The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 170 Invitation

Patriarch Zhou's hands stopped on the girl's shoulder.

Even the clean but dry hands form a strong contrast with the fair and delicate skin of the girl's neck, which has a kind of evil beauty.

Because his heart was filled with violent and resentful emotions, he did not realize the passage of time, and his hands stopped for a long time, maintaining a motionless posture. Zhou Susang did not understand what he was going to do, and his body could not control it for a while. Shivering.

It was not until the obvious tremors passed into the palm of the hand that the Zhou family ancestor realized it.

His figure moved back to his couch. He still waved at the girl kindly, beckoning that she could leave, and said softly: "There should be no problem, you continue to practice."

The uneasiness in Zhou Susang's heart disappeared immediately, and she saluted the old man with great respect and then retreated.

The ancestor of the Zhou family did not look at the figure of her departure, and kept his head silent, his face covered with haze.

Time is extremely urgent for an old man like him, but for a strong practitioner who is always stuck at a certain point, and even cannot continue to practice due to physical reasons, if he continues to practice the entire Qihai, it may be completely frozen. In other words, when I am used to spending a lot of time in practice every day... Now that a lot of time has become completely idle, then this time will seem extremely long.

Every breath is tough.

In such a torment, a person who obviously has great power but cannot enter, can only feel that he is aging and dying, can never have a happy mood.

The only lucky thing is that he has more time to think than ordinary practitioners.

From the beginning, he did not have the idea of ​​letting Ding Ning live for a long time.

The supreme sword tactics on the Zhou family's freehand scrolls cannot be circulated in the hands of outsiders, otherwise the declining Zhou family will lose its last foundation.

According to his practice experience, Ding Ning's Qihai should begin to freeze before the Minshan Sword Society begins.

He won't need to do it at that time, I am afraid that the opponent in the Minshan Sword Society will make Ding Ning disappear in this world.

Now Ding Ning's understanding of the freehand scraps does not help him anymore. He first has to determine whether the wine shop boy lied to him, and then he does not want the wine shop boy to die meaningless... meaningless to him.

"That was a real event that may not happen in the future. Such an event cannot be missed."

The ancestor of the Zhou family with a hazy face crossed his fingers and thought, slowly muttering to himself.

The grand event he said naturally refers to the Lushan Association.

Nine years ago, the agreement between the four dynasties and the Lushan Alliance was the uncovering of the deepest strength of the dynasties.

Not only the emperors and emperors of all dynasties visited Lushan, but also the most stunning and gorgeous characters of each dynasty gathered in Lushan.

The current Emperor Yuanwu has reached eight realms, and it will bring amazing wind and rain. Every practitioner in the world naturally wants to know, and wants to see it with his own eyes.

Even if the entire Lushan will be closed by the army and practitioners of the emperors of all dynasties, as long as they rush to some hills around Lushan, it is presumable that you can also see the change of the gas engine at the top of Lushan.

For practitioners like the Zhou family ancestors, they can perceive some vitality changes when the practitioners move or release the vitality of the heaven and earth at a close distance, and perceive some lines flowing between the heaven and earth, which may be a great opportunity. .

For the ancestors of the Zhou family, the words "Lushan League" reminded him of more things.

Lushan is not far from Wushan.

And in Wushan, there is something useful for him.

But no matter whether he went to Lushan or Wushan, he had to go out of the mountain and out of Zhoujiamo Garden.

"It is time to go out and walk around."

The ancestor of the Zhou family looked at the night sky outside and said to himself indifferently.

Then he drank a deep voice: "Back up the car."

Zhoujiamo Garden is at least half a day's drive from Wutong Luo. At this time, it will leave and go to Wutong Luo in the early morning.


In the darkness before dawn, Chang Sun Qianxue opened his eyes.

All the vitality in her body related to spiritual practice converged to Qihai and sank into the Jade Palace.

The sword with a deep color in her jade palace didn't need her to mind at all, so she greedily sucked in all the true yuan and heaven and earth vitality sinking into the jade palace.

Ordinary natal swords can't contain such amazing true yuan and heaven and earth vigor, but this nine-nine ghost king sword is completely like a real world, a ghost land.

Her sensation also entered the sword, but after the sword's dissemination, it expanded several times.

Countless small silkworms in Ding Ning sensed her anomaly, and he opened his eyes very alertly and said softly, "What is it?"

"Seven levels are mid-level, with five insufficiency, and the sea of ​​air is more than half self-styled." Chang Sun Qianxue glanced at him slowly and said slowly.

"It's the ancestor of the Zhou family, it should have come to me."

Ding Ning did not hesitate to affirm the identity of the coming person and sneered: "After so many years of hiding in Moyuan, all Changling people thought he was dead, but now he came to see me personally, which seems unusual."

