The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 88 Jade Cave and Stable House

At the gate of Baiyang Cave, more than a dozen left-behind Baiyang Cave masters looked at the faces of Baiyang Cave people on the rugged mountain road not far away.

The final news of the sword sacrifice trial came that Aries Cave took two seats among the last three winners, and the newly-introduced genius Ding Ning had an excellent performance, which not only made all Aries Cave people feel The glory even gave birth to some hope.

Ding Ning got out of the carriage, after all, it was a greeting and accepted He Xi.

"What about Su Qin?"

A teacher did not see Su Qin's figure. He already knew that Su Qin's left hand was discarded. He couldn't help but lower his voice and asked Li Daoji.

Li Daoji replied: "After the sword sacrifice trial, he will leave without leaving the Ivy Sword Academy. Since he did not return first, it means that he will not return."

The teacher immediately sighed: "The edge is too strong, aggressive, even moderate honest people like Zhang Yi must be targeted, and finally too...just a pity of good talent."

"Are you going to rest in Baiyang Cave today, or do you want to go back to your home in Wutong?"

Xue Wangxu, who was walking in the forefront, turned his body slightly at this time, and looked at Ding Ning and asked.

"I haven't gone back for a few days. My aunt must have worried about me, so I still had to go back to Wutong and rest at home." Ding Ning frowned slightly, thinking a little, and said softly, "I'm also trying to tell you something, I I grew up in the city since I was young, and I am used to that kind of place. The cleanliness of Baiyang Cave is not very comfortable, so I want to practice more outside in the future."

"Cultivation pursues comfort and freedom. The most comfortable state is the most beneficial practice."

Xue Wangxu did not refuse, but when he turned his head, many complex emotions appeared in his eyes, "You follow me first."

Ding Ning calmly followed behind Xue Wangxu.

"Qingzhi jade is not ordinary, how are you going to use it?" Xue Wangxu asked in front.

Ding Ning replied: "Prepare to go back tonight to refining, save worry."

Xue Wangxu was silent for a few moments, and said, "This is a good idea, although Qingzhi Yubo is most useful when the third to fourth levels are broken, and after the sixth level, it allows practitioners Better accept some natal creatures, but there are too many variables in the future, it is not bad to just look at the eyes."

Ding Ning looked at him strangely: "Lord Master, you seem to be a little dull today, not enough to be free and easy on weekdays."

Xue Wangxu laughed: "Is it true that you can even see some things?"

Between joking and joking, the two went one after the other on the mountain road dug along the mountain wall of Baiyang Cave. The pace of the two people was not fast, but they were pulled away from everyone in the rear of Baiyang Cave. distance.

Because all the people in the Aries Cave in the rear had stopped, all looked at them in shock.

Xue Wangxu led Ding Ning to the highest Taoist temple.

Since Du Qingjiao left Baiyang Cave, only Li Daoji was qualified to enter the small Taoist temple. This small Taoist temple is the origin of Baiyang Cave and has its own extraordinary significance.

Ding Ning finally determined that today's Xue Wangxu was somewhat unusual, but he didn't say anything redundant, just followed quietly.

In front of Jingjuan Cave, the mountain road is extinct.

Xue Wangxu went on and stepped into the void.

Ding Ning did not hesitate, just like the previous follower, stepped out into the space ahead.

His figure fell slightly.

A breath of heaven and earth came from the front, and he held him firmly.

There is an invisible ladder between heaven and earth. He and Xue Wangxu walk between the white clouds.

On the mountain road, the expression of Li Daoji and others became more and more dignified.

The furnishing in Xiaodaoguan is extremely rudimentary, and because of its embedding in the mountain walls, even the light is a bit dim.

Xue Wangxu didn't explain anything, but went on blindly until he was facing the innermost mountain wall of Taoist temple.

He waved his white jade sword.

This is the palm sword of the Sect Master of Aries Cave, and also the key to open the forbidden land.

When a pure white vitality was blowing on the mountain wall in front, the seemingly flat mountain wall suddenly sprayed a wave of air, and then slowly moved, showing the inner cave.

A soft white light appeared in front of Ding Ning.

He saw that the four walls of the cave in front of him, which were only a few feet long, were all made of condensed white jade. The walls were all handwritings and catalogues, and obviously some sword scriptures were recorded.

"Although the sword scriptures in the Jingjuan cave also have some merits, these sword scriptures are more distinctive. The wildfire sword scriptures are more defensive, but the killing intention is insufficient." Xue Wangxu looked at Ding Ning, who was calm and careful, and said: Your comprehension is more than ordinary people, and I don’t make suggestions, you can choose one to practice by yourself."

Ding Ning nodded, he slowly walked into this white jade walled cave, frowned slightly, and scanned each line of writing on the jade wall one by one.

