The Sword Dynasty

94 Plan is worse than Change

As time passed, the winter was more intense. When entering Bajun, the scenery along the way was very different from Changling. From the sight, the slightly low hills were mostly reclaimed terraces, and there were small towns everywhere, but it was difficult to see a scale. In the big city, the continuous peaks of Bashan stand side by side like giants standing on the ground. Those places have so far been inaccessible.

Thousands of years ago, the practitioners in the world were still very rare, and those who could understand the Tao, or get some Taoism, were first-class figures of Dixian and Jianxian in the ordinary population.

These people practiced with the help of spiritual veins in the mountains. They are considered to be the wind of meal, swallowing Yunxia, ​​and left countless legends.

By the time the nations of the world gradually prospered and formed various dynasties, when the great Qin dynasty and Bashan Jianchang rose, the county of Bashan was set up. Although the population increased a lot, the spiritual veins in Bashan have been cut off for hundreds of years. The land is also like natural elimination, it has disappeared for many years.

Today, the Bashan Sword Field all fell in the storm of the emperor Yuanwu's ascension. Compared with Changling, a country with a large number of practitioners, there are very few practitioners in the Bajun area. The understanding of the person is still the same as before, and I think that the practitioners are all cyclists who have a meal style.

Therefore, Xue Xiaoxu only showed some means along the way, and he could easily change to the best horse. The speed of the journey was naturally not slow.

On this day, when Ding Ning lifted the car curtains that were hardened by ice chips, he saw a large wall of city built along the hillside, with thousands of wooden buildings.

He knew that this was Lian Chengzhai. When the county was not officially established in Bashan and there was no garrison, it was already one of the largest gathering places for Bashan natives.

After passing here, and then through a canyon with a basin in it, that is where Zhushan County is located.


When Ding Ning followed Xue Wangxu and was close to Zhushan County, Wang Taixu and Yu Gu were in a meeting at the Bingmasi post in the Changling countryside.

Most of Yu Gu's eyes remained on the plum tree in the courtyard. His expression was still majestic and cold, but his heart was truly calm.

Because he knows very well that, according to the progress made in the past days, this negotiation that must be concluded as soon as possible will be completed today.

"The cold is already strong, and if the armor is suddenly replaced by someone to take over, it may be delayed."

Wang Taixu's gaze also stayed on the wax plum tree. He said in a hurry: "So what the general said before makes sense, we can not use the armor mining business on two floors, but the solution Business is necessary, in addition, I heard that many prisons in Changling have been in disrepair for a long time, and the inmates in the cold are also required to wear clothes. I am afraid that some sufferings need help. These things, let us do two floors, presumably Can the general dominate?"

Yu Gu Huo Ran turned around.

He shot a sharp mane in his eyes, staring directly at Wang Taixu, and said in a deep voice: "Are you serious?"

This is something completely unexpected.

Prison house repairs, prison clothing, bedding, and some accommodations, although there are great benefits, how can it be comparable to the amazing profits of armor produced by the army?

Wang Taixu smiled slightly and said: "Although I am just a small town, I can't compare the general order to the mountain, but I can still do it in a word."

Yu Ku glanced at him, and he was wrong. He said slightly: "Being able to go to jail, even if you have two floors in the future, you will certainly get good care. Even if it is used for top bag The wronged ghost will stay a lot more comfortable in it, but the rest of the Changling people in Changling, when you are against you, think about it first. After their people enter, there is no good life...Wang Taixu You are going to retreat and less offend our soldiers and horses, but in the future you will be able to occupy more territory in the battle with those gangsters. Your abacus is indeed pretty good."

Wang Taixu smiled again and bowed to Yu Gubeiqian, saying, "Thank you General Yu for your success."

Yu Gu's face was slightly cold.

Of course he has not agreed yet, but Wang Taixu already knew that he would agree, and indeed he would agree. After all, letting the patriarchal clan give some benefits, this is only a trivial matter for the warriors and horses. Wang Taixu asked for nothing. Touching the bottom line of Bingmasi, it can even be said that it gave a lot of face to Bingmasi.

However, whether on the battlefield or in the court, he was extremely shy and did not like this kind of person who was too smart to see through his opponent's mind.

