The Sword Dynasty

99 Sword Rune

Xue Wangxu couldn't help but shook his head, everything was as developed as Ding Ning just said, it turned out that he followed Ding Ning instead.

Sometimes he couldn't understand Ding Ning's meticulous observation ability and judgment of seeing through the human heart, because this ability, in addition to talent, often comes from experience in life.

Ding Ning had a sword on his chest, and many whispers whispered into his pinna.

It's nothing but mocking him as a residual sword.

In the afterglow of his eyes, the expression of Qian Qianzhuo did not change, and the coldness in his heart became stronger and stronger.The time when it was really nourishing and honouring had gone too long, and even this sword was not recognized.

Feng Qinghan's eyes also fell on the remaining sword in Ding Ning's hands.

Even Feng Qianzhuo didn't recognize the end flower sword whose appearance changed greatly due to the fracture. He, who was not born when the Bashan sword field changed, was naturally impossible to recognize this sword.

He looked at the uneven fractures and subtle cracks in the sword in Ding Ning's hands, and there was more taunt in the corners of his mouth.

With a snort, he pulled out his sword.

The sword that appeared in his hand was about three feet long. It was extremely thin and light. The center of the white sword body, a black rune line extended from the hilt to the blade front.

It is like a sword-shaped white paper with an ink line drawn on it.

Ding Ning frowned slowly.

He recognized this sword...this is the Danqing sword of Bashan sword field.

In the former Bashan Sword Field, only the most noble character was deserved to own this sword.

Now such a sword appeared in Feng Qinghan's hands.

Looking at Ding Ning's slowly frowning, Feng Qinghan's eyes were a little more lustrous. He thought that Ding Ning felt great pressure because of the sword in his hand.

But his movements did not stop too much.


His ridiculous voice had just sounded, and the whole person had turned into a residual image, cutting a few feet away.

A loud noise!

The sword in his hand and Ding Ning had collided together, and countless stern blades spattered out, and two semicircular arcs appeared between their bodies.

Between the arcs of light, there are many flower-like light stars surging and blooming their respective strengths.

This stalemate was only a brief moment.

It was only a short time before Feng Qinghan's figure paused. The Danqing sword in his hand was still waving forward. The sword light on the sword continued to flow like water, while Ding Ning was in front of him. The sleeves of the right hand holding the sword had already been rushed out of many cracks by the sword gas. The whole person was sadly backwards, his feet alternately stepped on the stone road, and the soles made a burst of sound.

Feng Qianzhuo's expression was slightly loose, and he exhaled lightly.

The temptation of this first sword has already proved that although this Changling teenager is not weak in swordsmanship, there is a huge gap between him and Feng Qinghan in strength.

The ridicule in the eyes of the nobles of Zhushan County who sat on the mahogany chair was even stronger.

This is the huge gap between the Qi Refining Realm and the True Yuan Realm.

The crowds of ordinary Zhushan County onlookers were still shocked by this sword collision at this time. They could not imagine that such a thin body of Feng Qinghan and Ding Ning contained such terrifying power...but no matter how, the other party was sealed. The young master flew with a sword, obviously it was a bit lost.

For a time, cheers and cheers rang out.


Looking at Ding Ning, who was still not completely stable, more sneer was flowing from Feng Qinghan's face.

However, he did not take advantage of the chase.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and Zhenyuan slowly flowed out of his hands, flowing through the ink line on the white paper-like sword.

He was very focused and cut a sword into the air between him and Ding Ning.

The white sword shadow was cut in the air, but a black sword gas stayed in the air, motionless.

A black line suddenly appeared in the cold air.

Seeing such a black line, many noble people in Zhushan County's breathing was also cramped, their eyes pale.

This is clearly a break.

Everyone in Zhushan County knows that Feng Qinghan is an extremely qualified practitioner, but no one knew before that he majored in swordsmanship!

Using Jianqi to draw symbols, each sword energy is a symbolic line, and eventually forms a variety of complete symbolic traps, which can attract more heaven and earth vitality and release stronger power.

This is the method of Fu Jian Shuangxiu, and it is also extremely difficult to master. Even if it is just painting, painting in the empty air is many times more difficult than painting on yellow paper, not to mention the slightest Deviations, otherwise it will not lead to the resonant lines of the world.

Feng Qinghan's cultivation base is higher than that of this Changling boy, and now he has shown such amazing kendo techniques. What other opportunities can this young boy in Changling have to overcome?

Feng Qinghan's face slightly ridiculed, but his eyes were extremely focused. He made another sword, and there was another ink line in the air in front of him.

The two lines do not intersect, but there is already an inexplicable reaction, and a lot of black smoke appears.

Ding Ning stopped the retreat at this time.

The sleeve of his right hand was already worn out, and even a few bloodstains appeared on the back of his hand, but what puzzled all the onlookers was that he still had no fear on his face at the moment, and still calmly.

