The Sword Dynasty

146 Xiao Suo

Ding Ning and Zhang Yi and Shen Yi confessed a few words, and then embarked on the gray, seemingly smelly carriage.

The old horse knew the way, no need to drive, the two old horses dragged the carriage, and began to walk slowly in the streets of Changling.

Blood sat in the carriage facing Ding Ning.

Ding Ning clearly saw the tattoo on his blue scalp. The tattoo should be the Dizang Bodhisattva, holding the orb in the left and the tin rod in the right, sitting on the lotus platform.The entire tattoo is colored and colorful, and the face of the Dizang Bodhisattva is kind and compassionate. However, this color and compassion and the breath of the blood are extremely conflicting, but it looks more uncomfortable.

The curtain of this carriage is not sealed. As the carriage bumps, the curtain swings, and a lot of cold comes in.

Ding Ning, who was sitting in the back of the carriage, tightened the neckline a little, and looked at the two brown old horses through the gap created by the swinging car curtain. There was nothing to say: "These two old horses are obedient."

The blood sitting in front of him said indifferently: "The disobedient has been slaughtered, and the slaughter is much, and there will always be some obedient to stay. The animals are actually much more disciplined than the people. For the animals, death It’s the biggest fear, but people are different, and some people can kill their lives to do what they think is worthwhile."

Ding Ning's face didn't change, but he made his heart beat a little faster at the moment. He went on to say: "I didn't have any intersection with adults before. I don't know why adults would remind me at the beginning."

Blood Yi didn't turn around, just shook his head and said, "There is no illusion, just a casual lesson. After all, every young practitioner in Changling is a valuable asset of the Great Qin Dynasty."

Ding Ning fell silent and said nothing more.

Xueyi didn't say a word, let the old horse trailer move forward.

After driving for half a day, he finally entered the countryside of Changling and entered the dead poplar forest.

As he approached the low-rise stone house built along the river, Blood spoke again and said, "Wait in the prison, you must follow my steps. If you take the wrong step, you may die. ."

Ding Ning's face was slightly condensed, but he still didn't say anything, just nodded to show that he heard clearly.

Blood sneered softly, and his breath was only slightly exposed, and the two old horses, who were already very tired, suddenly fell into extreme fear and began to run up their feet.

It took only a moment to pass through the hundreds of feet of flat ground, facing a stone house that didn't even seem to have a door. It seemed to hit the stone wall hard, and the liver and brain were smeared.

However, before the strong wind brought by the carriage, the stone wall was suddenly twisted by light and shadow, becoming an overlapping ghost image.

The horse-drawn carriage passed through the wall and suddenly fell into the thick cold. The light on both sides quickly dimmed, and the sound of the water under the horseshoe continued to splash. This side was just a flat passage after the imaginary stone wall condensed by the vitality. There are no windows on the stone walls on both sides, it is dark, and there is a layer of deep water at least two feet on the road.

This is the Water Shadow Road, the only way to enter the big floating water prison.

Under the shallow water layer, there are at least five powerful magic arrays, and at this time Ding Ningnian swept through, and the killing intent under this water layer is far more than five.

Feeling that the unfrozen water contained a chill that was colder than the ice, thinking that the person held in the deepest part of the water cell was always in such cold and bitter water, Ding Ning no longer deliberately controlled himself 'S heartbeat and blood flow, let his body tremble slightly.

With a clatter, a stream of water splashed down on the ground.

The carriage finally reached the dry ground.

It is dry land, but it is also indescribably dark and wet, and there is a musty smell between the stone cracks.

The two old horses stood still after they set foot on the dry ground, and their whole bodies were trembling.

Someone was waiting on the side like a ghost, and took the two old horses, leaving only the carriage's blood one and Ding Ning.

Blood turned around and gave Ding Ning a cold look.

Ding Ning, who understood what he meant, came behind him.

As soon as blood started to move, gray boots left unclear footprints on the ground.

Ding Ning walked on his footsteps.

The Big Floating Water Prison is the most heavily guarded place of the Great Qin Dynasty. Even figures like Mo Qing Palace can enter only when the person in charge of the Big Floating Water Prison allows it. In the imagination of countless people, the Big Floating Water Prison must be a continuous The iron dungeon immersed in cold water.

However, this is not the case.

In front of Xueyi and Ding Ning at this moment, it looks like a huge valley.

In the dark canyon, there stood a huge dark stone like a palace.

Such valleys and palace-like huge rocks are not virtual images constructed by the magic circle, but real objects. However, these mountains and rocks all reveal the magic of the magic circle.

Blood took Ding Ning to walk through the seemingly calm underground valley in the thick shadow beneath these dark mountain rocks.

Through this valley, the gray mist began to diffuse in front, and I couldn't see how the road inside was, what kind of scene it was, as if any violent beast in the gray mist would rush out at any time.

Blood Yi was meandering in the gray mist, and the road twisted upwards, just like climbing a mountain.

At half a tea, the light of some lanterns appeared in the faint gray mist.

Below the lantern, there is a cherry blossom forest.

Cherry blossoms are dark purple mountain cherry blossoms.

In this underground, where there is no sunshine all day, this cherry blossom forest is unbelievably blooming, thick and gorgeous purple, even seems to be impregnated on the lantern hanging in the forest, even the firelight from the lantern becomes A touch of purple.

