The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 169 State of mind

A rain fell quietly, making the whole Wushan more foggy, like a fairyland.

The convoy waited silently on the mountain road that had become muddy. Lü Siche stood beside one of the carriages, watching silently and nervously as Fan Wuzhang and Li Lingjun left.

The familiar footsteps came from the darkness, and Lu Siche's expression was slightly loose.

Without Fan Wuzhang's figure, Li Lingjun walked out of the forest alone, but his body also gave everyone a sense of crystallization, and it seemed that even the tiredness and tiredness under the long journey were washed away, and the whole person dissipated strangely. Demeanor.

In Changling, Liling Jun also showed admirable ability in many ways, and he was determined to follow. However, after all, careful survival is required, but at this time in the eyes of all people inside and outside the carriage, Liling Jun This kind of cautiousness disappeared a lot, so his figure seemed to suddenly become bigger.

This change of demeanor made many people realize what they were feeling and became excited again.

Li Lingjun knew very well what his loyal disciples needed at the moment, so he coughed softly and spoke gently and clearly: "We don’t need to rush to Chengcheng, we turn to Lushan ."

Everyone in this train was startled. When most of them hadn’t had time to chew the truth in this sentence, Li Lingjun said slowly, "In Lushan, before the start of the League, the Father King will be sealed. I am the prince."

In the Wushan area, it was not until the spring thunder sounded, but Li Lingjun's words sounded like a thunder in the ears of everyone in the train.

Lushan belonged to the border between several dynasties, and the crown prince was sealed in Lushan... And Li Lingjun has not officially returned to the capital of Dachu. The prince of the Dachu dynasty has been empty for decades... No matter from any aspect, this kind of Things are unreasonable.

However, everyone in this train team knew Lilingjun's style of speaking and acting. They all noticed that Lilingjun didn't even add the words "if there is no accident".

Without even saying such four words, it means that the issue of enclosing the crown prince is a foregone conclusion, and there can be absolutely no accidents.

Everyone in the world knows that Chu Chu is old and old, and Liling Jun becomes the crown prince to become a foregone conclusion, which shows that in the near future, he will be the supreme master of the Chu Dynasty.

The master who follows becomes an emperor, what kind of scenery will those who follow him look like?

This is really hard work.

For a time, the vast majority of the team were kneeling down with excitement.

Only Lilingjun was not completely rejoicing. He walked to Lu Siche's side and said in an extremely cold tone to Lu Siche's ear: "Killing Su Qin... No matter how much it costs, he must not be allowed to leave Dachu alive. "

Lü Siche's brow suddenly fell deeply. He didn't know why he wanted to kill Su Qin in this fashion. However, he could feel the violent and vicious emotion in Li Lingjun's heart.


After dinner, Wutong fell quickly and became quiet.

There were no more guests in the wine shop. Ding Ning packed the table and was ready to close the shop.

Fusu walked into the wine shop at this time.

Seeing Ding Ning busy, he also took a rag and started to wipe the desktop.

"Since the business is good, why not invite two people, so you can spend more time to practice." Ding Ning, who did not refuse his help, asked Susu with a gentle smile.

Ding Ning glanced at him and said calmly: "In the eyes of many people, the most important thing in practice is time. It seems that if they are born with a life span of a few hundred years, they will definitely be able to reach the seventh and even eighth level. , But in my opinion, they actually don’t know how to practice. If they purely think about using time-consuming methods to break through the situation, they will often not be able to break through. Many of these practitioners spend up to five realms and six realms in vain. Cang Cang, I still feel that the sky is unfair and I can't let them live for 500 years."

Fu Su frowned slightly, and for some reason, he felt that Ding Ning's words did indeed imply many useful truths.

"Then what do you think is the most important thing in spiritual practice?" he asked modestly and seriously.

Ding Ning looked at him and said, "Nature is the state of mind."

"Pleasant mood, you feel right and feel meaningful in everything you do, and you will not doubt that what you are doing is useless. It is in vain. Without any hesitation, you will naturally bravely advance." Contemplating Fusu, he went on to say: "In fact, there are countless ways to cross the river in the night, but what I can't get through is often to suspect that I'm wrong and go halfway, or go back to another place and choose another one. Starting from the path. On the contrary, there are some practitioners who feel that they are correct even if they have detoured, and they will always go further."