"Although Qihai is more than half self-proclaimed, it is only the difference between the total amount and circulation of True Yuan and Heaven and Earth, and he majors in the means of star condensing. Before the early years of Yuan Wu, he went through many brutal battles... If it is really fighting, I may not have the certainty of winning."

Chang Sun Qianxue said solemnly: "Can you solve such a person?"

Ding Ning thought about it, but did not answer for a while.

Chang Sun Qianxue's brows were frowned, and there was a look of contempt on his face: "It seems that I still think about it more, you now have an amulet."

Ding Ning understood what she meant, but there was no shame, but she said calmly: "Look at his intentions and talk again."

Several carriages were parked in a street not far from Wutong.

The Zhou family ancestor in the middle carriage narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the Changling City immersed in the last darkness before dawn.

Out of the Moyuan, along the way, this Changling and the Changling in his impressions have undergone countless changes, become more majestic, and make him unable to imagine the blood that was dripping before.

Many of the original mansions have disappeared.

No traces can be seen.

It turns out that many things can really be erased to leave no trace.

But he didn't want to leave any trace in such a majestic city.


When the first morning light fell on the plane in the morning, Zhang Yi got up and began to sweep the courtyard. The broom in his hand was always separated from the ground by a trace of vitality flowing from his hands. The fallen leaves and dust on the ground were cleaned, but there was no sound.

The reason for not making a sound is not to disturb Xue Wangxu's sleep.

However, this kind of sweeping was also regarded as his homework. Looking back at these days, he practiced in Wutong Falls, but he found that his invisible progress was faster than when he practiced in Baiyang Cave.

He couldn't find a reason.

But Ding Ning knew the reason.

Practice is the most important state of mind. When you do something seriously with sincerity, it is naturally easier to succeed.

Xue Wangxu has never been so weak.

Zhang Yi, the most respected and filial piety, has never been so worried about Xue Wangxu. Taking care of Xue Wangxu is the most important thing for him.

Every action is dedicated, how can not progress fast.

After cleaning the courtyard, Zhang Yi still opened the door silently, carrying some dry wood and stove to fire outside. At this time, Ding Ning also opened the door as usual. At this time, Zhou Yiyi came from the alley.

Ding Ning had long known that the ancestor of the Zhou family had arrived in person, so he was not surprised. Zhang Yi was shocked when he saw Zhou freehand coming.

"My ancestor wants to see you." Zhou Yiyi always lowered his head, walked to Ding Ning and bowed slightly, saluting softly.

Ding Ning didn't say much, nodded, and walked out of the alley with Zhou freehand.

When approaching the stalls, the curtain of Zhou's ancestor in the middle carriage was slowly pushed away by a gentle force, revealing the figure of Zhou's ancestor.

Ding Ning paid a very courteous gesture and said, "Why did you come to see me so early?"

The ancestor of the Zhou family has been watching all the actions and expressions of Ding Ning. There is a trace of imperceptible cold light in the depths of his eyes. He feels that peace can indeed mask many emotions.

But the gentlest smile appeared on his face. He patted the soft couch on his side, and said kindly, like greeting his juniors, "Come here and sit and talk."

Ding Ning sat down politely, just like a clever back ready to listen.

"I'll take a look at your cultivation practice." The old ancestor of the Zhou family extended his hands kindly and fell on Ding Ning's arms like touching the girl.

Ding Ning's face is not unusual.

As his vitality wandered away, Zhou's ancestor breathed slightly, and he did not notice any abnormalities. Everything about Ding Ning was as he expected.

In this way, this young wine shop boy has not learned anything more than him?

Perhaps he was too suspicious.

How can a younger generation like him, in a short period of time, get something more mysterious and correct than he has learned?

There was a trace of self-deprecation in the corner of Zhou's ancestor's mouth, and then it turned into an endless cold and violent meaning. In a very short time, it turned into extremely gentle.

"In a few days, it will be the Lushan Association that determines the future destiny of our great Qin Dynasty."

He looked at Ding Ning and said softly, "This is a real event. I think you will accompany me to see it. You can think about it."

"Although it is very possible to get some special opportunities, it is also very dangerous to see such an event."

After he paused, he added kindly: "Even the practitioners who follow the call and follow into Lushan are not necessarily safe. And we cannot enter Lushan, we can only go to the forest that is closest to Lushan as much as possible. It’s just that there will be practitioners from different dynasties, so disputes are inevitable. Even I don’t necessarily guarantee that I will retire, so you don’t have to answer me immediately, you can think about it.”

"You all said that you can't guarantee that you will retreat from the whole body. It is natural for a practitioner like me to die there." Ding Ning thought so coldly in his heart, but his face was not unexpected except thinking about it. Any obvious changes.