The Sword Dynasty

171 Departure

"Following the ancestors to see such an event will definitely be of great benefit." Ding Ning was silent for a moment, and said: "Although I am practicing abroad, but after all, I am a student of Qingteng Jianyuan. I want to leave Changling and go to Lushan. I It also needs permission from the teacher."

"If there is no accident, the Holy Father will set off today." The Zhou ancestor did not respond to Ding Ning's words first, but said this sentence slowly before looking at Ding Ning kindly and saying, "You naturally need the permission of the teacher, But if you really want to follow me, you need to hurry up."

"The younger generation understands." Ding Ning bowed his head conservatively.

The ancestor of the Zhou family smiled slightly and said, "Then go, there will be a carriage from Zhoufu, as long as you can go, you can go at any time."


Zhang Yi always looked at the alley nervously. When he saw Ding Ning walking back, he immediately greeted him and asked softly, "Brother Ding Ning, the ancestor of the Zhou family came to you so early, what's the point?"

Ding Ning pondered and said, "He asked me to follow him to Lushan."

"Go to Lushan?"

Although Zhang Yi was a little too generous in temperament, his mind was also extremely intelligent, and he instantly reflected what it meant. He immediately said very solemnly: "Lushan Huimeng, the world's highest practitioners gather, it can be said that it is the largest event in the world of practitioners. , There must be a confrontation between these supreme practitioners, even if you just feel that kind of realm, I am afraid that it will be of great benefit to future practice. However, everyone knows this reason, my Da Qin Dynasty, Da Chu Dynasty, Da Qi Dynasty In addition, in the Dayan Dynasty, how many practitioners will be around Lushan, and no one knows exactly what will happen."

After a pause, Zhang Yi looked at Ding Ning and said more solemnly: "Because there has never been such a union before, and there has been no such thing, there is no example for reference."

Ding Ning hadn't answered yet, but an old voice came from the small courtyard behind him, "You said so much, your brother Ding Ning must know everything. It depends on what he thinks."

Zhang Yi immediately turned around, "Master Cave, have you awoke?"

Xue Wangxu sat at the head of the bed, slowly clothed his clothes, and said to the outside: "When you reach my age, you will know that even if you want to sleep, a small noise will easily wake you up."

Zhang Yi, who had arrived at the door, blamed himself and said in shame: "It's the disciples' voice that is too loud."

"I'm too old to have anything to do with you. Come in." Xue Wangxu waited for the two of them to enter and looked at Ding Ning and asked, "There's no future to go to Lushan. The key is what you think."

Ding Ning glanced at him, and said simply, "I want to go."

"Since you have decided to go, then go." Xue Wangxu looked at Ding Ning and laughed, said: "It seems that you are only considering security issues."

Ding Ning bowed to Xue Wangxu deeply and saluted Zhang Yi.

"Little Brother... No, Brother Ding Ning, are you?" Ding Ning rarely greeted Zhang Yi with such a solemn salute before, so when she saw Ding Ning acting like this, Zhang Yi was at a loss.

"When I was not in Changling, the owner of the cave depended on you and Brother Shen Yi. You must take good care of him and wait for me to come back." Ding Ning looked at Zhang Yi and said quietly, "Lushan Luyuan, wait for Lushan The Huimeng League ends, and when I return, the Minshan Jianhui will begin."

Zhang Yi thoroughly understood the meaning of Ding Ning and responded with an extraordinary solemnity. He said: "Sister Shen Yi and I will take good care of Master Xue Dong, waiting for you, Ding Ning, to come back to shine at the Minshan Swords Meeting and give Aries The hole brings true scenery."

"The sword on the freehand scrapbook is enough to compete with any sword scripture. The Aries sword scripture is also clever, and I hope Brother can go further." Ding Ning thought for a moment and then said to Zhang Yi: "I will send another sentence to Brother Zhang In other words, Chao Yuxi is light and dusty, but the rain is gentle, but you can wash the lead. Aries picks a horn and intends to hold each other. The true meaning of the two does not necessarily have in common."

Zhang Yi was stunned, he could not understand the meaning of Ding Ning's words for a while, but he subconsciously felt that these words were extremely important. For a time, these words were extremely clear in his heart.

Xue Wangxu frowned involuntarily, then suddenly laughed again, feeling Ding Ning said: "It seems that I am not a guru, you are a guru."

Ding Ning shook his head and said, "If a disciple is a guru, the teacher is naturally the true guru."

Xue Wangxu laughed.

