The Sword Dynasty

105 We Must Be Thankful

In the early morning, Ding Ning opened the door of the wine shop almost at ordinary times, and habitually walked out of the door with a large porcelain bowl, but just took a step, he thought of something, returned to the shop, and took another one Large bowl, and then go to the noodle shop that eats morning noodles on weekdays.

The eaves on both sides have begun to hang a small ice edge, but the side is too small to fit the table, so I just put a shed at the door to block the windproof cotton cloth.

The white water vapor circulated in the shed. Although it could not really drive off the cold, at least it made people look warm.

Ding Ning saw that Xue Wangxu was sitting in it from afar, he trot all the way, and when he saw that Xue Wangxu had no bowl in front of him, he couldn't help laughing.

"Boss, a bowl of red oil spicy noodles." Xue Wangxu also smiled, and then greeted loudly.

Ding Ning also asked for a bowl of identical noodles. After the noodles were filled, he came out with two bowls and handed a bowl to Xue Wangxu.

After eating their noodles with dullness, the two glanced at each other’s slightly sweating foreheads, and Ding Ning asked, “Where are you going to prepare so early today?”

Xue Wangxu thought for a while and said, "Today I will go to the Tiger and Wolf Army North Army Camp."

Ding Ning was silent for a moment and said, "Who are you looking for?"

Xue Wangxu said honestly: "General Liang Lian."

Ding Ning's brow twitched slightly.

His gaze fell unconsciously on the waist-end sword.

He more and more feels that this residual sword is like a thread in the Ming Ming, entangles more and more things with people.Or it’s like a magic spell... When this sword didn’t appear, it seemed that many things were very far away from you, even if you were always planning something, asking something, but after the sword appeared Many grievances are coming, and even seem to be unable to get rid of it.

Could it be that there is a will in heaven?

Isn't it too urgent, but the time has really come?

Xue Wangxu looked at him with a strange look and asked, "What's wrong?"

Ding Ning raised his head and asked softly, "Is the Queen meant? Did you listen to her last night?"

Xue Wangxu was slightly startled, and then he nodded.

"Because I am looking forward to your performance at the Minshan Swords Club, I also think that if you can really win the first place, it will be the real scenery. Originally, it’s not as important to live a few years or a few years, But for this...I have to hear what she means."

After a slight pause, Xue Wangxu continued gently: "Originally, she didn't want you to know that this was her arrangement. For me, I actually didn't want you to know that this was her arrangement, because she was right. Yes, if you have hatred for her and those in the Chaotang, it will not be a good thing for your future growth in Changling. But I also know that you are too smart, even if you don’t tell you, you Can guess."

Listening to these words, Ding Ning did not express any opinion on the queen, only saying: "No matter what reason she is dissatisfied with Liang Lian, if Liang Lian is just a six-sector practitioner, she would not have to spend such troubles."

"So Liang Lian must have reached the seventh level."

"You will die, she wants me to see how you die... she means, I still want you to make an excuse, to find a reason why you have to challenge Liang Lian, so even if I hate, I hate at most Liang Lian's body. It doesn't matter if the officials hate each other. After all, it's just the sword of the Great Qin Dynasty, all of which is His Majesty's private property, and they can also contain each other."

After saying this, Ding Ning was silent for a moment, and then said: "I know she is cold, but I did not expect her to be so cold."

Xue Wangxu has been listening quietly. Hearing this, he shook his head and said, "You are still too smart."

"When it comes to the understanding of Quanshu, it's not just the people in Zhushan County who are inferior to you, the vast majority of people in Changling are not as good as you. But if you are really smart, you should understand that you better pretend not to see these things. "

He looked at Ding Ning's eyes and increased his tone, admonishing him very seriously: "Even if you really have a hint of hatred towards her and Chao Tang in your heart, you must at least pretend not to."

