The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 98

Xue Wangxu saw Feng Qianzhuo shaking his head. He gave a proud sneer and thought about some things. How could you, a kind of eccentricity, just think about enjoying the rest of your life.

Feng Qianzhuo's brow slowly raised.

Holding the scroll, he turned and walked to the pavilion at the highest point of the Huo De Hall.

The Temple of Huo De was specially built to enshrine this picture scroll of Her Majesty the Queen. The top pavilion is taller than all the statues in this temple.

All Zheng people in Zhushan County have no objections at this point.

Because the queen allowed them to have gods here, there would be gods here, allowing them to maintain the ceremonial life of the Zheng people, they could live like this.

The queen should be taller than all the gods here.

The pavilion is not connected by stairs to the temple below.

It was just that Feng Qianzhuo was getting higher and higher, and there seemed to be an invisible long ladder in the air, which carried his body steadily.

For ordinary people in Zhushan County, this kind of scene is naturally miraculous.

So in their eyes, the queen is naturally taller than all the gods here, and the master Feng is at least as tall as all the gods here.

"Sixth Realm Top Grade, similar to the old fellow Di Qingmei, is separated by a door from the Seventh Realm. At this time, he is still not stubborn and still wants to demonstrate to me." Watching the sky up, step by step very slowly , Feng Qianzhuo, who walked extremely smoothly, Xue Wangxue smiled indifferently: "He meant that there was only one door between him and me, but he was born in Bashan Sword Field and had a powerful sword from Bashan. The Fa and the Famous Sword may not be lost to me, but they still came to scare me until this time... he probably didn’t even know that my brother and I directly divided the Aries Spirit Vessel into three shares, just to reject the picture in his hand. the host."

"It's almost time, wait for you to follow me."

After smiling indifferently, he seriously looked at Ding Ning next to him, and gently whispered: "The scene may be a little confusing. I don't want me to run so far for you, but in the end you will be split into two. sword."

Ding Ning was raising his head and looking at Feng Qianzhuo. Hearing the words like Xue Wangxu, he shook his head and said, "It's almost time, but it's me, not you, who might need to get the shot first."

Xue Wangxu was shocked: "What do you mean?"

Ding Ning said with a blank expression: "Although I don't want to, it seems to be regarded as a pot of vegetables."

Xue Wangxu glanced in amazement for a week, he finally understood the meaning of Ding Ning, and said softly: "It should be in the real Yuan realm, just like I have another door gap than Feng Qianzhuo, the other party is more than you. Are you confident about the gap of a door?"

Ding Ning nodded and said, "He is weaker than Su Qin."


All the nobles of Zhushan County who were sitting on the mahogany chairs looked at Xue Wangxu and Ding Ning, who were talking softly.

Feng Qianzhuo's painting fell to the ground.

"It is all thanks to the grace of His Majesty and Her Majesty the Queen, who came to observe the ceremony today, and naturally cannot do nothing."

"Feng Qianzhuo, your sword has not been exposed for a long time, and my sword is about to rust. Why not take this opportunity to use my two swords to help this event?"

"Xue Wangxue, Baiyangdong, please enlighten me."

Xue Wangxu remembered what Ding Ning said this time. The best argument is not to give the other party time to react, so Feng Qianzhuo's feet just touched the ground, and he already spoke.

His voice was gentle, but unusually clear. All the people of Zhushan County who gathered around the Huode Temple could hear clearly.

Feng Qianzhuo frowned slightly, wondering why this old thing is really so inexplicable?

At this time, it is open to trouble, and no matter you may not win me, even if you finally win a half and a half, even if I return Ding Yanzhu to you, you will have a blessing after you return to Changling?

"Actually came to challenge Master Feng?"

"Don't the Fengs say they are guests?"

"Feng Jia treat each other with courtesy... Even if you want to challenge, should you choose this time?"

The sound of discussion around him grew louder and louder. When Feng Qianzhuo's brows were frowned and everyone clearly saw his displeasure, the curse suddenly sounded like tide.

"What is your status, what is it! It depends on what qualifications you have to challenge Master Feng!"

I don't know who shouted in the crowd.

"What identity?"

Xue Wangxu didn't take it seriously, just waiting for Feng Qianzhuo's voice, but at this time, Ding Ning's calm voice sounded: "He is the master of Baiyang Cave, and the mountain gate of Baiyang Cave has the forbidden monument given by His Majesty. Even when the official of Changling arrived at the entrance of Baiyangdong Mountain, he had to agree to enter the mountain gate. Only when Daqin sent a lot of practitioners to practice, there was such an honor. He was recognized by His Majesty. You said that his identity is not as good as that of a county guard, but the head of a family with a prosperous family? You may not have taken your majesty too seriously?"

