The Sword Dynasty

120 Fate's Key

Ding Ning and Shen Yi walked side by side.

In front of them, many sheds are stacked on top of each other, which is already a fish market.

"Actually, I can't see anything when I visit the fish market." Ding Ning turned to look at Shen Yi, saying nothing, "Even if it's an underground business, there are very few openings in the New Year."

Shen Yi said: "It's okay, there are quiet scenery, lively scenery."

Ding Ning turned his head a bit strangely, looked at the Guanzhong teenager, and said, "It seems that it shouldn't be what someone of your character says."

Shen Yi laughed and said: "Brother really discerns the truth. This is indeed not what I said, it is a famous saying by my uncle. There are a few sentences next. I really want to see the scenery, not just in the quiet time. , When it is busy, it is necessary to divide the four seasons, really want to see a friend, not only when you are proud, but also when you are disappointed, when you are down, when you are in crisis."

It can be said that it is a "famous quote", and the person who speaks must be extremely famous, so Ding Ning, who has already entered the fish market, asked: "Who is your uncle?"

Shen Yi said, "My uncle is Shen Huai."

Ding Ning Weizheng: "One of Guanzhong's five swords?"

Shen Yi nodded.

Ding Ning glanced at him, "I didn't expect him to be your uncle, so why don't you ask him to learn swords?"

There are many swordsmen in the 800-mile Pingchuan of Guanzhong, and it can be considered as one of the most powerful swords with five handles.

Shen Yi murmured in shame: "My sword itself was taught by him."

Ding Ning was stunned and said, "Sorry."

Shen Yi shook his head and said, "The same sword scripture creates different practitioners. My uncle told me that the key to practicing is still the path of personal choice."

Ding Ning nodded and said, "He is right. Sometimes his vision determines the height."

"I should have come to Changling early, otherwise how could I think that there is such a unique place in the world." Shen Yi has already followed Ding Ning into the fish market. He looked at the streets and lanes immersed in the ghost field, and looked vaguely in the dark About a ghost-like lantern, he asked softly and curiously: "There are really things in it, including some forbidden things. Can I even buy them?"

Ding Ning glanced at him and said, "You can buy it, but you must pass through some middlemen."

Knowing that there must be many ways, Shen Yi asked more curiously: "Can you participate in some underground auctions on the ground?"

"Of course." Ding Ning said: "But you have to get the trust of those middlemen. As a child of Guanzhong Jufu, you want to participate. There should be no problems. Just when you really want to buy something, you still need the middleman. Bid. Otherwise, many people know who will eventually fall into the hands of others, but it will bring disaster."

Shen Yi said sincerely: "If you have a chance, you really want to see it, maybe there will be something that works."

The lamb shop in the west corner is selling lamb outside, but inside it is a human trafficker, selling children who are not in a remote place or even brought back.The tailor shop on the east side specializes in the Shang business of the Da Chu Dynasty.In the three hanging-legs near the bottom pond, there are overseas thieves' settlements.If you want to participate in underground auctions with various types of practitioners, you should find Xue Mazi selling tung oil, or the old Zhoutou selling salted fish.

Ding Ning led Shen Yi to the deepest part of the fish market and the bottom of the fish market. At the same time, he slowly explained to him the many ways in the fish market.

Shen Yi heard it more and more with interest, but failed to notice that Ding Ning's speech became slower and slower.

"No matter what you say to me below, there should never be any obvious change in expression, just listen to me chatting with you, and don't be found to have any abnormalities." Suddenly, words like Ding Ning passed into his ears Profile.

Because of the slow speech rate, Shen Yi already had enough reaction time. He felt a shock in his heart, but he controlled his emotions very well and asked softly, "How?"

Today, Ding Ning came to the fish market just to pay a visit to the lonely old woman and accompany her to talk, but just now, he has felt a strange and dangerous atmosphere.

"If someone wants to assassinate me and dare to do it in the fish market, it is the real desperate, so this matter involves you all." Ding Ning said calmly and slowly: "Although I don't know if it is Who, but my life and yours are now in your hands, so you must carefully listen to and remember every sentence of my next, and you cannot make any mistakes."

Looking at the unusually calm streets and surroundings, Shen Yi felt no more and more shocked, but the dignity contained in Ding Ning's calm words made him sure that this was not a joke.

"You said, I will do it." He nodded and said softly.

