The Sword Dynasty

167 Raising the Sword

Fusu's eyes lighted up. He nodded and said, "I heard that the wine here and the little boss are very famous, so I came to taste it."

Looking at Fu Su's clean and gentle eyebrows, Ding Ning's body seemed to be filled with countless secondary pictures at the same time. These pictures, like countless sandstones, made his body cold and hard, and also made his breathing difficult. The deepest smell of memory.

"What he really wants is longevity, that is, he will always dominate the Great Qin Dynasty, or the whole world. So anyone is his tool, and you and Zheng Xiu will be no exception. I want to take back what he owes to many people. Debt, I also hope to change the fate of many people in the future, including yours. As I owe you, I will try my best to give you the ability to choose in the future."

Ding Ning took a deep breath and retreated the pictures in his mind like a tide.


Ding Ning's momentary silence made Fusu slightly nervous, fearing that his words had been inappropriate.

"Have you seen me?" Ding Ning looked at him and asked.

Fusu suddenly panicked, and waved subconsciously: "No."

However, he was really not good at lying, or did not lie, and while waving his hand, two red clouds appeared on his face.

"I don't seem to have seen you." Ding Ning looked at him calmly and said, "But I feel familiar, so I think this is the so-called first sight."

Ding Ning's first sight contained countless meanings, but Fu Su's confusion disappeared completely, and he was delighted.

He couldn't help laughing, and said, "I feel the same at first sight."

"In this case, today I will ask you for this wine." Ding Ning placed a pot of wine on the table in front of Fusu and looked at him.

Fusu's eyes were brighter. He took the wine glass in a hurry, poured a glass of wine, toasted like a toast, and then sipped it out.

The liquor entrance was sour, and his brow furrowed, "This wine..." However, he couldn't help laughing again, "This wine is really unique."

"I wish to meet each other."

Ding Ning poured a glass of wine, and toasted like the ordinary people in Changling, toasting, but when he sipped, he said in his heart at the same time: "Wish our destiny."

The amount of Fusu's wine is not good. At this time, naturally, it is not necessary to use the real yuan to exhaust the alcohol in the body, and it will be drunk and dim.

His status is supreme, and he has restraints in his heart. Although he is happy in his heart, he also restrains himself from drinking.

Chang Sun Qingxue took a pot of hot tea and walked out of the inner courtyard.

She looked at Fu Su's clean eyebrows, and she looked more and more like Zheng Xiu.

Where do I start?

The face of the man appeared in her mind, as clear as she saw yesterday.

An extremely subtle ray of vitality emerged from her fingertips, and the steam of hot tea gently touched Fusu's face.

"You can't drink so much, you're not afraid of talking nonsense after drinking."

Meng Qihai, who was waiting in the carriage outside Wutong, finally heard Fusu's footsteps when he came back. When he saw Fusu's face lifting the curtain, he couldn't help complaining, and he didn't see any abnormalities.


When Meng Qihai complained about Fusu, in the deep Qin Palace, where there were several Linglian plants that had already formed a lotus, the queen's fingertips were continuously wrapped with pure light.

During the battle on the Weihe River, all the practitioners above the Seven Realms in the Changling City could feel her shot, and they could feel that Zhao Si's natal sword was destroyed in her hand.

The thin and constant truth and heaven and earth vitality projected from her study room, with a very firm intention, penetrated into the endless heights, reaching places they could not perceive, igniting the spark into a powerful force.

All the practitioners in Changling Mausoleum once again affirmed that, after so many years, Zheng Xiu, the "sword of comet fire" that used to kill the generals of the enemy on the battlefield with a sword, was stronger than ever.

At this time, she is still crossing the heaven and earth vitality of her body into the endless altitude, into the cold space where the heaven and earth vitality layer has completely disappeared, and controlling the unique icy flame formed by the condensing of several comets and stars.

It was only at this time that the entire Changling practitioners, including the imperial palace, had solved some hidden dangers before the Lushan Association, and no one could perceive her movements by using the last time before the Alliance to retreat to practice the emperor.

Because Bashan Jianchang is gone.

Because even in the Bashan Sword Field of that year, she was the only one who comprehended and practiced this practice method.

She is like a little star exuding starlight in an unknown way, traveling through endless space.

Among the pale flames controlled by her starlight, a small black and rusty sword wrapped in it.

This little sword is naturally Zhao Si's natal sword.

After being defeated by her and breaking all contact with Zhao Si, this little sword should fall without reason, but at this time she did not know what to do. The silk power in the pale flames seems to be raising this handle. "Dead" sword.

