The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 161

The natal sword is a combination of life and life, especially like the natal sword of Mr. Zhao Si, Zhao Miao. The sword fetus is not a mortal thing. I don’t know how many years of hard work it took to cultivate it to this day. Today, it was destroyed. Her Both Qi Hai and Nian Li were hit hard. The injury was so extreme that the heart was naturally furious.

"Although I ruined my life sword, but today you can't kill me, but I have always been glimpsed into the realm of the eight realms. It will be more difficult to kill me in the future!"

However, this anger immediately turned into a tough and sharp meaning in her eyes.

It seems that this adversity has aroused her heart for pursuing sword furnace and sword way more and more.

"How could this be!"

At this moment, a furious young man with thick eyebrows also appeared on the top of the mountain, it was Zhao Yi.

"Bashan Jianchang Starfire Comet Tail Sword, Zheng Xiu shot."

Zhao Miao coughed up a weird pink blood foam and sneered: "Only with the help of Emperor Yuanwu... today she gave me this sword, and I will definitely give her a sword in the future!"

Zhao Yi took a deep breath and nodded.

This is a matter of course for him who also came from Jianlu.

However, at this moment, Zhao Miao's eyes flashed violently and said coldly, "You're looking for Bai Shanshui."

Zhao suddenly froze.

In his view, although Baishanshui has been in a series of battles and suffered a great deal of vitality, he is not necessarily the opponent of Baishanshui at this time. What’s more, as soon as the Baishui enters the Weihe River, the real dragon enters the estuary. Get Bai Shanshui.Moreover, Zhao Miao was seriously injured and was extremely dangerous here. The most important thing was to escort her away immediately.

"Baishanshui is not far away, I am not letting you chase her."

Zhao Miao glanced at him, and his face was even colder: "This is a big situation today. People who have such a big situation will not let us leave easily. My life sword has been destroyed, and for those in Changling, they naturally did not carry it. The secret Bai Shanshui of the Gushan Jianzang is important. Even if I can’t win the Gushan Jianzang, I will never let it fall into the hands of those who set up today."

Zhao Yi glanced at her, and he looked hesitant.

Zhao Miao lowered her eyelids, her face was full of indescribable killing intentions, "Although I was seriously injured, these people in Changling wanted to kill me, but it was not so easy."

Zhao Yi was dumbfounded, and he felt that there was an indescribable meaning in Zhao Miao's body at this time, and this meaning, in his memory, appeared to the teachers who were extremely respected by everyone in Zhao Jianlu.

"be careful."

He said nothing more, took a deep breath, and nodded.


When Zhao Yi and Bai Shanshui disappeared one after another, Ye Celen felt tired, and she sat down directly on the reef where Mr. Zhao Miao had stood.

Then she sensed the subtle changes in the direction of the imperial city, and then felt the violent fluctuations in the endless high sky.

She knew more about Emperor Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu than almost all practitioners in the world. During the battle of the Qin Dynasty and the Three Dynasties, she also saw Zheng Xiu’s Xinghuo Weijian like a real Huiwei from once. Endless sweeping down.

Zheng Xiu's sword-star unity, life star's sword-inspired fire, and Zhao Miaoxing's fire-tempered, swords are like stars hanging, and the sword-like meaning turned into a meteor is similar, although not as direct as Zhao Miao's sword-like Ling Li, Zheng Xiu's natal sword is always hidden in the starry sky, but the sword is broken, but Zheng Xiu's cultivation at this time is slightly higher than that of Zhao Miao. Obviously, he got the help of Emperor Yuanwu. She had already imagined the ending of this life sword.

The destruction of Mr. Zhao Miao's natal sword, the biggest inverse of the Great Qin dynasty, is like cutting off Zhao Miao's arm. At this point, the manpower for setting up the board today is already huge, but will it stop there?

Is it the emperor and emperor Yuanwu, the two phases, or someone else who set up this bureau today?

The three people trapped in this overall situation, only she really knows who killed Fan Zhuo, and only she really knows that day, although she made Han Sanshi conceal the breath of the Nine Nether King Sword, but The breath that led Bai Shanshui to the fish market was not her handwriting.

In addition to the merchants of the past, who is the powerful practitioner of Daqi Guizhumen in Chaotang?

Being able to arrange such means there should be knowing that she is hiding Fan Zhuo and the Nine Nether Hades sword, then what kind of means will be taken against her next?

"Women tend to be paranoid."

Thinking of the words that Zhao Miao said, thinking that he still had to choose to stay in Changling, Ye Ce Leng laughed at himself, and said to himself.


In the stream of Jiang Xin, the Baishan water stood quietly, like a fairy in the water walking down the river. I don't know what kind of secret technique to use. In such a stream of water, her breath seems to be unhindered.

All the blood on her body has been washed away, the breath is as pure as the cleanest water, but her face is too pale.

