The Sword Dynasty

121 Flying Sword in the Fish Market

Ding Ning still walked quietly, he had already reached the worry wharf as mentioned before.

This is underneath a number of stilts that are stacked with dry firewood. These stilts are slightly higher than other stilts in the water. Because the storehouse is relatively heavy, the wooden columns used for support are more than ordinary stilts. It needs to be more. Some of the wooden pillars stand very casually and skewed. In addition, the wooden pallet below is used as a pier. There are many floating buckets and small black tent boats on both sides. The cables are tied to these wooden pillars. Implicated, dangling rope loops naturally remind people of hanging ghosts.

His footsteps may seem random, but in fact he controls the time accurately.

This is a fish market. There are inherently hidden real masters who do not allow outsiders to come here, so if he wants to kill him here, he has a natural advantage.

The reason to set a time with Shen Yi is because he wants to give the enemy hands-on opportunities, but he must ensure that those who can control the situation can arrive in time.

If he wants to kill his enemies, he will have to solve them at once, otherwise there will be many unspeakable dangers in the future, and he thinks more far-reaching than ordinary people. What kind of person is it, but it may be possible to use them to achieve his other purpose.


The water surface has been frozen, because the water here is dirty black water on weekdays, so the ice surface is also dark black, which further enhances the name of this pier.

The pallet, which was not very strong, was firmly frozen on the ice, so it walked more stable than usual.

The surrounding awning boats and round floating barrels were also frozen to a halt, even the long and short ice edges were hanging on those cables.

Everything is so dead, there is no figure in sight at all.

However, Ding Ning knew that the one who was closest to him at the moment was in a Wu Teng boat a few feet to the left.

The breath of this practitioner is extremely weak, and his breathing is controlled very smoothly. He took a short breath for a long time.

Even if Ding Ning was so close, the practitioner's breathing frequency did not change at all.

In fact, in addition to this practitioner, there are two other practitioners who are far away, and those who have overtaken him, have not been able to perceive any breath that belongs to the practitioner.

He just smelled it.

This is the unique feature of slashing the corpses of the three corpses.

Although the perception of true qi, true yuan, and heaven and earth is not as good as the nine dead silkworms, but for some subtle sounds, the perception of odor, etc., it is beyond the reach of other methods to cut the three corpses without the soul.

From the two practitioners who had secretly followed him, and those who were close to him at the moment, he smelled a slightly fishy smell, but it felt a bit sweet and greasy.

This is the scent of the snake disk flower, which is not new to Ding Ning.

The sap of the snake plate flower is naturally highly toxic, and it is almost impossible for practitioners under the five realms to force the poison out by virtue of cultivation practice. For practitioners under the three realms, it can be said that blood throats are seen.

But feeding poison on the sword's blade is extremely shameful to the atmosphere of Changling. Even in the entire Daqin, only the raiders in the Jiaodong County area will smear such a drama on their swords. poison.

People with such swordsmanship can only come to kill people, not to talk to themselves about something.

Listening to the slight breathing sound that occasionally sounded, Ding Ning's footsteps still did not stop, and the expression on his face remained unchanged.

He didn't even look at the boat embedded in the ice.

Suddenly, his right hand had already grasped the handle of the end sword of Mahua, and the speed was extremely amazing. He dragged several sword paths in the air.

A simple white sword symbol instantly formed and disappeared.

In a piece of hoarfrost, several ice edges rushed on the black tent instantly, and in this quiet space, a piercing tear sounded.

The cultivator in Wupeng was ready to take a blow at the next breath. He didn't expect his track to be exposed at all, nor did he expect Ding Ning to be unreasonable.

Under the extreme shock, the sharp edge of the ice edge has penetrated under the black tent, and the true element hidden in the black cultivator pours out without reservation. In a small space, it is too late to perform anything. With sword power, he reached out and slapped it on the rear surface. A more severe cracking sound had not yet been heard. His entire person had swept out in a weird posture like a big black injured bird.

This is a practitioner with short beards, his lips are somewhat wide, and his eyes are as sharp as an eagle, and he is not masked at all.

His reaction was not unpleasant, but what shocked his face instantly was that only when his body had just detached from the broken face, could he still think about the way he would fight back in the future. Jian Guang, which is surrounded by countless white flowers, has been slammed into his waist!

