The Sword Dynasty

Episode 133

Ding Ning's face is still absolutely calm in the face of a sword that is not fancy and purely pressed by power.

In the shock of everyone's eyes, the sword in his hand thrust forward and provoked upward.

A white sword gas gushed from the tip of the sword, following this challenge, bent upwards in the cold air.

"Aries hanging their horns?"

Many people, including Zhang Yi, were stunned.

No one thought that in the face of such a sword, Ding Ningshi exhibited it, which turned out to be the most common form of the Aries Sword Classic.

However, seeing this style, feeling the sword meaning of Ding Ning's sword, Xue Wangxu first smiled and satisfied, and then felt amazing.

Because he found that even if he used the true strength of Ding Ning to perform this style, he couldn't do it more perfect.

The "meaning" of this sword is perfect at the moment.

The sword gas curved like the horns of Aries snorted forward and finally collided with the long sword filled with yellow clouds and white light.

To the shock of many people, the outcome was not immediately divided.

The most generous part of the horns of the Aries is dying against the power of Zhou Yiyi's sword.

The sole and stone surface of Ding Ning's feet made an unpleasant friction sound, and finally burst.

Ding Ning stepped back two times in a row, only one step away from the edge of the back stone platform.

However, he finally stood still.

"Aries hanging horns" is the most ordinary form in the Aries sword classic, but it is also the most extraordinary form.

"Aries hanging horns", the most important thing is not to pick a horn, but to forbear and resist.

Head down to avoid its edge, resisting with indulgence, and then counterattack when the opponent is at his best.

A cry of exclamation sounded like tide.

Zhou Yiyi also fell into a huge shock.

His sword has been exhausted, and the true elements that can explode in a flash have been exploded, but Ding Ning is still standing steadily on the stone platform.

Ding Ning looked up at this time.

The long sword in his hand sank slightly, slashing out the remaining power on the sword.

The horns of Aries, which were already thin in the air, also sank slightly.

Just like a white sheep is more humble, burying his head lower.

However, some people retracted their fists backwards in order to smash them harder. Some people bent down and lowered their heads in order to lift them more forcefully.

As Ding Ning's sword sank, he chopped it out.

The horns of Aries, which were faintly disappearing in the air, were vigorously lifted up and hit Zhou Yiyi's chest.

A "bang" loud noise, such as defeating leather.

Zhou's freehand body was like a bundle of dry firewood picked up by the farmer. He flew backwards and crashed into the river.

Until this time, Ding Ning's entire body's strength was slightly relaxed, and a breath of air centered on his feet and spread out.

The people standing on the banks of the river on both sides were shocked and speechless. Many people again had difficulty controlling their emotions and exclaimed.

Gu Xichun in the carriage's carriage was somber to the extreme, silent, not knowing what she was thinking.

Although everyone sees that Ding Ning won very easily, but he is the winner after all... And Zhou freehand has already realized a style from the freehand scraps. Look at the magic of that style. If Hongyang Academy knows, I am afraid that Zhou The position of freehand in the talent book can be greatly advanced.

These are the opinions of the vast majority of people present.

For some people with a higher vision, Ding Ning also showed more in this battle.

From beginning to end, Ding Ning has dominated this battle.

From the first sword, Ding Ning induced Zhou freehand sword.

It stands to reason that Zhou Yiyi should have more combat experience than Ding Ning, which is absolutely impossible.

But the fact happened.

And the body of this wine shop teenager seems to be no longer as weak as previously rumored.

"True Yuan is a bit inadequate compared to others, but this is the understanding and use of sword meaning... After this battle, how many can he rank in the talent list?" Someone said in shock.

Hearing such a voice, Yi Xinzong, who had previously spoken, smiled and said, "That's the thing about Hongyang Academy."

The sides of the river bank were silent again.

This is indeed something that they do not need to think about here. Naturally, Hongyang Academy will make more precise considerations than they do.

"Cave Master..."

Looking at Ding Ning, who was standing on the stone platform, and watching Ding Ning's slightly dyed face in the morning light, Zhang Yi only felt that his body was also covered with scenery, and he looked at Xue Wangxu with joy. , The expression of looking for knowledge.

Xue Wangxu knew his confusion in his heart at this time, and said softly with a smile: "He chose two sword scriptures from me, one is the Aries sword scripture, and the other is the Aries sword scripture. It is the most common sword scripture in our Aries Cave, any disciple can choose to practice, but it has been engraved in the dense cave since our ancestral temple, and it has remained for a long time. This seemingly simple sword scripture naturally exists. reason."

Listening to this voice, all the doubts in Zhang Yi's eyes disappeared and turned into real admiration. Thinking of Ding Ning's last "Aries hanging horn", he heartily sighed: "Sister Ding Ning is really very human, I am not as good as Ding Ning."