His voice is not loud.

However, when his voice came out, the surroundings were instantly quiet.

The person who just uttered the curse felt endless fear and stepped back unconsciously.

The queen has made them so awesome, not to mention the more emperor Yuanwu!

"When it comes to arguing and suppressing people with great righteousness, these little people in the mountains are indeed not your opponents.

Xue Wangxu turned to look at Ding Ning and smiled, then looked at Feng Qianzhuo, who was still silent, with a provocative tone: "You're saying a word, do you still want these Zheng people to drive me away?" Are you afraid that they will say something more rebellious?"

"You really shouldn't come, just to lose your life for a bead of Yan Yan, but this is an impossible transaction." Feng Qianzhuo said with a little anger, and said coldly.

Xue Wangxu looked at him and shook his head seriously: "This is really not just a thing to fix Yan Yan, but also a sword that fell on my brother. Without your sword, maybe my brother has already broken through. The door you failed to step through."

Feng Qianzhuo's face was colder and slightly mocked: "Is it easy to step into the Seven Realms? Not to mention the defeat of his men."

Xue Wangxu looked at him faintly and said, "If you don't speculate, you still have to speak with a sword."

"The two years are already high. If there is some damage to the sword, it is not good. And Master Xue Dong may be prepared, and my grandfather has not used the sword for a long time, which was originally unfair." At this time, A naive and cold voice sounded, "Fighting a sword duel, more combat experience, this was originally what our young and energetic young people did."

Hearing such a voice, Xue Wangxu turned his head to look at the immature face, but in his eyes was Feng Qinghan with a cold look, with a trace of real sympathy, he sighed: "This is an adult's business, little child. It’s better not to interrupt."

Feng Qinghan felt despised, his heart was filled with anger, he straightened his chest, and his voice was slightly cold: "Why is Lord Xue Dong aggressive? I see Lord Xue Dong, you also brought the young disciples in the door, I now challenge him ,how do you feel?"

Xue Wangxu thought of the conversation with Ding Ning before, but couldn't help but sigh, thinking that Feng Qianzhuo didn't send this baby grandson to Changling to study, which is probably the biggest mistake.

If I had arrived in Changling and had seen many young talents who were not as powerful as him, I was afraid that Feng Qinghan would not be so arrogant at this moment.

Thinking like this, he was actually happy again, and the more he looked at Ding Ning, the more pleasing he looked.

Ding Ning slowly raised his head. He didn't have much interest in bullying Feng Qinghan. He had too many people to chase and too much to do. Naturally he wouldn't care about the feeling of such a teenager, but he was afraid of trouble.

So he asked directly: "If I beat you, will you return Dingyan Zhu to Aries Cave?"

Bright light appeared in the depths of Feng Qinghan's eyes. He couldn't help but rejoiced and turned to Feng Qianzhuo to bow and salute, saying, "Please ask Grandpa for permission."

Feng Qianzhuo's brow still didn't let go.

Just from the previous words and Ding Ning's calm look, he always felt that the Changling boy who always followed Xue Wangxu was a little dangerous.

But he could feel that this young boy in Changling was very thin and weak, and he didn't reach the real Yuan realm.

Even if there are any peculiarities, even if Feng Qinghan really loses, it is just the victory between the children... This seems to be the best response now.

Even in the bottom of his heart, he gave him another appreciation for his grandson.

Compared to the mediocrity of the three sons, this grandson is indeed extraordinary.

"Xue Wangxu, let my grandson fight with your disciples. If your disciples win, I will give you Ding Yanzhu. Just to make it clear, this Ding Yanzhu is also a relic of the ancient Zongmen. Treasure hunt, I won it from your brother, not your privately owned Aries Cave." Feng Qianzhuo said these words and snorted to the crowd behind him, "Lizhu, take that bead."

As he drank low, a gorgeous woman hurried forward to take off a bead hanging on her neck and handed it to Feng Qianzhuo.

This is a longan-sized snow-white bead, like a breath, strangely blinking, exuding a crystal brilliance.

Looking at the bead, Feng Qinghan laughed, his eyes narrowed.

He turned around and looked at Ding Ning, who was still standing behind Xue Wangxu, mockingly said: "Don't hide behind anyone else... won me, this bead is your Aries Cave."

Many people from Zhushan County who sat on the mahogany chairs in the field looked at Xue Wangxu and Ding Ning happily. They felt that Xue Wangxu and Ding Ning had been defeated by the generals this time, but instead they did not come to Taiwan.

However, what everyone didn't think of was that Ding Ning didn't say any nonsense.

He just took a few steps calmly, walked to Xue Wangxu, then drew his sword and said, "Please."