The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 108

Nangong Shang's proud pupil had only the deepest horror left in his ordinary days. In the horror, he subconsciously wanted to shoot out the sword and spout all the real elements in his body.

The sword in the hands of the exceptionally beautiful woman was already formed at this time, revealing the true appearance completely.

The color of this sword is so deep that it is like the waters of countless deep seas and the deepest night. They are so deep that they can be seen at a glance, as if they will be sucked into the endless abyss.

There was also a look of anticipation and excitement in the unusually beautiful woman's cold face. She simply sent the sword forward.

The sword and Nangong Wound's body are more than ten feet apart. However, as this sword was sent out, countless clear blue ice sands had already fallen on Nangong Wound's body.

Nangong trembled with fear.

The cold air in the tiny ice sands directly retarded the flow of the true elements in his body.

True elements cannot flow.

How can he fight?

At this moment he finally understood why the other party could be fearless.

Because the legend about this sword is true.

Just being able to control this sword, you have the power of seven realms!

Looking at the sword closer and closer to him, he remembered more things.

He became even more shocked and unbelievable!

"You are the eldest lady of the Gongsun family!"

"How could you build this sword of Nine Nether Hades into a life sword!"

He exhausted his own strength and cried like a bullied child, and shouted these two words as if he had discovered a shocking secret.

The Nine Nether Hades Sword is a fierce sword left over from the former Youyou Dynasty.

The legend of this sword is made from the darkest jade in the abyss of the coldest polar region. It is the coldest thing in the world. In some myths and legends, the weapon made by the jade is not a weapon in the world, but a weapon in the world. Pluto and his weapon of the underworld.

For the practitioners, the cold is too heavy, which means it will damage the human body's five qi. So although this sword is one of the strongest swords in the world, it will be harmful to the practitioners for a long time, let alone have It may be a life sword.

However, this sword is totally unreasonable at present, and has been made into a sword of life!

But compared to this sword, what shocked and was difficult to understand Nangong injury was the identity of the beautiful woman opposite.

In Changling, there are almost no Gongsuns.

However, in the former Changling, before the emperor Yuanwu's iron-blooded reform, Gongsun was the No. 1 clan in Changling.

Nangong Shang was a former disciple of Bashan Jianchang, and the disciple in the gate was far higher than Feng Qianzhuo, and Bashan Jianchang and the "that person" who became taboo, the Emperor Yuanwu and the emperor, the two phases must make him completely In the history of the Great Qin Dynasty, whoever mentioned his name in Changling could be annihilated by the "that person", which itself was the strongest supporter and strongest backing of the reform.

Therefore, the Nangong injury is more aware of what happened that year than most officials in Changling, and it is more clear what way Emperor Yuanwu was following and took the current throne.


Listening to his cry, the extremely beautiful woman's face was suddenly cold, and the sword in her hand had already been put away, but the blue ice in the winter forest was a sudden attack, hitting on Nangong's wounded body, and issued a puff. sound.

Nangong's injured body suddenly formed a layer of blue ice shell, and the whole person could not move at once.

"Why are you killing me? Since you are the young lady of the Gongsun family, you should not kill me, why!" Feel the real killing intention of the other party, knowing that even the sword can't do the Nangong injury With all his strength, he squeezed out the voice from his throat and cried out.

It was because he was clear about the story that he was even more incomprehensible.

When the Emperor Yuanwu used the merchants to carry out the reform, he did not formally ascend the throne. In fact, he had firmly controlled the Chaotang. However, because the New Deal violated the interests of too many famous people, he still encountered unimaginably strong opposition.

This kind of powerful aristocratic gate war and Chaotang battle will not only threaten the throne of an emperor, but will even make a dynasty decline rapidly.

At that time, some powerful Wang clan had begun to borrow the power of some external dynasties to fight against the Emperor Yuanwu.

To the vast majority of people at that time, and even most of the officials loyal to Emperor Yuanwu in the court, this reform was completely impossible.

However, Emperor Yuanwu was really a great person, or "that person" and many people standing with "that person" were really amazing.

In such a situation, they did not hesitate at all, and took the most brutal and powerful means directly at the fastest speed.

