The Sword Dynasty

101 Sword in Stone

Everyone can understand Feng Qianzhuo's mood at the moment.

However, at this moment, a calm voice sounded behind Xue Wangxu: "How about Ding Yanzhu?"

Everyone's eyes gathered on Ding Ning again.

Everyone knows that this sentence is what he said, and everyone knows what he said. Before Feng Qianzhuo had promised, as long as he could defeat Feng Qingzhuo, Ding Yanzhu was Baiyangdong. .

According to this prior agreement, Feng Qianzhuo now has to hand over Ding Yanzhu.

However, in such a scene now, it seems too outdated to calmly ask for Yan Zhu.

"Ding Yanzhu?"

Feng Qianzhuo was very angry, looking at Feng Qinghan in his hands without knowing his life and death, and said miserably: "Is my grandson's cultivation and life, is it better to be a Yanzhu?"

Ding Ning looked at him calmly and said, "Ding Yanzhu."

All the nobles in Zhushan County were speechless.

Ding Ning just spit out these three words again, and from his face, this is a matter of course... Not only Feng Qianzhuo is now given to Yan Yanzhu, even Feng Qinghan’s cultivation behavior and life are not as good as Ding Yanzhu. For granted.

Feng Qianzhuo's eyes were so angry that he was about to burn.

"Ding Yanzhu." Ding Ning looked at him without fear and repeated calmly.

It was like a child stubbornly asking for sweets, but Feng Qianzhuo felt incomparable contempt and indifference from it.

He handed the bloody Feng Qinghan to the family who screamed and surrounded him, even crying, and spread his left hand.

The snow-white Ding Yanzhu flew from his palm and slowly fell to Ding Ning, without any strong power, but his face became completely cold.

"Even if it's given to you, can you use it?" He swept the bodies of Ding Ning and Xue Wangxu with a murderous gaze, and said with a very cold voice.

Ding Ning caught the snow-white Ding Yanzhu.

Then he did something that no one thought of.

He took out his water bag, rinsed the Dingyan bead, and then swallowed the Dingyan bead very calmly.

All the nobles in Zhushan County who were present fell into silence and shock again.

Ding Ning did not even say a word this time.

However, such a move of him is tantamount to slaping Feng Qianzhuo directly.

He directly told Feng Qianzhuo by action. Even if he and Xue Wangxu died here, he had already used this Dingyan Zhu.

What is even more shocking is that after swallowing this Dingyan Pearl, Ding Ning closed his eyes directly and sat down on a stone behind Xue Wangxu.

He didn't seem to want to care about anything that happened around him, he just started to refine this Dingyan Pearl!

Looking at Ding Ning with such a posture, he heard the crying behind him. Although Feng Qianzhuo knew to be absolutely calm at this time, his hands shook uncontrollably.

He took a deep breath and stretched out his hand.

Feng's stewards, Feng Futang, who was judged to be very talkative by Xue Wangxu, now stood behind him with a white complexion, holding a long black sword in his hands.

Seeing Feng Qianzhuo's hand reaching towards him at this moment, his hands shivered uncontrollably.

Looking at these pictures, Xue Wangxu just waited peacefully.

Feng Qianzhuo didn't take over the sword handed over from the matter, his hand fell directly on the hilt of the Wushou long sword, and he began to pull the sword directly.

This has completely demonstrated his attitude.

The hilt of the black sheath long sword is black gold.

However, when this long sword was slowly pulled out, there was a rainbow blooming in the field, and many people were covered with colorful luster.

The body of this long sword was as colorful as a glass, but it was colorful.

Xue Wangxu's brow suddenly flicked, just like he finally waited for the answer to a question that was puzzled for a long time. He whispered to himself softly, "It turns out to be this sword."

Bashan Sword Field used to be the strongest sword repairing place in the entire Qin Dynasty, naturally possessing countless powerful sword classics and famous swords.

As the people who finally survived the Bashan Sword Field, they got many sword classics and famous swords.

In the past, Feng Qianzhu defeated Du Qingjiao to snatch Ding Yanzhu, using the natal sword instead of the famous sword of Bashan Sword Field.

Now, among the swords in Bashan, what kind of sword Feng Qianzhuo chose was finally answered.

Of all the famous swords of the past in Bashan Sword Field, only one of them is of this colorful.

This sword is called Qibao Liuli Sword, also known as Foguang Zhen Demon Sword.


With the emergence of this sword, a huge breath continued to spread.

All people who are close to each other feel the danger and do not move back consciously.

Even the statue of the King of the Stove was moved away, and in the open space in front of the huge Huode Temple, among the tens of feet, only Feng Qianzhuo, Xue Wangxu and Ding Ning were left.

The colorful glaze's light became more and more intense, and finally turned into a circle of Buddha light in Feng Qianzhuo's hands.