Ding Ning lowered his voice slightly, lowered his head slightly, and even his lips were hidden in the shadows: "Wait a minute, I will take you through several shops, the owners of those shops are not ordinary people, and they are all the owners of this fish market underground. It’s okay. I just don’t know which of those stores is open now, and you will enter which one you will wait for when you open it. After you walk in, you will start to count the time, and after fifty interest, you will use the fastest speed Tell the owner of the shop that someone is about to kill someone in the fish market, and the place is at the Kanganyou Pier.

Shen Yi naturally didn't understand why Ding Ning asked him to calculate the time, but he still memorized every word carefully, and at the same time repeated it very softly: "Enter the shop, time, fifty breath, ask for help, and see the worry wharf."

Ding Ning nodded calmly and said, "It's good to remember, then what I said to you is ordinary chat."

Shen Yi glanced at him and said, "I understand."


Ding Ning continued to lead the way and walked towards the Diaojiaolou where the old woman was.

He also continued to talk about the ways in this fish market, but his heart was full of unspeakable anger and cold emotions.

As he and his elder Sun Qingxue said, he didn’t want to involve the business lady again because of some old things, and didn’t want to use any of her power. However, today is just an ordinary visit to the elderly. In such a new year, Someone forced him to borrow the power of the fish market.

Who is it?

His heart became more and more cold and angry, but his thoughts became more and more active, and he considered more and more successors.

Most of the ponds in the lowest part of the fish market are covered by the roof of the shack, so there is not much snow falling. At this time, only two knuckles of ice are formed on the water.

Ding Ning's calm eyes burst into two deep flames suddenly, and his eyes fell on the waist-end remaining flower sword again.

It was already near the shops that he and Shen Yi said.

At that moment, only one of the shops was open, and there was fire and people in it.

Ding Ning knew that the owner of the shop was in the arms business, and there were many good swords in his hanging building.

Li Daoji's last sword of the last flower was bought there.

People who had nothing to do with it were all related to this remnant sword, so it was really like a fate involving countless grudges. This remnant sword seemed like a key to open fate. Dust is here, has waited for him for many years.

"That shop sells swords. There is no need for an intermediary to go in alone. The owner of the shop has many good swords that are not as good as many places of practice in Changling. You can take a look and wait for me here. I Come here after the New Year and meet you here." Ding Ning nodded at the shop and looked up at Shen Yi calmly.

Of course, Shen Yi understands that Ding Ning's words are just "chat words". Of course, he can't wait for Ding Ning to come back here to meet with him, so he nodded slightly and said, "Well, since I only opened this one, I will go shopping. This is it."

Ding Ning smiled slightly and left Shen Yi to move on.

Shen Yi looked at him with a little more respect in his eyes. It was so bad that he could still show such a smile in such a critical time.


Ding Ning's brows were slightly imperceptible, and the worry wharf in front of him was located under the hanging houses with dry firewood. There were no shops nearby, and his sight was concealed. It was the best assassination on this route. If the location changes, if he wants to assassinate someone, he will choose to do it there.

At that moment, the smells he felt were all moving towards that place, which shows that these people did come to deal with themselves rather than Shen Yi.

He took a deep breath, and the countless "silkworms" in his body also woke up with his breath, and surging silently in his body.

Shen Yi was as calm as possible, but after pushing the door into the shop, his breath became uncontrollable and became a little hurried.


The man with the hair on the couch in the interior seemed to instantly feel the strangeness of Shen Yi, and gave a soft hum.

Shen Yi thought of Ding Ning's warning and thought that he could not have a problem early, so he immediately took a deep breath and began to count the time in his heart. At the same time, he said: "I come from the Shen family in Guanzhong, and I heard that you have many good swords here."

The man in the hair who couldn't see his face in the dark gave him a cold look, but said nothing, his body moved back.

As the blanket draped over him uncovered, while exposing the black sword box below, Shen Yi also saw that he had no feet.

His feet are broken at his knees!

Seeing such a picture, Shen Yi could no longer control his emotions, and he exclaimed with a low voice involuntarily: "Your legs and feet are inconvenient. How can this be good!"

There is nothing to do with the sale of swords without feet. Shen Yi's exclaimation is also very abrupt at this time, but the man with the hair flashed his eyes sharply, but lowered his voice. Shen Jing said: "Something happened?"