Xue Wangxu laughed: "He chose two sword scriptures, one of which is the Aries sword scripture. I'm afraid that when I saw the content of this sword scripture, I already felt the true meaning of it. Talent, is it that you are not as good as Brother Ding Ning, the entire Changling, who understands the sword classics, who can compare with him? Why are you so arrogant... He often said that your wife’s benevolence, mother-in-law, is actually your sword There is more hesitation in the mind, and kindness is needed, but it also depends on who is right. When it shouldn't be too much, it is one more point, that is to add the snake to the snake. The difference between the sword itself is a thousand miles, you and some If you are fighting with someone who is not as good as you, you can still easily win, but when you meet someone who is similar to you, even if you are a person who is taller than you, if you have more hesitation, how can you overcome it. If you can really change Well, with your talents, you can at least take a seat in this talent book."

Listening to Xue Wuxu's somewhat nagging words, Zhang Yi felt a little touched, and looked down in shame: "Can I not be a man or a sword?"

Xue Wangxu looked at him and said seriously: "There are problems, but human nature is difficult to change. I only hope that I can see you remove a trace of hesitation in the sword's intentions."

Hearing such words, Zhang Yi was shocked in his heart, terrified, and said: "The disciples must do their best."

Xue Wangxu turned his head and said: "After all, it is still generous, and you have to use this method to force you."

Zhou Yiyi stood up from the ice.

The strength of Ding Ning's sword is also slightly inadequate. He only knocked him out of the stone platform and rolled down the river slope. It did not make him directly blow the frozen river surface into a big hole like Fan Wukui.

However, his face was no different from that of Fan Wuxu.

His original bloody lips, Wu Qing reached the extreme at this moment.

"how about it?"

Xie Changsheng will never let go of mocking his opponent. He turned around and watched Lu Duofeng and Xin Jianli on one side, especially Xin Jianli, said: "Just before you said you can beat him, if you change now What happens when you go up?"

Xin Jianli looked away from him, but he was speechless and speechless.

But Xie Changsheng was not satisfied yet. He watched Xin Jianli and said in a more sarcasm tone: "And your true Yuan Xiuwei is still two small realms higher than Ding Ning, even higher than two small realms, originally It’s not a fair fight, neither of you can win, shame or shame?"

Xin Jianli was extremely shy and angry, but he knew that Xie Changsheng was talking about the fact that no one could change, so he could only lower his head, his hands trembling, and suffered such humiliation.

Zhou Yiyi, who was the focus of everyone's attention, naturally felt more ashamed. He bit his lip hard and bit out blood, but he did not leave immediately like Fan Wuqi, but waited for Ding Ning to walk in front of him.

"When did you want to enter my Moyuan to see the freehand scraps?" He didn't look at Ding Ning's face, but just lowered his head.

Ding Ning calmly said: "The sooner the better."

Zhou Yiyi was silent for a few moments and said, "So today?"

Ding Ning said: "Okay."

Ding Ning's voice was calm, but Zhou Yiyi at this moment had some inexplicable tears, he asked with some unwilling trembling: "Your sword is more from your understanding, or is it because of Xue Wangxu's notes ?"

Ding Ning glanced at him and said, "A lot of people understand it, but they can't use it."

He didn't seem to answer directly, but Zhou freehand understood.

Understanding and using are two different things.

So Ding Ning naturally relies more on his own understanding.

"how do you feel?"

In the carriage of one of the carriages on both sides of the river bank, Li Lingche, the most important strategist of Lilingjun, put down the curtain and asked a white robe boy looking at him.

The young man in white robe has a long figure and an ordinary face, but he has a tepid and calm meaning.

He was Ye Haoran, who ranked second in the Talent Book.

Hearing Lv Siche's question, he pondered seriously: "If he could get to the top grade in the Three Realms before the Minshan Sword Society, I might not have the certainty of winning. Take me."

Lu Siche said peacefully: "It has nothing to do with what kind of sword sutra?"

Ye Haoran nodded: "There is too much difference in the true yuan. The difference between a pool and a basin of water can completely dominate under the circumstances where I can squander arbitrarily."

Lü Siche smiled slightly and said, "Time is not enough. No matter how fast he breaks through the border, he can only go to the three realms at most to the Minshan Jianhui."

Ye Haoran nodded.

Although Ding Ning's performance today also surprised him, on the whole, the strength of several people did not make him feel too many surprises.


Ding Ning walked across the frozen river to Xue Wangxu, Xie Changsheng and others.

Many eyes fell on him, full of envy and even jealousy and awe.

But he didn't have any proud expression, and he was still very calm. "I'll go to Moyuan immediately to see the freehand scraps." He whispered to Xue Wangxu slightly.

Xie Changsheng was suddenly excited and asked Zhou Freehand, who was going uphill to return to his carriage, "Can we go and see?"

Zhou freehand's face was slightly stiff, and his mouth suddenly twitched.

Does the freehand scroll look like anyone can see?What's more, Xie Changsheng's sneer and sarcasm is really abhorrent.

"I know you won't... But I heard that Mo Yuan is quite old, what if I pay for repairs?" But at this moment, Xie Changsheng's voice came into his pinna.