemed to be connected with the sky above and the distant mountains in one place, especially large.

"Xue Wangxu, I'm really not as good as you." When his hands no longer tremble, he lowered his head and said softly.

"That's not necessarily true," Xue Wangxu said calmly. "My road is almost at the end, but your road is still far away. Just look at how you go in the future."

In the Sword Canyon, when Xia Shen's obedient oral was taken, he took off the order hanging on the waist and handed it to Ding Ning.

"It smells good."

But at this moment, Ding Ning sniffed and said, "Did you smell it?"

When Shi Xia was stunned, he took a few hard breaths, and under a careful feeling, he felt that there seemed to be a faint smell of barbecue.This is definitely not the skylark that he has just scorched half of the time, but the smell of the oily meat that will be cooked after it is cooked.

"Don't you want to check it out?"

Looking at Ding Ning's expression, Shi Xia couldn't help but kindly remind: "That may be a trap, and you have already defeated me today. You only need to rush to the designated area to pass the level."

Ding Ning chuckled lightly and said, "Although I have eaten a few wild oranges, but eating such a sour food on an empty stomach is a constant sour water. It is very uncomfortable, and I must have something strong to fill my stomach. Enough physical strength."

Shi Xia has always put himself and Ding Ning in the weak position. He did not expect that Ding Ning would decide to take the initiative to find opponents. He thought that the next waiting for Ding Ning might be another fierce battle. His exquisite sword power, his eyes suddenly eager, could not help but blurted out: "Sister Ding Ning, can I follow you to see?"

Ding Ning glanced at him and smiled, "I don't have any opinions, but I don't know if your division director of Qingteng Jianyuan will have any opinions. After all, this kind of trial prohibits two people from walking together."

When Shi Xia woke up like a dream, he threw the body commander to Ding Ning and said, "I will not be considered as a peer when I confess and withdraw first. If a teacher wants me to leave the valley immediately, I will ask him to allow some time. Looking back at the counter will take a lot of time and may miss many things."

Ding Ning smiled a little, didn't say much, and began to move towards the place where the fragrance came.

Shi Xiasheng was afraid that being too close to Ding Ning was said to have an impact on the trial, so he just followed Ding Ning far away and walked through several vine walls, his heart was more and more surprised, because until this time, he Only finally smelled a clear scent coming in the wind.

Ding Ning's sense of smell seems to be at least several times more sensitive than him.


In front of Ding Ning, some orange-red colors appeared.

It's just that those oranges are very rich in color, which is different from the dry and dull of wild oranges after the season, but it is a wild persimmon tree.

Looking at the persimmons on the skin with some faint frost, Ding Ning laughed with satisfaction, and nodded to the man under the tree, saying, "Changling said that Frost hit Red persimmons are as sweet as honey. I love eating these persimmons the most in previous years. Brother Ye Ming really would find a place."

The man sitting under the wild persimmon tree with a lot of red persimmons is wearing a Baiyangdong courtyard robe, which is four or five years older than Ding Ning. It was when Ding Ning first entered Baiyang Cave, in Baiyangdong Mountain The door is waiting to pick up his name.

At this moment he was sitting on a mountain rock under the wild persimmon tree, roasting a wild boar leg, and beside the fire was the black wild boar with one leg cut.

This is really a leisurely sight of abundant clothing and food.

However, after hearing Ding Ning say this, Ye Ming was so sad that he didn't know how to speak.

Moving closer, seeing the look on his face, Ding Ning laughed again: "Are you forced by Brother Su Qin too, intentionally waiting for me here?"

Ye Ming suddenly stunned: "How do you know Brother Ding Ning?"

Ding Ning nodded in the mist behind him: "Because there is a precedent."

Ye Ming could vaguely see that there was a disciple of Qingteng Jianyuan there, and couldn't help but stunned.

"His name is Shixia, a disciple of Qingteng Jianyuan. I beat him, and he came to see me." Ding Ning said these words directly, and then rubbed his stomach, watching Ye Ming's hands roasted golden. The wild boar leg seriously said, "My stomach is very uncomfortable. Brother Ye Ming will either ask me to eat something first and then talk?"

The light of surprise in Ye Ming's eyes was more intense, but he immediately hesitated.

"Is this also Brother Su Qin's hunting? But what does it matter, no matter whether you win or I win, will he be merciful to the winning people in the next trial?" Ding Ning pouted. , Seeing through Ye Ming's thoughts in general, said: "What is it to eat his roast pork leg?"