Someone walked towards her study through the stone road lined with terracotta figures outside her study.

Her flawless face remained unchanged, and the light entangled in her hands slowly faded into dozens of fluorescent lights.

A yellow robe cultivator from her house appeared at the door of her study, handing a secret note to the maid at the door of the study.

Opening the secret note handed from the court lady, her face showed some satisfied expressions, "It can indeed make Zhao Yaofei change her mind, but she has some talents. Arrange him to go to Dayan, and there should be room for him to show his fists." "

The yellow robe cultivator never dared to raise his head and kept bowing slightly. Hearing these words from her, the yellow robe cultivator praised him respectfully, and then asked: "I want to know your opinion on the square embroidery screen at home."

"Unbearable, kill it naturally." She shook her head and said, "Santa will naturally choose a replacement, so that the family should not think about making a fuss about this matter."

The queen's face was flawless, but her eyes were cold in the Weihe River.

In the water of the Weihe River, a white figure moves like a fairy in the water like a floating light.

You don't need to surface to change air, and always move forward at such an amazing speed underwater, she is naturally Baishan water.

The waters have always been the safest place for her to escape. After using Zhao Yizhi's power to get rid of the pursuit of Lianbo and others, she returned to the Weihe River. However, she knew that the crisis might not have passed, so she could not relax.

At this moment in front of her, finally saw the clear water line.

Behind the bright waters, there is an extremely deep color, which is an amazing vast world.

She knew she had heard the Weihe River and reached the deep sea.

Here, the real dragon is out of the sea, and no one can kill her.

Her heart loosened a little, all the strange blush on her face disappeared, and a spout of blood spewed out of her mouth.

The anxiety filled with tin and iron in the chest and abdomen was finally reduced, but her face changed suddenly, and a coldness made her trembling unconsciously.

The elixir that made her suppress the injury was too violent, and she took too long to lift Zhenyuan this time. At this time, the entire qi sea was a little unstable, and Zhenyuan and the visceral qi that could circulate were returned. To the level of the six realms.

Her figure continued to move along with the water, gradually sinking into deep shadows, and her solitary, proud face wafted a bit of unspeakable bitterness.

Bai Shanshui is not the only loser in this overall situation.

In fact, all the great rebellions of the Great Qin Dynasty, in these years in the battle with the Great Qin Dynasty, there are not many moments of victory.

So there are fewer people like her and Zhao Si.

Zhao Sijing was sitting in a room full of fat powder and looked at Jing Mozong who pushed open the false door and walked into the room. The look in her eyes still had the tingling meaning.

"It seems that I bet this time right?"

She first said this self-deprecatingly, and then looked at Jing Mozong lightly and asked, "Why does Wang Taixu come, let you come?"

Jing Mozong deeply saluted, said: "He let me follow the gentleman to learn sword."

"This is his condition?" Zhao Si looked at him sympathetically and said, "If you want to learn the sword, you must first become the sword of Zhao Jianlu."

Jing Mozong said: "Mr. Taixu already told me, and I am not a Qin person."

Zhao Si sneered, "It seems that I did not underestimate his spirit, but you... Why do you think you are eligible to be our sword of Zhao Jianlu?"

Jing Mozong didn't know how to answer.

For him, Zhao Jianlu is indeed too high to exist.

Zhao Si sinks his eyelids, a ray of light without any breath flows from between her and cuts into Jing Mozong's right wrist.

Jing Mozong's body shook, but did not dodge.

This light cut the blood of his wrist. The blood flowed slowly and continuously, and a drop of blood fell on the ground below, making a clear sound.

Zhao Si looked at him and said lightly: "Dare you bleed all your blood, I will make you the sword of Zhao Jianlu."

Jing Mozong raised his head and looked at her, letting the blood flow from his hands.

Zhao Si never moved, it seemed to watch him die.

Even though Jing Mozong finally couldn't support it, she fell to the ground and began to fall into a coma, she didn't move.

There was almost no blood flowing in his wrist. When his vitality began to disappear, Zhao Sicai took a deep breath and held out his hand.

Her fingertips suddenly burst out dozens of drops of blood, then stretched in the air, and turned into dozens of extremely long thin needles, which did not enter the body of Jing Mozong.

The five internal organs in Jing Mozong's body felt the hope of life, and then were stimulated by a fiery dryness, and became more vigorous.

Zhao Si smiled coldly and said to himself: "Unexpectedly, there is a person who can carry my Zhao Jianlu Jianyi among the people of the city here."