The Sword Dynasty

123 The Secret of the Lonely Mountain

Mo Qinggong looked at the many files piled up in front of him with a sullen face. Because of his long-term reference, his eyes interfered a little, so he took out a small colored glass vial and put a few drops of clear liquid in his eyes.

Although it is New Year but not busy, the lady named Li Wanzhu has been in the palace for more than ten years, everything is normal on weekdays, and no clues can be found now, but the ones she said at the feast Extraordinarily chilling disgusting words, the Holy Sovereign and the Queen can be regarded as no longer exist, but their gods can not be regarded as non-existent.

"It has been dead for so many years, and it has disappeared for so many years. Are you still not giving up, and what else do the people come out to do?"

Mo Qinggong rubbed his eyes and said to himself, soft but extremely harsh words echoed in the gray room.

Although the God Capital has something to do and Changling has never been stable, but since last year, the undercurrents in the dark ground of Changling have never been more turbulent.

Ye Ce-Leng returned from overseas, Zhao was killed, Zhao Jianlu's Great Inversion, Yunshui Palace's Great Inversion were unprecedented activities around Changling, Xu Si first went to sea, Song Qingshu, the death of Nangong injury, the reappearance of the Nine Nether Hades sword The intriguing imagination of the sandy projection of the palace lady... All of this seems to have nothing to do with it, but Mo Qinggong understands that it all starts from the reappearance of the nine dead silkworms.

That person has been dead for so many years, just a faint successor... many people's hearts have already begun to move.

In his view, for the great and powerful Qin dynasty at the moment, these people's hearts and minds can only cause some unwarranted destruction, which is meaningless.

At this moment, his deputy, who took over the young official who took the place of Qin Huaishu, knocked on the door and walked in quickly.

"Mr. Mo, Wang Taixu sent a cultivator to come over." Compared with before, this young official has also become much older. After a quick gift, there is no nonsense that said: "It was an assassination attempt in the fish market Ding Ning’s practitioners have five realms. At the same time, there are two other practitioners present, one with four realms and one with five realms. The two have been killed, but their bodies are still available for inspection."


Mo Qinggong Huo Ran stood up: "Send that man to the big floating water cell!"

"No! Notify the chief!"

But he immediately changed his mouth again: "I personally escorted the man to the big floating prison!"

"You are doing well."

Immediately afterwards, he said this to the young superintendent.

Two five realms, one four realms, the fish market assassinated Ding Ning, two dead and one injured, leaving a live mouth of the five realms.

The young superintendent of the youth has indeed given out all the information he needed to know in the first place.

Xue Wangxu and Liang Lian battled, even the Master of the Divine Emperor had a sword from Ling Yun to save Xue Wangxu.At least all real dignitaries with knowledge will know that this is what the Queen meant.

Only the real desperate people, and only the foreign desperate people, will know the power of the fish market, but they have ignored the power of the fish market and dare to do it in the fish market.

And those who can invite three such desperates to assassinate Ding Ning at the same time are definitely real nobles!

Now this live mouth will be an extremely important breakthrough.

Compared with normal people, practitioners have many unique means that can let them die quickly, and can also make them feel no pain. However, there are many ways for the big floating water prison to allow practitioners to open their mouths, and they can also ensure that this name is not live. Will be silenced.

The key is to ensure that this live port can be safely delivered to the big floating water cell.

Hearing Mo Qinggong’s approval, the young god official was pleasantly surprised, but still kept quiet, and said quickly: "Wang Taixu said, he will fully cooperate with Master Mo to send this person into the two floors. Water cell."

Hearing this sentence, Mo Qinggong felt slightly relaxed.



For Changling, today is destined to be extraordinary.

It is undeniable that some people’s footprints are enough to influence the history books of future generations.

There are many waste gardens in the west of Changling City.

There used to be many ancestral families, but after some bloody killings in the early years of Yuanwu, it was rarely visited here.Most of them have been rewarded out, but it may feel that too many people have died, and the relationship is too strong, so most places are still deserted.

In this barren garden, there is a small temple dedicated to the city god. There are not many incenses on weekdays. I just think that such a temple will appear to be more stable. Therefore, some nobles have added some silver to keep this small temple.

Before and after the small temple is only counted in, and even just like the farmyard, just set up a bamboo fence wall.

Weeds were originally overgrown, and it was midwinter again at this time.

Fan Zhuo, who was tall and full of the peculiar and unruly atmosphere unique to the Great Adversity, was standing in front of this small temple at this moment, and beside him stood a young man in a white fox fur coat, Jianmei starry eyes, beautiful appearance, fair complexion like fat, looks like a delicate and gentle brother from a rich family, but his body exudes an arrogant atmosphere that even Fan Zhuo can't compare with.

