The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 127 Opportunity and Followers

There is an old bookstore in the eastern suburbs of Changling, under the jurisdiction of Bingmasi. Most of the books in it are maps and hydrographic books. Generally, there are no people on weekdays. Only some of the trenches are dredged. Some officials I will check some maps to avoid making mistakes or clogging some culverts that are only used to prevent waterlogging.

The sky was getting dark, but a burly man was sitting in the hall of the old building with a burly man. He placed a charcoal stove directly in front of him, burned a pot of goat soup, and took a wine gourd. Drink by yourself, the cup is dripping with water, completely unpretentious.

The wind was involved and the charcoal fire was dim.

A master in a black shirt appeared extremely gloomy at the door and shouted with extreme coldness: "Fan Zhuo, you should understand how much risk my general is taking if you are in Changling's unmanned territory." What kind of person are you looking for, so arrogant and ignorant to kill in the fish market! What the hell do you want to do!"

Suddenly I saw this always-cold black-shirt master so anxious, the burly man stunned slightly, but when he heard such a cry, his face suddenly sank, his murderous moment from his fierceness without reason The eyes filled out and smiled heavily: "Qi splashing ink, you are also a character who was born and died with Liang Lian, and climbed out of the dead, but he was in a hurry, but he couldn't even understand his identity and our identity. Who do we think we are? At this moment I am sitting here, my house owner is reading the scriptures upstairs, you dare to be so rude, and yelling, if you disturb him, do you think I dare not kill you with a sword? "

This brutal and unspeakable man is Fan Zhuo, one of the great inverses of the Yunshui Palace. The palace master in his mouth is naturally Bai Shanshui.

Qi Pomo was already very angry, but he was swept away by Fan Zhuo's violent gaze, and when he heard the word "Palace Master", he felt a chill in his heart, and he immediately thought clearly that the other party was wantonly, and there was no unrestrained existence.

The magical power of the characters Bai Shanshui instantly squeezed a layer of cold sweat from his vest.

He took a deep breath and said, "I didn't expect the White House Lord to be here, it was too rude, but you were entrusted by others, so naturally you should be loyal. Now your assassination is unsuccessful, but you have left a live mouth and fell on it. God is in prison, so I don’t know what the consequences are."

"Actually missed?"

Fan Zhuo narrowed his murderousness and gave him a cold look. Only then did he really consider Master’s words: "Death naturally has the capital of death. Those three are real poisonous snakes, not the arrogant and ignorant waste in your mouth. The county guard was assassinated by the three of them. Presumably it was bad luck, otherwise, with the strength of these three people, what is the problem with killing a young boy who has just entered the Three Realms in the fish market?"

Qi Pomo calmed down a bit and said slowly: "As early as the early years of Yuanwu, the queen wanted to shove down the underground power of the fish market at one time, but in the end he stopped. There must be a guru-level character in it, and it must not be a general guru-level character. The three poisonous snakes you said must have been too contemptuous of the fish market as you did. At this time, one of them has been sent into the prison by the gods. Big floating water cell."

"Big Floating Water Cell?" Fan Zhuo looked at him sarcastically and said: "Every chicken is killed with a oxen knife. If you send it into the big floating water cell, you can find out something. Even if you find out, you and Liang Liang will never be found. You have nothing to worry about."

Qi Pomo was silent for a moment, and said softly: "Compared to this living mouth, I'm more worried about your reckless behavior next."

"This is Guo Jianglong, what he does is a wild thing, how can he be the same as you?" Fan Zhuo smiled arrogantly, said: "It's not just a Changling river and lake character, I will help you by then. That’s it.”

Thinking of the fact that the other party did have such arrogant strength, and thinking that Bai Shanshui was upstairs at this time, Qi Pomo didn't say anything more and turned back.

The killing intentions of the old book are coming and going, the sword and the shadow in the words, but the upstairs is quiet as usual.

Most of the books on the shelf are old, and the writing and patterns on the pages have been blurred.

Bai Shanshui was sitting on the ground under the east window at this time, looking at the world outside the window and meditating.

Although I got the guidance, I felt no progress at this time, and I could not perceive what kind of relationship between the lines on the jade symbols in my hand and the trend of heaven and earth, but at this time, Bai Shanshui was not in a hurry. In a strange opportunity.

Because he vaguely felt that understanding this piece of jade symbol itself seemed to be his necessary practice.

