The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 131

All eyes around him instantly gathered on the mound where Zhang Yi and Ding Ning stood.


The confrontation between Chen Liufeng and Fan Wuxu was like a big show just ended. Ding Ning proposed to borrow a sword again. This is a bigger show for Xie Changsheng. He looked at Ding Ning and his voice shook with excitement.

Lu Duofeng, Zhou Freehand, and Xin Jianli, the three teenagers who are all in the talent list, have not fully recovered from the shock of the first World War. At this time, they suddenly heard Zhang Yi publicly borrowing swords, three people His body was shocked at the same time.

Of the three, Huang Yundong’s Xin Jianli ranked 91st in the talent list and ranked last, but in fact he is the most provocative of the three.

At this time he took a deep breath, calmed his mood, slightly looked up at Ding Ning, and said slowly: "I'm glad you dare to accept my challenge, it seems that you are not as unbearable as I imagined, only Chen Liufeng defeated Fan Wuxu is the best proof that the position on this talented book is not authoritative enough to be changed."

Xin Jianli's meaning is very clear.

Chen Liufeng can defeat Fan Wuxu who ranks ahead of him, then he can naturally defeat Ding Ning.

However, after hearing these words from him, Ding Ning just shook his head calmly and said, "I don't want to fight you, I and Zhou Yiyi fight."


Xin Jianli, Lu Duofeng and Zhou Freehand were all stunned.


A bad breath in Chen Liufeng's chest on the opposite stone platform finally came out. At this time, although he was in a good mood, he was extremely tired. Zhang Yi's inquiry could not bring him more joy, he just bowed back slightly. , Said: "If you use it immediately, no one will refuse to borrow a sword."

"It's Lu Duofeng from the Anshan Sword Pagoda, Huang Yundongtian's freehand Zhou and Xin Jianli are all characters in the talented book."

"Zhang Yi said loudly, that old man is Xue Wangxu! The one with the remnant sword is naturally Ding Ning. Is Ding Ning going to duel with one of these three at this time?"

At this time, the people on the banks of the river all saw the clues, and a loud noise rang out.

Although this is definitely a lower ranked match than Chen Liufeng and Fan Wuxu, there is Ding Ning in it.

"This young wine shop boy really didn't know how to converge, but just watched a duel, and it happened again out of thin air."

Parked in a carriage on the river bank, a teenager in a gray robe smiled coldly.

He was Gu Xichun who was the most incomprehensible in the talent list.

Ding Ning was the most high-profile teenager in the winter last year. He set a new practice record, making him ranked seventy-two is understandable, but he can be ranked third, but it makes most people simply unable to understand.

Compared with the time of the sword sacrifice trial, Gu Xichun was a little less handsome and more haggard at this time. His face was a little too dry and pale, his eyeshadow was too thick, but it was slightly reddish, and appeared Some of the vitality is morbid after injury.

But when he raised his hand, he showed a sharp edge that was completely absent in the past.

"The more joyous it was before the Minshan Jianhui, and the faster it fell when it really came to the Minshan Jianhui. Although Chen Liufeng wins today, the sword power is so thoroughly seen by people, it is really a reckless man. "A shadow mountain sword cave teacher sitting beside Gu Xichun said with a sneer: "No matter how well the wine shop boy plays today, he will not be afraid of other days."

Gu Xichun said slightly: "I wish he could perform better."

The Shadow Mountain Sword Grotto commander beside him raised his eyebrows slightly and was puzzled.

Gu Xichun said: "I can understand on the sword wall because he and Xie Changsheng and others, the better he behaves, the more I worry about being overtaken by him, I will practice harder."


"Why did you choose me?" Zhou freehand waved at Xin Jianli at this time, preventing Xin Jianli from continuing to speak, and then he asked Ding Ning with a cold face.

"I'm from the market, and I'm more marketable. The things that aren't good are boring in my opinion." Ding Ning looked back calmly at this famous young boy with a bun and said: "My ranking is above you. If you win, you are considered to be the one you should. If you lose, you lose your face and become a stepping stone to you. So I don’t have much benefit in fighting those of you who are ranked lower."

Zhou Yiyi's chest was hot and impatient, and he interrupted Ding Ning's words sharply: "What the hell do you mean?"

"Is this still unclear?"

Xie Changsheng aside ridiculed: "Even if it's hard work to pick a husband, there is no effort. This kind of duel, of course, must add some color."

"Do you really think you've won me?" Zhou freehand smiled angrily, looking directly at Ding Ning: "What do you want to gamble?"

Ding Ning said: "If you lose, I will see your Zhou family's freehand scraps. If you win, I will show you Xue Dong's notes."

Zhang Yi stunned, subconsciously wanted to say that this is not very good, but then Zhou Freehand has already laughed out loud: "All know that my Moyuan Zhou family's freehand scraps, before even saying that they have no impression on us."

