The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 162

Bai Shanshui smiled coldly.

Even though Liang Lian is also in the Seven Realms, she did not take Liang Lian's eyes into consideration at all. On weekdays, even the Seven Realm practitioners such as Lian Bo are far from her opponents, but the other side does have the ability to kill her at this time.

What's more, Lianbo is one of the thirteen, and even Liang Lian has so many powerful men. Today, Lianbo must leave her here. How could she be alone.

Three small boats appeared on the smoky river.

On each of the three small boats, there was one person, one bald head, a big silver ring on his ears, dressed in strange clothes, one person was very suave, and the scholars were dressed up, while the other person was covered in iron armor, carrying double swords, and pressed the boat almost into the water.

These three people are naturally the three masters of Lianbo, Zhang Kuangdao, Liu Zongtang and Li Daozhou.

"It's a willingness to spend money."

Bai Shanshui looked at Lianbo sarcastically and said that in the next moment, her face became expressionless. A turbulent wave surged from her feet, and she rushed towards Zhang Kuangdao.

Zhang Kuangdao was originally a Qiang, originally a horse thief on the border. He was defeated by Lianbo in the early years. He was trained by Lianbo, and he made rapid advances. However, since Lianbo is an old enemy with Baishanshui, Baishanshui is against him These ministries will naturally know very well. She knows that Zhang Kuangdao is the weakest of the three, so she wanted to break out of Zhang Kuangdao at the first time.

Lianbo’s Daqin identity at this time was extremely distinguished. When he quietly returned to Changling, he didn’t know how much effort he spent. Following the white carp stayed in the water for more than ten days, plus Baishanshui’s previous release, if he escaped He was about to slaughter his Lianhou Mansion, but at the moment Bai Shanshui rushed towards Zhang Kuangdao, but he just smiled contemptuously, standing still without moving.

"Hahahaha! Well done!"

How prestigious Bai Shanshui is, but seeing Bai Shanshui rushing at this time, Zhang Kuangdao laughed instead.

His mouth was huge, and at this moment he opened his mouth and laughed, and his mouth almost occupied half of his face.

Bai Shanshui breathed suddenly, and there was a sense of danger again in his heart.

It was at this time that Zhang Kuangdao's hands were surging, and Keng banged, and opened a copper box in his hand.

The bottom of this copper box is made of a silver-white crystal, and the carved rune is like a simple palace. On this strange silver-white crystal, like a star in the sky, there are dozens of extremely thin handles floating. Silver and white cast iron sword.

These dozens of small silver swords are not much bigger than the small bamboo sticks that ordinary people use to pick their teeth. However, the real elements in the body of Zhang Kuangdao pour into the bottom of the copper box like the water of the dyke, and these dozens of silver-white cast iron swords But they all exude a heavy and majestic breath.

To be precise, each of these dozens of silver-white swords exudes a Xishan-like breath.

Bai Shanshui's complexion changed greatly.

She felt this breath rushing to her body, and even felt the jerky smell in her mouth and nose, and her chest and abdomen seemed to be filled with countless pieces of tin.

"Xishan Jianpan!"

"Liling Jun!"

She reflected what it was, and a chill came to her heart instantly.

The strongest Rune of the Lian Da Chu Dynasty...The things Li Lingjun used to protect his body and protect his life now appear in the hands of the three generals of Lian Bo.

This bureau was even covered by Liling King.

For Liling Jun to pay such a price, what is the return of the exchange?

The time was too short, and she was too late to think about more possibilities. The thick green sword in her hand oscillated countless times in an instant, and each time oscillated a terrifying world.

The sword intention that was originally straight forward surged upwards.

In front of Bai Shanshui, countless mirror-like water curtains appeared.

It was at this time that dozens of silver-white cast iron swords flew out of the copper box in Zhang Kuangdao's hands.

When each small sword flew out of the copper box, it had already planned its trajectory by the runes in the copper box.

The majestic power in the sword plate that almost all of Zhang Kuangdao’s true elements inspired at the beginning just guaranteed that these small swords would not be destroyed by external forces. At this time, the materials of these small swords and the trajectories they flew out naturally Formed a large formation, brought out more terrifying power.


Countless popping sounds rang in front of Bai Shanshui.

This moment is like countless real Xishan bombarded in her sword.

Bai Shanshui has taken a defensive position. At this time, the sword array composed of these tin swords blasted. Her first instinct was to be able to stop or even naturally produce any foreign objects but such a thought. However, in the next moment, the real perception made her Deeply understand that he is different from the past.