Ding Ning's breath paused slightly, his brows wrinkled uncontrollably.

He was not surprised and pretended, but really nervous.

He didn't expect that Blood would take him here from now on.

And here, for him, it was really dangerous.

Blood stepped into the purple cherry forest.

Ding Ning stepped on his footprints.

Only this step was taken, all the petals on the surrounding cherry trees were free from the branches, and they danced around him and Xueyi.

This is a stunning picture that is difficult to describe in words.

Numerous petals fluttered all over the sky, exuding brilliant luster.

However, for Ding Ning, this extremely beautiful picture contains countless dangerous lines.

Just like Zhang Yi and others before the freehand scroll, as long as his mind unconsciously flows into any line, these dancing purple cherry petals will naturally exude some special vitality.

At this time, walking in such a rainy sky, he couldn't help but look at these lines. For him, he was familiar with them to the extreme. He had to look at these lines, and he didn't even touch them with a single thought, just like watching No, they can't perceive these lines, even for him is extremely difficult.

When the mind began to be slowly pulled, feeling the fear in his heart slowly rose, and sweat beads were about to ooze from his back, the face of Chang Sun Qianxue appeared in Ding Ning's mind.

"I want to walk here safely."

"I can't let her stay in Changling alone."

"I have to walk here."

These three sentences rang continuously in Ding Ning's mind.

Then his heart was like a normal night's double training, and he experienced a heavy snowstorm, and his mood became absolutely cold and calm again.

As soon as Blood walked ahead, when he stepped out of the cherry blossom forest in this hundreds of feet area, all the purple petals fluttering in the air flew back to the branches like butterflies.

The purple wild cherry forest still looks bright and full of bloom, with no change compared to before.

Ding Ning glanced back.

Looking at the wild cherry forest, he whispered softly in his heart, "Changsun Qianxue is my biggest dead spot, but she is also my biggest meaning in Changling."

Blood continued to move forward.

After crossing a stone path that seemed to be an abyss on both sides, he finally stopped in front of a tomb-like stone room, turned around and said to Ding Ning nonchalantly: "Here it is."

After saying this, Blood retreated silently, leaving Ding Ning standing in front of this stone room alone.

Ding Ning carefully controlled the flow of qi and blood in his body and accelerated his heartbeat.

"come in."

A sound that seemed to have fallen from a very high place came from the stone room directly opposite him.

Because it is too high, it is very cold.

Ding Ning seemed hesitant, but he dared not move.

"Come in, since Lord Shen has let you in, there will naturally be no danger here." A familiar voice from Ding Ning came out.

Ding Ning's eyes brightened and said, "Master Ma."

Then he no longer hesitated and quickly walked into the stone chamber in front.

Shen Xuan, as tall as a turret, looked at Ding Ning who walked in from the door.


He nodded an iron chair in front of him and motioned for Ding Ning to take a seat.

Ding Ning glanced at Mo Qinggong beside him, without a word, he sat down on the cold iron chair.

Shen Xuan reached out his hand.

He was too thin and tall, and his hands were much longer than the average person, so as soon as he reached out, his palm fell to Ding Ning's head.

Ding Ning could not avoid seeing it.

His five fingers were slightly tight, and the strength slightly penetrated between the flesh and bones of Ding Ning's head, and then loosened.

In his eyebrows there was a trace of undisguised regret and the meaning of Xiao Suo.

In the historical process of Emperor Yuanwu's ascension to the throne, he was one of the decisive people. Later, he was in charge of this large floating water prison. In the eyes of most powerful people in Changling, he either caused Yuanwu in some things. The emperor's unhappiness, or the emperor Yuanwu did not like to reuse people who have betrayed others.

However, only he knew very well that he came to the big floating water cell not because of his relegation, but because of his own requirements.

Because it is his practice.

Where else in the world can there be so many powerful practitioners in the floating water cell?

Where can there be so many fresh practitioners' bodies that he can analyze and study indiscriminately?

What's more, many of these people's mouths will spit out many methods and experiences in practice.

So this big floating reservoir itself is a huge treasure trove.

It is precisely because of the choice of such a path that in the early years of Yuanwu, his cultivation practices were not as good as those of the princes of Changling, but now, he is even stronger than many of them.

Everything is false, only strength is high.

Strength is status.

Compared with the true spirit and breath, the flesh and bones of a practitioner are not fake.

With just one touch, he can feel the strength of the other's flesh and blood machine, and he can feel the "new and old" degree of the bones.

Bone age is the true age.

When he had noticed the existence of Ding Ning before, thinking of the amazing rise speed of this young wine shop boy, he had an astonishing idea, even saying hope.

If this wine shop boy is the heir of that person... that speed and comprehension of the practice, and the ability to fight the enemy, all seem normal.

If this is the case, as long as he can get something from the mouth of this wine shop boy, his strength in Changling's status cannot even be matched.

But to his regret and disappointment, this young man has no problems today.

All reactions, even the real age, are absolutely impossible.

Because this wine shop teenager should have been born three years after the person died, how could that have anything to do with that person?It is even less likely to get that person's personal inheritance and get some experience from that person.

Because he was too regretful and disappointed, he felt depressed.