The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 119 A feast

For ordinary people in Changling, the most important thing in the New Year is to visit relatives and friends, especially some elders. It is even more necessary to move around and pray for a year to say auspicious words.

For the dignitaries in Changling, the new year is coming when the history book has turned a new page and has more meaning.

The emperor Yuanwu has entered the twelfth year, but all the nobles in Changling are very clear. Since the sixth year of the throne, the most powerful emperor in the history of the Great Qin Dynasty has rarely asked about political affairs, and It was a closed-door practice and asked with all his heart.

Even if most people are not sure of Emperor Yuanwu’s true cultivation, everyone is almost certain that the Eighth Realm is not a problem for him.

Therefore, the way he pursues is the ninth realm.

In these years, almost all of the internal and external rule of the Great Qin Dynasty was handed over to the two phases and the queen.

But this does not mean that he only cares about his spiritual practice and leaves it alone, just like Jian Tiansi, who returned from the first night in a heavy rain, and assassinated Zhao Zhe with a sword, made the owner of Changling feel that he has an invisible big hand. While controlling the entire Daqin dynasty, he also constantly reminded him of how expensive he was, and how he was crowned Dabao.

Since the sixth year of the throne, although the strongest emperor in the history of the great Qin dynasty has rarely seen a group of ministers, only two phases and queens can occasionally see him on weekdays, but at the beginning of each new year, he will first feast the group ministers Then, on the second day, he went to the rooftop to pray for blessings, and carried out some patriarchal affairs.

Ownership is very clear in your heart. The Holy Spirit must appear on these two days. It is necessary for all the nobles, including the people of the enemy dynasty, to see that he is still healthy and powerful, or more powerful.

So even for banquets that do not need to follow the number of ancestor ceremonies on the first day, the atmosphere is still extremely depressed.

In the Bohol Hall, the blue-grey floor tiles exude the gloss of the lake surface covered with water and grass.

Ownership is sitting before the case.

Ye Celen sat behind the front row of cases.

Among all the chiefs, she is the only woman, so she still looks very awkward.

Not far from her side, a fat man shaped like an iron tower squinted his eyes, exuding a breath of incomparable tyranny, it was the former Hengshan Xuhou who had a sword from her.

On the two sides closest to the Holy See, there are two phases. At this time, the two phases have not arrived. The queen and the future masters of the Great Qin Dynasty, several princes have already arrived.

The queen who stepped into the palace was now wearing the most beautiful phoenix queen dress of the Great Qin Dynasty, and it was even more dignified and dazzling.Ye Ce-Leng's eyelashes twitched slightly, not staying on her body, but fell on the body of the prince Fusu behind her.

Her eyes were bleak.

It can make her eyes pale, and naturally has a big abnormality.

Many dignitaries also saw the difference between Fusu and before, and felt the breath from him. Several dignitaries who could speak before the emperor could not help but speak out and congratulated him: "His Royal Highness Fusu is really talented. Extraordinarily, it is gratifying to have entered the fifth stage at this age."

Many officials who had not yet noticed were all taken aback.

Although you are a prince and a queen, you naturally have the strongest support on the way of spiritual practice, and the first few realms are relatively least time-consuming. However, at the age of Fusu, entering the four realms is normal, but entering the fifth realm, This is not only a thing that can be done with the resources of a country, it has a great relationship with his own talents and acquired teachings.

The qualifications and teachings of An Baoshi, Jing Liuli and others may be stronger than Fusu, but they do not have such strong support, so many officials at this time even thought in their hearts that, in time, the future Great Qin Emperor, I am afraid It is still the strongest practitioner of Daqin.

The queen smiled slightly, and she was naturally satisfied.

However, at this time, a maid behind Fusu said: "Your Highness Fusu was three years old and she could understand the sword scriptures and the books related to spiritual practice. Since the Great Qin Dynasty, only one person has been the same as His Royal Highness, His Highness Fusu will naturally be a practitioner in the future."

Many maidens are very close to the queen and the prince. Even if they speak on such occasions, no one will feel that it is too out of courtesy, especially the Holy Spirit and the two phases have not been present, especially the digital dignitaries have spoken out, and the atmosphere is slightly relaxed, but she Some words in the words, like thunder, like the coldest sword, shocked everyone instantly, shocked many people, and scared many people instantly.

Even Ye Celen looked pale.

Even Hengshan Xuhoudu vest was slightly sweaty.

Many people even stopped breathing at this moment, with extremely cold sweat beads on their foreheads.

