The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 102

It is impossible to describe Xue Wangxu's simple sword with words.

A sword came out and thousands of colorful glass swords went out.

Feng Qianzhuo leaned back against the steps, clutching his bloody abdomen, exasperated and shouted: "Why!"

The vast majority of people have not recovered from the shock of those pictures, and they simply do not understand what this sentence Feng Qianzhuo asked at this time.

But Xue Wangxu knew.

He looked at Feng Qianzhu with some contempt and sympathy, and said lightly: "People like you, even with the same swordsmanship, have less momentum and less real meaning."

There were bursts of exclamation and intense inhalation sounds.

Hearing this sentence by Xue Wangxu, many noble people in Zhushan County began to understand what happened.

From the beginning, Xue Wangxu didn't want to get entangled with Feng Qianzhuo too much. After all, there were many mysterious changes in the sword scriptures of Bashan Sword Field, so he only produced one sword.

This is a sword that saves his strength after years of forbearance.

Feng Qianzhuo couldn't stop any sword, so he used the Qibao Liuli sword to shake out ten million swords to attack.

However, Xue Wangxu didn't change any sword momentum at all.

Feng Qianzhu didn't dare to share with Xue Wangxu, and it can even be said that from the beginning of the sword, Xue Wangxu had felt that Feng Qianzhuo's sword intention was a bit different.

Feng Qianzhuo didn't want to die, so he had to lose.

Feng Qianzhuo covered his abdomen, blood was flowing from his fingers, feeling the pain in the abdomen and the horrible sword. Thinking of the long-term calm and well-being being broken by this sword, he finally laughed loudly and madly: " You won...but do you think you can leave Zhushan County safely?"

"Just before that sword, you have almost exhausted all the real elements!"

"Kill me!"


"Kill them!"

"Don't let them go!"

As Feng Qianzhuo's loud laughter sounded, there were countless angry shouts in the crowd that blocked every street.

Ding Ning's face remained calm.

He looked up at the sky above, only to see below the white clouds, above the eaves, there were many black crows hovering.

With a choking noise, a middle-aged man in a beautiful Chinese costume had already rushed up with a sword.

His face is very similar to Feng Qianzhuo, and should be a nephew of Feng Qianzhuo.

Many red flames spewed from the red sword in his hand, like many fire snakes dancing wildly.

However, in the face of this sword, Xue Wangxu only bent down without Xu.

He picked up a long bamboo broom beside the road beside him.

Then he was very simple and used this bamboo broom to stab it like a sword.

The front end of the bamboo broom burned.

The man in the splendid Chinese suit who rushed up wanted to use a sword to cut off the burning broom at the front end of the handle, but somehow, it was just like a strange time difference, which could not be touched.

The burning bamboo broom at the front stabbed him in the chest.

With a pop, the flame went out.

Many tiny bamboo branches that had been burned in half pierced his flesh and were flushed out by the blood and energy from his body.

The man in the splendid Chinese costume stood incredulously, the sword in his hand stretched forward in vain, but a few feet away from Xue Wangxu's body.

At the next moment, he bowed his head blankly, looking at the long handle of the bamboo broom resting on his chest. Then he lost all his strength and sat down on the ground.

Several others screamed and rushed up.

Xue Wangxu stood on the spot, but just reached out and stabbed a few more.

There was a spring of blood in the chest of these people, screaming and falling to the ground.

The broom handle is still a broom handle, just an ordinary long bamboo pole. However, because the small bamboo branches at the front end have been dispersed, the front end is stained with a layer of blood, and under the friction of flesh and bones, there has been more sharpness, so at this moment In Xue Wangxu's hands, this ordinary long bamboo pole is like a bamboo sword with a long outside.

The surroundings quickly calmed down.

Looking at the few practitioners who fell in the pool of blood during a simple thrust by Xue Wangxu, many of the nobles of Zhushan County who had already prepared to shoot also sat down pale again.

In these thorns of Fang Cai, Xue Wangxu didn't use any real elements at all.

He was just telling everyone in this way that even without using the true yuan, there is still a huge gap in understanding and strength of swordsmanship between practitioners in the seventh realm and ordinary practitioners and martial artists.

To kill the practitioners above the Seven Realms, a large number of troops must be used, or there are many practitioners in the Five Realms and Six Realms to fight against them.

According to Zhushan County, how many people are going to die if Xue Wangxu is left behind?

"I may die, everyone will die."

Xue Wangxu dropped the long bamboo pole with blood dripping at random, looked at Feng Qianzhuo surrounded by some people indifferently, and said, "But I can guarantee you will be killed before death."

Because of the pain and anger, Feng Qianzhuo shivered all over.

