The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 163

Lianbo's sword was broken, and his breath was trembling. He could not say anything at the moment. Seeing Zhao Yi still laughing loudly, there was a hint of coolness in his body.

Usually, there is a gap between Bai Shanshui and Bai Shanshui. The true Yuan Xiu of Bai Shanshui may have crossed the seven realms of middle class, but they are also the same class of seven realms. The time of practicing is not shorter than that of Zhao Yi. How many years of fighting, but now even Zhao Yi is out of reach, is it really worse than those great inverses?

In the small game of today's overall situation, Zhang Kuangdao with the Xishan sword plate is the worst, but it is the most important person among them.

In Zhao Yi's mad laughter, he faced like water, and he collected all the remaining real elements in his body into this symbol.

A bang.

When Zhenyuan was exhausted, he couldn’t control the resilience of Xishan’s sword plate. Between the instability, the small boat underneath him turned over, and his body fell into the water. At the same time, the dozens of small handles The sword flew out again.

These dozens of small swords led the majestic world spirit flying in the air, not stabbing Zhao Yi, but stabbing towards the white mountains and rivers without stopping behind him.

The sword array composed of dozens of small swords fell like a prison, and Bai Shanshui should be locked in it.

Perceiving the walking of these little swords, Bai Shanshui had no intention of shooting at all, and his eyes were extremely cold.

"Qin uses Chu Jian, is not ashamed?"

Zhao Yi laughed another fanatically, and when the laughter sounded, his reddish black swords had been bent in the air, and they passed across them.

With a loud bang, countless black and red real fires came out of the sky above his head, completely standing like a huge furnace in the air, catching these small swords and practicing.

Puff puff puff puff... Dozens of sounds are continually ringing, the magnificent vitality gathered by the dozens of small swords are all burned out, scattered by the fire waves.

At this time, Li Daozhou shot.

Wearing the armor, Li Daozhou is the real commanding general of Lianbo. In these years, the commander led the frontier, and his double swords on his back did not know how much blood was stained by the strong, but this time the famous general of Qin army did not Sword, but shoot forward with both palms.

Two hurricanes formed in front of him and pushed on Lianbo.

Lianbo screamed and flew upwards. In the next moment, he became a black spot in the sky.

There was another black spot in the sky at this time, and that was his dark green sword.

After the sword was flying away, it did not fall, but flew out like a high altitude.

At this time, Lianbo reached out to catch the sword.

There was a piercing howling in the air.

The two black spots widened sharply in Zhao Yi's eyes.

Zhao Yi's face became abnormally dignified.

He felt like a mountain of heaven and earth vitality merged into these two black spots.

His eyes narrowed.

Then he held his black sword with both hands, and once again moved the hammer to smash it upward.

At the next moment, a circular wave of air appeared around his body and exploded outward.

All the flames outside him disappeared, and some of the dark poplars standing among the burning reeds were instantly ignited into countless wood chips and fluttered outward.

Countless soils were shaken up by horrific shock waves and thrown around.

There is a huge pit on the shore.

In the smoke, the two figures at the bottom of the pit gradually appeared.

Zhao Yi still held the black sword in both hands, and the black sword was bent and deformed.

Before Zhao Jianlu's extinction, most of Zhao Jianlu's practitioners worked on iron throughout his life. Zhao Jianlu's sword tire was recognized as the world's first. Zhao Yi was Zhao Jianlu's first apprentice. His sword tire was naturally not imaginable by ordinary people.

However, at this time, his sword appeared bent, especially to see what kind of power it contained in the first hit.

Lian Bo still held the sword in his right hand, but the whole arm was twisted strangely, drooping, blood leaked between his lips and teeth, and his face was pale.

Obviously, in this hit, the bones of his right arm had broken in many places.

"The world knows Zhao Siqiang, but I didn't expect you to be so strong."

Lian Bo took the sword with his left hand and looked at the place where Bai Shanshui's figure disappeared. The blood in his mouth no longer ran, but the vitality between his chest and abdomen was a sneering echo between the words.He looked at Zhao Yi with hate and smiled: "Just replace your life with Baishan's life, do you think Zhao Jianlu is worth it?"

Zhao Yi also sensed something at this time, and slowly turned sideways.

On the river bank in the distance, a figure was coming.

The figure was extremely thin and tall, like a turret in Changling.

"Who do I say? Only Xuan Xuan who eats and eats outside, and only the seven realms that he hides in the sewer like a water mouse all day and eats corpses, will not attract too many people's attention and come here."