Emperor Yuanwu took the surgery with the most powerful Gongsun.

On the grounds that the Gongsun clan drove horses and destroyed the farmland, he was severely punished in accordance with the new law, and he punished the few people. When the Gongsun clan rallied strongly, he used an army and countless practitioners overnight to remove the entire Gongsun clan from Changling was uprooted.

"That man" and the famous swords of the Bashan Sword Field are the real reasons why the Gongsuns cannot fight back.

The strongest practitioner of the Gongsun family died in the hand of that person that night.

That night was the night when Changling’s ownership was killed by a sword. In legend, only Gongsun’s young lady survived.

The lady was originally unhappy with her family and had been traveling abroad.

The Nine Nether Hades Sword was originally in the hands of Gongsun Clan. It is said that she took it away from Gongsun's house.

According to legend, the reason why the young lady of Gongsun's family is not very happy with her family is because she has some love with "that person".

The Gongsun family is a banner against reform, and how can it be possible to agree that she has an excessively close relationship with "that person".

But no matter how unpleasant, the home is still home.

The entire family was destroyed in the hands of "that man" and Emperor Yuanwu. The young lady of the Gongsun family should have an extreme hatred for "that man" and the Bashan sword field.

In the process of the Emperor Yuanwu's destruction of the Bashan Sword Field later, although he could be said to be a traitor from the Bashan Sword Field, the present stunning woman, if she is the eldest lady of the Gongsun family, should never hate him, let alone May kill him.

Because he helped in the process of helping the Emperor Yuanwu to destroy the Bashan Sword Field, he should be regarded as a part of the people who avenged the Gongsun family.

"Are you the old lady of Gongsun's family!"

"Nine Nether Hades sword is in your hands, are you the eldest lady of the Gongsun family!"

"When I killed the Gongsun family at Bashan Jianchang, I was just an unknown soldier at Bashan Jianchang. I was not even in Changling at that time, and I also contributed in the process of destroying Bashan Jianchang, so why did you kill me? , Why kill me!"

Because it was extremely difficult to understand, the Nangong injury was almost mad, and once again called out the sound.

"Not so much nonsense."

The exceptionally beautiful woman said coldly: "I want to kill you to sacrifice the sword, precisely because you contributed in the process of destroying the Bashan sword field."

Nangong injury certainly cannot be understood.

But waiting for him to speak again, the unusually beautiful woman went on to say: "How could it be clear that so many grudges in the old days. Emperor Yuanwu was also the culprit. You help him when he destroys the Bashan sword field He, is there any reason why I am grateful to you? What's more, I have to kill you and it has nothing to do with it... I want to kill you, because although I hate the people of Bashan Sword Field, I at least respect them, at least their way It has never changed, what they insist on doing has not changed...I want to kill you, just because you are a real villain. Just like they were walking down the road with them firmly, but suddenly the other way round The Emperor Yuanwu who stabbed them was like a real villain. What you did made me feel unfair and made me unhappy."

"I'm going to kill you, only because of unpleasant feelings in my heart." The unusually beautiful woman is cold and makes people feel very stubborn: "For many people who have crossed the seventh realm, where are the countless old grudges in the world that can be sorted out? Especially in places like Changling where countless grievances are entangled and unclear at all, I don’t ask about grievances, I just ask for pleasure."

Nangong, who was stiff and unable to move, looked at this unusually beautiful woman in a daze.

Can a person really do not care about enmity and hatred, but just be happy in his heart?

It’s because her own state is not enough, she doesn’t have enough experience, she can’t even ignore it, or because “the man” and many of the swords that walk side by side with him have been folded and no longer exist in this world, so this woman can not ask Enmity, just care about your heart?

He couldn't understand what the woman really thought, but he could be sure that the other person was more stubborn than anyone he had seen, and he could not sway.

So his eyes were full of pleading.

"I tell you the formula of Wuyangdan, please don't hurt my family." He squeezed out his voice and begged.

"I didn't want to kill the people in your family originally, but Ding Ning said that it could force you to speak out." Chang Sun Qianxue thought coldly, but there was no change in her appearance, just a cold appearance. , Nodded and agreed to Nangong's injury.