The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 145

Zhang Yi looked apologetically and embarrassedly at Zeng Ting'an, who fell into the rain and lost his soul. He didn't know how to answer for a while. After all, the sword of Wu Zi's freehand brush didn't even know his name.

"This sword is called'Chaoyuzhen light dust'." Ding Ning's voice sounded at this moment.

Zeng Ting'an's body was shocked. In Ding Ning's calm voice, he saw all the tiles on the street, the dry branches on the side of the road, and the gaps in the stone road, all the dust was washed away, and it looked like new everywhere.

Zhang Yi once again apologized to Zeng Tingan and nodded, then looked at Ding Ning nervously, and asked, "Brother Ding Ning, how did my sword work?"

Ding Ning glanced at him and said with emotion, "Excellent."

The endless heights of rain fall into a line, and the wetness accumulates into a sword. This is in itself thunderous. If the sword is drunk with indignation, if Ding Ning is used to display it, I am afraid that many things in this long alley will be done.

Zhang Yi is gentle and kind, but such a sword has converged a lot of murderous intentions in his hands, so that the outer rain line is as soft as the spring rain. However, such a change has also produced a change that Ding Ning did not expect. The vitality of heaven and earth gathered in the sky does not incline with those murderous intentions, but it is naturally injected in the place where his sword intentions are pointed out. Therefore, although this sword is still too soft, the sword intentions cannot be fully reflected, but the rain lines that cover Zeng Tingan have also added. Faster speed and penetration.

Therefore, the same sword and sword style have different manifestations in the hands of different people.

Hearing Ding Ning's praise, Zhang Yi finally showed a light smile on his face.

Although Ding Ning is his mentor, these days it seems that the demands on him are stricter than Xue Wangxu's demands on him, and this swordsmanship was realized only by Ding Ning's reminder, at least in this On the sword, Ding Ning is the teacher in his mind. For the first time, he officially used the enemy. He naturally hoped to get the teacher's approval.

Shen Yi held a large umbrella and blocked it above Xue Wangxu's head. The water droplets splashing towards Xue Wangxu were blocked, and flowed down the umbrella surface at the moment.

Only then did he fully realize why Ding Ning asked him to prepare an umbrella at first, but he didn't realize that most of his clothes had been wet.

Looking at the spotless streets all around, Zhang Yi with a smile on his face, and Shen Yi, who was half wet in his clothes to help himself to prevent splashes of water, Xue Wangxu smiled with satisfaction and said, " Excellent."

Zhang Yi hoped that Xue Wangxu was happy. At this moment, when he heard Xue Wangxu's praise, he was really happy, and his face seemed to glow.

"You will also have this sword style?" Zeng Tingan stood up from the ground with difficulty, he looked at Ding Ning with a very pale face and asked.

Although he didn't know the process of Zhang Yi's comprehension of this sword, Zhang Yi just asked Ding Ning's expression, but it made him feel a lot of things.

Ding Ning glanced at him and said, "I didn't cultivate such a sword style, but I did more powerfully than this."

Zhang Yisheng was afraid that Zeng Ting'an was still not stubborn, and immediately said anxiously: "My brother Ding Ning's words are not false, if you deal with him, I am afraid that the injury will be very serious.

"It turns out that you are not timid, you really have the confidence to win." Zeng Tingan's expression kept changing, and after saying this, he turned to the carriage, but before he stepped on the carriage, he said softly, saying: " But even if you have absolute confidence to beat me, there is no use, and some people will come to you...I know that some people do not want you to have the opportunity to participate in the Minshan Sword Club."

Zhang Yi heard this sentence, his face suddenly changed, and asked anxiously: "Who is it?"

However, Zeng Ting'an didn't reply. The carriage was carrying him and the fellow teenager, galloping fast, only the sound of horseshoes echoed in the streets.

"It's not much to say after defeat, Zeng Ting'an is not like a boring person." Zhang Yi frowned worriedly, turned his head to look at Ding Ning, said: "He must have heard some wind."

Ding Ning frowned.

The appearance of the practitioner in Yunshui Palace threatened Wang Taixu, especially the changes made by Chang Sun Qianxue after suppressing the sword of Nine Nether Hades, which had made him feel uncontrollable.Suddenly there was such a thing at this time, and his mood suddenly became worse.

"Why, would you want me to be scrapped before I participated in the Minshan Sword Meeting?"

Ding Ning sneered with chills: "Whether it is Li Lingjun, or the rest of the nobles who somehow want to do this, I am afraid that they will pay the painful price first."

Ding Ning's sneer made Zhang Yi all inexplicably cold.