Zhao Yi knows who the person is, and he also understands that Lian Bo just wants to haunt him at this time. Under the joint of these two people, he definitely has no chance of winning half a point, but Zhao is flowing out of his eyebrows. When the Miaobenming sword is destroyed, it means more and more frustration.

"I control my own life."

He said this.

At the same time as he said this sentence, the distant one was extremely thin and tall, as tall as the figure of the turret, which released the palpable sword.

The haze of his body suddenly dispersed, and the daylight fell, and he was plated with countless heavy gold edges, like a devil like a holy.

At the same time, there seems to be an invisible bridge in the sky, and it seems that the space has broken a gap. It is also a moving mountain. Ordinary practitioners move a lot of heaven and earth that are suitable for themselves in the world from afar. At this time, he turned the other way around, passing the countless sword qi formed by his vitality through this invisible bridge.

The light above Zhao Yi's head was getting brighter and brighter, and when Zhao Yi's entire body turned white, it seemed to melt.

Zhao Yi said the words "I am destined by me", he naturally knew where the real threat came from, but at this time, he did not care about the countless silk swords falling in the sky, but he was very serious towards the company. Wave out the sword.

Following Zhao Miaoyou's journey through the world all these years, he has realized the truth of retreat, but Zhao Jianlu's people, even if they retreat, are still advancing.

The slightly curved sword once again fell like a hammer.

When the craftsman hits the iron, when he drops the hammer, he wants to smash everything out. The power of that hammer is the sublimation of the craftsman’s life. Many people can’t imagine how a craftsman can hit a hammer far beyond his own strength. This is it.

There was a muffled noise.

The deep pit continues to sag.

There were countless bone cracking sounds in the left hand arm and even the body.

Lian Bo drank sharply. The hatred and obsession of these years made him stand arrogantly. The ground under his feet cracked and two streams of water poured out, supporting his body and his sword.

But at this moment, the little red sword has also struck.

This black and red sword is like a small hammer hammered by the elderly master in the iron shop, just to regulate the shape of the red iron being hit, but this hammer is the one that can best determine the shape of the red iron. hammer.

The dark green sword in Lianbo's hand was cut on top of this small sword, but the dark green sword in his hand was shocked momentarily.

The shock reached him and shattered his vitality.

Lian Bo slumped down to the ground, and the powerful force pushed him to slide back sharply. The arc of the bottom of the pit caused his body to slide sharply. When he broke away from this pit, he flew upward.

Zhao Yi kept moving forward.

He didn't go to see Lianbo's figure because he had closed his eyes now.

The light falling from the sky shines for a few more minutes.

Countless silky sword qi pierced his body.

He groaned, and the true elements in the entire Qihai were turned into real fire, burning fiercely.

These sword qi were burned in his body.

But at the same time, countless qi and blood in his body were evaporated, and his body dried up instantly.

In the distance, the extremely thin figure drank angrily.

The light that penetrated into Zhao Yi's eyes was brighter, but the light in the sky suddenly disappeared.

The water in Zhao Yi's eyes was completely volatilized, and countless blood vessels dried up to break, just like turning into silt.

Zhao Yi's eyes went dark. He knew that he would never see any more light or color in the future, but his dry face was more tenacious.

The big black sword in his hand backed out,

The big black sword roared in the wind, and the boulders thrown by the catapult fell like a slender figure in the distance.

His body kicked back with this sword, and several ups and downs disappeared into the wasteland on the river bank.

Shen Xuan reached out and grabbed forward.

When the metal rang, his five fingers became bronze, and he slightly grasped the tip of the black sword.

Li Daozhou fell behind Lianbo, holding the falling Lianbo with both hands.

Under this battle, Bai Shanshui was seriously injured, and Zhao Yi was blinded and lost a sword... However, such a killing failed to completely leave these big inversions. At this time, the big Qin famous general felt no joy in his heart. The whole body shivered uncontrollably.

Shen Xuan did not have any communication with Lian Bo and his two remaining ministries, but turned back Zhao Yi's big sword and looked back, looking towards the direction of the Changling Imperial City.

The streets and lanes of Changling are criss-crossed, and this time falls in his eyes, like a square chessboard.

In this war, even if these great rebellions escaped, they all collapsed, but for a long time to come, these great reversals could only find ways to win a trace of living space.

The Emperor Yuanwu achieved what he had thought, and was completely settled before the Lushan League.

During the rush, the strong above the seven realms are like chess pieces. Can swordsmanship be stronger than mind surgery?