The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 79

Ding Ning took a step forward, flying the remnant of the small white flower and slicing to Ye Ming's wrist.

Ding Ning's sword counterattack was not quick because he was taken a step back. However, because Ye Ming was too shocked, Ye Ming's movements became more sluggish.

He wanted to close the sword, but at this instant, he discovered that Ding Ning's sword edge had cut into his five fingers.

Between the extremely short distances, he was too late to make more changes.

So he only let go and abandoned his sword.

Ding Ning's blade strikes on the hilt of his sword, letting the sword fly out to the side, completely out of Ye Ming's control.Then he paused and stopped attacking. He just looked at Ye Ming apologetically and said, "Sorry, Brother Ye Ming."

Because he was so shocked, Ye Ming didn’t even care too much about the fact that Ding Ning defeated himself in his absence. He stared at Ding Ning with wide eyes and asked again: "Sister Ding Ning, you have just just broken through. How can you repair now?" Is it close to the realm of refined gas?"

Ding Ning can understand his emotions and calmly explained: "Nangong Cai Shu gave me a panacea, and I swallowed it against the enemy He Zhaoxi, so only such cultivation can enter the country."

Really defeated He Zhaoxi?

Nangong Caishu and Ding Ning should only be formally acquainted during the practice of Jingjuan Cave. There was such a friendship between the two, and even the elixir that could improve the cultivation was given to Ding Ning?

Ye Ming began to believe that what Ding Ning said earlier was true. He looked at Ding Ning dumbfounded and couldn't help saying: "No wonder you refused Xie Rou without hesitation. It turned out that there was a relationship between Nangong Cai and Shu."

Hearing this, Ding Ning suddenly grimaced and said: "Brother Ye Ming, your thoughts and considerations are too jumpy. You really make me unable to talk to you."

"I didn't understand what you said at this moment."

Shi Xia walked to Ding Ning's side and gave a serious salute to Ding Ning. He said softly, "I said earlier when I was fighting with you, I will try my best to control my strength to the lower quality, and if you think I think that way, I will Get more chances of experience. It turns out that your true cultivation base is already above me. If both parties give their full strength, you will quickly and easily defeat me. But you also deliberately press your strength to fight against me, The contest with my pure sword skills has taught me a lot, so I must thank you."

Ding Ning said quietly: "I will make that choice, just because you made that choice first, so you don't have to thank me."

Shi Xia bowed again to salute, no more to say, turned and left.

"You just defeated him with a sword skill?" Ye Ming on the side looked at Shi Xia when she left, again looking unbelievable. "Brother Ding Ning, just one month, how did you practice?"

"Brother, you have too many questions. I can't explain it to you at once. It's better to ask what is going on after you arrive at the viewing platform." Ding Ning couldn't stand it, facing Ye Ming. Reached out: "Lingfu brought here!"

Not far from the battle between Ding Ning and Ye Ming, Zhang Yi and Su Qin stood at the tops of two old pines covered with vines.

"Senior brother, Junior Ding Ning is indeed a kind of genius out of nothing. We, as fellow brothers, deserve to help him right. How can we deal with him in a deliberate manner?"

Watching Ye Ming surrender the lingering body, Zhang Yi turned his head and looked at Su Qin, who was so cold-faced and bitter.

Su Qin gave him a cold look, his figure moved, and after taking down Laosong, he would leave.

Zhang Yi was finally annoyed and paused, and the old pine under his feet was suddenly shocked by countless dry needles and flew out with a sneer.

"Brother Su Qin! What do you think?" he said angrily.

Su Qin turned to look at him and sneered, "You don't know me on the first day, you should understand that Su Qin's work has never been abandoned halfway."

"Don't think about driving anyone to fight Ding Ning's younger brother." Zhang Yi floated from the top of Laosong and landed not far from Su Qin's side, saying, "I will never allow you to do so." ."

Su Qin frowned.

Zhang Yi looked at him and continued with a determined face: "As long as you do this again, I will shoot."

"You may not be able to win by fighting together. Do you want to keep him?" Su Qin was silent for a moment, and said slightly: "Since that is the case, then I will let him stay for another day."

Feeling the meaning of not turning in Su Qin's words, Zhang Yi frowned deeply.

Su Qin turned and left.

He stared blankly at the fallen leaves on the soles of his boots, and watched him fall into the mud because of his falling feet. Eventually, he would become mixed with the mud, and those fallen leaves that became part of the mud, more of the corner of his mouth appeared. Cold.

For Ding Ning, for the brothers and sisters in the door, he and Zhang Yi have different views in essence.

