The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 166 Vicious

The reticent boy had already smelled something strange from the carriage, but when he suddenly heard such a sound, he was a little uncomfortable, and even said that the reaction was slow.

Because he hasn't heard anyone shouting his name like this for many years.

The voice was immature, sounded familiar, and able to know his intentions. It could only be one of his childhood companions, but he had only the worst memories of those childhood companions. Even in his memories, these people only Can be regarded as an enemy, but too young to be forced into a pile.

"who is it?"

So he just raised his head and asked indifferently.

"I had a fight with you anyway, and I couldn't even hear my voice?" Meng Qihai and Fusu in ordinary cotton robes walked out of the car. Meng Qihai's provocative gesture, look Li Xixing said with a smile.

He Xi’s face had changed too much. Li Xixing looked at the expression between Meng Qihai’s eyebrows and then he listened to this sentence before he remembered it and sneered, "Who is my Dao? ."

Meng Qihai sneered slightly: "Why, Yue Shiguo drank too much bad wine, but his breath was even stronger than before."

Li Xixing was silent for a moment, and said indifferently: "According to your opinion, I suffered a loss in your hands and was forced into exile in the Yue Kingdom, so I had to change my temper and come back. All smiles please you?"

Meng Qihai frowned, "It seems that the temperament is indeed difficult to change, Li Xixing, then Duanmu Jingzong was one year younger than you, you were six years old, he was five years old, what did he know? Even if he pulled your two Saplings, you just beat him a meal, you break his two ribs, don’t you feel too cruel? Everyone has grown older over the years, it seems reasonable to understand something better than before, don’t you Do you still think it was right? You don’t want to think that everyone didn’t like you at that time because of everyone’s fault?"

Li Xixing suddenly became angry, and said in a deep voice: "You don't like me because you are all afraid of me."

Meng Qihai sneered and asked, "Are you afraid?"

Li Xixing also sneered: "Because I'm better than you at anything, reading literacy, riding archery, cultivating body, even hunting, planting herbs, etc., are much stronger than you. You can't beat me alone, of course afraid of me ."

Meng Qihai's face was flat, but before he could speak, Li Xixing's face had recovered his indifference, and then said: "As now, you can't beat me, so don't think of teaching me anything, you should get away Get away from me. Otherwise, why do you think I can go back to Changling?"

"It must be that your strength is very strong, and your performance is very good, enough to enter Changling's first-class Zongmen training. Otherwise, for me, it is a waste of a young practitioner with extremely good qualifications." The outbreak of Meng Qihai said softly at this time: "It's just that people have their own strengths, some are good at fighting, some are good at reading and painting, some are good at understanding, Li Xixing, have you ever thought about it, in fact The playmates you are together are not as good as you in every aspect, probably because they are not sensible, they don’t think those things are important, and they don’t pay much attention to them at all?"

"That is of course." Meng Qihai sneered loudly when he heard these words from Fusu: "The little children are struggling to support the plants and trees.

When flying a kite, who would think that even planting a tree is better?Who would feel that doing these things requires hard work and hard work?"

Li Xixing frowned slightly unconsciously. He looked at Fusu and began to feel familiar with this person.

"Sometimes, the time is wrong, the target is wrong, then naturally it is wrong." Fu Su looked at Li Xixing and said gently: "Although I didn't have much contact with you when I was young, I thought you had gone because of the mistakes of childhood. After so many years in the wilderness, I feel that I am too harsh on you. In fact, everyone feels a little bit sad about it. I just hope that you will be able to change your temperament a little bit. Perhaps you will also find that everyone is happy to be friends with you."

"It turned out to be Prince Fusu." Li Xixing finally felt who the man was, his expression slightly stern, and bowed to salute.

Fu Su nodded his head in return and smiled, "If you don't refuse, I can call those childhood companions to gather."

Li Xixing was silent for a moment, shook his head, and said, "Thank you for Prince Fusu’s good intentions, but you are right, everyone has their own strengths, some people are suitable for making friends, some people are not good at it, I think I belong to the suitable rush to kill The kind of generals on the battlefield have never been able to make friends with people, and it is easy to make enemies if they have more contacts."