Zhang Yi looked at the two of them more incomprehensiblely. Xue Wangxu slightly smiled and looked at him and said, "You will have a good understanding."


The ancestor of the Zhou family didn't fall too far away from Wutong. Since he left Moyuan, he couldn't go back easily.

In his view, Ding Ning could not refuse his proposal.

Now that this wine shop boy has acquired a powerful means of condensing the stars' cold energy on himself, he will naturally feel that following himself will be of greater benefit. This is a temptation that any practitioner can't refuse.

However, he did not know Ding Ning's incomparable understanding of his temperament.

Ding Ning walked out of Xue Wangxu's small courtyard, walked to a shop not far away, and confessed something to a man inside.

Then he returned to the wine shop, as if nothing had happened.

The elder Sun Qingxue understood his intentions and ignored him at all.

Only half an hour later, a carriage stopped at the alley, Fusu walked out of the carriage and hurriedly walked into the wine shop.

"Why is it so exciting today, it makes me look up early in the morning, is there anything interesting?" Fu Su asked with a smile when he saw Ding Ning sitting in the wine shop.

"It's not an interesting thing, it's a dangerous thing."

Ding Ning waited for Fusu to come over and sat opposite, then said: "You should know the Zhou family?"

Fusu frowned slightly and glanced at him, saying, "You said that the Zhou family should be the Zhou family with Mo Yuan. You said that there are dangerous things. Is the Zhou family trouble you?"

Ding Ning did not answer his words, but asked calmly: "Do you know the ancestor of the Zhou family?"

Fusu did not answer his words, but his expression was slightly different: "Is he not dead yet?"

Ding Ning shook his head and said, "I have passed on a condensing method, and now he invites me to follow him to Lushan."

Fusu was surprised: "Go to Lushan?"

Ding Ning nodded, looked at his shocked eyes calmly, and said: "You must also understand that going to Lushan is a very dangerous thing. I am looking for you to ask if you want to go with me."

Fusu took a deep breath and said, "Do you want me to go with you?"

Ding Ning didn't have any explanation, just watched him nod.

Fusu was touched.

He believes that it is the true friend that can live with each other, and he thinks that Ding Ning regards him as a true friend.

But then, he was a little panicked and bowed his head: "I don't know if I'm going to leave Changling to Lushan at home."

"wait for me!"

But he immediately raised his head again and looked at Ding Ning, saying: "I will ask the family, and as long as the family agrees, I will accompany you."

Ding Ning looked at him and nodded.

Looking at Fu Su's unusually clean eyebrows, he could not understand how a person as complex as Emperor Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu could have such a completely different son.


Fusu wanted to ask his family's opinion, and his questions would naturally be passed to the study room of the hostess deep in the palace.

There is no mysterious light lingering in the queen's fingers at this time, but in her perception, beyond the endless heights, the pale flames that do not belong to this heaven and earth, but like the goblin, are happily wrapped around the handle of scorched black as Sword of scrap iron.

The rune in the depth of this small black sword with scorched iron slowly absorbs the power of the pale flame, and some tiny particles that have been damaged begin to emit pale crystal light, just like rusty iron filings. Into gems.

"The ancestor of the Zhou family has not yet died... After hiding in the Zhou Jiamo Garden for so many years, what do I want to do now?"

She listened indifferently to the court lady's return in front of her.

"Since Fusu wants to go by himself, let him go."

At the next moment, her face was always flawless and she raised her head slightly and looked at the court lady in front of her and said.

It is not the ordinary maiden who can report these things in front of her, so after hearing this sentence, the maiden did not directly lead her to retreat, but hesitantly said: "Mother, this seems to mean against the holy... It’s not too bad."

"What do you know."

The Queen scolded, but she was not angry, but a strange smile flickered at the corner of her mouth: "How can the person he takes with him control my arrangement? If he tries to figure out what he means, it is really bad. What's more, Fusu is too clean, and it's good to let him go to see people's sinister hearts."

Except for the last sentence, the maid still does not understand.

The queen glanced at her again and said lightly, "You should understand that our most important relationship is first of all the husband and wife. Only by putting this relationship above everything will it be really good, everything in Changling Will be truly stable."

After finishing this sentence, she looked at the sky outside and said slowly and proudly: "Now the Holy Spirit should have set off."

The lady's body shook slightly, and she turned involuntarily to look at the sky behind her.

The Holy Spirit has set off, and now the huge Changling Mausoleum is all in the hands of the hostess in front of her.