The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 155

The silver-white sword that was picked up by Ding Ning and flew overhead uttered a fierce hiss, which represented the master's anger.

The sword of the Wujing practitioners was actually blocked by such a young man, and this young man was not yet dead under the blow of another flying sword!

For the owner of this flying sword, it is a great shame.

However, as practitioners fight, life and death are only a matter of time.

When the silver-white sword screamed fiercely in the air, a poignant arc was drawn in the air, and once again fell towards Ding Ning's body like a meteor, Qiu Zaixing's body sounded countless bursts of sound.

The dozen of invisible ropes released by the young man of Huangpao at the cost of his life finally broke at this time.

The broken and invisible rope fell like a really heavy piece of wire rope, and fell on the ground around Qiu Zai's body. Every section of the ground burst out of a huge and turbulent air wave.

Autumn resurgence around the body, like waves blooming.

Once the shackles of these vitality ropes were lost, the strength in the body was finally released. Qiu Zaixing's eyes fell like a torch on the silver-white sword flying to Ding Ning, but his hands were photographed deep in the back of the shop!

The two straight and unparalleled swords are joined together to form a complete transparent sword, which is punctured with extreme determination.

At the next moment, the backyard of the noodle shop exploded violently like a sheepskin raft filled with too much air, and countless debris sprayed back.

Immediately afterwards, several courtyard walls behind the noodle shop were pierced by this sword.

Dust waves burst in sequence, forming a straight line, pointing to a middle-aged cultivator standing in front of a small courtyard well.

The anger on the middle-aged practitioner's face instantly turned into fear. He knew he had no time to make any response, so he closed his eyes in despair.


The bones of his chest and abdomen were broken, and his whole body was almost directly stabbed into two parts by this sword.

His body fell backwards and fell into the well behind.

The silver-white flying sword controlled by this practitioner is less than a foot away from Ding Ning, but the thin silver-white sword is out of control at this time, flying sorrowfully past Ding Ning's head and falling to the ditch beside the road in.

Qiu Zaixing didn't control the flying sword flying to Ding Ning, but he directly killed the owner of this flying sword, completely solving the root cause, but there was no joy in Ding Ning's eyes.

Because at this moment, the two flying swords entangled in the eaves have already divided the victory.

The Xueliang Flying Sword that flew out of the carriage eventually had a great distance from the Light Green Flying Sword. Finally, he was unable to support it, and was unable to support it. He was struck by a sword and flew towards a distant roof.

The light green flying sword danced with joy, flying around the collapsed noodle shop sharply, waiting for the opportunity.

This light green flying sword, plus the gray-black flying sword that quietly disappeared at the moment, there are still two flying swords that are deadly enough.

A light green flying sword fluttered around the car, and the man in the car had lost his flying sword. Qiu Zaixing would not dare to leave the car.

Before Qiu Zaixing solved the light green flying sword, he still had to face the flying sword that had the Daqi dynasty "fly pool" sword technique.

Feeling that there are still 22 crystals condensed by the star's cold energy, Ding Ning only feels lucky.

If he did not get such a means of confrontation from Zhou Jiamoyuan, Chang Sun Qianxue must be forced to take action today, and then he and Chang Sun Qianxue must escape from Changling.

It's just that you can only send 22 more cold swords like this. Can Ding Ning have no confidence if he can support Qiu Zaixing to solve the flying sword, or wait for the helping hand to arrive?

"Fly Pond" is one of the most bizarre practice areas of the Daqi Dynasty.

It was an ancient chaotic burial post, and there was another yin spring, a place of gloomy stagnation. There were countless flies named "ghost flies" flying outside the sect gate. Any inner disciple who wanted to come out of the mountain gate, Flies and insects must be killed with a sword so that a fly does not fall before it is allowed to go out of the mountain.

"Goneless Ghost Sword" is one of the most important skills of "Fly Pond". It takes countless years of hard work to cultivate to such a situation, no matter what reason this practitioner appeared in this assassination, but He must be a disciple of the true "fly pond".

Practitioners who come from such a place of practice are naturally more than the means currently shown.

From the beginning, the young man in yellow robe trapped Qiu Zaixing at the cost of his life. This "fly pond" practitioner is the real core of this assassination.

A fallen leaf turned up on the ground beside Ding Ning.

The gray-black sword, somehow, silently dived under the fallen leaves beside Ding Ning.

"Be careful!"

Qiu Zaixing’s sword also consumed a lot of true yuan, but the fighting spirit was fiercest. At this moment, he also felt the slight movement of Ding Ning’s side, and suddenly gave a loud noise.

