The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 100

Dare to assassinate Song Shenshu alone as soon as he entered the Qi Refining Realm, Ding Ning naturally had extraordinary combat experience, but only when Feng Qinghan's vision became a little different, and that purple-gold charm was not yet in Feng Qinghan's hands, He was already acutely aware of the danger.

Without the slightest pause, his body jumped out again.

The residual sword in his hand once again drew a rune line in front of him.

However, compared with before, the speed of drawing lines is even more amazing. The speed of true Qi in his body is also faster. The sharp Qi burst, even cracking his nails, and bleeding blood.

Two sword symbols formed at the same time on both sides in front of him.

There was a loud bang.

Different from the previous sword symbols, these two sword symbols are exploding right now, there is no ice cold energy condensing, but two groups of thick blue energy exploding.

In front of him, it was like two green hills stood up and closed.

All the practitioners in Zhushan County who watched the battle had a more dignified face. No matter what kind of sword runes, naturally there could not be only one kind of sword move, and naturally it was impossible to draw only one kind of rune, but the more sword runes that could be drawn, It means that you go further on the sword symbol.

The previous standard of Feng Qinghan's use of sword runes, compared with Ding Ning's performance of two sword runes turning into Qingshan at the moment, is simply the difference between a toddler child and an adult who can run fast.

Feng Qinghan knew he extremely underestimated the strength of the Changling boy who followed Xue Wangxu, but he didn't care at this time.

With his loud drink, an extremely powerful rune suddenly burst out of his left hand, enveloping a dozen square feet around him.

All the air in this area freezes and weirdly shakes.

Even the heavy stove god behind him began to tremble, as if fearing this power.

Xue Wangxu's eyes narrowed slightly, and both his brows were cold, as if there was a layer of transparent Xuan Bing shining.

The purple-golden Fu Luo flew out of Feng Qinghan's hand.

The golden rune on the purple rune, like some strange creature, flew out of the rune and spread rapidly towards the space in front.

In the next moment, in the appalling cry of countless people, every tiny golden rune became stronger and became a real golden thunder!

In the ascending purple air, the golden thunderlights of each arm were twisted together, and the terrifying breath at the front end spewed like a giant python with a wide open mouth.

The stone path along the way crackled and instantly burned countless black marks by the stray lightning.

Two pieces of green mountain can't stop this violent rune, and at the moment of touching with the foremost lightning, it will completely collapse.

Ding Ning seemed a bit lonely standing in the middle of such a lightning storm, standing in front of countless turbulent beams of heaven, earth and earth, facing the thunder that was many times larger than his body. The emotion on his face was very complicated and sad. Some anger, but no fear.

His sword cut the air in front of him smoothly and swiftly, and at the moment of thunder and two green mountains, he became a square sword.

The white sword symbol spreads forward, and in the middle of the two green mountains, a large river flows instantly.

A dull loud noise oscillated.

Several runes finally succeeded and violently collided together.

Two green hills collapsed, the rushing river backed up, and the Leiguang python was still moving forward.

A series of dazzling lightning flashed through the water mist and current, refracted more light, and had the momentum of a python-like dragon.

Feng Qinghan's eyes gushed with more pleasure, his body flew up, followed immediately.

The broken blue vitality, the violent water vapor, and the hot water burned by the thunder fire all rushed back.

All kinds of breaths were pinched together by an invisible giant hand, and rushed to Ding Ning's body terribly.

Ding Ning's body was rushed backwards and flew out, his coat was torn by various forces, making a tearing sound.

But his right hand holding the sword was still extremely stable.

At this moment, he became another sword symbol.

Many nobles in Zhushan County were moved with horror.

Ding Ning's performance at the moment makes his sword symbol bring a kind of unyielding breath against the current.

A gray sky and earth fell on the flowing river.

It's like a lone sail on the horizon, going up against the current.

The dazzling thunder and the violent rune continued to move forward, and the huge waves set off the lone sail and shattered it.

Ding Ning's complexion remained absolutely calm.

Feeling the direction of those lightnings, his eyes were suddenly bright and bright as stars.

The true energy in his body rushed into the residual sword at the end of his hand, into every small rune, into every tiny crack.

At this time he did not draw any more symbols.

Rather, when countless small white flowers bloom on the sword body, the end of the sword is thrown vigorously towards somewhere in the front.

The sword body suddenly spread out, and countless sword filaments stretched like when they penetrated Su Qin's left hand.

At this moment, looking at these end-full of flowers, feeling Ding Ning's vigorous momentum, Feng Qianzhuo finally remembered something.