At this moment, the air in the whole hall seemed to freeze completely, falling into absolute silence.

Everyone's eyes were unbelievably concentrated on the lady.

It takes so much courage and madness to dare to say such a big deal!

It was at this time that a majestic singing came from the road outside the palace.

This means that the two phases and the Holy Spirit are not far from this temple.

Taking the cultivation of the holy as... loud words at such a distance, it is impossible to hear clearly.

Many people look instantly white.

They looked at the beautiful maiden and began to understand that these words contained deep meaning, which was definitely not inadvertently lost.

Although what the lady said was true, since Daqin's history, there is indeed only one person who, like Fusu, can understand the sword scriptures at the age of three, but all the history books about that person have been burned down before the Emperor Yuanwu ascended the throne!

The most important thing is that many dignitaries know... His Majesty the Queen, the most honorable hostess of Daqin, has had some stories with the man before that they have not been cleaned up yet.

The man was three years old Wu Jian Jing, Fusu is also three years old Wu Jian Jing.

What kind of reverie will this cause?

Although the words that praised and praised Fusu on the bright side fell in this expensive ear, they were more vicious and cold than any other words.

A young man with an extremely modest face shivered.

He was sitting not far from the side of Ye Ce's cold body, in a very high position. It was Huang Zhenwei, the head of the patriarchal division.

At this moment he looked at the dignified and beautiful maid, his face unbearable, and he wanted to speak, but even he did not dare to speak after all.

Fusu, who smiled brightly between the numbers of interest, also clearly felt the sharp change of atmosphere.

He just didn't understand why.

Because before he could understand the Jian Jing, all the history books had been burned down and rewritten. Before he was born, no one dared to say that person's name.

He looked at the beautiful lady behind him inexplicably shocked, then turned to look at his mother like help.

The queen's face was still flawless and beautiful, but her eyes were gradually cold.

Even Fusu, let Buddha see a horrible cold sword drawn from the bottomless ice deep pool, both eyes felt tingling, and there was an unprecedented cold fear in his heart.

Some officials behind were terrified and shuddered.

She slowly turned her body, looked at the beautiful beauty lady who seemed to have some unknown reasons, and said: "No matter who is standing behind you, do you think you can change anything by doing this?"

There was silence in the Hall of Protection.

She looked at the maiden, shook her head, and said, "Nothing can be changed."

The beautiful lady said apologetically, "Sorry."

Then she said in a very low voice: "Just say these words."

Not waiting for the queen to speak again.

The beautiful maidservant smiled bleakly and said, "Sinister-in-law!"

With a puff, she didn't see any extra movement, but a sip of blood poured out of her mouth.

Fu Su stared dumbfounded at the picture, and he felt that the maid had completely lost her vitality when she said that sentence.

Especially he was right in front of the maiden, watching the spitting blood before the maiden's death would be sprayed on his clothes.

However, at this time, an inexplicable force appeared in the temple.

A sudden flow of heaven and earth from the entrance of the palace enveloped the heaven and earth of the court ladies.

Time is like a complete stagnation.

The blood and the maid's body were at an absolute pause.

Then in the next moment, the blood and the maid's body... All clothes, flesh and blood, were destroyed by this force into countless fine dust in one breath.

Because the dust is too small, and because this instant change is too unreal, everyone at this moment does not even feel the slightest blood.

Until all the dust disappeared, the wind turned by the lost vitality of heaven and earth was blown to the sky, and it was scattered somewhere between heaven and earth, and the talents in the temple began to be occupied by various emotions.

Ye Ce froze her head, no longer looking elsewhere, only looking at the food case in front of her.

A figure wearing a dragon robe appeared at the hall entrance.

Behind him, there are two majestic figures with a breath like a high mountain, the two phases of Daqin.

Compared with him, it seemed to be very short, just like the steps under his feet.

This emperor of the Great Qin Dynasty is the most powerful in history, and the most beloved by his subjects at the moment, with a very confident and powerful expression on his face, which is completely unlike the night of facing the queen alone.

"Free courtesy."

Faced with all the dignitaries, he smiled slightly. It seemed that the horror state he had just shown had nothing to do with him, and nothing seemed to happen.

The maidservant, like everything he erased, never seemed to appear in this temple.

The indifference in the queen's eyes has long since disappeared.

A perfect smile appeared on her perfect face.

So, as in previous years, the Holy Seat sits on the table, and there are not many red tapes toast and toast.

A feast where the emperor met with each other, and the Great Qin Dynasty steadily moved forward.