Ye Ming thought for a while and said: "It makes sense. Brother Ding Ning please."

"The wild boar in this mountain is really fragrant. Brother’s barbecue skill is very good, but unfortunately it lacks some salt and can only be seasoned with this persimmon."

"It's hot and greasy on one side, and cold and sweet on the other. You have a bite of persimmon and carefully diarrhea."

"It's okay, He Chaoxi eats a lot of raw meat and won't diarrhea. His example tells me that strenuous exercise can strengthen the stomach and stomach. Anyway, he will have a fight with his brother, just right."

"He Zhaoxi? Have you seen He Zhaoxi?"

"Yes, he lost to me, did Brother Su Qin ever tell you?"


Ye Ming's brow slowly wrinkled. He looked at Ding Ning, who had cut off a small half of the pig's legs. His face became more and more serious, and finally he couldn't help saying: "Brother Ding Ning, I know you are very talented, but you need to be a man. Honesty, you are young, why did you think of making such a lie to scare me, do you think it would scare me?"

Ding Ning raised his head, his eyes moved away from the half wild persimmon in his hand, and fell on Ye Ming's serious face. He said helplessly, "Brother Ye Ming, what I said is true."

"I don't know how to repent." Ye Ming looked more and more difficult. He put down a pig bone in his hand and stood up slowly. "In this case, let me see how strong your sword is."

Ding Ning looked at him seriously and protested: "I haven't had enough."

Ye Ming took a deep breath and said: "It's not too full to eat, and according to what you say, there are people waiting to see your battle."

Ding Ning wiped his hands and suddenly remembered something like, said: "Brother Ye Ming, in fact, the courtyard robe I am wearing now is He Zhaoxi."

"I don't know where you picked up a piece of Ivy Sword Academy uniform, but you thought it would scare me?" However, what Ding Ning did not expect was that Ye Mingwen was even more annoyed and shouted: "Do you think I can believe that you can knock He Zhaoxi to the ground and still take off his robe according to him?"

The picture was so beautiful that Ding Ning could not imagine it.

Therefore, he was very reluctant to stand up, walked to the open space on one side, and pulled out the residual sword of Mohua in desperation, facing Ye Mingdao: "Brother Ye Ming please."

Ye Ming pulled out his long sword with a sullen face.

Knowing that Ding Ningxiu's wildfire sword scripture was mainly guarded, he didn't say much. When he saw a figure, he walked the middle line with one sword, and stabbed Ding Ning's chest diagonally upward.

This sword is extremely simple. His sword is also the most common Daqin black iron straight sword. Only the middle of the spine has a rune that extends straight to the blade.

This rune can only let the true Qi in it run into sword Qi and rush out from the tip of the sword, which is not as good as other swords.

However, at the moment his sword is quite in line with his sword.

When there was a few feet away from Ding Ning's chest, there was a loud bang, a white sword rushed out from the tip of the sword, like a sharply extended Aries horn, with the upward trend, even brought up Some arcs, facing Ding Ning's jaw.

Ye Mingxiu is the most authentic Aries sword scripture in Aries Cave.

This sword is a very famous "Aries hanging horn".

Ding Ning thought about it, he thought of the fastest possible defeat to Ye Ming.

So at this moment he took a step back.

Then he tried his best, and the true energy in his body surged out into the residual sword in the end of his hand.

There were many sounds in the dark green sword body covered with many tiny cracks, and the tiny white flowers instantly covered the entire sword body.

Then he waved his sword and knocked this aries.

When Xia was watching from a distance, he breathed slightly. He felt that something was wrong at this time, but he hadn't had time to think about it. Ding Ning's sword had already collided with the pronged Aries Horn.

There was a loud bang.

Ding Ning was obviously unable to compete and took a step back.

Ye Ming's long sword froze in the air for a moment, he was a little dazed, but he felt the breath of the small white flowers that were splashing out, and then felt the power that was still shaking on his long sword, and he finally understood it.

Just before the tenth breath, he also said that Ding Ning intentionally scared him with He Zhaoxi, he could not be scared, but at this moment, he seemed to see something terrible, opened his mouth, and could not understand Shouted: "What's going on? How could it be the cultivation practice above the gas refinement top grade! How could the cultivation practice close to the gas refinement top grade!"