Zhang Yi said to help each other... However, in his eyes, in this world of practitioners, there are only two possibilities, stepping on or being stepped on.

If you can't step on people and walk up, you can only decay slowly like these fallen leaves stepped into the soil, and become the most mediocre and insignificant part.

The more conspicuous, the more extraordinary people, such as Zhang Yi and Ding Ning, the more they have to step on as early as possible.

He is jealous, but he is not afraid to be against these people.

Because if even the talents of the opponents are afraid, what courage will there be in the future to defeat the stronger opponents and overcome the dangerous barriers on the way to spiritual practice?

Four wolf smokes ignited.

Su Qin slowly walked to the area where four smokes were burning.


At the same time, a discreet and quiet disciple of the Qingtengjianyuan also slowly walked in the direction where the smoke was burning.

His right hand stretched out into his arms from time to time, touching the little sword wrapped in cloth.

The breath from the sword made him warm from time to time, and even made him forget his hunger and thirst.

He is ink dust.

Suddenly, he paused, and in the mist in front of him, came out a student who was also wearing the robe of the Ivy Sword Academy.

This is a tall boy with two golden swords on his back.

"Brother Mo, I'm sorry."

Looking at the ink dust directly opposite, the young boy apologized for his salute and pulled out his two long swords with his hands. "I haven't fought today, and Brother Mo, you should know that the opponents are coming The less it is, the harder it is to find."

Mo Chen certainly knew the young man.This young man is Li Danxia. Apart from He Zhaoxi, Qingteng Jianyuan is the most promising person to enter the last three.Although his cultivation base is not as high as that of He Zhaoxi and Zhang Yi, he has already broken through the second realm and stepped into the real realm.

Knowing that this is an opponent that could not be dealt with by his true strength, Mo Chen took a deep breath and reached into the arms with his right hand, holding the hilt of the little sword tightly, and then also facing the opposite side Li Danxia paid a salute and said softly, "Brother Li, I'm sorry."

Li Danxia was slightly startled.

He thought that Mo Chen was too heavy and lost, so he said something wrong, he coughed a little embarrassingly, and said nothing more, raised his double swords, and made a gesture of asking the other to shoot. .

Mo Chen raised his head.

His heart beat like a drum, and his eyes shone like never before.

This strange look made Li Danxia's heart suddenly uneasy.

Mo Chen inhaled deeply, a breath of air flowing out of the sea of ​​qi, and all the unreserved rushed from his palm!

Li Danxia's pupils contracted sharply.

The cloth wrapped with the small sword was torn into pieces by the real energy of ink dust. When the silver-white small sword was exposed to the air, the real gas that filled the small sword was swallowed up by dense runes.

With a loud bang.

The silver-white sword gave countless dazzling lights, countless filaments floated like snow-white dandelions, the rapid expansion of the breath, and even the hair band tied by ink dust was shaken for a while, letting his long black hair enjoy the back Fluttering.

At this moment, this student with a square face and a low-key, quiet and inconspicuous student at the Qingtengjianyuan exuded a heart-wrenching magic.

Li Danxia swallowed subconsciously.

Feeling the terrible breath on the opponent's sword, the true element in his body was poured into the two long swords in his hands without reservation.

The handles of his two long swords are golden yellow, but the blades are crimson.

As his true elements poured in, pieces of gold and crimson glow mixed together, and the two swords were really like two burning sunsets.

Mo Chen flew up, and a sword was chopped towards these two sunsets.

When his sword was cut out, countless pictures appeared in his mind.

He saw the people in Mohoufu completely ignoring his existence, he saw the people of the Ancheng Mo family spending their time frugally, and saw the look that countless people expected when they left Ancheng and set off for Changling.He saw that he was hitting a wall in Changling and could not pass the assessment of many favorite colleges. He saw the shadow of Mofu shrouded him. He saw his helpless writing to Ancheng’s home and saw the Ancheng’s home. People asked for several dried herbs that used to extend the life of the elderly in the family, decorated with jade boxes, and sent them to the home of a big man in Changling.He saw that he finally entered the Qingteng Jianyuan, but he was busy.

In the end the picture in front of him was this little sword with countless snow-white puff flowers.

His heart was full of injustice.

He wanted to wipe out those uneven pictures.

The flying snow-white pagoda flowers and the burning sunset finally met.

In Li Danxia's eyes, all the colors of the evening glow dissipated in an instant, and only countless white puff flowers flew.

His breath stopped completely.

A tremendous force came in, and all two swords in his hand broke off from him.

Two pieces of blood flew from his body.

In the next moment, he uncontrollably stepped back for more than ten steps and sat down on the ground.