However, he began to soberly realize that Xue Wangxu was talking about facts. Only by counting the swords, he understood that his feelings in kendo were nothing compared with Xue Wangxu.

Without the famous sword of Bashan Sword Field, he would lose even more bleak.

"You deceive people too much!"

He didn't know how to answer, so he shouted angrily.

Xue Wangxu smiled faintly.

From the beginning, he had said to Feng Qianzhuo that he didn't speculate more than half a sentence. After all, he still had to rely on the sword to speak.

If the sword that penetrated the turbulent turbulent waves made him feel better, he might not say much after defeating Feng Qianzhuo.

So at this moment he didn't want to say anything at all, just turned to signal Ding Ning to follow him away.

Ding Ning turned and followed behind him.

But at the same time, he also said quietly: "What do we do to deceive people too much? From the beginning we just have to return to Yan Zhu, what rules are set by you. When you yell, We didn’t even say a word. Throughout the Great Qin dynasty, such a fair duel with conditions in advance did not know how many times a day, but like you Zhushan County, you lost and did not admit defeat, and wanted to kill us all. Here... there are few places in the Great Qin Dynasty. Do you feel ashamed?"

"And you seal your family."

After a slight pause, without turning around, Ding Ning, who walked through the crowd separated by the tide like Xue Wangxu, said quietly: "The things that could have been resolved by a fair duel before the temple fair, the result must be used. The queen’s picture came to intimidate, and finally lost the test, and wanted to incite the people of Zhushan County to try to kill a seven-sector practitioner. Even if your family can not admit this, but such things spread, you seal What do the family think of the adults in Changling? Do you think you have done a good job of closing the family?"

Hearing Ding Ning's calm and cold words, thinking carefully about the words in it, Feng Qianzhuo's body became colder and colder, and his heart became more and more frightened. Eventually, his clothes were all wet with cold sweat, watching the disappearance in sight With figures of Ding Ning and Xue Wangxu, he let out a desperate beast-like roar.

The crowd kept separating in front of Xue Wangxu, like the sea giving way to a passage.

"how do you feel?"

Ding Ning, who followed Xue Wangxu like a shadow, looked at the people of Zhushan County with complex expressions on both sides, and asked Xue Wangxu softly.

Xue Wangxu turned his head and looked at him, laughing like a child, saying, "It feels good."

Then he asked Ding Ning: "How are you feeling?"

Ding Ning seriously replied: "I feel good too."

Xue Wangxu said: "I don't mean that...I'm asking how you feel after swallowing Dingyan Zhu."

Feeling the pure medicine of Ding Yanzhu slowly released in his body, Ding Ning's expression became solemn.

In addition to leaving this skill, the legendary ghost emperor, no one knows the mystery of the nine-dead silkworm, and even if he has already practiced the nine-dead silkworm, some characteristics of this practice can only be followed by him. He was noticed one by one for his progress.

The moment he swallowed Ding Yanzhu, he found himself ignoring a fact.

It is not only those medicines that act directly on Zhenqi and Zhenyuan that can make him practice faster.

This kind of panacea that nourishes the flesh and nourishes the five internal organs can also make him practice faster.

Because the biggest weakness of Nine Dead Silkworm is excessive consumption of five qi in the body.

The speed at which Nine Dead Silkworm consumes five qi is extremely fast, but it is necessary to control the speed of spiritual practice only if the five organs cannot be exhausted too quickly.

The panacea that nourishes the internal organs and maintains health is equivalent to allowing the five organs to devour more of the five qi for cultivation.

In the simplest terms, the cultivation of the Nine Dead Silkworm can be faster, but his five internal organs are not strong enough to withstand faster speeds, so it is not necessary to directly act on the elixir of Zhenqi and Zhenyuan, as long as it can strengthen the five internal organs. The health medicine can also make him practice faster in the future.

This beauty bead not only made him feel like he was infused with a lot of new life at this moment, but for him, what was more important were some insights and reminders during his practice.

"It feels very good."

So he looked at Xue Wangxu very seriously and said, "You can win at least a few years."

Xue Wangxu didn't know Ding Ning's real thoughts at the moment, but he felt Ding Ning's sincere thanks, which made him more satisfied. He carried the few white beards and smiled with satisfaction: "That Just fine."

Looking at the satisfied smile on Xue Wangxu's side, Ding Ning's heart filled with countless grudges and killings was filled with a warmth.

He thought of Chang Sun Qianxue, the old lady in the fish market... he thought that apart from those two, he had never been with a person for such a long time in Changling.

Thinking of the gray-haired old man himself, he didn't have much time, so his heart became softer, and he softly proposed: "In this case, do you want to drink? Do you want to find a girl to accompany you?" "

Xue Wangxu Huo Ran turned his head, looked at him in disbelief, and cut off several beards: "What are you kidding?"