Listening to the obvious contradiction in the other party's words, Fusu didn't force it, but just said gently: "You just came back, there may be many unaccustomed places, you may wish to stay longer and say again, just the boy Wutongluo... "

He hesitated slightly and said, "He helped me a lot, so I hope you don't bother him."

Li Xixing bowed slightly again and said, "Since it is what you mean, my father will not refuse to listen. I will not appear here before the Minshan Sword Society. But according to the meaning of my father, I will also participate in the Minshan Sword Society If I happened to meet at Minshan Jianhui, I would not keep my hand."

Fusu thanked with a slight smile, and said, "If it happens to happen, it's all my talents in the future. If you can show mercy, you must naturally show mercy."

Li Xixing said yes, so he stopped talking and retreated and turned away.

Meng Qihai frowned and looked at Li Xixing's back, and said, "It seems that it actually gets worse."

Fusu said peacefully: "Any outstanding person has a strange temper."

Meng Qihai slightly mocked: "Because the more weird people are, the easier it is to go black?"

Fusu thought for a while and said, "It can also be said that the more weird people are, the less likely they will be infected by others, and the more they will always stick to their own ideas. People have their own uses, and his father has similar tempers, albeit big Most people don’t like it, but marching to war is really not good enough."

"Indeed, they don't care whether others like it or not." Meng Qihai glanced at Fusu and said, "Don't say anything about him... Do you think of any way to get in touch with the wine shop boy now?"

Helping Ding Ning to block Li Xixing is extremely simple for Fusu, but how to hide his identity and get close to Ding Ning, Fusu is a little helpless.

He was lonely in the palace because he had no friends.

In his world, a friend is a very strange thing, he has no experience at all.

"Since his house sells wine, then we have to drink two more wines, and we should be able to get acquainted and become friends naturally? Stay me alone. If you have seen him, he should have an impression on you."

Holding back for a while, Fusu finally came up with a method he thought was feasible.


"You don't have much in common with him."

In the wine shop, sensing the approach of the two teenagers, Chang Sun Qingxue looked at Ding Ning who returned to the wine shop and said coldly: "Even if he has the ability to plan and win thousands of miles, he will never use friends."

"So he died in the hands of friends." Ding Ning said silently: "So sometimes being a person can't be too pedantic."

The elder Sun Qianxue couldn't help but be angry, because she felt that this was not the fault of that person.

"If it’s not too pedantic, if it’s not blindly spoken, if it is not blind trust... if he changes earlier, maybe he can see people earlier, he won’t make so many mistakes, he’s sure I've chosen to be with you already. So I'm not blaming him...I just hope you don't blame him too much."

However, Ding Ning's next words made her silent.

"What's the use of blaming and not blaming?"

The elder Sun Qingxue said coldly after a few dozen interest breaks.

At this time, footsteps sounded, and Fu Su's figure had already appeared in their sight.

Ding Ning glanced at Fusu as if he were an ordinary alcoholic, but asked in a voice that only he and Chang Sun Qingxue could hear, softly asking: "Do you look like?"

Chang Sun Qianxue just glanced at Fu Su, his voice slightly coldly said: "Only the brow's eye can be seen."

Ding Ning took a deep breath, slowly and whispered, "You should remember that person's face...If Fusu came a lot, you should be able to slowly make him more and more like that person?"

The old grandson Qianxue turned around and said, "Is it useful?"

"it works."

Ding Ning said seriously and surely: "Subtle changes, you see the same person every day, you won't find it, but after many days, the person in the eyes of others is not the same."

The elder Sun Qingxue said: "I don't mean this, I mean Emperor Yuanwu would not believe that bitch because of this?"

"Thick and thin." Ding Ning said: "Sometimes a complete change may only require an opportunity."

Long Sun Qianxue disgusted: "Too malicious."

Ding Ning said: "I know you hate doing this kind of thing, but you have to help me... because you look simple, you only need to consider cultivation, for you, as long as cultivation can exceed Yuanwu Emperor, you can kill He. But you should understand that Emperor Yuanwu is not an ordinary practitioner, you only have to deal with him in your mind, but I want to deal with this dynasty."

Long Sun Qianxue said nothing more and walked into the backyard.

This is tacit consent in the world of her and Ding Ning.

"You want to buy wine?"

Ding Ning raised his head and watched as he walked into the wine shop, he was temporarily restrained and asked slowly.


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