Looking at the two lines in the air that began to emit black smoke, the broken sword in his right hand was also drawn forward smoothly.

The dark green sword appeared to be the sword that he was drawing to Xue Wangxu in the carriage. With the rapid passage of the dark green sword, several white lines appeared suddenly in the air in front of him!

All the nobles in Zhushan County who previously thought Ding Ning was invincible stunned, and Qian Qianzhuo's face was slightly stiff, and his pupils contracted sharply.

This is obviously sword rune!

Feng Qinghan also saw the white lines for the first time, and a strong unbelievable feeling filled his body.He majored in this kind of swordsmanship, and naturally knows how difficult it is to practice sword and sword double cultivation. He began to draw symbols since he was three years old, and started holding swords at six years old. The young tomb of Changling actually exhibited this method, and it seems to be more skilled than himself, and the sword is faster!


There was no change in Ding Ning's expression. The remnant sword in his hand continued to move smoothly in the air, just for a short time, there were more than ten white lines in front of him.

These dozens of white runes and the previous runes are interlaced in the air, forming a square rune basket.

A crackle of "chi"!

In the next moment, this rung suddenly shattered, but countless chills gathered in front at an unimaginable speed.

Thousands of trees and pears bloom in the air, and countless white ice flowers are connected together to form a tree of ice trees, which is pressed towards Feng Qinghan!

Feng Qinghan's face was pale, and with a loud scream, Dan Qingjian struck several swords.

As several black runes flew, the sword rune in front of him finally formed.

With a loud bang, a black smoke rushed forward like a dragon, and there seemed to be countless black bats ramming and howling.

The unusually beautiful ice tree was instantly shattered and turned into countless ice debris splashing back.

The same sword rune, but because of the gap in cultivation, there is also a clear gap in strength.

However, all the people in Zhushan County did not cheer.

Because Ding Ning's sword is fast.

In addition to precision, the key to swordsmanship is speed.

It was only in this short period of time that a white sword light had appeared in front of Ding Ning, and a square and square white sword symbol had already formed.

Countless crystal borneol flew backwards in front of him was suddenly pushed into the air by a new force, and then quickly turned into countless fine ice crystals.

More surging forces erupted forward, and these ice crystals and new ice trees condensed together and advanced.

There was a strange cry.

Feng Qinghan retreated backward, and the Danqing sword in his hand continued to slash forward.

The black smoke like a dragon is not in power, and countless blades of ice pierced the black smoke and shot it out.

Borneol collided with the Danqing sword in his hand constantly, making a dense and sour voice.

As he receded, numerous ice sheets fell on the ground in front of him.

His hair and the robe on his body were also covered with white ice chips and began to melt.

Ding Ning was still very calm, he began to move forward.

In Feng Qinghan's sight, his figure emerged from the broken Molong, and with it came a brand-new sword symbol.

The white sword symbol between the invisible and the tangible, to everyone, feels like a white square seal. It was picked up by Ding Ning's sword tip and smashed towards Feng Qinghan.

Feng Qinghan Li Xiao again, the real element in his body surrendered madly without cherishing, injecting the ink line on the body like a white paper sword.

At the head of the sword, a black luminous group expanded sharply, forming a black Motan.

There was a loud bang.

The power brought by the white sword symbol was shattered, and Feng Qinghan's backward figure suddenly stopped.

However, letting him grind his teeth desperately, there was a feeling of powerlessness in his heart, he saw Ding Ning's figure also paused, and Ding Ning had formed a white sword symbol in front of him.

The same is the sword rune, but the opponent's sword is too fast, and it is so fast that he has no chance to play the sword rune again!

All the nobles of Zhushan County sitting on the mahogany chairs' faces became extremely ugly.

"Have you seen this age, but can you use such a good practice as a sword rune? If I read right, this should be the Aries Glacier sword rune scripture in Baiyang Cave. The difficulty of this sword scripture is absolutely It will not be weaker than Feng Qinghan's Bashan Molong Fu Jian Jing." One of the nobles said to the person beside him with a cold voice.

"The Changling young man was quiet before, and he saw something extraordinary, but he didn't expect it to be so extraordinary. In the records of the history books, it is rare to see someone who can use the sword rune at such an age so well." With a sigh of relief, Shen said, "Xiu Wei is separated from the other by a realm, but was beaten like this... and you can admit defeat."

Although everyone in Zhushan County hopes that Feng Qinghan can overcome, the dialogue between the two can represent the mood of the most discerning nobles at the moment.

It's just that Feng Qinghan was not reconciled.

He didn't want to admit defeat.

"I didn't expect you to have such strength... But from the beginning, I didn't want to defeat you, but wanted to abolish you!"

He stared fiercely at Ding Ning, making such a cold voice in his heart.

A hint of cruelty appeared in the corner of his mouth.

When Zhenyuan was quickly injected into the Danqing sword in his hand again, his left hand moved slightly, and a purple gold rune slipped from his sleeve and fell on the palm of his left hand.