Her breathing became extremely difficult.

Originally, there seemed to be a lot of tin between the chest and abdomen, and at this time, these tins seemed to have produced many edges and corners, emitting a lot of powder.

There was a violent disgust in her body.

A sweet throat, a mouthful of blood could not control it, spouted out of his mouth.

Lianbo's eyes rose to sarcasm.

Can people who can arrange such a big picture compare with Baishanshui?

It was originally the weakest person on the river, but Xishan sword was in hand, and the power of this blow was even stronger than him. How can Baishanshui be able to withstand it.


A mouthful of blood rushed out, the white mountain water was like a down-to-earth, three steps back, bursting three huge white lotus-like water flowers underneath.

The hair she had just knotted was loose again, and her breathing had become loose.

However, it was at this time that Lian Bo sensed something and suddenly looked back.

On the bank of the river, there was a figure that exudes blazing heat, and the prairie-like momentum caused the reeds on the riverside to burn instantly and violently.

"I am Zhao Jianlu Zhao Yi. If you believe me, you will come ashore. I will protect you from death!"

There was a steady and enthusiastic drink of thirst and fighting, sounded from the fire.

Bai Shanshui did not hesitate at all, and laughed loudly, the green of the thick green sword in her hand faded away, but she was wrapped in a layer of blue currents, and the whole person was located in the center of a green sword.

"Be careful!"

The waves suddenly changed color, and the dark green sword in his hand flew out, like a dark green dragon rushing towards the green sword.


Liu Zongtang, dressed as a scribe, exclaimed with a crimson sword in his hand, and a large group of sword shadows poured out like a Begonia in full bloom.

However, "click" cracked, his body with the boat under his feet was directly cut in half by the green sword.


Lianbo rushed out of the Bai Shanshui, but the Bai Shanshui did not care. The green sword slammed into the water. She even spit a few mouthfuls of blood, riding this impulse, but she was only a few feet away from the shore.

"You go! Leave it to me here."

With a big eyebrow and big eyes, Zhao Yi came to her in one step, blocking the residual sword in the river.

There was blood in Bai Shanshui's lips and teeth, but at this time she turned her head and smiled arrogantly at the wave: "I cut you in front of you, what can you do now?"

"You are also looking for death!"

After nineteen years of waiting, he saw that Da Qiu was rewarded. At this time, such a sudden change occurred, and he was so angry that his emotions were difficult to control.

A bang.

The dark green sword draws water like a dragon. It draws a water polo with a radius of several tens of feet from the river. This water ball flies strangely with the dark green sword, and hits Zhao Yi violently.

"Zhao Si? I said I was Zhao Yi."

Hearing Lianbo's roar and seeing such a sword again, Zhao Yi laughed enthusiastically instead.

In the past years, he followed Zhao Siyou to travel the world. Zhao Si deliberately polished him. He watched more and had fewer opportunities to fight. At this time, he saw the sword of Lianbo so hearty, but his state of mind It's also hearty!

He carried a big shabby umbrella on his back, and he laughed backhandedly, drawing a big black sword from the umbrella handle.

There was no fancy at all, he just waved the big sword, hitting hard, hitting the oncoming dark green sword like a big hammer hammering iron.

A loud noise.

Just like smashing the true fire dragon of the Yandi practitioner on the outskirts of Changling on that day, even the energy outside the wave sword was smashed by a blow.

The huge ball of water condensed on the sword did not play any role at all. It was directly shattered and splashed back into countless currents.

However, as one of the thirteen princes of Daqin, Lianbo could not cope with it with all his strength under the rage.

He was dozens of feet away from the shore, but his hand was stretched out at this time, and the water flowing back was wrapped around his arm.

These currents are like his extended arms.

He seemed to hold the dark green sword that was hit.

Then he binged wildly, and the dark green sword squeezed forward like a mountain.

There was a blazing flame in Zhao Yi's eyes.

A magma-like flame also ignited between his feet and the ground.

His body seemed to be unable to withstand this force, and he had to fly out.

But he still has a sword.

He has two swords, and he always smashed one sword against the enemy, and one sword flew out.

A wave of fire burst in his sleeves, and the reddish black sword accelerated with horror, chopping on the water behind the dark green sword.


The water flow was interrupted and the dark green sword flew back.

Zhao Yi also laughed wildly: "Da Qin Thirteen Hou, but that's not it!"