The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 168

Time passes consistently, which may be the only fair thing for everyone in the world.

But for many dignitaries in Changling, the time in Changling this spring seems to flow faster than in previous years.

The reason why it is fast is because people are in a hurry, because Lushan Association is a great event.

Although Minshan Sword Club is the projection of countless celebrities in Changling, it is a review and strength display of the talents of the great Qin dynasty concerned by all dynasties in the world. However, compared with the Lushan Association that can directly determine the fate of the entire dynasty, it is still unable to On a par.

The Fanghou Mansion in the twilight seems to be no different than in the past, but as the Su Xiu curtain leaves without sacrificing its sacred intentions, it falls into the eyes of many people and there is a hint of decay.

In the Weihe Military Port, Ye Celaim stood at the bow of the giant armored ship that accompanied her to the sea, looking far away at Fanghou Mansion in the light of the curtain, and suddenly said softly to Han Sanshi, who always followed her like a servant : "Instead of Fang Xiumu, who followed the Saint to go to the Lushan Association, it must be Fang Ji."

"Why?" Han Sanshi asked.

Her words are difficult for almost all Changling people to understand.

It is a great honor to follow the side of the king to participate in the Lushan League meeting. Now the Fang Xiu curtain violates the holy will. Even if the Fanghou House will make up for the merits and return the Shenwei generals who are outside the gate, this move is too great. some.

"You just wait and see."

Ye Ce shook his head coldly and smiled indifferently.

She is one of the few people who knows the Emperor Yuanwu best. She knows very well that the Fanghou Mansion, the strongest among the thirteen princes, may be the first to die.


With the passage of time, a beautiful mountain full of clouds and water has appeared in front of the convoy of Lilingjun in the twilight.

Seeing such a clear presence in front of him, like a mountain squeezed towards his body by the world, Li Lingjun's eyes were involuntarily filled with mist.

That is Wushan, Chudi.

After so many years of separation, it is needless to say that it is such a big mountain, but the grass and trees on this mountain are particularly shocking.

In this train fleet of Li Lingjun, there were naturally many Chu people who followed him to Changling.

It’s a long way to go home, and it’s really a lot of mountains and rivers. This way of returning home has been planned for more than ten years. There are arrangements all over the road to replace the horses and horses. Here, everyone in the team is naturally exhausted to the extreme.

However, when seeing this big mountain and seeing the grass and trees on this big mountain, all these Chu people were shocked by electric shock and their bodies shook violently, and many of them could not even cry.

Wushan is a natural obstacle. There are several entangled evil waters between them. The army cannot attack from here. Only the border trade merchants pass through on weekdays. Therefore, on this home route of Lilingjun, the last big Qin Dynasty checkpoint is only a few. Wushan Pass where a hundred people are stationed.The most important military homes of the Great Qin Dynasty and the Great Chu Dynasty were originally Yangshan County, where Wushan was interrupted, and deeply cut into a plain of the Great Chu Dynasty.Yangshan County returned to the Dachu dynasty in the three years of Yuanwu. Now the Qin military fortress closest to Wushan Pass is Hangu Pass, which is more than sixty miles away.

From Changling to here, there has been unimpeded traffic. Obviously, this checkpoint has also received relevant secret orders. After seeing the customs clearance documents of this train, it was immediately released, and even the accompanying persons and items of the convoy were not checked at all.

When the carriage actually entered the lane opened by the gang walking in Wushan, smelling the moist atmosphere in Wushan, Li Lingjun finally could not control his emotions. He lifted the curtain and had the urge to kiss the land of his homeland.

However, at the same time as he lifted the car curtain, a grey-robed old man sitting in the train's first carriage suddenly opened his eyes, and the cloud above the convoy suddenly spun up, as if from the inside. Drill a real dragon.

Li Lingjun and many people in the convoy were slightly stiff.

Despite the color change of the sky above the convoy, the cloud in front of the road was as firm as a rock in the water.

It seems that the other side of the world has become one's unique world.

A middle-aged man with his hair curled up with delicate white jade hairpins and wearing a blue-gold robe appeared in everyone's sight.

At the moment he appeared in the sight of everyone, all the flying dust in the forest seemed to be blown away by a breath and became extremely clean.

Feeling the dust-free and dirt-free breath from this person, Li Lingjun breathed slightly, and without any hesitation, he got off the carriage and bowed slightly to the person, saying, "See General Fan Wuzhang. "

Hearing the words from Li Lingjun, all the practitioners in the train changed their faces. They knew that if this person came to kill Li Lingjun, then even the elder in the first carriage was in , May not be able to stop.

Fan Wuzhi was the owner of the Wuchu Palace of the Da Chu Dynasty and one of the strongest generals of the Da Chu Dynasty. His prestige and status in the world may be infinitely close to the Ming Dynasty Sword Sect and the Spiritual Xujian Gate of the Da Qin Dynasty The masters of the two cases will appear here today.