His brows are getting deeper and deeper.

After seeing all the jade bi, he turned to look at Xue Wangxu and asked very seriously: "Can I pick two?"

Xue Wangxu was slightly startled.

He didn't answer immediately. After staring at Ding Ning for a moment, he smiled slightly: "I only learned one, but if you find it useful to you, let alone two, all can be learned."


Su Qin bowed his head in front of a closed door.

Behind the gate is a continuous courtyard, luxurious and deep.

This is the Liling Jun Mansion.

After the sword sacrifice trial ended, he left the Ivy Sword Academy alone, and no one knew that he eventually arrived here, waiting with his head down.

Looking at the left hand that didn't even have any consciousness at the moment, he pulled the corner of his lips and smiled hardly, his smile full of pain.

His background was originally poor, so even with outstanding qualifications, he was subject to many threats and exclusion when participating in some Zongmen's large-scale tests, and eventually he could only succumb to Baiyang Cave.

In Aries Cave, he had already stood up to the chickens, and even Di Qingmei of the Ivy Sword Academy was interested in soliciting him. Aries Cave was also a place of practice for the queen, and as long as he acted to make the queen happy, he would naturally have a great future.

He was already terribly afraid to live the poor and threatened and crowded out days, just want to be the kind of powerful man who can threaten and crowd out others, but suddenly a wine shop boy appeared, a trial, a sword was destroyed Everything he currently has.

Compared with heartache, the pain in the body is completely unconscious.

In the deep courtyard, in the noble and elegant study, Li Lingjun looked up at Lv Siche and said gently: "The boy who made this wine shop surprised me again."

Lu Siche apologized: "It's my mistake."

"It has nothing to do with you, no one would think that he would behave like this, especially if I had talked with him personally, and I could not associate him with such a monster." Li Lingjun gave Lu Siche a glance, " Is Su Qin still standing at the door?"

Lu Siche nodded, "Still waiting."

Li Lingjun slightly mocked: "How did he say to you? Why does he think he is qualified to wait for my reply?"

Lu Siche said calmly: "He said when he asked, although his left hand was abolished, but the five energies were running, the perception of heaven and earth, and the understanding of sword skills, these were far more extraordinary practitioners. Even if his right hand could not cast a delicate sword After all, he has stepped into the real Yuan realm at this age. If one day breaks through the fifth realm, when using the flying sword, there will be no hindrance to losing his left hand."

"It's a good idea. I don't know how to use Feijian. When Feijian attacks far away, I don't have much defensive ability in the face of assassination. Therefore, those who are in the fifth realm of Changling are not Two swords? In the fifth realm, do you need to find an additional waiter beside him to guard him specifically?" Li Lingjun shook his head and said slowly: "I can clean up my mood in such a short time, And came up with some countermeasures, coupled with the previous performance, his character is too fierce. Compared with Mo Chen when he knows that he can’t do it, and because of my sword, he has a last fight, I appreciate Mo Chen more, I think that the Xuepu sword you sent already has value."

Lü Siche also made the same judgment in his heart. He said, "Do you want to drive him away?"

Li Lingjun pondered the time of interest.

"It's time to hire people...Let's first see if it can be made and whether it can be used by me." After the interest, he made a decision and looked at Lv Siche. "Let him keep a horse for me and wash the stables."


Su Qin Huo Ran raised his head.

The long closed door in front of him finally opened.

However, only a Tsing Yi maid appeared before him.

He suddenly felt something, his face pale.

"You follow me."

Tsing Yi Ma Yi gave him a casual look, as if he was a commanding servant, and then turned around, without looking at Su Qin who was standing outside the door.

Su Qin took a deep breath and followed.

Passing through the weighted courtyard, Tsing Yi Mai took out a handkerchief, covered her nose in disgust, and stopped outside a stable.

She turned her head to look at Su Qin, looked at the little blood stains and blue-yellow medicine stains on the gauze of Su Qin's left hand, and her eyes were unconsciously disgusted, as if his body smelled like the feces in the stables, she covered her handkerchief It was tighter and said quickly: "The Lord has commanded you to stay here to help him clean the stables and help him keep his horses well."

Su Qin's face was paler.

He saw the manure flowing in the stable behind the Tsing Yi maid, and thought that he would one day be associated with these things and suffer such humiliation. He couldn't even say anything at all.

"Would you like to stay in the house? You don't want to stay in the house, just go out with me now." Tsing Yi maid said fiercely, and then moved directly.

Su Qin still did not speak.

Tsing Yi Mai's eyebrows were slightly raised and she was about to get angry, but what she didn't expect was that Su Qin took a deep breath and walked to the stable in front.

He began to carry water and rinse the stables.