Xue Wangxu looked at Ding Ning strangely. Of course, he didn’t know that Chang Sun Qianxue was Ding Ning’s biggest dead spot. He didn’t know that Ding Ning was anxious because of Chang Sun Qianxue’s change, but he was sure that Ding Ning’s mood today is very peaceful. different.

Forbearance is the thing Xue Xuexu is best at, so he coughed a little and prepared to talk to Ding Ning.

But at this moment, a voice came from the alley.

"High realm and high means, even if it is destined for victory, are of no use at all, because in many places, human life is not valuable at all. Some people can find people at will and use their lives to exchange your lives."

There was a middle-aged man wearing a grey robe.

When Zhang Yi turned around, the gray-robed man had just got off a gray carriage.

The gray-robed man's face was ordinary, but his hair was all shaved, and there were clearly large tattoos from the top of his head to the back of his head.

There was a kind of haze in his body that was even more hazy than the officials of the Shendujian, and even seemed to emit a musty smell. It hasn't seen the sun for a long time, or even the sun seems to avoid him naturally. taste.

Ding Ning's previous sneer had already chilled Zhang Yi, and this middle-aged man who didn't know what to do at this time made Zhang Yi's inexplicable bursts of chills, and naturally had a strong palpitation in his heart.

This kind of breath is a little distant and strange, but in the time of counting interest, Ding Ning thought about where this kind of breath came from.

He took a deep breath, his face did not change much, but he began to quietly change the flow of qi and blood in his body. He began to deliberately control his heartbeat faster than usual.

"My surname is blood, the first one is not the clothes of the clothes, it is one horizontal and one vertical." The middle-aged man in gray robe didn't mean to come back. His slightly gray eyes reflected Ding Ning's body, indifferent. Said: "Ding Ning, I am here to take the order of Lord Shenshen and take you to the Dafushui prison to help with the case."



At almost the same time, in a dark and dark room, Mo Qinggong, dressed in Tsing Yi, stood behind a gray-robed official with his hands.

This gray robe official is extremely thin and tall, and it is like a turret compared to the mottled Mo Qing Palace.

In front of him, there was a mirror-like smooth iron bed with various knives shimmering on it.

Above the smooth iron bed, there are some hanging iron hooks and ropes.

Regardless of who sees such a battle, the first time you think this room is a slaughterhouse, or a coroner's autopsy room.

However, on the hook near the wall in this room, there was a non-stop squirming body continually groaning with a faint but utter moan.

A burst of water sounds continuously from the partition wall.

This is just a torture chamber.

A very common torture chamber in the big floating water cell.

Seeing the maggots crawling in the gray shadows in the corners, even the skin on the body has been stripped of most of the figure, even if I have been to this large floating water cell many times, even the Gods prison itself has a torture interrogation place, but Mo Qinggong's body is still full of extremely uncomfortable feelings.

"It's all this look, Master Shen, you have done so much work on him, what else can you say?"

Mo Qinggong endured the uncomfortable feeling and looked at the gray-robed official as tall as a turret. Shen Sheng asked: "Why do you still want Blood Master to find the wine shop boy to handle the case?"

"Because I'm busy."

The gray robe officer turned around, his face was thinner and longer, and his eyes were deeply sunken. In such a dark place, it was not much different from the skeleton.

"You should know that very few people come here. Since the Lord gave me salaries, of course I can't do anything. Since one is sent in, the next few months when there is nothing to do, I have to send it to him. . As long as you dig out…something useful will always come out.” He gave Mo Qinggong an expressionless expression and said indifferently.

Mo Qinggong just coughed lightly, relieving the discomfort and unhappiness in his heart. However, the figure hanging on the corner heard a word like "Several months", but it emitted a faint howl that was even more unpleasant than the ghost crying. sound.

The gray robe official is naturally Shen Xuan who is in charge of the big floating water prison.

He looked at Mo Qing Palace as if he had heard nothing, and then said: "In your eyes, the wine shop boy has no doubt, but in my opinion, it is the biggest problem."

Mo Qinggong's face froze, saying, "What do you mean?"

"When Ye Si first killed Zhao Ni, he was there, helping Wang Taixu stand firm, and after entering Baiyang Cave, he went through the sky for half a day, and then he went to the sky, so three practitioners went to assassinate him. He was killed, and one of them was killed by one hand. These are impossible for ordinary people." Grey robe officials looked at Mo Qinggong and said blankly: "Too many coincidences have problems, too many are impossible It all happened to one person, and it was equally problematic."

"Don't tell me that your god prison has thoroughly investigated, and don't tell me that Fang Xiumu thinks he is fine."

He lowered his eyelids and began to reveal the chill that even Mo Qinggong felt trembling. "I have to deal with a case in a large floating water prison, and all departments must cooperate. You should understand that I have many means that you do not have. Only I have seen it and feel that there is no problem. So that I feel really no problem."