She didn't know much about the powerful secret technique of Bashan Jianchang, but when Zhao Miao's natal sword was destroyed, she also felt the violent energy collision in the endless high sky, and she knew that she could do such a thing. The few people in the mausoleum palace.

At this time she became more and more clearly aware that it is no longer as simple as a prince to set this round today.

The secret technique of Yunshui Palace can allow her to stay in the water for dozens of days, and can make her breath completely merge with the ordinary water flow. Even the Emperor Yuanwu of the Eight Realms rushed to the surface of the river at this time, she is confident Not noticed.

However, at this time, Mr. Zhao Si’s Zhao Miao’s natal sword was destroyed, but it made her feel very uneasy. In this overall situation, it was just the beginning.

When this uneasy feeling surged from her heart, she no longer hesitated, took out a colored glass bottle from her sleeve, and poured out the only blood red potion in it, and put it in the mouth.

A morbid blush floated on her face, and the water flowing around her did not seem to be strange, but her figure in it was more than doubled to a white flow.

It's just that when a tea is not available, her water is deeper, and a huge white shadow also appears in the dark water in front of her, quickly approaching her.

This is a huge white carp, with a spiritual radiance in her eyes. It is a friend that Bai Shanshui met when she was practicing sword in the water many years ago. When she saw this white carp on weekdays, she was naturally rejoiced. At the moment of this white carp, she suddenly reacted to where her strong anxiety came from.

"Do not!"

She let out a wailing scream in the water, and a series of air waves and sound waves exploded in front of her.

Only at this moment, the huge white shadow suddenly stiffened in the water.

A circle of red light spreading along its head, staining the world in front of Bai Shanshui and her eyes.

"My generation loves to learn swords, and has lived in Hantan for ten years...Once slashing the long Jiao, March of Bishui Chi...and fighting Changling today, he will cut the King of Qin other day? Hahaha, Baishanshui, you sang wild songs in Changling that day, but not yet It is expected that in your eyes, my emperor and my emperor, it is just a dog of mourning!"

A burst of arrogant laughter caused the piece of deep water to explode continuously. A figure dressed in an ordinary gray clothe, holding the long beard of the white carp in one hand, pulled the head of the white carp in his hand.

At the same time, a horrible sword intention burst from his right hand, and the dark green sword light, like a huge water grass, immediately flooded in front of the Bai Shanshui.

A loud blast from the originally calm river above exploded a huge water column with a radius of more than ten feet, and Baishan water was shocked by the sword from the bottom of the water.


Bai Shanshui was so angry that with a loud roar, the thick green sword was already in his hands.

The gray figure has also stepped on the surface of the water. This is a middle-aged man with a dark green sword. He wears the most common gray cloth in Changling. His face is ordinary, but there is a flat on his forehead. The straight sword marks and the mark of a prisoner looked shocking.

At this time, the man threw away the head of the white carp and looked at the white mountains and rivers with great emotion: "After nineteen years, we finally see you again."

Bai Shanshui smiled angrily, and laughed wildly: "As the Wei people, became the great prince of Qin, enjoying the glory and wealth, actually still remember the old complaints, and remember the old enemies of the teachers?"

The powerful practitioners with straight sword marks and prisoner marks on this quota could naturally only be Lianhou of the 13th Hou of Daqin.

In Changling, although he also had a fief and a Hou Mansion, he usually guarded the fierce Qiang area. Among the several subordinate countries in that area, he had great power. He is known as the half Qiang King, but now he does not know when he will be quietly Dispatched to Changling, appeared in front of Bai Shanshui.And listening to these words of Bai Shanshui, even Hou was still Wei!

Lian Bo touched the scar on his forehead and smiled, but his smile was a bit bleak: "If you were not the only one in Yunshui Palace in the past, the power was so powerful, and the sect that disagreed with you was removed by you. As for such a slump, even if it ultimately cannot escape the fate of being destroyed, it cannot be destroyed so fast. If you really care about it, it is not to whom is the real culprit of the destruction of Da Wei. Now Da Wei has been destroyed for so many years. , But you are still dedicated to serving the country. You don’t want to think that even with your existence, Qin talents always have a bad attitude towards the Wei people. You want the Wei people to live a good life, but you don’t know that those people are not doing well. Perhaps it is Because of people like you."

Bai Shanshui sneered with contempt: "When you are a dog for many years, it is really a dog's idea."

Lian Bo narrowed his eyes and smiled, said: "We are afraid that the bones of King Wei are now rotten. What does it mean? I can only remember that my teachers were destroyed. Those teachers and brothers died. Under your sword."

Bai Shanshui no longer looked at him, just coldly looked at the sword in his hand and the white carp blood spreading out of the water, and said, "Your loved ones were all dead, but now your loved ones in Hou's mansion are better than It used to be much more."

Lian Bo understood the meaning of Baishanshui. He took a deep breath and said seriously: "So even if I die today, I will definitely let you die here."