The inexplicable vitality of heaven and earth gathered in this circle of Buddha's light, surrounding Feng Qianzhuo's body, and gradually formed a huge shrine. The body lined with Feng Qianzhuo's body seemed to be huge, and became a colorful. Venerable glazed glass.

Feng Qianzhuo in the Buddha's light circle was in a trance for a moment.

He thinks this is a ridiculous thing. After so many years, the sword that should not exist in the world reappeared in front of him because of the revenge of a small Aries cave. After so many years , He even had to use this sword, and desperately.

However, this is also a very small time. The miscellaneous thoughts in his mind were exhausted in the Buddha's light, and turned into pure murderous intention.

His wrist turned, and a sword with amazing Buddha light stabs Xue Wangxu across the sky.

With his sword stabbed.

Circles of Buddha light overlapped and alternated alternately, and between heaven and earth, it seemed like suddenly there were countless waves of height.

The wind rose flatly.

Many ordinary people in Zhushan County, far away from him, couldn't stand upright, and were blown back.

Xue Wuxu's snow-white long hair was also blown straight back by the wind, but in the face of such wind and the turbulent waves that stirred the wind, he shook his head instead and sighed with emotion: "After all, he is still not bold enough , Using the Zhuolang Sword Sutra with the Qibao Liuli Sword, it is more powerful, but it lacks a few charms. If you have enough spirit, you have to change some Zen Sword Sutras and rebuild it.

While a soft sigh sounded, he held out his hand towards the turbulent waves ahead.

He had always used the ancestral sword of Aries Cave.

At this moment, the Sovereign Sword has been given to Li Daoji by him, and he did not carry any other swords with him, so at this moment he can only use his natal sword.

What kind of sword is Xue Wangxu's natal sword?

Ding Ning is also very curious, so he is opening his eyes at the moment when he is working hard to refine Ding Yanzhu.

An unusually calm breath emerged from Xue Wangxu's palm.

There is no dazzling brilliance, only the most simple color, just like the most ordinary stone on the road.

The natal sword that appeared in Xue Wangxu's hands turned out to be like a small sword polished by the most common stone.

However, all practitioners in Zhushan County felt an extremely dangerous atmosphere.

Layers of stone skin, at this time, peeled off the sword of the small sword.

Every small stone skin whistled like a boulder and flew to the front, photographing the turbulent waves.

The sword body exposed inside was radiating unimaginable light.

This light is too dazzling, so that people can't see any colors, and people even feel that the sword body inside is purely without substance, and it is completely formed by the dazzling brilliance.

However, everyone knows that this sword does exist.

So everyone started to react.

This sword was only forbearing for too long, like a peerless sword that was still in the mud, and the dust outside the sword became stone skin.

Today, however, this peerless sword is finally at the forefront.

The Buddha's light appeared dim in front of the light from this sword.

Feng Qianzhuo also felt the pressure of suffocation. He let out a low growl, and the sword in his hand suddenly shot 72 strikes in the air in front of him!

There were seventy-two big waves in the Buddha's light suddenly, shattering all the flying stone skins in an instant.

At this moment, all stone skins on the natal sword in Xue Wangxu's hands also faded.

Under the dazzling and white light, his entire body seemed to be carved into white jade.

He didn't have any unnecessary movements, just simple, and stabbed forward straight and abnormally like Changling streets and lanes.

A bang.

The sound comes from the distant world.

Above his head, there was suddenly an invisible giant mountain, shrinking sharply, pouring into this natal sword in his hand.

At the same time, almost all the true elements and the accumulated vitality in his body also flowed out of his body, and he was very determined to penetrate the natal sword in his hands.

With such a powerful sword, he can only make one sword at most.

But this is exactly what he thought.

Because he didn't want too much entanglement, he just wanted the sword to be the winner.

He just dumped his sword intention and his strength from this sword.

Buddha's light is extinct!

The turbid waves are completely broken!

Looking at this extremely bright sword light that pierced straight towards himself, Feng Qianzhuo's heart was all an incredible feeling.He could not imagine that Xue Wangxu was able to stab such a powerful sword.

He was not willing to lose himself under this sword.

An endless ghost fire ignited in his eyes, and he screamed loudly. The circle-shaped Buddha light emanating from the seven-treasure glass swords in his hand suddenly changed into countless colorful sword lights blooming in advance.

In an instant, it was like ten thousand swords were spurting towards Xue Wangxu, and it was impossible to see which sword was the real Qibao Liuli sword.

However, Xue Wangxu only smiled faintly. His sword hadn't changed at all, and he was still just advancing straight.

All the colorful glass-like sword lights disappeared instantly.

Feng Qianzhuo's Li Xiao turned into a terrible howl, his body receded back.

A blood flower spewed from his abdomen, and his whole body flew continuously on the stone path, dragging out a long blood path, and hit the steps in front of the Huode Temple before stopping.