The wine shop boy he thought could be killed instantly without even covering up his face, even though his reaction was accurate, he had swept to the back of Wu Peng without stopping.The other person's thin body stretched to the limit. In a posture that seemed to be bent and attached to the black tent, the body was obliquely penetrated into his waist and the depth of his internal organs!

The short-bearded black cultivator heard a crackling sound like an inflatable sheepskin raft inside his body.

The severe pain made his body bounce back like a shrimp.

He felt that the power in his body was passing rapidly, but the black short sword with a sweet smell in his right hand was still raised, and he wanted to give Ding Ning a fatal blow before he died.

However, at this moment, there was another sharp tingling on his neck, and a downward impact force caused him to fall backwards without completing a forward stab.

There was a mumble.

He felt like a piece of meat in the butcher's hands and was severely patted on the chopping board.

When his back collided with the icy black ice surface, he only heard the squealing noises on his neck, followed by countless finer squealing noises from the surrounding ice surface.

He only reacted. Ding Ning's movement did not stay at all. When he bowed in pain, the sword in the opponent's hand had been pulled away from his waist, and then quickly punctured his neck.

At this time, the hot blood was sprayed from his neck, and countless blood beads splashed on the icy ice, burning a small hole in the ice.

How can it be!

Obviously a city boy without a battle front, how to kill people seems to be more cruel and skilled than himself!

He first felt inexplicably shocked and incredible.

Then I felt fear.

He just opened his mouth, but he couldn't even make any sound.

His last feeling was that hot blood came from his throat, instantly filling the gap in his mouth and pouring out of his lips.


This black cultivator, like a black fish just slaughtered, lay twisted on the ice.

The scarlet blood spreading across the ice in shock, and quickly penetrated again.

Ding Ning, who assassinated the black cultivator with two swords, had a surprisingly calm face. He stood firm on the blood-stained ice, stood up straight, and turned to look.

A green-robed cultivator and a cultivator wearing a dark red Tuanhua Jinpao already appeared on the ice not far away.

The two practitioners were also not masked.

Qingpao practitioners have short hair, forty-year-old appearance, a little sparse eyebrows, and some peculiar brown eyes.

The practitioner of the dark red brocade has a round face, a short and round figure, and it is not much different from the many rich and fat businessmen in Changling, except that the squinting eyes are full of serpents that are like snakes. look.

"Although I don't know who asked you to kill me, you are too arrogant to kill here."

Feeling the strong breath that the two began to radiate at the moment, Ding Ning still did not feel the slightest tension, but instead said with a sympathetic tone, "This is a fish market, do you think this is a cat or a dog, you can take a walk?" Where did you leave easily?"

Hearing Ding Ning's voice, the Qingpao short-haired practitioner was expressionless, but the round-fat merchant-like practitioner shook his head and learned his words: "Although I don't know how you noticed us, I found that I still Dare to lead us to take action, even if this is a fish market, we still have time to kill you and leave."

Just as his voice sounded, a thin, dull, thin sword had fallen against a wooden post behind Ding Ning, and then flew towards Ding Ning's neck.

This is the realm of the five realms, flying swords without any warning.

It was just that Ding Ning had clearly smelled the smell of this flying sword, but at this time he was motionless, and he had no plans to cut the flying sword with a sword.


The two practitioners felt the same at the same time, and their pupils contracted sharply.

The chubby businessman looks like a cold from under the feet of his feet, and there is a great fear in his heart. His true element surges out from under his feet, and his hands are scratching, as if to grasp something at this moment.

However, he and the practitioners beside him had found it too late to change anything at all.

There was a crackling noise, a crack appeared on the black ice surface under his feet, and the fountain spewed some ice and water vapor.

A little red sword pierced through the bottom of his right foot, and then there was a blood spring and broken pieces hanging like a strange snake, flying out of his head!

The fat-round merchant-like practitioner glared at his eyes, and he fell back deeply, until now, he failed to find out who issued this sword.

His thin flying sword was out of control, fluttering and flying, slipping a few feet from Ding Ning's side, slantingly cut into a wooden post, and oscillating slightly, he was motionless like a dead dragonfly.