"Don't be nervous, I'm just instructed to take you to see someone." Peerless master naturally has the style of peerless master, Fan Wuzhao nodded his head and saluted, said a little, then turned around and said, "You follow me alone Come."

Li Lingjun took a deep breath and nodded at the people around him. The swirling cloud above the train quickly disappeared, and he followed in the footsteps of Fan Wuzhen into the forest path.

Although Fan Wuzhi didn't have a half-kill intention, his back and the breath from his body always brought strong pressure to Lilingjun. It was only a few tenths of time, and Lilingjun's hands were already sweating.

"You have a good name in Changling, and I have also paid attention to your spiritual practice. In the past many years, your spiritual practice has been excellent, even more than almost all my disciples under my door, but since five years ago, your Xiu Wei entered the realm but began to be surprisingly slow, otherwise you should enter the Seven Realms when you see me at this time. But instead of reaching the Seven Realms now, you are a bit out of tune with your five qi... Now that you come back, don’t worry too much It’s important that you understand that cultivation is always the foundation of whether you can stand in this world."

Fan Wuzhi didn't look back, but it suddenly came out slowly.

Li Lingjun's face was tight, and he sincerely said: "The younger generation is taught."

Fan Wuzhang no longer speaks, and moves on.

He began to pass through some mountain forests without roads, and the surroundings became more and more barren. After the tea time, a mountain meadow appeared in front of him and Lilingjun.

Obviously, there is no cold attack here even in winter. Three wall-like mountain walls completely block the cold wind, so the unknown fern grass grows waist-deep.

In the middle of this alpine meadow, there is a small lake, and on the banks of the lake, there are several large camps. At this time, the lamp has been lit, and it looks very bright and warm.

"The person who wants to see you is inside, you just go by yourself."

Fan Wuzhang stood on the edge of the meadow and said to Liling Jun lightly.

What kind of nobles can make Fan Wuzhi lead?

Li Lingjun thought of a certain possibility, but thought it was impossible at all. His breathing became more rapid, and he did not dare to have any slackness, walking fast in the meadow like the wind.

The closer to the camps by the lake, the more shocked Lilingjun's mood was.

In the tens of feet of the meadow close to the tent, the grass was not only neatly cleaned, but the ground was even sprinkled with precious flowers, exuding a refreshing fragrance.

The bright flames in the camp account were not lights, but pearls.

Even the camp itself is made of some kind of white animal skin. This kind of white animal skin has not even been seen by Liling King, and exudes a unique fragrance.

Several maids in palace dress walked out as he approached the camps, saluted him, and then opened the curtain of the camp to let him in.

Li Lingjun's breath stopped completely.

These camps are connected together, as if forming a deep courtyard.

And inside the camp, the richness is exquisite to the extreme, not only stronger than his most exquisite room in Liling Jun Mansion of Changling, it can even be said that it is more exquisite than all the beautiful Yu in Changling.

This kind of exquisiteness can only come from the palace of the Dachu Dynasty in the whole world.

There is no difference between everything in these camps and everything in the exquisite palace in the palace of the Dachu Dynasty.

In the camp at the center of the camp, a beautiful woman who could not breathe just by her posture stood against his back.

In front of the stunning woman, I don't know if it was an artificially-drilled or a naturally formed hot spring pool, which constantly exudes misty white mist.

Li Lingjun finally determined that the impossible person he guessed became possible.

He dropped his head almost in panic, hesitating slightly, and said, "Mother."

"When you left Chengcheng, you were a kid..."

A very beautiful and beautiful voice sounded, and the beautiful woman said slowly, with a touch of emotion: "You don't need to rush to Chengcheng next, all you need to do is go to Lushan with me and wait."

After Li Lingjun breathed for a long time, he finally understood why this woman, like Zheng Xiu, who had supreme power, was here, his voice trembled slightly: "Is the father king's driving already approaching?"

The beautiful woman still didn't turn around, just nodded and said, "It's almost time... you come and serve me in the bath."

The whole body of Li Lingjun couldn't help trembling, and his brain was blank at the moment.

In the next breath, he began to understand what had happened.

He finally understood what method Su Qin used so that he could return to Dachu so smoothly.

However, such a thing... Su Qin did not tell him to know!

His mouth became extremely dry, like swallowing countless sand and stones.

The beautiful woman was waiting for him, and her delicate back slowly chilled because of his delay.

Li Lingjun’s heart was filled with countless unspeakable emotions, yet he knew what to do at this time.

"Following orders." His heart began to be filled with a strong murderous intention to Su Qin, but his face became gentle as usual, and he slowly stepped forward, his hands falling on the shoulders of the beautiful woman.

Wushan began to slowly shroud in the night, and the clouds more misty.

In the hot spring pool of the camp, the sound of water murmured like someone.