"Because this at least shows an attitude of bowing and obeying." Ding Ning said in a cold voice: "Now she and His Majesty don't care if Daqin's practitioners have their own ideas, only that we sometimes disobey. "

"A powerful dynasty must abandon the interests and ideas of some people. After all, we are only a very small number of people. And to be honest, everyone in the Daqin dynasty lives and works in peace. His Majesty is indeed the most powerful and wise emperor in the history of Daqin." Xue Wangxu smiled slightly and said, "You can understand it, even if her idea is cold, but what we asked for at the beginning will be met after the Minshan Sword Society will be seen. From this point of view, we actually She should be grateful."

Ding Ning was silent.

Xue Wuxu saw through what he had in mind, and smiled, and said softly: "Actually, you should change your mind and really annoy an opponent who is simply unmatched, but this opponent still gives me choices, leaving me There is plenty of time. And I can guarantee that I will not spend this time in pain. Thinking this way, you will not feel that it is a particularly cruel thing that she wants you to watch me slowly die. And you at least Being able to see the duel above the real Seven Realms with your own eyes may have some effect on your future practice."

"You are right."

Ding Ning put away the two bowls, his face calmed down and said this.However, his heart was unusually cold. Slowly speaking, it was a pity that she was such an idea after all. It was a pity that without these things, I couldn't forgive her coldness after all.


The morning light is getting thicker, but the sky in Changling is getting hazy, because another wind and snow began to fall.

This time it was no longer Xiaoxue, but the kind of heavy snow falling.

Liang Lian walked on the martial arts field of the Tiger and Wolf Army.

His military boots stepped on the snow, making a creaky sound, and watching the other battlefield not far away, many formations were in line, and he was already satisfied with the meticulous rushing of the Tiger Wolf chariot.

But at this moment, he felt a strange breath.

This is a breath that is enough to attract the attention of any practitioner in Changling, and this breath involves the vitality of the world outside the camp, and the countless flying goose feathers and snow. Even between the world and the world, a flag is slowly raised.

Feeling the snow flag formed in the air, Liang Lian's brow furrowed deeply. Without hesitation, the ordnance steadily stepped over the snow and walked outside the camp.

As he walked, many practitioners in the camp also felt anomalies, and they all walked out of the camp tents and rushed towards the outside of the camp in shock.

In the wind and snow, a big butter paper umbrella floated slowly.

This umbrella is very large, and there are one big and one small figure under the umbrella.

The wind and snow fell on the shiny umbrella surface, not sticking, but floated upward.

In the air above the umbrella surface, there was a little refracting light, revealing the outline of a large flag.

Looking at Liang Lian who walked out of the camp door, the white-haired old man under the umbrella smiled calmly and said, "General Liang Lian, I want to challenge you."

Liang Lian silently looked at Xue Wangxu and Ding Ning under the umbrella. There was a little puzzlement in the cold and silent eyes. However, at this moment, he immediately understood many things.

All the snow and snow coming on the way separated him on both sides in awe.

His figure suddenly became clear in the sky and snow.

Then he stretched out his palm and clenched his fist against him.

All the practitioners who fled from the barracks stopped at the same time as they saw his gesture, without leaving the camp.

"it is good."

Then he watched Xue Wangxu nod and said indifferently: "I accept your challenge."

Ding Ning saw Liang Liang in the wind and snow.

He confirmed that Song Shenshu was right.

He didn't say anything, and the silence began to recede.

Liang Lian's eyes suddenly fell on Ding Ning. He seemed to remember something the same, and said blankly: "Your student, something interesting."

Xue Wangxu smiled slightly and said, "General Liang will need to cultivate in the future."

Liang Lian did not answer, and his eyes withdrew from Ding Ning.

Then his body seemed to start to swell, and there seemed to be an iron mountain standing at the gate of the barracks.

Xue Wangxu smiled and said, "Please have the general take over the sword."

At the moment when he said this sentence, many flying snowflakes in front of him were suddenly pulled by the countless heaven and earth energies flowing out of him, condensing into countless ice lines in the wind and snow.

Each of these ice lines is a rune.

Liang Lian's indifferent face suddenly became dignified.

He Huo Ran raised his head.

In the extremely high sky above, the looming flag suddenly changed, and numerous ice lines and turbulent snow currents instantly formed a huge snow sword.