Those mysterious and mysterious lines that extend endlessly to the surrounding space... Enlightenment of these lines and the mystery of the direction of heaven and earth's vitality seems to have a great connection with the Eighth Realm itself.

As the spiritual pillar in the hearts of all Wei people, all the people in the world are deeply afraid of. His talent is certainly not a few people can match, but even he, after arriving in the seventh realm, also struggled.

But now, it seems that a road has appeared in the dark night, he just feels slowly, and feels that the road is moving forward.

Therefore, even in the most dangerous Changling, he is in a wonderful opportunity at this time, but he has a calmer mood than ever.

Because of the real rare absolute calm, many white and crystal tiny water drops naturally appeared around his body, as if there were life, slowly rhythm, and he was covered with a strange glow.

Qi Pomo, who was not in the Tiger Wolf Army but was actually the most trusted confidant of Liang Lian, left this old bookstore, and a straight figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Qi Pomo paused suddenly, nodding his head: "General."

"There is no need to remind or threaten them to do anything. They have their own balance." Liang Lian, who appeared in front of him, said lightly: "And they are not the kind of people who can be inferred by common sense, whether they are those of Zhao Jianlu. They don’t care much about life or death. They all belong to the kind of people who will feel happy if they can assassinate the people they want to kill with a sword."



In the backyard bedroom of Wutong Luojiu, Ding Ning carefully bathed with whale agar on his body after bathing with hot water.

This is a yellowish translucent plaster. Just listening to the slight beeping sound from the periosteum in Ding Ning's ointment at this time, I can imagine that this extremely rare ointment has the power of How amazing.

It's just that this ointment has a faint smell of sea, which is not particularly good, so even though there is a thick cloth curtain, Chang Sun Qianxue can't help but frown.

Feeling the displeasure of Chang Sun Qianxue, Ding Ning smiled slightly and said softly: "I'm really not used to this smell. I'll help you buy some good-smelling incense tomorrow."

"This whale paste can't make people doubt your body. After all, your body is not as weak as it looks." Chang Sun Qianxue didn't answer him, but said coldly: "It's just Sikong even sent you this A big gift, what's wrong with him?"

Ding Ning shook his head, "I don't know...It's just that Sikonglian's position is high, but not as generous as those of Hou Mansion. This gift is naturally heavier for him. Presumably, I have to bet on me, just on my future help What did he really want me to know when I have to do something?"

The elder Sun Qianxue was silent for a moment, and said, "Even such an assassination could not hurt you. It seems that you are more certain than I thought."

Ding Ning's face became solemn, and he said seriously in the dark: "I have gone too fast, but you can't be fast. Be more patient. Don't think my previous choice is right, because it's about luck, if there is no Xue Forget about emptiness, I haven’t necessarily had so many chances to enter the Aries Cave to the present, nor may I have the current cultivation practice."

The old grandson Qianxue is still the same as most of the time. He did not respond to his words, but said coldly: "This year's Minshan Jian will come out with such a brochure. You have read it again. How sure are you?"

Ding Ning frowned and said: "So far, there is not much certainty, and we must find a way to enlighten something that can be reached on the bright side. The sword sutra of Baiyang Cave is inadequate. When I went to the Minshan sword meeting, I repaired it. In order to get up to three real estate products, I have to find a way, which is a bit troublesome."

The elder Sun Qingxue said, "Even if you don't have the confidence to overcome the border, how many people are so powerful in front of the booklet?"

Ding Ning sneered: "The most powerful person may not be there, because I know the queen's method, she usually has an ambush behind her actions, and the back hand will be more powerful."

The old grandson Qianxue thought for a while, and felt that it was too much trouble to understand the temperament of these people, so she didn't bother to think about it, she closed her eyes and began to practice.

Ding Ning felt her breath and fell silent.

She is not so complicated, or too simple.

But the simpler it is, the more valuable it is.

In the early morning of the next day, Ding Ning got up as usual and began to cook porridge.

To Ding Ning's surprise, Zhang Yi's call to his voice cut through the morning silence again.

"whats the matter?"

Ding Ning opened the shop door and looked at Zhang Yi, who was already anxiously waiting at the door, and asked.

"The cave masters are all up. Xie Changsheng sent a carriage to pick them up."

"Someone in the booklet is fighting openly... Brother Younger, hurry up! If Master Dong is too late to see it, he will be angry again!"

While talking, Zhang Yi dragged Ding Ning directly to the door of the small courtyard rented by Xue Wangxu.

Ding Ning frowned slightly: "Who is it?"