The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 92 I Never Follow the Rules

After the snow, the Changling Mausoleum became very cold, even if the sky no longer drifted, but the snow between the roof tiles and the shadows was not easy to dissolve, and eventually became harder, becoming an ice shell mixed with stars and dust .

There are not many pedestrians in the Shendu prison, and the snow on many walkways is difficult to disappear. The deep and shallow footprints are as imprinted on the light gray ice shell, and these people who leave footprints don't know where they are. It also made the Shendu prison a somewhat gloomy atmosphere.

Occasionally, there were a few words that seemed to be blocked, and even the screams were not freely screaming, faintly came out from the cracks in the doors of some houses, echoed in this room, and then quickly disappeared.

Chen Jianshou in a crimson robe was always in a decadent and desolate manner. He walked slowly on the snow-covered road, giving the impression that it was like a pomegranate, which made it difficult for him and The Daqin dynasty was associated with high-ranking dignitaries.

The old, deaf and dumb old servant who has been driving him has been waiting at the gate of the god prison. He gave no instructions, and the old servant did not make any gestures at all, just after he boarded the car. It seemed that the driving was aimlessly starting to circle in the streets of Changling.

Chen Jianshou, who sat in the humble carriage, slightly lowered his head, and seemed to have fallen asleep. However, at a certain moment, he slowly raised his head and lifted the curtain.

The carriage without any signs was marching into the shadow of a high wall.

When he lifted the car curtain, a lot of heaven and earth came out softly and quietly from his body.

Without even a trace of wind, layers of crystal-like brilliance quickly gathered around his body, as if forming countless mirrors, refracting the surrounding light.

He clearly wore a deep crimson robe with rich colors, but even if there were people passing by, he only got the curtain as if it was being swayed by the wind, but could not see him coming out of the car.

At this moment, he seemed to be transparent.

Then he flew lightly, over the high wall, and fell into the courtyard.

The courtyard is a garden that has withered under the winter snow.

Chen Jianshou crossed the garden and walked into the cloister.

At this time, the crystal brilliance of his gathering slowly disappeared, and his figure slowly exuded from the air like a ghost.

He walked straight along the corridor, and finally entered the backyard, stopping in front of a study.

He did not deliberately cover up his footsteps.

In this study, a middle-aged bearded man with a scholar appearance was wearing a gray cotton robe. He was originally wearing ink and was writing some letters. However, because of the cold weather, the ink had not yet completely melted.

This middle-aged and elderly man heard strange footsteps, but he did not stop grinding, because even if he knew that this was an inexplicable visitor, in his eyes, only a very few people in the entire Changling could handle it. He poses a threat.

But how could the limited big men who threatened him appear in front of him in this way?

So when Chen Jianshou's footsteps stopped, he proudly sneered: "It's cold outside. Since it's coming, don't wait outside."

Hearing such words from the study, Chen Jian's face did not change at all, and even no extra movement, the study door in front of him was pushed open by the breath from him.

The middle-aged elderly man narrowed his eyes slightly, just waiting to say something, but when he saw the crimson robe on Chen Jianshou's body, and felt the strange and mixed atmosphere of decadence and haze, his proud face suddenly appeared. Cold.

"You... you are a superintendent of the gods..." A deep chill continued to flow from deep inside his body, making his tongue stiff.

"I am."

Chen Jianshou uttered three words directly.

The middle-aged, long-bearded man was instantly bloodless.

"I know you are a very special middleman." Chen Jianshou looked at him indifferently, slowly and clearly, and said directly: "Some practitioners in the military outside the county also want to live a good life. There are also countless places to spend silver and silver, but for a while there is no war, but they have not accumulated war power, received no awards, nor received orders. But they have very good combat power, and some of them will do something. It is a matter of killing people for others. Changling has some dignitaries, but it needs someone to help them kill some people. It is best not to have a relationship with yourself."

Thinking of the legend about this mysterious god-supervising head, this middle-aged elderly bearded man kept sweating from his forehead and flowing down his face, but he still said strongly: "No matter what you say, you and me It doesn't matter, because you can't have evidence."

"You are right, I have no evidence."

Chen Jianshou lowered his eyelids coldly.

The middle-aged and older man suddenly realized what was happening, and his eyes were instantly filled with unbelievable light. The light in his hand burst out like the rising sun, and exuded an extraordinary terror. breath.

However, at this moment, his mind suddenly fainted, the vision in front of him became blurred, and any movement of his body became extremely slow due to the faintness of his thoughts.

A deep red sword light flew out of Chen Jianshou's crimson robe sleeve, gently and skillfully stabbed at his heart.

The mind of the middle-aged elderly bearded man instantly recovered.

However, a little coolness spread instantly from his heart, looking at the deep red sword light in his sleeve, his body's strength faded away like a tide, and the sunburst of glory in his hand was only a line away, unable to follow He palmed out.


This middle-aged and elderly man couldn’t understand what method the legendary god-superviser used in his head. He could make him lose his mind in a flash, and he couldn’t understand why there was no evidence at all. Next, the other party dared to kill himself directly.

"There is no reason." Chen Jianshou said indifferently: "It's just that you don't understand me...because I never act according to regulations."

The middle-aged and elderly man slowly sat down, covering his heart, and he was extremely painful and even more incomprehensible, said: "You are the head of the superintendent of the gods, and supervise the hundred officials according to the laws of Daqin. Isn’t it a more serious crime to do things routinely? Even if you don’t act according to the rules, why would you kill me and why don’t you want to know something from my mouth?"

"Whether a person like us can stand in Changling depends only on whether he is loyal to the Great Qin Dynasty and His Majesty, not on any guilt." Chen Jianshou looked at him who refused to swallow and said indifferently: "It is from your mouth The things you know here are still not absolute evidence for those nobles. All I need is to make the situation more chaotic... If someone is chaotic, I will make mistakes and let me grasp."

The middle-aged bearded man became more painful, and he moaned, making a strangely weird voice from his throat, "Then why is it me? Why is it me?"

"Because of your identity." Chen Jian looked at him blankly for the first time, and said: "Because you are not a military person, even if you kill you, there will be no military person's attention unless it is related to you. It is only possible that the military dignitaries will use military power to track down this matter. He may want to know exactly which forces did this. As long as he checks, I may know who he is."

The middle-aged bearded man spit out his last breath from his throat, fell forward on the desk, and died in pain.

Chen Jianshou's body once again radiated a strong spirit of heaven and earth, and his body again disappeared transparently in the air.

He crossed the high wall and walked transparently in the streets.

Pedestrians walked along the way, not even aware of his presence.

He walked through several streets, opened the curtain of the carriage that was still moving slowly, and sat in the carriage as if nothing had happened.

Every day, he seems to be just riding in this horse-drawn carriage by a deaf-mute old servant, walking through the streets of Changling, occasionally issuing one or two orders, and seems to be nothing else all day long. do.

However, in the deep-walled courtyard where he had just left, the middle-aged elderly bearded man who had fallen on his desk bleeds more and more blood on his chest, and finally covered the entire tabletop, following the table The horn continuously flows to the ground.


At the same time, Ding Ning was also in the moving carriage.

When Chen Jianshou slowly turned the heaven and earth gathered around him into nothingness, and then hung his head down to think about things, he was thinking about things with his head down.

Zhushan County, Ba County is no stranger to him.

Zhushan County is the richest and most powerful is Fengjia.

And Feng Jia is also in the flowers on the wall in his wine shop.