The Sword Dynasty

141 Solitude

"Sure enough, it is the coldness of the distant stars."

This thin black chip was condensed and embedded in the trick, with a slight tingling sensation. Ding Ning felt a move, and then he broke away from the inner view of consciousness and woke up with his eyes open.

There are countless kinds of vitality between heaven and earth, including grass and trees, burning fire, wind and thunderstorm electricity...I don’t know how much vitality is active, but the many vitalities in this world are not without the combination and change of some natural heaven and earth. .

However, there is still the vitality of foreign sun, moon and stars in this world.

Especially the star energy from the far away of the extremely distant starry sky, I don't know how much to pass through without light, and the cold and quiet has reached the extreme space.The coldness and the size of the area are just beyond the imagination of practitioners.

The star vitality that fell through the infinite cold space and fell between this heaven and earth is often impregnated with extremely evil vitality, which is incompatible with the body of the practitioner.

However, there are powerful and able-bodied people, but they can be used to realize the means of absorbing and using the vitality of these cold stars.

This is the most critical part of the freehand scrapbook, which is recorded in this way.

Na Hanji's vitality condensed into a sword. At this time, Ding Ning felt that as soon as his heart moved, the crystal sword that had just condensed in his body would fly out like a flying sword.

Although it cannot be changed by the heart like a real flying sword, it is strange and unpredictable. However, because the power of this star's cold and condensed energy is very amazing, and when it is suddenly displayed against the enemy, the opponent is also extremely difficult to defend.

Among these twelve meridians, a total of twenty-four handles can be absorbed and stored in the twenty-four orbits.

According to the true meaning of the profit and loss of the cold moon, the really correct method is to absorb and condense the twenty-four little swords, and then hit the twenty-four little swords according to the unique symbolic line, in the moment of twenty emptiness in the body. Then, absorb a lot of heaven and earth vitality that is beneficial to the practitioner's body, and merge the five qi.

This is the method of absorbing water in the virtual pool recorded in the practice books, the real way of profit and loss. However, this week's ancestors had limited knowledge and understanding, but they only understood the means of the enemy, but failed to understand the true meaning of practice.

"No wonder it was the genius who set the latest practice record in Changling. He could comprehend the method I told you so quickly and succeeded so quickly."

When Ding Ning's eyes opened, the ancestor of the Zhou family quietly probed into Ding Ning's body, and he immediately sighed when he felt the lonely little sword deposited in that trick.

"It can be condensed into such a handle, and the remaining twenty-three handles will naturally have no problem. You already have the real secret. You should feel that this lonely cold sword has many disadvantages for your body, but it will last for half a year. There should be no problems, enough for you to deal with Minshan Jianhui." After sighing, he looked at Ding Ning gently.

No problem for half a year?

Feeling that the chip is really like borneol embedded in the bit, Ding Ning can be sure that it is almost exactly half a year old.

If you really follow the erroneous means of the Zhou family ancestors, it will only take half a year. Under the influence of the vitality of these condensed small swords, the jade palace in his sea of ​​anger will freeze.

At that time, when he was against the enemy, the Jade Palace and Tianqiao were not flowing smoothly. I am afraid that they could only exert a fraction of their true power.

At that time, it was exactly the beginning of the Minshan Sword Society. If we could only rely on these twenty-four handles and one-half of the sword to become an enemy, the miserable situation can be imagined.

Despite the thoughts in his heart, Ding Ning had a sincere thankful look on his face. He bowed deeply and said, "Thank you ancestors for giving me a sutra. If I want to use it in the future, I will do my best."

This is the real fetus of each child. The ancestors of the Zhou family are extremely hazy, but the smile is kind and bright on the face, and he said in a gentle voice: "You are polite, with the posture of the heaven and man, you will think of you as my family Rong."


In the past, the old dignitaries were extremely extravagant in terms of diet. Although the Zhou family has declined today, although the vegetables and vegetables are ordinary, the fineness is still not what ordinary people can imagine.

Even Xie Changsheng, who is accustomed to the cuisine of a famous restaurant in a big restaurant, sees that every dish is a hue and taste as beautiful as a picture, it is inevitable that many of today's giants are in the pursuit of ordinary life, and the old old gate valve Compared with it, there is still less exquisite and elegant atmosphere.