Ding Ning's face remained unchanged, and he still said calmly: "Knowing the freehand scrapbook, you may not know your position on the Caijun album. Although the freehand scrapbook contains some magical sword styles, there are only some splashy freehand pictures, but there is no any The text, meridian running diagram, different meanings will produce different sword styles. It is said that the most talented people of your Moyuan Zhou family have only realized three of them. Your father directly named you Zhou Freehand, Obviously, I hope you can realize a half-dozen tricks. Whether we win or lose, we are limited to one day. If I win, even if I look at the freehand scraps of the day, I may not be able to understand something, but you see Last day, Xue Dong’s notes will surely be very rewarding. I’ve let you make this bet."

Hearing Ding Ning's words, Xue Muxu's turbid eyes appeared splendid, and he said softly: "The books you read, I know a lot of things."

Although Zhou Yiyi was angry, he thought of the fact that Xue Wangxu defeated the general of the Tiger and Wolf North Army, Liang Lian, and thought of the notes left by such a master, he was also very moved.

"In this case, I took over your gamble and thanked you for your good intentions."

After finishing this sentence, he made a please gesture to Ding Ning and walked straight down the river bank.

"Is it Zhou Yiyi?"

"Is it Huang Yundongtian's Zhou freehand to face Ding Ning?"

It is just such a gesture that all people on both sides of the strait are already clear.

Ding Ning removed the residual sword at the waist and handed it to Zhang Yi.

Zhang Yi couldn't help but want to confess two words, but he immediately closed his mouth when he saw Ding Ning's slightly raised brow.

"I like his unreasonable self-confidence."

Xie Changsheng watched Ding Ning walk down the frozen river calmly, and said to Shen Yi provocatively: "This is the spirit, so you don't have to think about my sister any more."

Shen Yi was a bit shy, but she thought she was not as good as Ding Ning. She discussed: "Zhou Yiyi's Xiu Wei has already arrived at Sanjing Shangpin, and it is said that Huang Yundong's sitting and forgetting the scriptures. Compared with Brother Ding Ning, Zhen Yuan should Great dominance. What tactics do you think Brother Ding Ning will use against him?"

"I don't know." Xie Changsheng said contemptuously: "I have said that it is unreasonable self-confidence. Zhou freehand Zhenyuan Xiuwei is stronger than him. Huangyundongtian Huangyun Baihe sword classic is very strong. When Ding Ning fights with you, he is good. With the Aries Sword Rune has already been passed out, Zhou Yiyi will naturally pay attention to his sword rune. No matter how he looks, Ding Ning has no reason to win."

Shen Yi's complexion quickly turned white, and he also felt that Ding Ning had no reason to win. After all, he followed Ding Ning's practice during this time, knowing that Ding Ning had improved Xue Zhenxu's progress and read Xue Wangxu's notes. , There are no other special occasions.In Xue Wangxu's notes, even though there is a lot of understanding of Jian Jing, it was a talk on paper, and he didn't cultivate and understand it. The role he can play is only in the future, not now.

"Are you white-faced? White-faced." Xie Changsheng looked at his face, but he even more disdainful: "If there is no reason and it doesn't matter what, he will still win."

Listening to Xie Changsheng's words, Nang Gong Cai Shu also nodded unconsciously.

She also thinks that Ding Ning will win.

Because she knows Ding Ning better than Xie Changsheng and others, she vaguely feels that behind such unreasonable self-confidence, Ding Ning always hides something that is enough to win, just like when the sword sacrifice test Ding Ning defeated Su Qin.

But she didn't know what kind of thing Ding Ning was hiding this time.


A touch of Huang Yun emerged from Zhou Yiyi's feet.

Zhou Yiyi, who had just reached the center of the river, took this yellow cloud and flew obliquely and landed on the stone platform.

The yellow cloud continued to fly upward, and the pure vitality did not disperse for a long time, and it seemed to fly to the sky.

Zhou Yiyi stood hand in hand, waiting for Ding Ning, who could not express his demeanor.

A sound of applause sounded.

In contrast, Ding Ning just walked across the frozen river and walked towards Shitai.

"His cultivation base is lower than Zhou's freehand brushwork, but if he wants to exert some sword power, it is also easy to swoop up on the stone platform. Now it is a pretense gesture, which makes people feel ridiculous." Gu Xichun in the carriage on the river bank not far away Sneered, but suddenly thought of what Xie Changsheng said before, he closed his mouth and began to be silent.

Ding Ning walked up to the stone platform unhurriedly, but his movements didn't stop. He grabbed a black iron sword close to him.

Zhou Yiyi looked at the sword's Wufeng black iron sword full of ice water, and slightly mocked: "This is Fang Caifan's defeat, and the sword that fell into the ice water. Do you not feel sullen?"

Ding Ning looked at him and said calmly: "The sword user must respect the sword first."

His gaze fell on the Wufeng black iron sword in his hand, and then said: "There has never been a dark sword, the sword is life."

His two sentences seemed to suddenly exude some invisible power, causing Zhou Yiyi's eyebrows to suddenly condense.