However, when he reminded him of the exit, he knew very well that if Ding Ning had not felt any abnormality before, it would be too late.

Although Ding Ning didn't notice the gray-black sword earlier, when the fallen leaves turned, he also felt the existence of the sword.

Feeling the chill, his eyebrows were slightly raised, and the left hand hanging over his sleeve moved slightly again.

A "chuck" sound.

This is just a sound in anyone's ear, but in fact it is because the interval is too short to exceed the limit of the human ear, and there are two fewer stars in the body's aura of vitality.

Two black sword lights rushed out of Ding Ning's fingertips one after another, hitting the gray-black flying sword that had just floated from the ground at almost the same time.

With a muffled noise, the little sword that had just been lifted like a venomous snake lurking in the dead leaves was knocked down to the ground, dragging several slashes on the stone ground.

Zhang Yi's eyes widened, he was pleasantly surprised, but his body quickly fell into the cold.

Because this gray-black sword suddenly flew up and flew towards Ding Ning again!

As the stronger force bloomed, the gray-black sword lingered with black air, as if there were countless little ghosts coming out, and by this opportunity, Ding Ning finally felt the weakest line in the air, Perceived the true location of this practitioner from the "fly pond".

This cultivator from the "fly pond" turned out to be a beggar sitting under a broken house outside two streets!

Under such a long distance, Ding Ning can be sure that even if Qiu Zaixing discovered his existence, he would not be able to kill him in a short time.

As for himself, it is even more impossible to cross two streets to reach the other party.

The chill in his heart was stronger, but his emotions remained calm to the extreme.

Three black sword lights rushed out of his left fingertip one after another, and one sword after another was accurately slashed on the gray-black sword.

The gray-black sword broke his two sword lights in a row, and the sword finally slowed down when he broke his third sword light.

Ding Ning's right hand, the long sword at the end, was cut out at this time, and slapped hard on the gray-black sword.

The gray-black sword was shocked again and flew out.

A thunderstorm sounded at this time.

Qiu Zaixing's hands came out again, just different from before, but his hands swept sharply in the air.

Dozens of criss-crossing lights lit up.

These lights are not like sword lights, but knife lights.

His arms were like swords, pulling heaven and earth vitality staggered in the air.

The light green flying sword did not expect him to have such a method. He was forced into a small space in the violent blade of light. When the sound of a bang sounded, a blade of light finally caught the trace of the sword. Handle light green small sword.

There was a strong mumble in the distant streets.

The light green sword swayed through the knife net with difficulty, and this blow obviously caused serious damage to the owner of the sword. However, the owner of the sword also knew the situation at this time, so he still struggled to support it. After retreating for more than ten feet, the light green sword began to accelerate again, and countless twisted sword shadows were placed in the air.

In the small courtyard not far from Ding Ning and Zhang Yi, Xue Wangxu was sitting on the wicker chair in the bedroom. Since the fighting happened, he just frowned and quietly hid in this dimly lit room.

At this time, Shen Yi took the door and stood beside him nervously.

Listening to the sound of every blow outside, feeling Ding Ning's performance, although his expression became more tense, his eyes became brighter and brighter.

"Five feet behind, cut!"

It was at this moment that he suddenly gave a loud drink to Shen Yi.

Shen Yi's spirit is also tight to the limit, his hands are all fine sweat beads.

He didn't feel anything, but Xue Wangxu's stern command of irresistible drink made him subconsciously turn his sword.

There was a loud bang.

A beam of thunder fell five feet behind him.

Five feet behind him was a window.

Just as the thunder that came out of his sword fell, a thin grayish-black light was seeping through the gap in the window.

The little gray-black sword that was just blocked by Ding Ning, silently dived over at this time!

"Zi" sound.

The gray-black sword condensed and was scorched by the light of thunder. Many green smoke suddenly appeared on the sword, and the sword body seemed to twist in pain.

But Shen Yi's breathing stopped completely, even he could feel that the sword was gaining momentum again, and there was power to burst out.

Xue Wuxu drank sharply and coughed if he didn't breathe well, but he forcibly resisted, his face suffocated with blood red, and then he slammed loudly: "The freehand cuts the sword, cut!"

Shen Yi is almost subconscious, and the real element in the body gushes with this loud drink.

Numerous black lights suddenly burst into the long sword rune in his hand. It seemed that a giant ink mass was going to devour the whole room. However, before the tip of his sword, he suddenly shot out countless pure and dazzling rays of light.

A beam of extremely bright light hit the gray-black sword.

The whole room lit up as if it contained a pure sun.

In all the gaps, all shine pure and dazzling light!