Zhang Yi, who had been thinking about Ding Ning and did not know what happened, was a little absent-minded, especially with a piece of eggplant at the entrance, taste the deliciousness of chicken soup and shrimp juice, but he could not taste the taste of eggplant, he couldn't help thinking. Eggplant is aubergine. If you want the chicken and shrimp to be delicious, you can eat chicken and shrimp. Why bother with so much effort? For a shallow pot of eggplant, for ordinary farmers in Changling, you can’t get two bowls of rice at all. How much is wasted in the process?

In the old days, the old tycoons could not stop the reform, and one of the most important reasons was that they were too extravagant.

The most famous story is that a gate valve rinses the white rice that can not be eaten into the gutter every day, and the monk in a nearby temple washes out the white rice every day, dry it and store it until the gate valve falls. The dried white rice stored in the temple is enough for a family to eat for several years.

Really noble and lofty, should it be displayed with such exquisiteness?

It was only slightly out of the spirit that some truly noble and noble breath emanated from him unconsciously, just in line with the lines he realized on the freehand scrapbook today.

Suddenly there was some wetness in the high altitude of Moyuan.

"Brother, why do you want to get me out of the rain? You are a big brother, not a big wet brother."

At this moment, a ridiculous voice came from outside the door.

Zhang Yi was shocked and recovered, only to find that he accidentally touched the lines between heaven and earth, he subconsciously converged all the breath on his body, the wetness in the sky disappeared, and he also looked at The man at the door exclaimed in surprise: "Brother Ding Ning, are you back?"

Looking at Ding Ning who appeared at the door, Xie Changsheng and others were immediately excited.

"Brother Ding Ning, did you realize what?" Shen Yi rushed out and asked.

Ding Ning nodded.

Zhang Yi was dumbfounded, but dumbfounded by surprise.

"That's really great!"

In the next moment, he said heartily.


On this night, in a study deep in the Changling Palace, a young man of their age was sitting.

His face is handsome, gentle and natural exudes generosity and kindness.

The young man of the imperial family, who is alone in the quiet room, reveals the gentleness and gentleness that naturally reveals at the time, which is even more valuable.

Among all the princes of Emperor Yuanwu, only one prince had such a temperament.

So he is Fusu.

At this moment, a thin booklet spread out in front of him.

This thin booklet is the talented book of Minshan Swords Association compiled by Hongyang Academy.

Only at this moment, the book of talents in front of him has changed compared with that of the daytime. At this time, Chen Liufeng, who defeated Fan Wuxu in his open booklet, has been ranked 35th and defeated. Ding Ning, who has been freehand for Zhou, has quietly risen to the sixty-first place.

In just one day, the positions of many people in this talented book have changed. These changes, even the Minshan Sword Society that followed, had nothing to do with Fusu originally.

Some of the secrets of spiritual practice in the Changling Palace will not be lost to the Minshan Jianzong collection, and his mother, Queen Qin, and his father, Emperor Yuanwu, are the strongest practitioners in the world.They had arranged a spiritual path for him to move forward.

Even if he is really interested in taking a look at Jianzong Minshan, in his most distinguished status, he does not need to participate in any entrance exams.

Everything about him is that any young talent in Changling cannot be jealous.

However, he was lonely.

At this moment, like Ding Ning and others, many young talents are surrounded by friends, but he is alone.

Seems to be always alone.

Especially at the big feast at the beginning of the year, the lady who usually served him disappeared directly into the air as if it had never existed, even though nothing seemed to change, yet he was extremely intelligent He deliberately alienated.

This alienation from him does not come from disgust and speculation, but from awe and alertness to his parents, empresses and emperors.

No one wants to get into trouble for no reason, no one wants to disappear into the air as a dust.

When the vast majority of people who must appear in front of him are in such awe and vigilance, he feels more lonely and lonely.

Although the thin booklet in front of him didn't seem to have anything to do with him, the changes in the above made him feel lively and wonderful.

He wants to have friends like normal teenagers, and wants to be as lively and exciting as normal teenagers.

He looked away from the booklet and looked up.

The majestic building outside the window looks like a cold yoke.

His body didn't move, but his heart flew out.

"Maybe I should make some changes."

"Otherwise, you will be stuck in the middle, and depression will not help you, it will naturally affect my cultivation."

He talked to himself, persuaded himself to make such a voice.

A warm and sunny smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.