Fusu thought about these words and found that they were exactly the same as what his teacher said. He couldn't help but respectfully and said: "No wonder the outsiders say that your understanding may not lose the sword of Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu Jianmen Name monster."

"What's the matter with you coming here so late?" Ding Ning, who had finished cleaning up, brought himself a basin of water to wash his hands with Fusu.

Fusu smiled and drew a sapphire jug from his sleeve and said, "Last time you asked me to drink, this time I asked you to drink."

The liquid in the sapphire jug is also sapphire color, which condenses into a line when poured into the wine glass, exuding a crystal luster.

Just with a glass in his belly, he felt that every tiny drop of liquor exploded like the overseas caviar that the nobles like to eat in the hall, exuding a slightly fishy breath. These breaths penetrated into his heart, but it seemed like a flower A flower bloomed, so that some places in his body that appeared dry due to the excessive yang were as if covered with a film of water.

He took a deep breath, looked at Fusu, and said, "This wine is special."

Fusu smiled and said, "This wine is a good wine, and it is not sold outside. The house has been stored for a long time, and this pot has been exhausted, so there is no more, so you have more to drink."

"He's special to you." At night, looking at Ding Ning who came back after sending Fusu out of the alley, Chang Sun Qianxue sneered slightly: "Even the life-selling wine made by Qixinhua is given to you. I took it. This is really priceless, and the entire fish market may not be able to collect and brew so many wines from overseas for ten years."

"Can give me three more years, I will use these three years in exchange for repairs."

Ding Ning felt the magical power that moisturized the dryness of her body, and just calmly said to her about cultivation, "This will make me closer to the top of the three realms before the Minshan Jianhui."

Long Sun Qianxue looked at him displeasedly and said, "He is so to you, but you use him, don't you feel a little guilty?"

"Don't care too much about the process, just care about the results." Ding Ning looked at her and said: "No matter how good the process is, everyone is dead and useless."

"Don't always presume these old things in my face."

Chang Sun Qianxue's face was cold and he said slowly: "You say that, you think that many things he did were wrong?"

Ding Ning nodded and said, "Naturally there are a lot of mistakes."

Chang Sun Qianxue doesn't like quarrels, so such a conversation is the beginning for others, but it has ended here.

She turned directly and walked into the backyard.

Ding Ning said nothing more, washed with hot water as usual, and then went to bed.

Countless small silkworms in his body began to wake up, swallowing the vitality of the liquor crazy.

The infiltrated dry spots in his body became dry again, but at the same time there was an amazing five qi generation in his body.

The true element in his body is sharply increased at an unimaginable speed of terror that ordinary practitioners cannot imagine.


This is already the crescent moon.

The moon in the night sky has turned into a thin arc.

In Zhou Jiamo's garden, Zhou's ancestor always stood in a warm spring-like room throughout the four seasons.

Looking at the young girl, the eyes of Zhou's ancestors were filled with extremely complex emotions. He narrowed his eyes slightly and asked in the kindest tone possible: "Your month is over, how do you feel?"

Although Zhou Susang knew that Zhou's ancestors were asking this question, she was only concerned about the progress of her secret practice, but she couldn't help flushing her face and shyly said, "I have no special feelings for my ancestors."

There was a flash of light in Zhou's ancestor's eyes, and she hadn't reacted at all. His dry hands had fallen on hers, and he kept touching them along his arms.

Her body suddenly shivered, and countless small bumps appeared on her skin unnaturally, but she couldn't even hold her breath.

The ancestor of the Zhou family walked slowly along the two lines in her body, and perceives the changes in her body very carefully.

However, his face became unstoppable.

She did not feel the change, nor did he feel any change.

There is no change... That means that the wine shop boy's understanding is wrong.

This is not a secret technique suitable for women.

Or it is possible that the wine shop boy had deliberately lied.

In his heart, he was like Lilingjun, full of violent and vicious emotions.