His face suddenly turned white, and there was a great amount of fear in his body.

The remnant sword with scattered flowers penetrated into the giant wave.

This is a sword without any support from the successor, but this sword is not about blocking, but about guiding.

"it is good!"

Feeling the exquisiteness of this sword's intent, even Xue Wuxu, who was somewhat nervous, couldn't help but pat the thigh and applauded loudly.


The nobles of Zhushan County on the mahogany chairs all exclaimed in disbelief at this time, and many people couldn't even stand up.

The scattered sword wires were in contact with the strips of lightning. Almost all the lightning light poured into the hilt along these sword wires, and then flowed out from the hilt, converging into a brighter strand.

However, the trend of these thunders has completely changed.

This bright thunder rushed out of the water and slanted into the sky.

A bang!

While the thunder was exploding in the air, the surging water wave hit Ding Ning.

Ding Ning's body went backwards, and there was a trace of blood in his mouth.


But he looked at Feng Qinghan, who was rushing down the water, and snorted angrily.

Feng Qinghan heard his shouting, but at this time, he had never heard Ding Ning's violent warning and threatening words.

He only saw the end of the flower sword shining with thunder and falling. He only saw that Ding Ning had been injured and there was no sword in his hand.

So he didn't have any pause at all, and he pointed at Ding Ning without hesitation, stab it with a sword.

In front of Dan Qingjian, the black sword gas once again poured out.

Ding Ning's face became absolutely calm again.

He no longer has any choice. Even for him, at this moment, only with real efforts can he break the sword of Feng Qinghan.

Since he had no choice, he would no longer consider the consequences and no longer consider anything.

He extended his right hand and pointed to the sword.

All of his right fingernails had previously cracked and blood was flowing.

At this moment, the true qi in his body poured out unreservedly, and the blood spewed out along the true qi. In his hand, it seemed like an extra blood sword.

True energy and blood do not have much strength, and can not compete with the tough and sharp Danqing sword.

However, at this time, Feng Qianzhuo, who had not completely awakened from the memories of the past, was completely awakened.

He opened his mouth, but it was too late to shout.

In front of Ding Ning, many lines of symbols appeared again.

Many bloody red lines.

Feng Qinghan, who had been cruelly imbued with his childish face, suddenly stopped breathing, and his body quickly became stiff.

He was too late to make any response.

The blood-red runes had burned in front of him.

A lot of hot heaven and earth vitality contracted sharply.

On the river of Gufan Yuanying, it was like a sunset.

A bang.

The setting sun collided with the tip of his sword, and instantly broke into countless blood-red lines of fire!


At the moment when the countless blood-red lines of fire pierced his skin, this young master who had saved the intention of abolishing Ding Ning felt fear from the heart, and then issued a terrible scream .

Puff Puff Puff Puff...

Countless sounds of air piercing through his body.

Countless tiny lines of fire penetrated his body instantly, with countless tiny blood, passing through his body and sprinkled on the stone road behind him.


Before his body fell to the ground, Feng Qinghan felt as if everything had been penetrated in his body, the five internal organs, the river of marrow, even the sea of ​​air, the jade palace... At this moment, he was like a real child. Helplessly turned his head to look at Feng Qianzhuo, but just shouted this sternly, and he completely passed out.

"Qing Han!"

At the moment when the vast majority of people have not fully reacted, Feng Qianzhuo made a scream that was hard to describe in words.

He flew like a mad tiger and caught Feng Qinghan who had passed out completely.

"What swordsmanship is this?"

"Taking the true energy and blood as the line, cast a sword..."

"Such a blow, even if it can be saved, I'm afraid I can't even get out of bed!"

"The young master Feng was actually..."

Up until this time, all the onlookers in Zhushan County began to react completely to what happened!

The more shocking emotions that followed, made most people feel cold and numb.

Feng Qianzhuo always had a gentle and kind face like a god and Buddha, and it was already extremely distorted at the moment.

However, what makes many people unimaginable is that Ding Ning just stepped forward quite calmly, and picked up the residual sword of the end of the flower he fell to the ground.

With a loud bang, thunder thundered.

Around Feng Qianzhuo's body, a rotating wind wall suddenly appeared. All his hair fluttered like a snake, and his endless killing intentions continued to spread out.

Xue Wangxu frowned slightly, and he stepped forward to Ding Ning, who was picking up his sword, and then looked at Feng Qianzhuo like a crazy demon, and said, "You should understand that he asked for it. "

"Are you looking for it? Hahaha..."

Feng Qianzhuo suddenly laughed in the sky.

"Take my sword!"

At the next moment, he gave a loud roar.