So at this moment, his eyes were even full of real killing intentions.

"Although I can meet some of your requirements this time, you are a smart person, and you should understand how the situation will change after this time."

Yu Gushen took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, his voice slightly cold: "After this winter, you better converge."

Wang Taixu still bowed, and said softly, "I will remember the general's teachings."

Yu Gu was silent.

This long-standing negotiation has finally settled.

Although Wang Taixu's posture and words in front of him are so humble, he is very clear that after coming out of this post, with the military's commitment and cooperation, Wang Taixu's two floors will soon make dozens of original Gangs and gangs relying on those businesses are nowhere to go, or forced to merge into two floors.

The two-story building, which was already huge, would become a monster that other rivers and lakes could not compare with, except for the underground ruler of the fish market.



Because it was only half a day from Lianchengzhai to Zhushan County, so after consulting Ding Ning, Xue Wangxu and Dingning did not rest in Lianchengzhai, they just ate something and went on the road.

"You will soon arrive at Zhushan County, do you have any plans?"

Ding Ning asked Xue Wangxu while rubbing some uncomfortable knees because of the long ride.

He has always been a very planned person.

For example, when he killed Song Shenshu, for example, when he appeared in the sight of Xie Changsheng and others, and when he tried to enter the practice place where he could participate in the Minshan Sword Society, he had many meticulous plans and alternative plans.

He would have done these things step by step.

Entering the Minshan Sword Academy can get cooperation with the Nine Dead Silkworm, so that he will not prematurely decline, the practice speed is very fast, and each realm can be a strong continuation of the gods.

After obtaining the continuation of God's tactics, he could follow the cultivation practice and find the people on the wall one by one to deal with them.

However, some of the secrets confessed by Song Shenshu disrupted his plan, and some things must be carried out simultaneously.

And now the closure of Zhushan County was originally outside of his first major plans.

"Feng Qianzhuo in Zhushan County is equivalent to the role of the landlord, especially because he is a very strong practitioner, so many people in the local area really regard him as a kind of god who can bless one side." Xue Wangxu Looking at the busy Ding Ning, he explained: "He also enjoys this kind of love, so every year at such temple fairs, he would nod incense, donate some property and say a few words. At that time, if I were in public Challenge him, he should find no reason to refuse."

Ding Ning said: "In any other place, I respect the brave and the strong, and I will admire both sides of this open battle. But in Zhushan County, you challenge him on such occasions, but it is really a trick. People hate it."

Xue Wangxu mocked: "As long as you win, you won't hate, but fear."

Ding Ning said calmly: "Even if you are sure that he has not entered the seventh realm, there are still a lot of uniqueness in some means of Bashan Jianchang."

"Of course I will be more careful." Xue Wangxu picked up the water sac and drank the warm water and looked at Ding Ning seriously. "It's said you want to crush all young talents in the Minshan Jianhui Jun, what are your plans? You haven't seen you practicing sword along the way. Do you understand the two sword scriptures you picked?"

Ding Ning hesitated a little, then nodded.

Xue Wangxu was almost choked by a sip of water, and immediately coughed violently.

Ding Ning glanced at him and gestured in the air with his fingers.

Although it is just a simple count, there seem to be several unique charms in the air.

Xue Wangxu no longer coughed, but broke off several beards, and the water in the uncovered water sac also shed a lot, wetting his front flap.

"I know these sword scriptures are difficult for others, but it is very simple for me."

Ding Ning still looked at him calmly and said softly: "So my plan is to enter the real Yuan realm before the Minshan sword meeting. If it is more insured, at least the cultivation of Zhongpin realm should be entered."

"I've never seen a monster like you before."

After a long time, Xue Wangxu gave a sigh of relief and said slowly: "I suddenly want to see the two most powerful little monsters in Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu Jianmen to see if they have anything with you. What a difference."

"Originally, I thought the Wildfire Sword Classic was not hard enough, but even you have these two sword scriptures... It seems that I don't know enough about you."

The shock in Xue Wangxu's eyes subsided, but his brows slightly frowned, and he asked softly, "That's enough for these two doors? In the Minshan Sword Society, some people might have stronger sword scriptures. ."

Ding Ning shook his head, "There is no strongest sword, only stronger people."