This kind of arrogance is not like the hypocrisy of many famous children, but the kind of sword that has been cultivated in the cold lake for ten years. Once the dragon was cut, the country broke down, the mountain food was exposed, and the lead was washed out. breath.

He is naturally Bai Shanshui.

After singing his sword and killing Changling, his prestige even loomed above Zhao Jianlu and Zhao Yi.

The temple door with peeling paint is false and the threshold is not high, but the eyes of Bai Shanshui are full of real emotion at this time.

He reached out and pushed open the temple door.

In the corner of the central hall, there is an old temple blessing, where a simple stove built with stones is cooking.

At the moment when he saw this old temple wish, Bai Shanshui sighed: "Everyone in the world is guessing why I must come to Changling and stop at Changling, but I don't know, just for Mr. Zhuang. , A lot of hardships, and spent countless hours, but did not expect Mr. Zhuang to be hidden in this small temple."

The old temple wished to turn around, a long face covered with knife-like wrinkles, but a pair of eyebrows were dark black, and his eyes seemed to flow slowly, and his body seemed to slowly release an inexplicable temperament.

His yellow eyes became extremely deep, and he seemed to be able to see all the streets of Changling at a glance. Every wrinkle on his face seemed to release the wind and frost of countless years.

"really not easy."

This old temple wished no hypocrisy, sincerely said: "You are the real body of gold, and if you die, the last spirit of Dawei in the old days disappeared and took such a big risk to find me, You really got the secret secret of the Gushan sword, and that secret secret of the Gushan is related to me?

Bai Shanshui smiled slightly and said with emotion: "It's not only about the gentleman, this lonely mountain sword is in Changling."

The elderly temple wished not only experienced many winds and rains, but he was still surprised when he heard this sentence.

"Hope you can help me."

Bai Shanshui bowed deeply and prayed to the old temple. He said, "Don't dare to think about it, but this is the only hope that will not allow many Wei people to be displaced and have no place to sleep.

When he waited for such a deep worship, he carried the heavy mountain and river breath of a country.

Nianmiao Miao Zhu took a deep breath and straightened his body, without direct commitment, but his eyes narrowed: "What kind of thing are you getting?"

Bai Shanshui also straightened up, no longer saying much, took out something from his sleeve, and handed it to the elderly temple wish.

The twin pupils of the old temple wished to shrink suddenly, and there was an instant storm in his heart.

Lying in the palms of the Bai Shanshui at this moment is a piece of black gold jade.

This piece of jade is not complete, missing several angles, and there are many lines on the surface that seem to be engraved randomly. However, at the moment, in the eyes of this old temple, these lines all floated from the jade and are in the air. Endless extensions, like mountains and rivers, float out.

There is no text on the jade symbol, and there are no marks related to Gushan Jianzang, but this old temple wishes to know that this represents Gushan Jianzang!

Because he had seen such a jade symbol...or rather, what he had seen was one of the missing pieces on this jade symbol!

"It seems that all the effort is worth it."

Although Nianmiao Miaozhu didn’t say anything at the moment, just from his expression, Bai Shanshui could have determined many things. He sighed and said, "I vaguely see this jade on the line and the topography of Changling Relevant, but talent is not enough to fully comprehend the mystery. Sir, you have learned the fragments of this jade symbol together with that person, and successfully found some relics of the sword trestle of Gushan Mountain help me."

"The facts are not as good as the outside world." Nianmiao Miaozhu withdrew his eyes from Yufu, took a deep breath, and said slowly as he watched the Baishan River.

Bai Shanshui's body shook slightly.

"The jade rune that appeared in the past was actually in the pavilion of the patriarchal clan before. When I was the head of the patriarchal clan in the past, I didn't know that this jade rune was a map of Gushan Jianzang, but I thought it was extremely special. The place seems to conceal the terrain of Changling, but it is impenetrable.” Nian Lao Miao Zhu slowly said: “I asked him to participate in the understanding, and then we found out that the lines on this jade rune were not from the Changling area. The topography is the trend of many special heavens and earth in the world around Changling."

Bai Shanshui took a deep breath and said softly: "Where is the world's vitality going?"

Nian Lao Miao Zhu nodded and said: "The map of the Sword Mountain of Gushan is not marked by the terrain, but by the many flowing lines of heaven and earth to show where the relic is. Perhaps the person who left this map in the past is People who feel that if they have insufficient realm and insufficient insight, they are simply not worthy of getting anything hidden in the Gushan sword."

Bai Shanshui was silent for a moment, raised his head, looked at the world of Changling in the distance, and sighed, "So, I must still stay in this disgusting Changling?"